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Mob Wives: Brooklyn Bitch

Take my word for it Carla ain't the only one whose a looker of her Brooklyn crew!
I am sure all the Carla Facciolo fans know their favorite mob wife isn't from Staten Island.  She's a true Brooklyn b!tch.  Hey don't be sending the messenger hate mail and/or comments.  It's her term not mine.  I've spoken to the gym rat a few times.  But for the most part I leave her alone.  She always seems on the go & so uninterested in the reality show grind & life.  I get a feeling her focus and priority is the life she's living, a spot on one of the hottest reality shows is just the icing on the cake.  I imagine Joe Ferragamo getting out of the joint earlier this year is the cherry on top.  I can't prove it but I think those two are bumping the skins again.  Recently, Mrs. Ferragamo tweeted about having a blast with her Brooklyn girls.  Apparently the ladies had fun @ their Christmas/New Year dinner.  It's always great to see a mob wife living her life and loving it.

Love her or hate her, Carla seems to let it all fall off her pretty little shoulders.  The woman rarely gets excited when we see her in action on the small screen.  Sure she tousled with Renee over her now ex-boyfriend a.k.a. Handy Man.  And in the latest Mob Wives Promo she tells Karen Gravano, "Maybe yah don't wanta go tah war with me!"  To which I thought, 'Oh Carla don't do it!  Gym or no gym Karen will clear the table with you.'  Besides me believing there is no way Carla can take Karen, it's nice to know Carla has balls.  They may be swarovski crystal balls.  They're balls none the less.  Typing of balls, remember the VH1 Diva thingy ma-jig?  Well Mrs. No Drama got up close enough to take a picture with one fine man with his very own set of balls, Terrance Howard.  Yes, I know he's an alleged wife terrorist and all.  He still looks good. 
Carla all smiles with Terrance Howard, can you say, "LUCKY!"
Now the powers that be aren't going to like this but I need to keep it real for a moment.  Since the Mob Wives hit the air, credible sources time & time again have given specific stories of certain Mob Wives having a little David Duke running through their blood.  And just for clarity I am not insinuating Carla Facciolo specifically.

I just find it extremely fraudulent and inauthentic for anyone posing with countless individuals who happen to be of the ethnicity they'd prefer not to interact with.  I know the cameras are rolling & flashing.  But hey if the N-word is part of your vocabulary, don't pose with your black fans & don't interview with black television host & radio personalities.  Be the fuck who you are 24 hours, 7 days a week.  I'm positive Mob Wives' fans who are a little too brown for a mob wife or two wouldn't want to hug or pose if they truly knew how the guilty parties roll & think.

One more time, we haven't written about Carla Facciolo in awhile.  So I wanted to give her some page time.  The picture with Terrance Howard just got me to thinking about all the tales of prejudice concerning some of the Mob Wives.  The same particular Mob Wives who have tweeted, facebooked and posed away with people they judge due to skin color.  I posted the picture Carla with Terrance Howard because he's fine!  Again, I am not writing that Carla Facciolo is prejudice.  I just wanted Carla fans to see some great pictures of her having a good time. 

UPDATE: Apparently this post ruffled Carla's feathers.

I wrote I thought Carla was bumping skins with her husband.  I clearly stated I did not know.  I wrote she had a blast with her Brooklyn friends.  I wrote that she's pretty.  I wrote that I don't think she can take Karen in a fight.  I wrote 1 or 2 Mob Wives have some David Duke tendencies. 
What is she irritated about the bumping skins with her husband?  Is she mad that I think Karen would whoop her @ss in a fight?

How did I judge Carla?  I do agree with her you shouldn't judge someone when you don't know nothing about them.  So I guess it's safe for me to write, Carla would never be one to say something like, "Why do we have to be around all these black people?"  It's good to know Carla Facciolo and I are on the same page when it comes to judging. 

I did take the post down temporarily to edit a picture.  I still don't know what I've done.  I won't be losing any sleep either.  It is what it is or it isn't anything at all.  She's wrong about one thing I know plenty about her.  VH1's Mob Wives premieres Sunday, January 1, 2012 @ 8 PM.  I'll be glued to my couch with pen & paper.  I've been waiting for my favorite ladies (Drita not included) to return to the small screen with a big bang.  I know they won't let me down.  Crazy broads with hot tempers & sauce are nonstop entertainment.  Don't be the only one not watching one of the hottest shows of hot mess.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mob Wives: Jennifer Graziano Speaks on Season 2 & New Faces!

