Friday, January 18, 2013

I Married A Mobster: Karen Archer Shares A Bit About Linda Schiro

Linda Schiro Scarpa spending beach time with Karen Gravano of Mob Wives.
Usually I wouldn't link the site that belongs to an individual who has lied about me & our site.  However, one of her bloggers has shared sides of Linda Schiro a.k.a. Linda Scarpa that many may or may not be aware of.  Recently Linda Scarpa of I Married A Mobster made the mistake of accusing our site of passing on e-mails her or her niece allegedly sent to us.  We have never passed on any such e-mails, comments, etc.  What Karen Archer blogged about is her take on some of Linda's flip flopping ways.  Where she attained her information is her business.  We had nothing to do with it.  You can read Karen's blog by clicking here.

I'd like to add you can read my blog on Linda's Drita Rap here.

It must suck being someone's favorite and then being called fake.  I am sure Drita D'avanzo of Mob Wives gives about as many f*cks as I do.  We don't write blogs to hurt people.  We write blogs based on facts, our opinions and what we've seen on I Married A Mobster, Mob Wives and information we've obtained with a dash of our humor.  If one takes issue with how we blog, the smart move would be to not read our site. It's truly that simple folks.  I am of the opinion that if you continue to read this site & you do NOT like it, you're not very bright.  It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.  By the way Ms. Schiro Scarpa has made bigoted remarks directed towards Love Majewski of I Married A Mobster,  Deadly Sins and now Mob Wives time & time again.  One could easily start to believe Linda is extremely jealous of Ray Merolle's ex-girlfriend.  Let's say it together 1-2-3 green with envy.  Before Linda pitches a Twitter fit, cries wolf & plays victim, I don't think Linda considers Love's feelings.

I'd like to share I've spoken with Linda Scarpa.  She can be very kind & thoughtful when she chooses to.  I've equally notice when she gets irritated or mad she can fly off the handle.  Today she started going after Chiara for something she nor our site had anything to do with.  She went on to claim we're lonely & unhappy individuals.  If that helps her feel better about where she is in life (CLICK HERE to read The Daily Beast about the state of their lives), GREAT FOR HER.  If one does not get the facts, opinion, inside information and/or humor we share, NOT OUR ISSUE OR CONCERN. Thanks for reading!


Chiara Soprano said...

I won't comment on the blog but the song could not be more appropriate

Anonymous said...

The Truth will always come out Linda! Never forget You are a evil person the proff is in the letter for The Real Scarpa Linamaria. You Linda are nothing but Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im glad you put this out! Someone needs to put her ass in check. She is all over the place and its easy to see that she is fueled by jealousy

Anonymous said...

My mind is boggled. That is all.

Chiara Soprano said...

Many still seem confused about what went on in Twitter yesterday. I don't blame you and I will try to explain. Linda came out me for the Carla slur blog and other blogs concerning Carla. I told her it was none of her concern what I write on my blog. Then she started rambling about some blog I wrote a year and a half ago when her episode of I Married A Mobster aired. As with all "mob wives," I try to give some details into the history of family members that are brought up in the show. I didn't understand what her issue was, since 18 months had passed. She finally mentioned a comment that was published written by her niece, Linda M. Scarpa. I did not know what she was talking about, Karen Archer and I both told her several times that I did nothing, but she continued her rant about my publishing private emails. That is when Karen took it upon herself to write out the whole story on her blog and Mob Mistress had had enough and wrote her blog.

Even though I was the prime subject of her attack, I did not choose to blog her tweets because I feel she needs professional help. If she continued, I may have changed my mind, but now the point is moot, since the issue has been addressed.

Mob Mistress said...

Linda goes on an attack typically with Love Majewski. She did it yesterday with Chiara & had done it in the past with me.

Then she cries about being bullied. She often deletes her tweets that started it all & plays victim. It's her method of operation. Well over a year ago she had fooled Karen Archer into thinking Love Majewski & I were attacking her. Karen A. tried to come at me several times in regards to my 'treatment' of Linda Schiro/Scarpa. My response, "I type what the fuck I want to when I want to."

Fortunately for Karen A. she soon caught on to Linda's antics & realized the truth.

vai said...

Haha the song says it all lol. Love this blog..

ESQ said...

Linda Schiro/Scarpa, I know you'll be reading ;)

Linda, a few weeks ago you resurfaced and began staunchly defending Carla Facciolo on Twitter. I have to ask you, has Carla ever once defended you on Twitter? NO! Why not? And, why would you defend someone who clearly doesn't have your back? All the nonsense with you started up again when you began defending Carla. And yet, when you were crying "victim" not a peep from your buddy. I hope you feel like the fool you are now.

Anonymous said...

Chiara S got it exactly right, Linda Schiro needs immediate and intense mental health treatment. She is, after all, nuttier than squirrel poo!
Additionally, Linda Schiro is clearly and blatenly jealous of Love Majewski for more reasons than can be listed here; mainly because Love got the slot on Mob Wives but also because Love's milkshakes bring all the boyz to the yard. Let face it, people WANT to be around a SOBER, confident, strong women, not a crazy scare crow whose head spins around in the wind trying to see what everyone else is doing or what everyone else has or got.
If Schiro had even one pinky full of the class and quality that Love and a lot of Schiro's other targets possess, she would be improved 1000 percent.
At the end of the day the igdaddy that Linda Schiro can't see how fucked up she is just comes back to Chiara's comment, Linda Schiro needs help. She's a sick individual.

Anonymous said...

Great blogging by both parties! I will admitt to admiring how despite everyone's differences both parties defended THE TRUTH! Great job Karen and MWB!

Mob Mistress said...

For clarity:

I do not appreciate mindless groupies lying on me or my site repeatedly. I also do not appreciate spiteful vindictive individuals who take to sharing personal information because I do not agree with them.

Karen doesn't & will never blog for this site. Though in the past, there were plans for her to join our team. Any compliments to Karen Archer should be written on her & Jennifer Snolis' former blogging partner's site.

Anonymous said...

I married a mobster , was a good show, they been making crap documentarys since