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Mob Wives: Recap “The Sit Down” on Ep 205

Renee, Drita and Big Ang have lots to say!

I love the Mob Wives, on or off the show, they are very entertaining. Last night was the premiere episode of “The Sit Down.” I was already a bit overwhelmed trying to recap and hour’s worth of sit downs between all the ladies, except Big Ang, who was off tanning and gambling in Puerto Rico. My hand was cramped, but I didn’t want to let readers down, so I started taking notes. I had built up a lot of anticipation. Did the show live up to my expectations? No, sorry to say it did not. Maybe they should have taken more time to think it through. I was expecting a lot more commentary on the scenes than there actually was on the show. The clips were a nice touch, but we just saw what happened.

They started out on a good note, a little segment they call “WTF Moments?” and show a clip of Ramona talking about Drita. We heard Ramona just a few minutes earlier and there is no way we are going to forget that she called Drita a crumb snatching, flip-flopping floozie. But Drita responded to the clip by calling Ramona a “clown.” Drita says if marrying into the mob makes her a “nobody” then maybe Ramona’s mother is a nobody too? That comment made Renee nervous. Then Drita adds that Ramona married outside the lifestyle, so what does that make her? So we are off to a good start, but that is where the thrill ends for me. From here we go downhill all the way. I wanted more of WTF and instead got WTHC (Who The Hell Cares) Moments.

A question for a viewer asking if Drita and Karen might work things out if Ramona wasn’t in the picture. Drita responds that maybe things wouldn’t haven’t gotten out of hand if Ramona wasn’t there. To that I say, oh yeah? Because Ramona wasn’t on the rooftop and things got very out of hand there, right? The common denominator? Drita. Why Drita? Well I took a closer look at the rumble and from what I saw, Renee did hold Karen back and was actually on top of her when Drita jumped on top of the two of them to “beat up” Karen. Renee seemed to be the only one injured. She was bleeding and her leg was badly bruised. I hear Drita packs a mean “kick.” To answer this viewer I would say, if Drita and Karen appear to make up on the show, it won’t be real or for long.

Carrie, the host, brings up the “crumb” issue with Renee and we see the clip. I really didn’t mind watching this clip again, it made me relive some of my own PMS moments. However, I would have liked a more probing question here. Renee’s meltdown over crumbs wasn’t really over cake crumbs, was it? Maybe it was more about Junior texting with another woman? No one asked about the texting or if she confronted Junior about it.

Big Ang comes out on stage, even though she wasn’t in the episode. Everyone loves Big Ang. There is no disputing that point. Fans who missed her on the episode got a few laughs in The Sit Down. Big Ang was apparently on vacation in Puerto Rico, getting a tan and winning at gambling. But she makes an appearance and answers a couple of wise guy questions.

Then they play a ridiculous game where Renee and Drita have to answer 3 questions about Big Ang to see who knows her best. I think this was lame, and I wasn’t amused. Some of you may disagree with me, but I was looking for more in this show than I was getting.

They get into the topic of Renee being stuck in the middle of Team Karen and Team Drita, dodging bullets from both sides. They ask how she can be “loyal” if she is in the middle? Renee answers, “Because I am being loyal to myself and that makes me loyal to everyone.” You have to love the way Renee thinks on her feet! Brilliant!

Best question of the show: Will Renee confront Ramona over her comments regarding Junior? Renee says it’s possible, we will have to stay tuned in and watch. I say, no way they brought that issue up unless it’s to set up some more drama for season two. And if Renee confronts Ramona, I think it’s safe to say we are going to war.

The show ends with a swear word count. Who swore the most on the episode? Everyone thinks it’s Renee…but no, it’s not Renee, it’s Drita! She wins hands down in the battle of the swear words. And there “The Sit Down” ends.

I wish they had asked more probing questions about the episode like: What was Renee thinking inviting Drita to the spa party!?! Isn’t Renee going to get caught up in the drama by being in the middle? Will Drita ever tell Aleeya about the divorce? Did Renee confront Junior about the texting or the crumbs? Will Drita add a “mozzarella” to Lee’s packages? Is she throwing his stuff out or putting it all in storage? Inquiring minds “need to know.” 

That’s my impression of the first show, maybe future shows will have more “meat” and less “filler”?  We’ll see. Let me know your thoughts.

Mob Wives: Recap Old Friends, New Archenemies Ep 205

Renee's first meeting is with Carla...

At Drita’s house, her friend Nicole visits. Drita needs the support of her friend because she is about to sign and mail the divorce papers to Lee. Drita is also upset because she has to tell Aleeya the truth about the divorce. Drita hasn’t talked to Lee since she confronted him on the phone about the cheating. She says he hurt everyone and never said he was sorry for what he did. Drita says the divorce papers are going to kill him. Nicole says she has to put herself first. Drita never wanted a divorce, it’s not how she was raised.

Karen goes to Ramona’s to talk about her meeting with Carla. She says Carla was defending Drita all summer long. Carla is still saying she heard Karen got beat up by Drita. Karen says she also had an issue with Carla talking about Ramona and calling her, her archenemy. Karen thinks that Drita is filling Carla’s head with her lies. Carla is Drita’s puppet. Archenemy? Ramona says she doesn’t need to think about Carla with all she has going on in her life. Karen says she made peace with Carla and wants Ramona to talk to her too. They feel Drita is behind their issues with Carla.

Carla and Drita meet. Carla wants to tell her about her meeting with Karen, but she seems very nervous and has trouble coming out with it. Finally she tells Drita about their conversation and that they ended up making up. Drita doesn’t look happy. She says she can never be friends with Karen. She said she tried to make up at Renee’s party and look where it got her. Drita is still upset that Karen told her she wanted to come to her house!

Karen and Karina go out to lunch before Karina has to go back to Arizona and school. Karen tells her she is staying in New York to pursue all the opportunities here, her book and the show. Karina wants to be with her mom. Karen thinks Karina is better off in Arizona right now and she would be safer there. Karina is upset she has to go back. Karen says it’s the hardest thing she has had to do to be away from her daughter and she becomes emotional.

Renee and Carla meet for lunch (picture above). Renee wants to know what is going on. Carla tells her she met Karen and Karen said she was mad that Carla was laughing on the rooftop during the rumble. Renee says we all know you laugh when you are nervous. Carla says Karen spent a lot of time talking about Drita and, the more she talked, the madder she got. Renee asks her what did Karen say about her party. Carla tells her that Ramona was bleeding all over the place. Renee says, everyone knows Drita threw the first punch. Ramona barely got hurt. Carla says Karen got in her face, but everything ended up good.  Carla told Renee that at one point Karen said “I hope Ramona gets the best of you.” Renee gets upset because it doesn’t sound like Karen’s intentions were to make up. Renee is disappointed in Karen and wants to talk to her.

Karen and Ramona meet Renee for dinner. Renee wants to talk about Karen’s meeting with Carla. Renee asks Karen about her  intentions. Karen explains all her issues with Carla and Drita again. She says she got fed up with Carla defending Drita. She got up in her face and would have put her foot in her neck. Renee starts defending Carla. Renee says everyone has so much to say about everyone else.. Ramona gets very heated and goes on a rant about Drita, saying Drita is the cancer of the group; she’s an outsider; a trouble maker. She’s a nobody; a crumb snatcher; a flip-floppin’ floozie! She took Karen’s name and wiped it all over Staten Island. Ramona will always defend Karen. Renee’s eyes open wide and she says they make her look like she isn’t the craziest one of the bunch now. Thank you.