Goin' to the prom Jennifer Graziano in black & Karen Gravano in white.
Fudge my usual blah, blah, blah I'm just going to go straight to The Mob Wives Blogspot Interview.  If you weren't on the line with Jennifer Graziano and I:  do not reprint any part of this interview unless you run Stoopid Housewives.  I love that site.  The foot massage loving Jennifer was gracious enough to share some back in the day pictures of Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo and herself.  Can we all say it together?  "Aqua Net!"  It truly doesn't take a scientist to clue us in on what really happened to the Earth's ozone.

The interview begins.

Hello Jennifer, you ready?
Yes, I'm ready.
First we need to discuss some new developments for season 2 of Mob Wives.   Several canaries told me Ramona Rizzo is firecracker.  I want you to tell me how you’d describe her.
They stole my word.
They stole my word.  That's exactly how I describe Ramona; a firecracker.  She scares some people.  If you don't know her she can come across b!tchy.  She's strong willed & tells you like it is.  (I think, 'Oh yeah I'm going to like Ramona Rizzo.')  I've known  her since I was 12 or 13 years old.  With Ramona it's like peeling back layers of an onion.  I've known her for so many years and just now I am starting to see her softer side.
<><> <><> <><>
Mall rats Karen & Ramona
We at The Mob Wives Blogspot know she’s a longtime friend.  We all love our friends.  Tell us why you think she’s a perfect fit for Mob Wives.
Ramona has a great background in the lifestyle.  She knows it.  She's lived it.  She fits in with the cast whether it's good or bad relationships.  I wanted authentic relationships with the cast.  So I wanted the new faces to be women they knew.  The only one Ramona didn't know was Carla (Facciolo).  I wanted to turn it up for season 2 of Mob Wives.
What would someone have to watch out for when dealing with Ramona?
Do not mess with her kids, loved ones and friends.  Don't get ink on her Gucci.  As a matter of fact do not mess up any of her precious goods.
I make a mental note: Do not mess with The Riz's Gucci.  We have a Mob Wives Meter a.k.a. Drama Meter.  Renee your sister is at the top of our meter, next is Drita, then Karen and at the bottom is Carla.  Where should we put Ramona?
That's a tough one.  She can go from level Renee to Karen at anytime.  She's never at level Carla.  Ramona definitely adds more drama to Mob Wives Season 2.

I can only imagine the mayhem these two caused.
Chiara met her awhile back.  Chiara really likes her.  She mentioned Ramona's eyes tell her she's not one to mess with.  Do you agree?
Oh yeah, she'll stare right through you.  She doesn't like drama or fighting.  She'd prefer to keep it moving and ignore a person.  Sometimes you need to stand your ground.  She will definitely stand her ground.  A little known secret is she's big softy.
By the end of season 1 of Mob Wives many viewers saw the division of the women.  There was Team Drila and then Team Handy Man Groped Us.  Can you tell us which team Ramona leans toward?
Well just the fact that she refers to Karen as her cousin & family tells you which team...  Oh one more thing Ramona has a very sharp tongue. (Oh boy, I am loving Ramona before I even see her on the small screen.)

Recently I got word that there was allegedly some tension behind the scenes and we could lose one of our original beloved or not so beloved Mob Wives.  Can you elaborate or give me a hint who it was?
No, it was totally false.

Per request I blurred out the dude in the white shirt, he looked mighty familiar!
I don't know about that one.  I have love and respect for Jennifer.  I know an executive producer got to do and say what she has to, LOL.  Okay, can we talk about the other new face joining the Mob Wives’ cast?
She hasn't been revealed yet.  We're keeping it under wraps.  I can tell you; she's hysterically funny.  She's definitely a big character.  The Mob Wives' viewers are going to get a kick out of her. We now know it's Big Ang!

Alrighty let’s change gears a bit.  What’s going down in the Windy City? 
We're gearing up to start production in two weeks (date of interview November 29, 2011).  They have great, great, great backgrounds in the lifestyle. The lifestyle is embedded in them. They're different from the New York cast. 

