Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano's Quick Update

It’s been a while since I last spoke to Renee, but she told me she wanted to give fans an update on what is going on. I called her and asked a few brief questions about what might be on your minds and mine. I always love talking to Renee, she is down to earth and always makes time for us.

Hi Renee, how are you feeling?  
Much better thank you.

I’m very glad to hear it, I wanted to give you a couple of days to get over the flu before calling and I just have a couple of questions.  Ok, that’s fine.

We haven’t seen much of AJ this season and he has a large fan base and the sixth most popular blog out of about 500 on the site. We’d like to know if we are going to see more of him in upcoming shows.
You will definitely be seeing more of AJ in future shows. We are still filming so I can’t say which episodes right now.

You know I love AJ and I can’t believe he kick doors and broke a lamp. 
I know. AJ has been under a lot of stress, he has a lot of difficult sitautions to deal with and it’s affecting him.

Do you know when Jail Mail will be up and running? There has been a lot of interest in it.
We are finalizing some paperwork and we need to find the proper place that will be able to expedite sending out the cards. It’s taking longer than we thought because we want to make sure the company we choose will be able to handle the large volume of cards ordered. I expect it to be up and running in the next few months.

I love your new website. It’s so professional. The T-Shirts are hilarious. Can you tell us what else you will be adding to the store?
I will be adding Mob Candy, which is my new jewelry line, coming soon. I am going to have a shoe line, also coming soon. And we are working on a new perfume and some makeup products to add in the future.

Renee's Official website:

You mention on your website that you want to be on SNL and have two characters that you do, that you have entertained family with for years. Can you tell us the names of the characters and a brief description?
One of the characters I do is named Ricotta Finotta. I would do her on Easter and Christmas for my family. She is an old lady, the old Italian aunt that no one wants to kiss and hug. I would dress up in a big black dress and veil and glue a hair to my chin,  just like the little old Italian ladies have. The other character is a secret, for now. I really hope of get on SNL, it’s always been a dream of mine.

 (Renee has a sudden impulse to tell me about crumbs)

You know what amazed me? The reaction that people had to the crumb scene on last week’s episode. 
Yes, I thought it was very funny, the extreme reaction reminded me of me with PMS.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the show because I wasn’t feeling well, but I watched the crumb scene. A lot of people related to it and I got so many texts from women about that scene. It was very unexpected.

I hope someone does a parody of it. I do too, I love parodies. So do I.

Ok Renee, now I have to ask you something that has been bothering me. When you met with Carla and wrote her your heartfelt letter, some of us think you gave her an easy pass. She did two big things  to hurt you that were each enough to end a friendship over: not believing you about the boyfriend and not calling or coming to see you in the hospital.

I can explain that. Sometimes you have to look at the larger picture. You know who your friends are and who they aren’t. I’m not the kind of person who holds grudges, it bothers me too much inside. For me personally, I have forgiveness for everyone. You can see how many times I forgave Junior. I just felt that she explained herself, and I just went ok.  After my surgery, my priorities changed. It was a life and death experience. Now I am all about family. I am saving my energy and my fight for them, that’s what’s important. I just wanted to get over it and move on because we had a long history as friends.  But, even though we resolved those issues, I can tell you that Carla and I don’t see eye to eye again shortly. You will be seeing that in an upcoming episode. I hate to say anything bad about anybody, but we all add something to the show.

That's funny you say that because I did a blog today comparing you all to spices and herbs, basically saying the same thing, you all add something to the recipe of Mob Wives.
Really? I'm going to have to read that when I get home.  I would say that Carla is like Cumin.                                
Oh, in the blog I said Carla was like oregano...
I f*ckin' hate oregano!
Me too. (And we both laugh and Renee gets called away)

Ok well I have another interview to do so I will talk to you next week and maybe we can arrange an interview with AJ too. 

Thank you Renee, it’s been great talking to you and take care of yourself.

I love Renee. She has been through so much and she still keeps her sense of humor and stays grounded through it all. She is always gracious and generous with her time, whether giving interviews, doing promotions, making appearances, and even tweeting her fans, as much as her time allows. That’s why I say, when you think Mob Wives, you think Renee Graziano!


TheOneTheyCallJoshyy said...

Loved this interview Chiara! Renee always seems to make me laugh!& i also fucking hate OREGANO!!!!! LOL

Chiara Soprano said...

This is the first time I ever added oregano to anything and was happy with it! LOL

Mob Mistress said...

"Really? I'm going to have to read that when I get home. I would say that Carla is like Cumin."
Oh, in the blog I said Carla was like oregano...

"I f*ckin' hate oregano!"

This is classic Renee... FUNNY! I do like cumin by the way. Thanks for interviewing Renee Chiara!

D. Rotta said...

Great interview, Chiara! I was curious about AJ and screen time, so thank you for asking! Have a great day! : )

Anonymous said...

LOVED the interview. LMAO @ "I hate f*cking oregano". haha!! Renee is my fav on the show! Can't wait to see what's coming up w/Carla!

Noshiz80 said...

You know, at first I was not a huge Renee fan. At least not towards the beginning of the first season. But, my opinion of her has definately changed. I absolutely love Renee! She has the perfect mix of honesty, explosiveness and humor that so many ppl like. I think the interview is great!