Ramona has no shortage of words to describe Drita!

Karen tells Ramona she wants to have a spa party with wine, cheese, crackers, facials and massages. Girl time. Karen wants to use Renee’s house because there is more room and invite Carla. Ramona is ok with Karen starting over with a clean slate with Carla, she is good with it. She feels Drita is the one poisoning Carla against them. It’s all good.

At Drita’s house she is busy packing all of Lee’s things up. She is still very angry at Lee for betraying her. Carla stops by to visit. Carla understands what Drita is going through because Joe cheated on her and they were both good wives and mothers. While cleaning out Lee’s stuff Drita finds a letter in one of his pockets that he wrote from jail, telling her he loves her. Drita can’t breathe. All she ever wanted from Lee was an apology so she can at least build a friendship with him.

At Renee’s house, Karen visits to talk to Renee. Renee says she is mentally exhausted from all the girls fighting. Renee wants peace and for everyone to get along since her near death experience. She feels they are fighting over things that are not important. Then Karen gets emotional and tells Renee that the hardest thing she has ever had to do is be in Staten Island without her daughter. Renee says maybe if she said that to Drita, that they could repair their relationship. Karen says she doesn’t want to repair her relationship with Drita. Karen thinks the spa party will help everyone relax and tells Renee she is inviting Carla. She feels this party is a step in the right direction for everyone. Renee has some doubts and is worried they won’t all get along.

AJ walks into his home and goes over and gives Renee a big hug. Renee explains that her father Anthony “T.G.” Graziano was released from prison to a halfway house and spends time with AJ on the weekends. Mr. Graziano has been in jail for 11 years and hasn’t seen the new cell phones or seatbelts in cars. Renee and her father are still not on speaking terms. He is not happy with her. She won’t go see him unless he says it’s ok. AJ tells her to just show up at her parents home. AJ tells Renee that her father asked about her.

Back at Karen’s house, Karen calls Carla to invite her to the spa party at Renee’s. They talk about their last meeting being like the “Twilight Zone.” Karen says that they agreed to work on their friendship and this party is the first step to getting past all the drama. Carla agrees to go. Karen says that Renee needs them all to get along.

Drita and Carla meet for lunch. Carla tells Drita about Karen’s spa party. She knows Ramona will be there, she is Karen’s friend and that’s fine. Drita says Ramona is like a raccoon always in her f!ckin’ garbage. Drita’s advice to Carla, don’t try to argue one on one. Drita says she doesn’t trust them, Carla believes her and says Drita is not a liar. Then Drita tells Carla not to go to the party, she doesn’t need skin care. Now, Carla doesn’t know if she will go or not.

Renee sits down with Drita and Carla to make peace, but maybe 
starts war?

Renee, Carla and Drita meet for dinner. Renee doesn’t like being in the middle and wants to get her point across quietly. Renee tells them about her meeting with Karen and Ramona. They seem to have made up with Carla, but have nothing good to say about Drita. Ramona told Renee that Drita is not part of the lifestyle; she isn’t Italian, she married into it. Renee says she feels like she is betraying everyone and being disloyal by being in the middle. Drita says she can’t make up with Karen. Carla asks about the spa party. Renee tells Carla that Ramona thinks that she is being molded by Drita. Drita says that Ramona is Karen’s pet. Renee invites Drita to the spa party. Uh oh!

Then Renee has an important question to ask Drita. She wants to know if Drita told her sister in-law that Ramona said “Junior married her for her father and he is a loser without her.” Drita doesn’t answer right away, but then says one thousand percent. She says Ramona said worse than that too. Renee wants to know what else Ramona said because she is pissed that she would talk about her son’s father and call him a loser. She says Junior is not a loser without her. She wants to know how long ago Ramona said this and Drita says it was when she came back. Renee wants to know if she would say this to Ramona’s face, and Drita says yes.

My Two Cents: This was not the most exciting episode, but I still have to watch! I am happy that Drita is taking all the steps necessary to move on with her life. The divorce papers and packing Lee’s stuff are major steps. She needs to put herself and girls first and make the most of the opportunities before her now. And for crying out loud, please talk to Aleeya already. This news about Lee has been out since May and don’t you think Aleeya has heard something by now? It’s been all over the internet and even if Aleeya doesn’t go online, I’m sure her friends do.

The rehashing of Karen’s conversation with Carla took up quite a bit of the episode. It might have taken less time to just do a flash back. Apparently, Karen was very angry with Carla when they met up, but came to realize that Carla was being manipulated by Drita’s lies. Her issues are really with Drita. Even Ramona thinks that Drita has been turning Carla against her and Karen and she doesn’t even know Carla. Carla gets another free pass. It’s like no one watched season one where Carla took every opportunity to create friction between Drita and Karen? 

Renee doesn’t think Karen met Carla with good intentions, but now she has placed herself right in the middle of Team Karen and Team Drita. She spends the episode meeting with members of each side, trying to talk sense into them. Basically, Renee’s point is that whatever they are fighting over is insignificant in the big scheme of things. They all have so much more to worry about in their lives without these petty squabbles. Renee is not getting through to anyone. Drita will never be friends with Karen and Karen will never be friends with Drita. And Ramona has not use for Drita!  Drita hates Ramona. And Carla, being Carla, is a little wishy washy. Yes I will go to the spa party, maybe I’ll go, no I won’t go. Carla basically will be friends with Karen and tolerate her friend, Ramona. And because she doesn’t take a stand, Carla looks like she is being reasonable. I think Carla just doesn’t want to fight because it might mess her hair and dress and she might break a nail. 

The spa party sounded like a good idea UNTIL Renee invited Drita! What was she thinking? Renee says she wants peace, but she just opened the flood gates to war. No one is going to be happy if Drita goes to the spa party…maybe not even Carla, because if she has to have her back, she might get dirty. This was the worst idea ever! I’m not sure what Renee’s intentions were, but it’s possible she wants to get Karen and Drita in the same room so Big Ang could work her “magic” on them again. I just hope Renee’s furniture and valuables are insured, that’s all I’m saying.

I loved the scenes with AJ and Karina. I enjoy seeing the “mothering” side of all the mob wives. It softens them a little. You can see how Renee and Karen put their children first, above all else. I think Karen is doing the right thing for Karina, by sending her back to Arizona, where her life is safe and stable. It’s an unselfish act on her part to put her daughter’s well being above her own needs. Karen has a lot going on right now with her book and there is going to be a reaction to it once it is released on February 14th. The show itself is still controversial. I would do the same thing myself if I were in her shoes. In fact when my kids want to do something I don‘t agree with, I always tell them that even if the risk of harm is less than 1%, it’s still to big of a risk for me when it comes to their safety. As for Renee and AJ, she is trying so hard to protect him from the lifestyle and makes sure he goes to college. I do not think AJ will disappoint her. He is a smart, loving young man and has his head on straight. He will have many opportunities in life after he gets his degree and he knows it. I think he is going to make Renee even more proud than she already is, if that‘s possible.

The final scene is a prescription for MORE drama! Renee asks Drita if she told her sister in-law that Ramona said, “Junior married her for her father and he is a f!ckin’ loser without her!” and Drita says yes, and she said worse than that too. This is material for a finale showdown if I ever heard one. I have to wonder what else did Ramona say? But more important, where is Drita getting her information? According to Drita she never knew Ramona and Ramona just came back to be on the show. According to Ramona (interview and picture on blog) she and Drita knew each other and she came back over two years ago. Drita doesn’t always tell it like it ‘tis. So who knows? All I know is this new set up for drama is explosive. A Renee/Ramona sit down? Who will win that one? Everyone place your bets and comment below!

