Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mob Wives: Mob Daughter, Chapter 1

Karen Gravano’s book, Mob Daughter, is due to come out on February 14th 2012.  The exciting news is that her first chapter is on her face book page, the one labeled “Entertainer” and you can read the entire chapter online right now.  I went straight over to the webpage as soon as she tweeted it was available and read it. I have to say I was very impressed with it and if the rest of the book is anything like Chapter 1we are going to love it.  This is best seller material!  I will provide the link below.

Chapter one deals with Karen’s childhood and how she came to suspect that her father might be in the mob.  There were clues there like men kissing each other on the cheek, the gun she found under her parent’s bed, the fact Paul Castellano was her father’s friend.   
Karen would start putting two and two together.  Most people don’t give kids enough credit for knowing what is going on, but kids always know more than you think.  

Karen's "Entertainer" Facebook Icon

Here are a few words from chapter one and you can go over to Karen’s Facebook and read the entire chapter…an early Christmas gift to fans!

Karen has just asked her father, Sammy Gravano, if she can have a friend sleep over and the following conversation takes place: 

“Not to night. You can have one over the weekend. And I can’t talk about this right now. I gotta go.” His eyes were cold; I felt as if he was looking through me. He spoke really quickly, his mind clearly somewhere else. He grabbed a pair of black leather gloves off the top of his dresser and brushed by me.

I followed him into the hallway, watched him stomp down the stairs, and called after him,   “Why do you need the gloves? It’s the middle of the summer.” I knew in my heart that something bad was about to happen, and I was terrified."

If you want to read what came before and after this scene, head over to the link below.  Meanwhile, you can preorder your copy of Mob Daughter on Amazon and make sure you don’t miss out on this great offer for what is sure to be a best seller.

Mob Daughter Chapter 1: Mob Daughter, Chapter 1

Picture Credit: Karen's Facebook page

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