<><> <><> <><>
Besides the region, what’s different about Mob Wives Chicago?
They're not as fast & quick as the Mob Wives of New York.  They're more laid back.  Don't get it twisted it's a group of women which equals plenty of drama.
How many Mob Wives can we expect to see?
4 maybe 5 Mob Wives

I cannot wait!  You know I am Team Karen and Team Renee.  And I like Carla when I talk to her on the phone.  She tickles the shit out of me when she tells me off.  Jennifer laughs. 
You knowing my Mob Wife taste who would you predict to be my favorite?
One of the women is really a mixture of Renee, Drita and Carla.

I know it's an abnormality.  She is a mix of those 3 women.

And you think she's going to be my favorite?
She laughs.  Yes, look out for the blond.

<><> <><> <><>
Some lovely women from Chicago.
I am perplexed, what a mixture!  We’re really excited about Mob Wives Chicago.  We want to know what makes you excited about Mob Wives Chicago?
I love the city.  I love the women! The structure and the history of the lifestyle in Chicago is extremely interesting.  I'm excited to be growing the (Mob Wives) franchise.  I know you all blog about my traveling to Chicago, Miami and L.A.  When I travel to Los Angeles ladies it for a totally different show, I'm working on.

She told us didn't she!?  One of are favorite readers Miss Crop609 feels like you and the production team treat Philadelphia like the sixth borough of New York.  She feels Philadelphia is equally rich in mob history.  Is there a chance for Mob Wives Philly?
It's on my list of possibilities for the franchise.  The city works.  You have to remember the cast has to work too.  The cast needs to pop!  So if I have the city and find a great cast it's a possibility.

If not a Mob Wives Philly, can we get a Biker Chicks featuring the wives and girlfriends of those allegedly in the biker gangs?
She really laughs. Pretty funny, sure why not!

Can Chiara and I get job?  We have skills and lots of good ideas.
She laughs again.  I'll look into that.

I need her to look into that.  Chiara and I are forces to be reckoned with.  Can we get a job?!
Before you go one last question; how was your Thanksgiving?
It was good.  I ate everything!

What did you eat?
The usual my mom's candied yams, stuffed artichoke, dressing, cranberry sauce and turkey.
<><> <><> <><>
Homemade cranberry sauce, yum yum!

Was the cranberry sauce canned or from scratch?
From scratch and a special friend brought over some oven-baked macaroni 'n' cheese, candied yams and some other food.  It was really good too!

I know which friend.
You don't know this friend.

Oh really, I am going to have to put my sources to work.  I laugh.

The interview ends. 

Jennifer Graziano as always is entertaining to interview.  She's always on her toes with me.  She's sharp.  She never says more than she wants to give me.  I always wait for her to give me a bit too much.  I have a feeling I'll be collecting social security and still waiting for the creator & executive producer of Mob Wives to slip up.  Not that it matters to the youngest child of Ronnie & Anthony Graziano, but I so like the way she carries herself.  She's a smart & tough cookie.

I ask Jennifer for an interview with Ramona Rizzo.  She gives me the okay.  Later that night I interview the newest member of the Mob Wives cast.  I think I'm going to love her in Mob Wives' action.  The Ramona Rizzo interview will be up next week.  She gave me the best pictures.  I can't wait to share them with all of you!  If you don't stop back by until 2012 Chiara, Underboss, Harley and I wish you a Happy New Year .  A special shout out to Joshy, Barbara of Unique Roses, Stephen, Annette & Rburbank2! Do NOT forget to vote in our latest Mob Wives Poll.  As always it's a quick scroll up and to the right of the page.  Are you excited about the new faces coming season 2 of Mob Wives?

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Mob Wives: Karen Gravano On FOX 10

Karen Gravano was recently interviewed by FOX 10 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her life is very full right now with the filming of season two of Mob Wives and her new book, Mob Daughter, coming out in February. She has a book tour lined up where she will be meeting fans and signing their copies. And while filming for the show started in August, there are still more episodes that need to be completed.

Karen says that growing up as Sammy the Bull’s daughter felt normal to her, maybe because her friends’ fathers were gangsters too. She says her father didn’t bring his business home with him, when he was home he was a father. Karen says that from a young age she knew her father was different, that he was a gangster, but she isn’t sure if she really understood what a gangster was.  The mob community was tight knit and she says everyone looked up to these men and to her father so she wasn’t aware of the dark side of the lifestyle. Dating has always been difficult for Karen because of the stigma of who her father is.

Sammy Gravano is in a Federal prison and Karen talks to him regularly. He watches Mob Wives on Sunday and calls her on Monday.  Sammy doesn’t like the cursing and the fist fighting, but he understands why Karen is doing it and he supports her decision. But, he also feels the lifestyle is his not hers. In the beginning he was concerned about what might come out on the show regarding the mob, but now that he can see none of that is discussed he is not as opposed to it.