I Married A Mobster: Mob Candy Cover

Love Majewski's Mob Candy Cover, it's hotter than a Playboy cover.
Lord help me, now I'm pissed.  At the end of the day I appreciate all the wonderful gifts from the various cast.  I'd also especially thank Love Majewski for her wonderful Veritas Cosmetics.  I truly love every single product she has sent me.  And she's made me tear up when she named a lip stain in my honor Mob Mistress.
A glimpse of Karen Gravano's Mob Candy cover!
Though many of those who like to insult me claim I don't have a life.  Well I'm breathing, I have a life.  And it doesn't revolve around the shows I love to watch.  I miss a lot.  There is so much to post & frankly it's overwhelming.  Well Love Majewski has a beautiful Mob Candy Magazine cover coming out.  And I sincerely hope all of you take the time to order it by clicking -------> Mob Candy Magazine.

Now I'm back to my busy life.  You may not see me around for the next couple of days.  I'm sure some of you will be overjoyed.  A special shout out to some of our readers Rosey, Pennie, Roann, Lucy, Dez and MsCaliKathi!

Photo credit: Love Majewski via Mob Candy

Mob Wives: Joshyy RockX Video Recap Episode 5

Our M.I.A. video blogger has returned.  I disagree with Joshyy X.  Carla Facciolo was the winner in episode 5 of Mob Wives.  She acted like a mature woman.  Carla was willing to work on her relationship with Karen.  And she asked others to stay out of it.  It's all good we aren't going to agree on everything.  Renee looked great on The Sitdown!  We can agree on that one.

Video Credit: Joshyy RockX

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mob Wives: A Renee Graziano Tribute Song

G-Fella with Renee Graziano. Renee has a great smile!
It's Sunday!  You know what time it is; Mob Wives time!  G-Fella has dropped another Mob Wives related song.  This time the young talented rapper is showing love to the woman who coined, "You wanna play Mafia Wars? I win Bitch!"  Give the song a listen or two:

If you ask me 50 Cent isn't the only rapper who loves him some Renee!  Don't miss tonight's episode of Mob Wives.  Episode 5 airs @ 8PM on VH1, I have no idea what the ladies have in store for us tonight.  Oh and if you haven't voted in our poll it's not too late.  It's a quick scroll up and located to the right of the page.

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Mob Wives: Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr.
The new season of Mob Wives keeps the tradition of great music in each episode. Watching episode 2, we get to hear a song called "When My Train Pulls In" by a talented musician Gary Clark Jr. I had to hear this song in its entirety. I searched my rhapsody app on my iPad and found the "Bright Lights EP".  Once I found the single I see that it 8 minutes long.

The song on the EP is a solo acoustic performance. You can feel the pain in his voice. He falls into the modern blues genre which is a new genre for me.  I didn't know it existed until now.  I understand why it would get that label. It is an updated style while keeping true to the roots of blues music.  You have the ache of the blues singer.  You feel his pain.  When he says that he will be ready when his train pulls in you really understand that he is ready to leave the place. He is not wanted there. Also we get to hear Mr. Clark's guitar playing. There are no fancy production techniques to hide mediocre playing.  For the record I am not typing he is mediocre.  Actually he is a very talented musician in the vein of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  On the song all you get is a man singing and playing like he is trying to impress the devil down at the crossroads. He can play very well indeed. Gary Clark Jr. is another in a long line of great blues men who can impress with their voices and their playing.

Other songs on the EP include "Bright Lights" and "Don't Owe You a Thang." One is given the impression that this gentleman is not excited about being in the big city.   Bright Lights is a rocking blues song. You get the full band playing this time around.  They compliment the track.   When he sings "you are gonna know my name" you believe.  He also sings "bright lights, big city going to my head but I don't care because you don't care."   He seem like a young man who wants you to know him.  His style isn't over the top when he plays the guitar solos.  It's just straight in your face rock.   On the song, "I Don't Owe You a Thang" he sings, "we ain't getting married because I ain't got no money, no car and ain't buying no diamond ring."  You can really feel his pain in the song. He knows, he is not right for the woman.  Or maybe she is not right for him.   I can really get behind this song.  Overall each song, displays the talented Mr. Clark playing guitar.   His voice is unique.   It does not remind me of anybody who has come before. Too often when you hear a singer these days, he/she sounds like somebody before.  Gary Clark Jr. stands an original.  I hope to hear more music from him for many years to come.  Left Right Productions is definitely handling their musically duties for Mob Wives.

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Photo Credit: Last.Fm
Video credit: Spin and YouTube

Mob Wives: FBI Mob Bust 2012

Yesterday, it was reported on several websites, that there was a Federal mob bust which was made possible by DEA informant Hector “Junior” Pagan, who has been acting as a DEA informant as part of a deal he cut with law enforcement. While Junior was wearing a wire for authorities he recorded conversations with his ex-father in-law, Anthony “T.G.” Graziano, which led to his arrest. According to the New York Post, Mr. Graziano will be arraigned next week.

This story is hard for me to ignore after finding out how the news deeply affected his daughter, Renee Graziano, who suffered an emotional trauma and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Clips of a future episode of Mob Wives show Renee collapsing on her kitchen floor when she gets news about her father, but this scene was shot after her father’s return to prison at Thanksgiving 2011. Renee, and her son AJ, as well as the rest of the family, have been through some very difficult times the past few months, including her near death experience from her surgery, Junior’s betrayal and her father’s re-incarceration after having been out only a couple of short months. Even as Renee was trying to deal with this unexpected news of her father yesterday, she tweeted to fans to please support her son, AJ, who should not have to pay for the sins of others. 

Renee tweeted several messages yesterday, expressing her concern for her son and father and saying they have no contact with Junior. Renee and AJ would appreciate the prayers and support of their fans through this very difficult time. This is what she had to say:

Our prayers go out to Renee, AJ, Jennifer and their family members,through this difficult and emotional time.

Picture credit:  Renee's Twitter Account

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano's Quick Update

It’s been a while since I last spoke to Renee, but she told me she wanted to give fans an update on what is going on. I called her and asked a few brief questions about what might be on your minds and mine. I always love talking to Renee, she is down to earth and always makes time for us.

Hi Renee, how are you feeling?  
Much better thank you.

I’m very glad to hear it, I wanted to give you a couple of days to get over the flu before calling and I just have a couple of questions.  Ok, that’s fine.

We haven’t seen much of AJ this season and he has a large fan base and the sixth most popular blog out of about 500 on the site. We’d like to know if we are going to see more of him in upcoming shows.
You will definitely be seeing more of AJ in future shows. We are still filming so I can’t say which episodes right now.

You know I love AJ and I can’t believe he kick doors and broke a lamp. 
I know. AJ has been under a lot of stress, he has a lot of difficult sitautions to deal with and it’s affecting him.

Do you know when Jail Mail will be up and running? There has been a lot of interest in it.
We are finalizing some paperwork and we need to find the proper place that will be able to expedite sending out the cards. It’s taking longer than we thought because we want to make sure the company we choose will be able to handle the large volume of cards ordered. I expect it to be up and running in the next few months.

I love your new website. It’s so professional. The T-Shirts are hilarious. Can you tell us what else you will be adding to the store?
I will be adding Mob Candy, which is my new jewelry line, coming soon. I am going to have a shoe line, also coming soon. And we are working on a new perfume and some makeup products to add in the future.

