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Mob Wives: Recap: “New Year. New War.” Ep 201

 Next week balcony fight!

The premiere episode of season 2 begins with Renee’s arrival at Dr. Klapper’s office for her full body makeover. Her son AJ arrives with her.  It just so happens, that before Renee left her house for surgery and while on her way to the office, she was on the phone with me. I was interviewing her for the blog. It was Monday, June 27th, and the date is etched in my mind because I had just met Renee in person at Sugar’s, a couple of days before. I couldn’t believe she was taking the time to talk to me, literally right before surgery. I didn’t have a good feel about the surgery, I wish she had changed her mind.

As the show starts, Renee says that her makeover involved getting a flat stomach and a nice ass. It entails cutting all around the body, removing the fat, injecting it in your ass and sewing it all up. Renee gets on the operating table and says she has a bad feeling about the surgery, but felt she was too much into it to back out of it. All the while Renee is being operated on, AJ is in the waiting room. I love AJ.

At Carla’s house, Drita arrives for a drink and some sun. They toast to new beginnings. Drita says she is done with Lee. She wants to start a new chapter in her life. She tells Carla that Lee denies everything, he doesn’t respect her enough to tell her the truth. As they chat by the pool, Carla says that she doesn’t think it’s worth it to get aggravated over the women their husband’s cheat with. Somehow that doesn’t ring true with me. What woman in her right mind is not going to get pissed at the woman who is sleeping with her husband, Carla included. In any case, Carla says she is focusing on herself and being single. She broke up with her “Handy” man boyfriend and not a minute too soon, if you ask me. Mother’s should be careful about the men they bring into their children’s lives, that’s all I’m saying.

Back at Dr. Klapper’s office, Renee looks terrible. She is in a lot of pain, “so much agony” and the drugs aren’t working. AJ comes in to see how she is and she sends him away. The doctor gives her more pain medication, but Renee is uncomfortable. She explains that she can’t see anything, she can only hear voices. She feels the blood leaving her body and she can hear panicked voices and feels the commotion going on in the room. She has ripped the stitches in her back and has to be rushed to the emergency room. Renee says that she lost so much blood she almost died. Now I know why I had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I heard she was having this damn surgery.

At Karen’s house, we learn that Karen has been calling Renee and is worried that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her since the surgery. Renee finally answers Karen’s call and she sounds terrible. She tells Karen that she needed a blood transfusion. She almost died from the loss of blood from ripping her stitches open. Karen is not very happy to hear all that Renee went through.

Renee is at home after spending 16 days in the hospital. The recovery took a very long time. Renee says she had to stay home all day, she is lonely and wants company. She is in pain and she calls for AJ; she gives him a hug. The surgery showed her who her friends are. Drita and Karen called her about her surgery. Carla sent one text the day of the surgery, no calls, no visit. Renee is pissed at Carla. Who wouldn’t be pissed? That is really unforgivable.

Carla meets a friend for lunch. She tells her friend that Renee had a “little complication” from her surgery. Excuse me? Did she say Renee‘s near death experience was  a “little complication?”  No she di-ent! Talk about being insensitive and heartless. Then Carla says she sent Renee a “text” the day of her surgery that said, “can’t wait to see your new ass” and Renee didn’t answer. Well, if Renee was being operated on and almost died, maybe she wasn’t able to “text?” And, Carla adds, no one told her how bad Renee was doing or “she probably would have called her.”  Probably Carla? You probably would have called her? In my opinion, when a close friend of 25 years goes for surgery, you make it YOUR business to call and see how they are doing. This isn’t rocket science! It’s not the sick person’s job to call and let everyone know how they are doing. Where is your compassion?  And finally, Carla let’s her friend know that she and Joe are getting closer every day, whatever that means. I’ll leave it to Mob Mistress to decipher that one.