Karen lives in Arizona part-time.  She had planned on filming and returning home to live, but it didn’t work out that way. She has a lot more opportunity here in New York and is planning to open up a spa with her skin care line of products.  Until things settle down, Karen plans to keep Karina in Arizona so she can stay grounded.

Renee is one of her childhood friends and Jennifer Graziano is her best friend. Drita is an old “friend” and one of the new mob wives, Ramona, is so close to her she refers to her as her cousin.

Her book, Mob Daughter, is her story not her father’s. It comes out February 14th!

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 Video credit:

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Mob Wives: A Holiday Skit

So I get this tweet from Holobot.  I am in such a foul mood it came @ the perfect time.  It's the perfect Christmas gift for an old & ornery blogger such as myself.  Thank you Holobot for looking out for The M.O.B. Wives Blogspot!  It's is the time of year to give.  So I'm sharing it with our readers. Check out Stevie Holiday Card for yourself, it's Mob Wives on and poppin'.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mob Wives: I Hateth B!tches

I am going to make this short and brief.  I do not care about your personal agendas.  We simply watch the show and blog about what we want to.  Do not come on our site trying to claim you are someone's husband or ex-husband when you write like a dumb b!tch.  A female whose too big of a coward to say & write the gossip you want the world to know.  A female who is most likely mad because you haven't been filmed for Mob Wives. Do not toss this and that name out and tell me I can contact the authorities to verify some dumb sh!t.  I know you are not who you say you are.  However, let's play.  I am aware of the name of the person you are claiming to be.  You want to sling mud, then you shall do what my other sources do  I need you to e-mail a scan of  legitimate forms of identification, a picture with your wife & kids and then I'll bite.  Until then.... MOSS ZOB! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mob Wives: Whose “Team” Are You On?

Team Karen!

I’ve been doing some reading and watching a few videos and the lines seems to be clearly drawn for season two.  It looks to me like the war between Karen and Drita heats up again. Their issues were never resolved. As you remember, season one ended with the rooftop rumble and, when the women were at the reunion, neither one was too happy with the other.  

Now we are adding two new mob wives, Ramona and Big Ang.  The lines will have to be drawn and sides must be taken.  We have Team Drita, with Carla and Big Ang in one corner and Team Karen, with Ramona and Renee in the other corner.  They even took “team” pictures the night of VH1’s Diva show.  

Team Drita!

Renee and Ramona grew up with Karen. They were always close and consider themselves “family” in more ways than one. Ramona recently made a few remarks saying she didn’t like Drita and called her “fake.” Renee may try to be the voice of reason in this war, but if push comes to shove, she is siding with Karen.  Drita and Carla have already sided with each other last season, so that’s a given.  I haven’t seen enough of Big Ang yet to say for sure she is Team Drita, but Carla tweets that she loves Big Ang.  Big Ang was the one who went to comfort Drita out on the balcony in the VH1 supertrailer. It just seems to me, that if sides have to be taken, she is going to come down on Drita’s side so we have evenly matched teams.

Now I am thinking, if I was added to the cast, which team would I want to be on?  Hmm, I’d like to be on the winning team and, the way I see it, if there is a mafia war, Team Karen has the best odds.  Whose team would you be on?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mob Wives: Drita Goes Euro

So I'm cruising around on the internet; I stumble around a beautiful picture of my least favorite mob wife Drita D'avanzo.  It seems the once upon a time model/ retail artist struck up some poses for Mob Wives fans across the pond.  I'm trying to envision the Grey Poupon man pulling up next to Drita and asking, "Grey Poupon?"

I can hear her saying, "I ate your fucking Grey Poupon."

"I beg your pardon."

"You heard me, I ate it muthafucka.  You gotta problem with that?  Don't make me take off my shoes!" 

I can see Mrs. D'avanzo fitting right in over in Europe.  She could even eat crumpets & sip tea with the Queen.  None the less, Drita is a beauty.  And the pictures I viewed are clear proof.  My favorite is the black & white pose.  Which picture do you prefer the color or the black & white?  Let us know your opinion. 