Renee's Official website:

You mention on your website that you want to be on SNL and have two characters that you do, that you have entertained family with for years. Can you tell us the names of the characters and a brief description?
One of the characters I do is named Ricotta Finotta. I would do her on Easter and Christmas for my family. She is an old lady, the old Italian aunt that no one wants to kiss and hug. I would dress up in a big black dress and veil and glue a hair to my chin,  just like the little old Italian ladies have. The other character is a secret, for now. I really hope of get on SNL, it’s always been a dream of mine.

 (Renee has a sudden impulse to tell me about crumbs)

You know what amazed me? The reaction that people had to the crumb scene on last week’s episode. 
Yes, I thought it was very funny, the extreme reaction reminded me of me with PMS.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the show because I wasn’t feeling well, but I watched the crumb scene. A lot of people related to it and I got so many texts from women about that scene. It was very unexpected.

I hope someone does a parody of it. I do too, I love parodies. So do I.

Ok Renee, now I have to ask you something that has been bothering me. When you met with Carla and wrote her your heartfelt letter, some of us think you gave her an easy pass. She did two big things  to hurt you that were each enough to end a friendship over: not believing you about the boyfriend and not calling or coming to see you in the hospital.

I can explain that. Sometimes you have to look at the larger picture. You know who your friends are and who they aren’t. I’m not the kind of person who holds grudges, it bothers me too much inside. For me personally, I have forgiveness for everyone. You can see how many times I forgave Junior. I just felt that she explained herself, and I just went ok.  After my surgery, my priorities changed. It was a life and death experience. Now I am all about family. I am saving my energy and my fight for them, that’s what’s important. I just wanted to get over it and move on because we had a long history as friends.  But, even though we resolved those issues, I can tell you that Carla and I don’t see eye to eye again shortly. You will be seeing that in an upcoming episode. I hate to say anything bad about anybody, but we all add something to the show.

That's funny you say that because I did a blog today comparing you all to spices and herbs, basically saying the same thing, you all add something to the recipe of Mob Wives.
Really? I'm going to have to read that when I get home.  I would say that Carla is like Cumin.                                
Oh, in the blog I said Carla was like oregano...
I f*ckin' hate oregano!
Me too. (And we both laugh and Renee gets called away)

Ok well I have another interview to do so I will talk to you next week and maybe we can arrange an interview with AJ too. 

Thank you Renee, it’s been great talking to you and take care of yourself.

I love Renee. She has been through so much and she still keeps her sense of humor and stays grounded through it all. She is always gracious and generous with her time, whether giving interviews, doing promotions, making appearances, and even tweeting her fans, as much as her time allows. That’s why I say, when you think Mob Wives, you think Renee Graziano!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mob Wives: For the Love of Bigg Ang

Bigg Ang poses with Renny @ the Drunken Monkey
A star has been born on Mob Wives.  Her name is Angela Raiola a.k.a. Bigg Ang.  The nickname Bigg Ang is appropriate for a reason or two.  One, she has a big personality.  She comes across warm, caring, wise & extremely funny. Two she has the biggest set of breasts I've seen in a long time.  I think she beats Dolly Parton in the boob department.  And that's typing a lot!  I know I wrote seconds ago there were two reasons the nickname fit.  However, there is a third reason and you all know what I am about to type: LIPS.  Bigg Ang's lips make Angelina Jolie's pucker look average.  And that's typing a lot too!  Jennifer Graziano truly upped her game for season two adding Bigg Ang & Ramona Rizzo.

Some of you have been dissing Bigg Ang's looks due to what seems to be excessive plastic surgery.  It would be easy for me to type, "If she loves it, I love it."  However, I'd be typing a lie.  I feel the same about Bigg Ang as I do Renee Graziano.  They were already beautiful women.  There was no need to go underneath the knife.  However, it's their bodies, their money & their choice.  So there I've type it.  I think Bigg Ang has creeped, crawled or ran into Joan Rivers territory, too much work done.
Karen Gravano with Bigg Ang

Now that I've given my honest opinion of Bigg Ang's appearance, I'd like to share what I love about Bigg Ang.  I love her voice and the way she talks.  I affectionately refer to her as The Mobmother.  She seems to be able to reason with the younger Mob Wives.  She wants the others to forgive & move on.  In her mind, there are good times to be had.  I think it's a noble idea.  However, frankly after all that has happened I'd call bullshit if Drita D'avanzo & Karen Gravano ever made up.  As a Mob Wives viewer, I want peaks & valleys.  Mob Wives making rainbow cookies isn't going to do it for me.  I do appreciate that Bigg Ang for the most part doesn't fuel the flames.  Another thing I love about Bigg Ang is her laugh.  I can be in the worst mood.  When Bigg Ang laughs, I laugh.  I can't help but to laugh.  It's as if her laugh is the most contagious disease in the world.  When I see her on the screen my mood immediately improves.  She the mob's own version of sugar & spice & everything nice.  I can see why the wiseguys flocked to Bigg Ang.  After a long hard workday of allegedly loansharking, drug dealing, murking and stealing who wouldn't want a woman that brightens your day?

Bigg Ang is a character inside & out.  She brings a lot to the sit down season 2 of Mob Wives.  What she brings most is just pure comic relief in between the he said, she said & I put people in hospitals moments.  And though Ms. Raiola isn't my favorite mob wife, I appreciate what she brings to Mob Wives. 

If you're in or near Staten Island, you should check out the Drunken Monkey.  You may luck out a get a deep voiced bartender with the sweetest personality & greatest laugh.  Some of the Mob Wives frequent the hot spot.  People have even claimed Carla Facciolo was there Thursday night with Handy Man.  Frankly, I couldn't tell you.  I wasn't there.

As always this is my opinion, you agree or disagree.  I won't lose any sleep.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mob Wives: Recap "You Don't Wanna Go To War With Me" Ep 204

"This whole entire summer I've hated your guts!"

Ramona goes to Karen’s apartment after being released from jail. Getting arrested put a big scare into her. She tells Karen she is in “shock mode.” Ramona says that she and her boyfriend were picking up a friend at the airport and they got pulled over to the side of the road and handcuffed. She was scared and it brought her back to her childhood when she was ten years old with her grandfather. She says she never dated anyone who went to jail . Now she has to deal with it or walk away. Karen tells her she will be able to deal with it.

In the next scene we are at the Drunken Monkey with Carla, Drita and Big Ang. Drita says that Big Ang is like the “Godmother.” About ten or more years ago, Big Ang owned a bar named the Noctural and when Drita was about 17 or 18 she would have many fights at that bar all the time. Drita laughs as she reminisces over how Big Ang never called the cops or got her into trouble. People would end up in the hospital, but no one ratted. Big Ang says her son AJ is always in trouble. Just then she gets a text saying her son AJ has been in a serious car accident. Big Ang asks if he was high and then says it’s always unnecessary bullshit. She is disgusted.

Drita sounds very proud of her glory days, 
when she would put people in the hospital!

Renee and Karen meet for dinner to talk about Renee’s meeting with Carla. Karen says it was a big thing that Carla never visited her at the hospital, but she is glad they resolved it. Karen has issues with the lies that Drita and Carla were telling everyone about Drita putting Karen in the hospital. Renee says Carla is na├»ve. Karen thinks Carla will always take Drita’s side. The Karen adds, if Carla keeps talking about her like she is a joke, she will black out two of her “f*ckin’ eyes!”

