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"Paranormal Witness: The Tenants" Season Finale Recap Pt. 2

Edwin decides to talk to his neighbor Walter to see if he can find any information about the Verdere family. Walker remembers the family as acting “very strange” and that they never smiled or spoke to Walter.  The family had built the complex in the 1900s and was strictly family owned. The Verdere family had 3 sons and a daughter. Walter recalls the one son was named Ben and the daughter was Myra. Walter mentioned the youngest son had died. Ben was a dominant man in the house and controlled the house and everybody in it. He also mentioned that Ben Verdere passed out dead in the bathtub due to a massive coronary. That’s the only information that was given to Edwin at the time.

A distraught Edwin trying to hold on and solve the problem
One night, Marsha and Edwin lean up against the wall and hear thumps plus a woman’s chilling scream. She thought it was Dan and Diane downstairs but felt it was getting too violent. “I couldn’t understand it because they were a very loving couple,” Marsha said. It began to happen night after night; they thought it was occurring down the base of the stairs. But then Diane and Dan began to hear it as well and thought it was Marsha and Edwin. “We heard arguing, moaning and crying,” Dan said; “it sounded terrible”. Edwin stuck his head out around the staircase and it stopped. There was nothing to be seen. 

Edwin went back to Walter for more information and he told Edwin about Ben and his wife, whose marriage was in turmoil full of turmoil, fighting and hateful screaming. Walter said she should’ve never moved into that house. The wife felt she couldn’t escape the abuse until she took her own life so she went down to the basement, wrapped a noose around her neck and hung herself. When Edwin relayed this story to Marsha, Marsha felt it all come together. “I realized the ghost of this family, the Vedere family, was occupying our house. It was built by them and someone died there,” Marsha explained. Myra’s words and profanities at Edwin to get out of the house suddenly began to haunt him. 

While Edwin was at work, Marsha would be home but she was losing sleep, her mood was changing and he felt she went through a spell of depression. It all affected Diane as well. Diane had always been bubbly and laughing and now she looked troubled. Dan would see her just sit there and cry. Marsha was constantly on the move, wondering if things in the house were still in place and the fear almost became too much for her to bear. Both Marsha and Diane fell into deep states of depression, which was probably caused by the suicidal woman’s energy imprint that she left when she took her life. Diane decided to leave with the baby and left Dan. “When Diane left, I was devastated.” Marsha remembers. “I felt alone. During dinnertime one night, Edwin noticed Marsha was very quiet. He then noticed the door opening up. He goes up to close it. The door opens up again. Edwin got angry, got up and got a piece of heavy string and tied it around the doorknob and said “now open the door you pervert!” Edwin sat back down. The door kept opening and got more manic and worse. Edwin lost his temper and was tormenting Ben “I had no respect for him,” Edwin explained. “I fell in despair because there was nothing I can do. I cursed ben and the whole Vedere family. I felt they were ruining our life.” Marsha held out a glimmer of hope so she tried to find someone in the psychic research field. She contacted a psychic who then got in touch with NBC. NBC called back and wanted to perform an exorcist on TV. Edwin didn’t know what to do but they decided to do it because they were at their last rope.

A warm, inviting house....
The production team on NBC came and created chaos in the house. Among the NBC team was a priest and a psychic. “There were people all over the place, sound people, camera people and I lost track who everyone was,” Marsha said of the experience. Edwin helped the sound team close all the windows. Reverend Dale Davis tells the couple and the rest that they must hold a crucifix. Reverend Davis then tells the psychic would go in a “trance” and communicate with whatever spirit is present. The whole room fell quiet. As the priest prayed, they saw the psychic move. The sound man who was hooked up on electronics and headsets were getting very nervous since he could hear things that the others couldn’t. The priest had a crucifix with a mirror on his right hand. A gust of wind just blew through and the venetian blinds rattled. “Be gone, evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ! Send your holy angels to watch over and protect us!” the priest prayed. All the sudden, they could hear screaming and gusts of wind. Thousands of birds flew around the house and the noise became louder and louder. The psychic began shaking. The birds caused more racket. Something banged the window and the birds flew away. The psychic opened his eyes and the priest claimed the house to be “pure”. Edwin and Marsha were dumbfounded and not sure what to do next. “I knew that they honestly tried their best. They really believed that they were doing what needed to be done,” Marsha concluded. Edwin said if the activity continued, they would leave for good. “This whole experience was tormenting my life. I had to get out of there. So I took off and never came back.” Dan said, disgruntled at how the residence tore his life apart. 