Oh Scrooge, Chiara's panties are in a bunch.  Over at VH1 Drita has slipped down to second place in the sexist VH1 Divas outfit poll.  If you like Drita make sure you go show her your support along with Chiara.  I'm voting for Jennifer Hudson. Why is Chiara yelling at me for refusing to vote for Drita?  She's screaming in my ear, "Where is your loyality?  Mob Wives is our show.  You bettah go vote for Drita!  And who the hell is this Jessie J.?"
Chiara's New York accent goes into full throttle when she is pissed.  Frankly I don't know who Jessie J. is, from the pictures I imagine she's a singer. 
*evilly laughing*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mob Wives: Mob Daughter, Chapter 1

Karen Gravano’s book, Mob Daughter, is due to come out on February 14th 2012.  The exciting news is that her first chapter is on her face book page, the one labeled “Entertainer” and you can read the entire chapter online right now.  I went straight over to the webpage as soon as she tweeted it was available and read it. I have to say I was very impressed with it and if the rest of the book is anything like Chapter 1we are going to love it.  This is best seller material!  I will provide the link below.

Chapter one deals with Karen’s childhood and how she came to suspect that her father might be in the mob.  There were clues there like men kissing each other on the cheek, the gun she found under her parent’s bed, the fact Paul Castellano was her father’s friend.   
Karen would start putting two and two together.  Most people don’t give kids enough credit for knowing what is going on, but kids always know more than you think.  

Karen's "Entertainer" Facebook Icon

Here are a few words from chapter one and you can go over to Karen’s Facebook and read the entire chapter…an early Christmas gift to fans!

Karen has just asked her father, Sammy Gravano, if she can have a friend sleep over and the following conversation takes place: 

“Not to night. You can have one over the weekend. And I can’t talk about this right now. I gotta go.” His eyes were cold; I felt as if he was looking through me. He spoke really quickly, his mind clearly somewhere else. He grabbed a pair of black leather gloves off the top of his dresser and brushed by me.

I followed him into the hallway, watched him stomp down the stairs, and called after him,   “Why do you need the gloves? It’s the middle of the summer.” I knew in my heart that something bad was about to happen, and I was terrified."

If you want to read what came before and after this scene, head over to the link below.  Meanwhile, you can preorder your copy of Mob Daughter on Amazon and make sure you don’t miss out on this great offer for what is sure to be a best seller.

Mob Daughter Chapter 1: Mob Daughter, Chapter 1

Picture Credit: Karen's Facebook page

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Mob Wives: Unwelcome In Chicago Eateries!

It's hard for me to imagine that anyone would turn away a chance to be part of the Mob Wives show and phenomena, but VH1 found some such people in the windy city, Chicago!  As we know, the cast members need places to film their scenes, many of those places include restaurants, where the wives sit down and have friendly or unfriendly discussions about ongoing issues.  It turns out that Chicago is not a very welcoming city, at least not for Mob Wives.

It seems that Tony Durpetti, owner of Gene &Georgetti’s steakhouse, was approached by VH1.  They wanted to know if Tony was interested in having the Mob Wives series filmed at his establishment.  Tony flatly refused their offer to have them film there, and added the cast was not welcome there at all.  Several other restaurant owners have expressed similar sentiments towards the cast members due to the stereotypical image of Italians presented on the show.

While some seem to be taking a strong stand on this issue, I am more than sure there are many restaurants who will accept VH1's proposal and benefit from the publicity of being part of an extremely popular reality show.  So many have readers have asked us about the places where the mob wives of Staten Island eat and shop last season, so they could visit those places. I have no doubt the viewers in Chicago will want to do the same.

Picture Credit: Gene & Georgetti's website (It looks like a great place to eat IF you aren't a mob wife.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mob Wives: Removal of a Post

The recent interview with Renee Graziano has been taken down out of courtesy.  Though we feel it did not reveal anything.  Others feel as if it revealed too much of the upcoming season 2 of Mob Wives.  We willl repost the interview @ a later date. 

To the anonymous who feels we aren't credible:  You are very funny.  We are a blog, not Newsweek or Late Night with Tom Brokaw.  You suggested we become  And your rhetoric about us hiding all the news is ridiculous and one of the most idiotic things I've read in a long time. The news is out there if one watches or reads. I suggest you up your game.  We blogged way before any of the cast or production staff reached out to us.  And I don't recall any of us claiming to have exclusive interviews and etc.  Other sites use those claims and if it works for them more power to them.  You read like a envious fellow blogger.  We wish you happy blogging and all the hits your heart desires.