At Renee’s house, Junior is moving back in with Renee and AJ. Renee says they have been getting along fantastically. Junior has a lot of stuff to bring in. Renee says she must be the biggest sucker or she must be in love with him. It didn’t work out last year when he moved in, but they are trying again. Renee says she will try to be less bossy, but still be the boss. She says Junior will be going to jail soon and she wants to spend as much family time together as possible.

Back at Karen’s apartment, Ramona is talking about a DEA drug charge that her boyfriend is facing. She’s upset because it was all over the internet and in the news. Ramona hasn’t had a chance to tell her children what happened yet. She is worried because her boyfriend is close with her children. Ramona explains that she and Karen grew up differently. Karen always knew what was going on, her father didn’t shield her from everything. But Ramona’s family was the opposite, and she was always kept in the dark. She says her ex-husband isn’t around for the kids, he lives in another country.

Ramona has some serious thinking to do.

Drita and Carla meet to talk to Derek Tobacco about the night at Renee’s party. Derek was in the middle of the fight and Drita wants to know if Karen hit her while she was being held. She thinks Derek might know the answer. When he arrives they ask him, but he jokingly takes the fifth; then he says he doesn’t know because punches were being thrown all over the place. Helpful Carla, who wasn’t even there that night, thinks that Karen would hit Drita while she was being held! Both Drita and Carla are anti-Ramona and feel she butted into the argument and made things worse. Drita says she believes she was hit when Derek was holding her because she remembers her eye getting punch after he said “Drita, this is Derek,” and she stopped punching. Drita calls Karen and Ramona punk and she will fight them again.

At Renee’s house, Renee and Junior are having a conversation about AJ and Renee is really upset. She says that AJ kicked her bedroom door and cracked it. She wants Junior to be a full time parent and handle the situation. She also says that AJ was mad because she told him to come home on time. He cursed at her, broke a lamp and kick his bedroom door. Renee feels it has something to do with his girlfriend and that he is dating someone who makes him angry. She tells Junior that AJ has fallen head over heels for this girl, but she wants him to stay on course and Junior should handle it.

Big Ang’s son, another AJ, visits her for lunch. He has totaled out his car, his face hit the windshield, but he is ok. She asks about his love life and he says he has a couple of girls. Then he asks about her love life. She met a guy who is out of jail, but he killed someone. Her son says he could still be a good guy. Big Ang tells AJ he is getting her a puppy. Big  Ang is concerned about her son because he has no job and gets into trouble all the time. She wants him to straighten out so he doesn’t end up in jail. No street life!

Carla attends a fashion show with her friend and they end up talking about Renee. Carla says she made up with Renee, but Renee has a friend named Ramona and she doesn’t like her. Carla says Ramona is a trouble maker who talks behind people’s backs. And what exactly is Carla doing right now? Excuse me, but can she be more of a hypocrite?  Carla is the one who does nothing BUT talk behind people’s backs AND compares stories!

"Pick up the f*cking crumbs!!!"

Renee invites Karen and Ramona and their kids over for dinner at her house. Renee complains that no one is on time! When they get there she tells them how bad AJ is  acting, kicking in doors. Then Renee sees some crumbs and has a meltdown. She complains about Junior leaving crumbs and leaving the television on. Renee starts crying and screaming over the crumbs. The kids look shocked. Karen thinks maybe she had a little too much wine. All the while Renee is going on about crumbs, Ramona is trying to lighten the situation and calm her down. She tells Renee that crumbs are not that serious. Karen says, when you go to Renee’s for dinner you never know what is going to happen. I know one thing that won’t be happening, I’m not leaving any crumbs! They ask Renee what happened when she met with Carla. Renee says she did the right thing, they have a 27 year friendship. Karen knows this means Renee will want everyone to get along with Carla and she has some issues with Carla, so now she feels she has to talk with her.

Ramona's daughter in a state of "crumb shock!"

Drita and Carla get together and talk about Renee and how she wants everyone to be friends. Carla doesn’t want to be friends with Ramona and neither does Drita. They have been hearing that Ramona is talking about them, behind their backs, all over Staten Island. Drita is pissed because Karen didn’t tell Ramona to back away when they were having their discussion on the balcony. Carla says she has her own friends and doesn’t need new ones.

At Karen’s apartment, Karen calls Carla to arrange a meeting. The last time they saw each other was on the rooftop. Karen says she has issues with Carla and wants to talk to her about them. They agree to meet. Another sit down for Carla. 

Karen and Carla’s sit down at the restaurant starts cordially, but not for long. Karen wants to talk and says, “This whole entire summer I’ve hated your guts!” Carla is stunned for a second. Karen says Drita is a f*ckin’ liar and she feels that Carla was part of that rooftop rumble because she was laughing when Drita went for her. Karen says she was upset that Carla didn’t visit Renee at the hospital. Then she says she hears that Carla is going around saying Ramona is her archenemy. Karen doesn’t like it.  Karen tells her Drita was going around Staten Island telling everyone she put her in the hospital and was told Carla was right by her side. But Carla keeps defending Drita’s lies, saying that’s what they heard. Karen feels she is being called the liar. Carla says she tried holding Drita back on the rooftop, but she was too wild so she let her go. Karen says Drita hit her while she was being held down on the floor, she’s a sucker-puncher.

Karen is heated and Carla asks why is she talking about Drita? She doesn’t like the way Karen is talking about Drita. Karen says, “You’re gonna go to war with me and you don’t wanna go to war with me.” Carla gets up to walk out. Karen keeps calling her back. 

Carla comes back and says she didn’t come to meet Karen to talk about Drita. Carla wants to speak calmly. Karen realizes she doesn’t want to hurt Carla, she likes Carla.  Her issue is with Drita. Carla says they shouldn’t discuss Ramona or Drita and leave them out of their friendship. They agree. Karen says she “respects Carla’s loyalty, even if she is loyal to a ho.”

 My two cents: Not the most exciting episode, but everyone sure had a lot of talking to do. As for Drita, she is in the Drunken Monkey reminiscing about all her old fights with Big Ang and putting people in the hospital. She doesn’t not show us any sign that she is “reformed.” It’s like fighting is her life. It’s time to put away the wrenches, the boxing gloves and the fists and set a good example for her children. Again I am suggest some anger management sessions, for her own good, before she gets hurt.

Renee let’s Junior move back in too damn soon. What has he proven? Just because he is supposed to be going back to jail is no reason to rush things. Too much has happened in the past to build trust again so fast. After all the surgery and the physical, emotional and mental stress Renee has been through, the last thing she needs is Junior to do something stupid…and I don’t mean leaving crumbs on the table. I know Renee carried on and on about Junior’s crumbs, but it’s not about the crumbs, it has to be about bigger issues that maybe didn’t come out on the show. I thought I heard her say he was texting some woman? Maybe that’s behind the crumbs? Maybe it was her rule about not cheating that she was more upset about, not the rule about leaving crumbs?

Ramona’s boyfriend being arrested on drug charges sounds like pretty serious stuff. Not everyone gets pulled over to the side of the road like that, handcuffed and arrested unless this is a big deal. I would have liked to know more about it. Now I wonder if she will stay with him through this or walk away?  She has to consider her four children, whether or not he is guilty of anything, and if he is going to have to spend time in jail. Karen seems to think she can deal with it, I’m not so sure. Ramona has been sheltered from the lifestyle and isn’t used to the “waiting game.” She has her four children to think about, whether or not the boyfriend is guilty of anything and if he is going to serve serious time in jail. Will she stick around? I don’t know, love makes people do crazy things.