Meanwhile, Edwin’s sister April came over. She saw the footage and wanted to live on the 1st floor but he didn’t think it was a good idea; she insisted that she had to live there. She insisted that she had to live there. April moved in and brought in an old piano of hers. She went in a room and saw the chandelier move on its own. She told Dan and Marsha that the chandelier moves frequently and a lot. She asked if it was the ghost. “She was too excited about it and to her, it was a ghost party,” Marsha said. And a ghost party it was when April and her friends decided to come up with a genius idea and use an Ouija board. Marsha spied in on them; 

April: “We want to know if there’s anyone here with us”
The planchette began moving.
“Whose here with us?” April asked.
The planchette then moved on its own
“Whose Henry, what are you doing here?” April asked.

Marsha had seen enough and interrupted the ghost party. She told Edwin, who was less-than-pleased. “I was in a blind rage that I started ripping it, folding it and tearing it into pieces,” Edwin said. Edwin warned April never to bring a board or any other voodoo items in the house or she’d be kicked out. So Edwin went back to Walter to ask about Henry. Walter told him that Henry was the youngest son and that the family was ashamed of him because “he was evil”. His own family restricted his travel and kept him in the house. Walter saw him looking out the window of the second floor but that’s all he saw of him.One night, April was in her room when her piano began playing. There was no explanation for why it was playing by itself. She confided in this to Marsha. Marsha said she was worried about April because April felt she has established this connection with Henry and was excited about it. She began hearing voices from the basement. Edwin went to the basement and experienced feelings of “being watched”. Edwin worried about April because he saw a huge change come over her. All the sudden, the piano was becoming more of a torment…ding, ding, ding…like a cadence…notice me, I’m here….

April began telling Marsha that she felt she was being touched inappropriately. She also began hearing voices saying “kill yourself”. Edwin was in despair and having really terrible thoughts. So Edwin would go down in the basement to investigate. He discovered a hidden door in the back wall of the basement. He discovered a small room that was completely empty. It had a mattress, a water pan, plates and bottles. It looked like someone was locked in the room. It became a revelation that Henry was locked inside this room. “What happened to him?” Edwin thought. But then he thought back to the time he found bullets in the basement too and so Edwin couldn’t help but wonder if Henry was killed by his own family. 

A couple holding onto hope...
Horrified at this revelation, Edwin put the house up for sale. The family sold the building and property for a measly $10. Edwin and Marsha took off for good. Three weeks later, the police found April. The family lost all contact with April. “I should’ve never let her move into the apartment….” Edwin concluded, shadowing the words of his neighbor Walton when he told Edwin that Ben Verdere’s wife shouldn’t have moved in…..


Jane's Notes: What a great episode to end a fantastic season of Paranormal Witness full of ghosts, ghouls, a UFO and alien abduction…and an evil Jewish wine box (I still get comments for that one!). Now let’s get to business here….first off….the video! No shocker, the first televised exorcism is on Youtube. Some made comments on the production but keep in mind, this was the 70s, a time where the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were probably building computers in their garages. Speaking of Youtube, I can't help but post this comment that made me laugh for 5 minutes straight;

I do believe that this case was sincere and far as demonic activity goes, I am not too sure about that as I don't know quite enough about the subject of demonology to know. However, let's look at the house...full of violence, abuse, rage, suicide...and a possible murder...there is no doubt the energy imprints at the location were toxic and draining.

I also came across Edwin’s website and after looking over it, he has a book that he published about the haunting and went on to publish more ghost books and articles. He even took the time to answer some FAQ’s, which I liked. I also like that it included his biography and not only that but he also blogs about some thoughts concerning the field of society, culture and healthcare. He takes pride in his daughters and grandchildren, with a son-in-law serving in the law enforcement field. Personally, Edwin seems like the kind of man you can sit with at Starbucks over a good cup of coffee and talk to for hours.  Check out his site and see if there's anything there that sparks your interest...make sure to sign his guestbook too! 

Picture Credit: Syfy

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Well Done! Enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

This is true! What these people have endured is horrific and one can only imagine the things they went thru. Knowing Marsha for a short time and knowing how true and faithful her family is to God it is He that saved them from this evil! Love you Marsha and Ed! From Deb! <3