Hello? What’s going on with my man, AJ? This behavior that Renee describes is so out of character. Kicking in doors, breaking lamps and cursing at his mother? I need to see that on tape because I find it hard to believe he would behave that way towards Renee after all he has seen her go through this year. I know teens get rebellious and want independence, but I can’t imagine he would take it to this extreme just because she told him to come home on time. Renee blames it on the girlfriend, but I think an angry reaction like this has to have more to it. Maybe Junior’s moving in didn’t sit well with AJ? He might be angry that Renee is setting herself up for another fall?

Drita and Carla talk to Derek about whether or not Karen punched Drita while she was being held by Derek. You could watch that footage all day and not know what happened. It was total chaos. But I will say, Miss Carla loves to throw wood on a raging fire every time. She chimes in that she could see Karen punching Drita while she was being held. Frankly, I don’t agree with Carla. I think Karen got the punch in right after Drita threw her punch, the one that set things off. It was her only chance because after that they were ALL being held back from each other. 

Carla doesn’t like Ramona and calls her a trouble maker. I have yet to see why she feels so strongly about Ramona. Ramona never did anything to her and, as far as I know, she only said on the show that Carla was Drita’s puppet, which I am sure she would say right to her face. It’s true. Then Carla complains that Ramona talks behind everyone’s back. I didn’t get that impression. If anyone in the show is a trouble maker and spends all her time gossiping, it’s sweet Carla, who calls everyone to compare stories. How many times has she added her two cents and made situations worse? One of my issues with her is when Carla told Drita not to read chapter one of Karen’s book. Karen gave it as a peace offering and to reassure Drita. What thanks did she get for that? A rooftop rumble, that’s what. Drita was so angry about the book, without reading it, she went looking for blood! 

Now, my biggest issue and disappointment with the episode is when Karen meets Carla.  Everyone knows I am a Karen fan, period. But I need someone to explain what I saw and heard to me, PLEASE! Early in the episode, Karen is talking to Renee about Carla and says if she doesn’t stop treating her like a joke she will blacken both her eyes! Great, I can co-sign on that. Then Karen calls Carla to arrange a meeting so she can discuss her issues with her. She begins the conversation with “I hate your guts!” Now I am expecting big, big things to happen, seriously.  They talk some more about Drita, the lies and whatever else, who cares, and suddenly Karen is saying “I like you,” to Carla!?! And they decide to be friends? What the hell? I know I didn’t fall asleep and miss anything so why the turn around? If it’s in the editing I need to see what the hell they cut out asap!  If you ask me, Carla the REAL reason that Karen and Drita couldn’t work out their differences. Instead to trying to calm Drita, Carla always steamed her up about Karen, throughout season one. They all watched season one, so how is it I am the only one to see that Carla is no one’s friend? She’s not Renee’s friend, she’s not Ramona’s friend, she sure as hell ain’t Karen’s friend, and I would bet she would throw Drita under a bus in a minute to save herself. Nope I am not buying this “make-up” session for a second!

Karen adds that she respects Carla’s loyalty to Drita.  Well we will see just how long that loyalty lasts. 

What did you think of the episode? Do you agree or disagree with my comments? It’s good to get different perspectives! Please follow me on Twitter @ ChiaraSoprano1 for the latest info as soon as we know it!

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Mob Wives: Ramona Rizzo "Likes It Real" Interview

Ramona Rizzo enjoying life!
As most of us know there are two new Mob Wives.  We have a new lovable fan favorite Angela Raiola a.k.a. Bigg Ang.  Then we have Ramona Rizzo who has the Mob Wives fans seemingly split down the middle.  Whether they love Ramona or hate her for having Karen's back, it makes little difference.  The most important fact is they are bumping their gums about her.  Their fingers seem to be working overtime typing about Ms. Rizzo.  It made perfect sense for me to start typing about the Italian/Spanish beauty of Mob Wives season 2.  What better way to type about the feisty woman who told her friend, "Stop being nice!" than an interview?

The interview begins.

Hello Ramona how is your day going?
So far so good for the most part, I have a sick kid and one playing like they're sick.  You're a mother, you know how it is!

I laugh.  I understand.  We know you've been friends for years with Jennifer Graziano & Karen Gravano.  When & how did you exactly meet your best friends forever?
Debbie Gravano and my mom were pregnant at the same time. Karen and I have been close friends since we were 5 or 6 years old.  Sammy was known for throwing the greatest 4th of July parties.  My family always went.  I met Jennifer when we were about 12 or 13. Her father and my grandfather were lifelong friends.  We've spent countless holidays with the Grazianos.  Our families even vacationed together.  There was play dates with both girls.  We've grown up together Sweet 16s, proms, malls and weekends together.

Recently there has been a lot of eBeef amongst the Mob Wives.  Drita D'avanzo allegedly claimed in an interview that you returned to the states to weasel your way onto the show.  When did you return to the states?
I returned (to live permanently) around 3 1/2 years ago .  I was in a situation I didn't want to be in for about 2 years before my return.  My return had nothing to do with Mob Wives.  I don't need to weasel my way into anything.

Why did you return?
I loved living in the Middle East.  I have wonderful family & friends there.  Ultimately, I missed home.  I'm American and I wanted to live an American lifestyle.  I wanted to be where I'd have the support of family & friends.

Jennifer Graziano, Ramona Rizzo, Karen Gravano & Renee Graziano.
Why do you think Drita D'avanzo also allegedly made claims that you aren't really friends with Jennifer & Karen?
When I move to a different state or country my friendships don't end.  The problem with Drita is she feels the need to try to discredit others in an attempt to justify her actions or television persona.  Jennifer, Karen and I became mothers.  Two of us moved, did we see & talk to one another all of the time? No.  We were grown women living our lives.  We did keep in touch sporadically.  My sister threw make up parties and I'd talk to Jennifer on the phone.  We'd communicate on Facebook.  There was no falling out between us.  We've always been friends and always will be; in spite the efforts of some individuals.

Interesting to say at the very least, did you have an opportunity to be part of Mob Wives season 1?
Yes I did.  I considered it.

Why didn't you go for it?
I had personal issues that weren't resolved at the time. 

We hear you are a mother of four!  Tell The Mob Wives Blogspot about your kids!
Well I have 1 boy and 3 girls.  They are all my pride & joy.  They have really good hearts.  Through all our ups and downs, my kids have the ability to adapt well in various situations.  They know that they're my priority and I'll do everything in my power to protect & provide for them.

Have you or your children experienced prejudice from individuals within the lifestyle?
Oh yes, my kids have come home asking me, "Mommy what's a sand n______?" Racial (ethnic) slurs are commonly used in our community.  Whether it's directed towards an Irish, African American or Asian guy.  When I decided to marry my kids' father, a lot of people were upset that I wasn't marrying my own kind.  For me, my own kind are people I care about & love.  It doesn't have anything to do with their ethnicity, religion or race.  At the time I loved their father, he was my own kind.

Our site has received a lot of racially bigoted comments.  My sources have claimed that a couple of Mob Wives are prejudice.
I don't feel comfortable commenting.

My sources also have nothing but great thing to say about your mother.  Tell me about her.
You are known for having excellent sources.  My mother is a dedicated mother.  She will do whatever she has to for us.  She has always been there for us no matter the storm.  She's loving and extremely supportive.

We are aware you don't speak to your father.  What happened between the two of you?
My marriage, he disapproved of my choice.  He wanted me to marry F.B.I.!

My jaw drops. He wanted you to marry F.B.I.?
Yeah, full blooded Italian! I laugh.  She continues.  My father was right, I should've never married him.  He wasn't the right person for me.  It had nothing to do with his ethnicity & everything to do we his character.

Benjamin 'Lefty' Ruggiero holding his little princess Ramona.
We hear you were a granddaddy's girl.  Tell us about Lefty.
I was the first grandchild.  Pops spoiled me to the tenth degree.  I was his doll on display.  He always put a smile on my face.  He was nothing like the movie (Donnie Brasco) portrayed him.  He was full of life & a sharp dresser.

What's your fondest childhood memory?
You remember the Cabbage Patch Doll craze?

Well those dolls were sold out everywhere.  My sister, cousin and I wanted those Cabbage Patch Dolls.  He was incarcerated during the time.  He knew what his babies wanted.  And even though he was going through a lot he made sure he put a smile on our faces.  One day we get a big brown box from Pops.  Inside there were 3 Cabbage Patch Dolls for each of us.  He always put family first.

That's a sweet story!  Speaking of sweet what's your favorite ice cream?
Rocky Road, I'm nuts about chocolate.  It has marshmellows bringing in a bit of vanilla.  And the nuts gives you another texture.  You have the perfect mixture of smooth, soft and crunchy.  Baskin Robbins has the best Rocky Road.

What's your favorite color?

Purple can reflect a variety of moods.  It has a wide range.  Lavender is calm.  Bright purples represent happy.  Deeper purple with a hint of red can represent darker moods.  And I love the way I look when I wear purple.

The Mob Wives vewers seem to be split down the middle on their interpretation of you.  Some think you are a troublemaker.  How does it make you feel?
Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  It's not my job or responsibility to convince others to like or understand me.  I don't wake up thinking, "How can I make people like me?"  I wake up thinking about my kids.  They get to see an edited version of each of us.  They like what they see or they don't. 

Well others think you are beautiful & loyal.
It's always nice to receive positive energy.  I'm flattered by the compliments.  And I pride myself on being loyal.

How do you feel when individuals refer to Mob Wives as a disgrace?
Whether you like it or not, millions are tuning in.  Their opinions are just that their opinions.  Once again they're entitled to their opinions.  If I don't like a show, I simply don't watch it.

I'd really like to clear some issues up.  What was your intent in stepping up to Drita & Karen during their conversation during episode two?
We're not doing this here!  I know both women.  I was watching their body language.  Their expressions and voices were changing.  It was getting heated.  I knew where it was going.  My intent was to stop it from turning into a physical altercation.  There was kids there.  It was Renee's belated birthday party and the celebration of her life!  It was not the time nor place for Karen & Drita to have the discussion.  It definitely wasn't the place to fight.  We don't get paid extra to fight when the cameras are rolling.  So why do this and come off as animals?  We are all mothers.  I stand by my decision on trying to intervene.  Unfortunately Drita started swinging.
Drita D'avanzo & Ramona Rizzo over 2 years ago.

On the subject of kids for the last several days Drita D'avanzo has been tweeting that you talked about her kids.
Drita is a liar.  I've never talked about her kids.  Aleeyah & Giselle are beautiful, bright and delightful kids.  I am a mother first and would never talk about the children negatively.  Why don't you ask her about why she's now claiming not to really know me?

Drita and I aren't on talking or tweeting terms.  I laugh.  Does she know you?
Yes, she does.  As a matter of fact I took her daughter to see one of the Twilight movies.  I believe it was New Moon.  We had a great time.  Drita even showed up.  How is it that she doesn't know me?  And who sends their kids off in the care of people they don't know?
Drita says, writes and tweets anything that she thinks is going to make herself save face, look good or outshine others.

Back to the allegations of you talking about her kids; did you?
No. I have no reason to talk about her kids unless it's positive.  They're wonderful kids.

Where are the accusations coming from?
I did an interview with Hollywood Life.  The interviewer accurately quoted me.  I said that I think Drita coaches her children for the cameras in an attempt to garner the audience's sympathy.  My comment is directed to a grown woman and the lengths she'll go to.

Can you give me an example?
I can give you more that one.  Season 1 Aleeyah asks her about rats.  Drita then explains Lee is in jail due to rats.  One, Lee is in jail because he committed crimes.  If my kids ask about rats, I'm thinking four legs and a tail.  More importantly, "Did you see one and where?"  I think it was an attempt to dig at Karen's situation with her father Sammy.  This season Aleeyah asks Drita was she in a fight.  The scene was filmed sometime later after the fight.  Wouldn't a child ask their mother when she comes home with a black eye?  A kid is going to wait a week later when the injury is healing?  It doesn't make sense to me.  Again Aleeyah is an awesome kid.  Giselle is a great kid.  Our kids have played together.  I don't have one bad word to say about the D'avanzo girls.  My comments and opinions are directed to their mother who is a grown ass woman.  It's my opinion that Drita uses her kids when it comes to her filming scenes.  I'm entitled to my opinion.  Now another site went after Karina a 12 year old child.  It's sad someone felt my opinion gave them the green light to lie on a child. I think minor children should be off limits as far as the negativity.

Sidebar: Drita tweeted that the blogger was a good person & didn't mean any harm.  She later deleted her tweet defending the blogger. 

It's getting hot in here or I'm having hot flashes.  VH1 posted a sneak peek of episode 3, you go to jail!  What was it like?
Cold, I had to borrow someone's jacket.  I had a summer dress on.  I wasn't bored.  My boyfriend was a couple of cells down from me.

Did you pose for a mug shot?
Yeah, 2 sets and 2 sets of fingerprints, I was in there for 13 hours.  I was never charged with anything.

Lee D'avanzo puts a garter on a blushing Ramona.
Let me go back for a minute, do you know Lee D'avanzo?
Yeah, I do.  I grew up with Lee.

Is he a mobster?
No. He is not by any means. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Okay that's a definite no if I ever heard one.  What's your favorite scene from Mob Wives season 1?
She laughs.  When Renee says no with her fingers to Carla.  Renee is a character.  Her facial expressions are the best.  You have to love Renee, that scene made me laugh!

What's your least favorite scene?
When Drita threw the candle at Karen on the rooftop.  Oh let me address another situation. Drita in an interview claims Karen and I jumped a friend of Carla's.  Let me tell you now, I've never jumped her.  I challenge Drita to get the victim to come forward.  It never happened.  Drita once again is telling lies to pad her agenda.

Let's lighten this up, I love your style & look.  Who does your hair & make up?
Right now, a hair stylist named Ashley does my hair.  She's really good.  I like her work.  Several people have done my make up.  My sister Roxanne has done it and my good friend Love Majewski has too.

The Riz getting her Hookah on!
Oh my God, I almost forgot to ask you.  What the heck is hookah?
It's a pipe with water and flavored tobacco.  I don't smoke cigarettes or weed.  I do enjoy hookah.  It's a social thing in the Middle East.  Sometimes there is even fresh fruit on top!

Can you give me any inside information about Mob Wives season 2?
It's the craziest.  It's pensive.  It's definitely more competitive.  And depending on editing it could turn out to be the most accurate one.

Alright, one last question which site is your favorite Mob Wives related site to read?
I only know one site and it's yours.  I like real things & people.  You and Chiara are real.  Your site is real.  I don't like imitations or imitators.

Awwwwww, thank you for that answer!  I love it.  But there are some other good sites out there. 
Yes there are others.  Your site truly has focused on Mob Wives from day one.  You & Chiara write the truth or your opinion.  A lot of people appreciate that, no disrespect to any other site.

The interview ends.

Well Ramona Rizzo sure has great taste in blogs!  I am laughing hard as I type.  Seriously whether Ramona likes our site or not, I like her.  I like the way she has Karen's back.  I respect it so very much.  I'll share something else.  Though Carla Facciolo got in a tizzy & started bashing our site.  I equally respect how she has Drita's back.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander.  I just don't always particularly like certain geese.  Whatever your opinion of Ramona a.k.a. The Riz, she not worried about it.  She's back home in America; taking care of four kids, cast in one of the hottest reality shows and enjoying success with a couple of her dearest friends.  It's good to know that I'm not the only one who believes friendships remain intact when one moves.  Ms. Rizzo is a feisty character to watch this season.  I don't know about you.  But I am tuning in every Sunday @ 8PM to watch Mob Wives on VH1.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee Talks With Anderson Cooper!

Renee was on Anderson Cooper talking about her plastic surgery, and more importantly, she was giving advice based on her own experience. Renee has a new doctor now, Dr. Fiorello. Her summer surgery, which she often calls a nightmare, was performed by Dr. Klapper. Renee says she in in litigation now over what occurred and will be having more surgery to correct the scar tissue left behind. Her advice to anyone considering plastic surgery is, "Don't waste your money, go to the gym." 

Renee's advice can be summed up as, “Go to the gym, exercise, eat right, and just know what — Just really consciously and mentally know what you’re doing.”  Basically, Renee advises to do it the right way and have patience and take your time. She was looking for instant gratification and it almost cost her her life.

Check out the short video below. Renee does look terrific, but the pictures and video don't show the physical, emotional and mental scars she has post surgery.

Picture and Video Credit: Anderson Cooper

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mob Wives: Queen Latifah & Wendy Williams

This is going to be a short and sweet blog. Just look at the picture above. Queen Latifah and Wendy Williams are playing Renee Graziano and Drita D'Avanzo in a little skit for Wendy's show. I posted the video below because it is a must see! I love all things Mob Wives and I'm sure, if you are reading our blog, you do too. So take a look and leave a comment. I am still laughing at this hysterical clip and can't see past my tears to type! Just in time for our lunch crowd. Enjoy!

Picture and Video Credit: Wendy Williams Show

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mob Wives: "Blog Wives," My New Show?

How about a new reality show about the real wives that blog about the reality wives, or more specifically, the Mob Wives? I like the idea and it’s been running around in my head, so I thought I would write a little skit how it might go down. (Jennifer Graziano, are you reading?)

We need a cast of characters for the show. Four is all I can handle by myself! Let’s see, we’ll have a Gina, Maria, Sophia, and Rosa, all bloggers but from two different blog sites. Sometimes they get along and share information, sometimes they don’t, because after all they are rivals in competition for readers and try to out scoop one another.

Gina and Maria write for the, while Sophia and Rosa write for They have never met before and conduct all their business via blog comments, twitter and email. However, Jennifer Graziano has just announced there will be a Mobsters Ball at the Biltmore Hotel, in Manhattan, and the four women have decided to attend. The day of the Ball arrives and all four bloggers meet in the hotel lobby, at the bar. They have all ordered drinks.

Gina: (going up to Sophia and Rosa) You must be Sophia and Rosa from Chi-town? I’m Gina.

Sophia: (laughing) I’m Sophia and this is Rosa, nice to meet you. How did you know it was us?  Did our fu*king laptops give us away?

Gina: Yeah, the laptops and the fact you looked just how I pictured you. This is my partner, Maria.

Rosa: Nice to meet you Maria! You’re the one with all the sources, right? (laughing).

Maria: I have a few reliable sources that are only too happy to share information. How about you? Has anyone contacted your blog to give you the dirt on anyone yet?

Rosa: I’d be lying if I said no. The Omerta code of silence is definitely dead and buried. Have you checked-in yet? I was thinking we could go to dinner tonight and get to know each other a little better before tomorrow night’s party?

Gina: Sounds like a good idea to me. Any place special you‘d like to go? Actually, the hotel restaurant is excellent, but if you want to see a little of Manhattan while you are here, I can recommend another four star restaurant.

Sophia: The hotel restaurant sounds fine to me. If we get done early we can always have a little talk. Maybe we can resolve some of our differences while we are here, you know, Mob Wives style? Have a little sit down and put it all out on the table. What do you think?  Things have been getting out of hand.

Maria: It sounds like a good idea to me. I don’t have time to answer all the fu*king emails, comments and tweets and write blogs too.

Sophia: What? And we do? Just because our blog is a little younger than yours doesn’t mean we have less to write, we actually have more to write and research.

Gina: You can’t say you have more to write than we do! Let’s keep it real, okay? We are covering both shows and that means ten or more cast members. Hardly anyone will come to your blog just to read about the NY Mob Wives, we’ve covered them for two fu*king seasons! We have a loyal following.

Rosa: Wait a minute! We have had a lot of hits on our NY Mob Wives blogs. People are reading them and commenting plenty!

Maria: Hey b!tch, we have over two million fu*king hits already! I don’t see a fu*king counter on your blog, so who the hell knows how many hits you have or don’t have. And, we are getting almost double the hits since Mob Wives Chicago started! You can see our counter going crazy with your own eyes.

Sophia: So it’s all about the fu*king counter now? How do we know that isn’t the two of you and all your friends clicking on your own blogs to drive up the numbers, b!tches?

Gina: B!tch we keep it real, that’s how you know! We don’t make up facts for our blogs, they are dumped in our laps by people who know the cast.  And we sure as hell don’t have time or need to click on our blogs a million times to prove anything. Our blog speaks for it’s fu*king self.

Rosa: Do you know how many times I have wanted to leave my laptop and fly to Chicago to confront you about something you said in email, Gina?

Gina: If you want to come to my house, you’ll get an old laptop upside your head, so you’re more than welcome!

Sophia: Are you kidding me? You want to play Mafia Wars here and now? I win B!tch!

Maria: You win? (evil laugh) You are new to Mafia Wars, we got everything in place to take you down B!tch. You won’t know what hit you and I won’t have to take my shoes off either!

Sophia flings her drink in Maria’s face. Gina grabs Sophia’s hair. Rosa is trying to pull Gina off Sophia. Maria punches Rosa in the eye. Hotel security comes over immediately, but not before Rosa’s eye swells up and Sophia’s mouth is bloodied.

They are all talking and yelling at once. “She started it!” complete with finger pointing, are coming from all four women. They continue yelling, even while restrained by security.

Maria: I’m gonna blog this as fast as I can type, b!tch! You got some balls throwing your fu*king drink in my face! You’re lucky you got one good eye left!

Sophia: Your fu*king b!tch partner pulled out my hair!

Rosa: I can’t see out of my eye motherfu*ker! I’m blind! I’m blind! How am I going to go to the fu*king Mobster’s Ball tomorrow? I’m blind!

Gina: Shut the fu*k up b!tch, Sophia started it and we finished it! Stop whining about your eye already or I’ll shut the other one for you. Jennifer has seen plenty of them. You seen one black eye you seen them all. Somebody get her some ice and shut her mouth!

Rosa: I wish we were in Chicago instead of New York right now! I’ll bet you wouldn’t act so tough then!

Maria: Looks like we’ll be able to see the whole fight on video. Jennifer’s cameramen filmed the whole thing! Great! You b!tches are making us look bad! I’m done!

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