Back at Renee’s house, Karen comes to pay her a visit. Karen is checking on her and going to try to cheer her up. Renee tells her about her “plastic surgery nightmare” where her back split open. Renee shows Karen the picture of her back. Karen was visibly upset to look at it and it was as though she immediately understood what Renee had gone through. It was obvious that Karen was genuinely concerned for Renee and it seemed to me that Karen was fighting back tears so as not to get Renee upset. Renee says she is even more insecure about her body. She says she went in beautiful and came out ugly. She shows Karen the eight bottles of pills she has to take every day. Renee explains that she has suffered from depression for 20 years, but the surgery has brought her to her lowest point. Then, Renee says, she should have gone to the gym, “it was just a lousy 35 pounds” that she needed to lose. It was a big mistake.

Drita goes for boxing lessons because of all the stress in her life, finding out about Lee’s cheating and her rooftop rumble with Karen. Drita says she is taking it from the rooftop to the ring. She is turning over a new leaf. Drita learns some boxing techniques. She admits to having a bad temper and hitting the bag makes her feel better. Boxing is supposed to help her stop wanting to hit people. She says she wants to mend fences with Karen.

Karen and Ramona, “the cousins,” meet at a steakhouse. Karen reads Drita’s text to Ramona. After the rooftop rumble, they say that Drita told everyone she split Karen’s head open and put her in the hospital, which was a lie. Karen is angry about that and feels these text messages are phony. Ramona calls it “flip floppin’” and doesn’t like it. Karen actually feels like she wants to hurt Drita now. Karen is tired of Drita’s stories, “the gloves are off B!tch!” Not only is Karen riled up, but now so is Ramona!

Renee has a new therapist! Good for you Renee, I didn’t care for the other one. She sees him to discuss her horrible surgery because it sent her into a deep depression. She shows the therapist the hole in her back. She tells him she has a 360 degree scar, no ass, and suffered from a horrible infection. He asks why she felt she needed the surgery and she tells him that she got it done because she didn’t feel pretty. She mentions the argument she had with Carla over her boyfriend and that Carla didn’t believe her. Then she tells him that Carla never came to see her at the hospital. The therapist says there is no way anyone could let that slide, agreeing that Renee‘s anger is justified. However, he suggests to Renee that she avoid Carla for now, she is too angry to handle it well. Renee agrees and decides to wait before confronting her about it. Can’t wait to see that scene!

At Renee’s house, Renee calls to talk to Drita to invite her to her birthday party/ celebration of life party. She mentions that she will not be inviting Carla. She tells Drita she is hurt because Carla never called her after the surgery. Drita says she asked Carla if she ever called Renee, so it was discussed. Drita says she wants to talk to Karen anyway. Renee tells Drita to stay away from Karen at the party. Drita agrees.

Carla and Drita meet again. Drita tells her she has something to say that she isn’t going to like. Drita says that Renee is having a party and isn’t inviting Carla. She explains why; it’s because Carla never called or visited Renee during her botched surgery, near death experience. In the confessional scene Carla says she is glad she isn’t being invited to the party, but while she is talking to Drita she sounds very pissed off.  Carla seems to feel that Renee should have responded to her text message or called her if she had an issue with her. Carla claims she didn’t know about Renee’s surgery complications. Renee has been nasty to her since they had the fight about the boyfriend. Drita tells her that’s because “you called her a liar” about the boyfriend.  Drita gets it, why doesn’t Carla? This conversation shows why Carla never called Renee. Carla could not put the boyfriend argument aside long enough to focus on Renee’s health. Regardless of their issues, it was Carla’s place to call and find out how Renee was doing. She didn’t need to be told about complications by a third party before picking up the damn phone.

Everyone is getting ready for the party at their own houses! Renee is excited, she wants a drama free night and doesn’t want Drita and Karen to fight and ruin it. Karen and Ramona are getting dressed and Karen tells Ramona that Drita has been texting her and she calls it a “cop out!” Ramona says, “It’s disrespectful!” and loudly adds, “STOP being nice!!!” Drita is getting ready too, and all she is thinking is that she is going for Renee.


Drita just wants to go in, have a drink with Renee and leave. But Renee isn’t there yet and in walk Karen and Ramona. Drita is uncomfortable. Ramona doesn’t like Drita since that rooftop rumble because of what she did to Karen. Drita doesn’t like Ramona either. If I was Drita I’d be uncomfortable too.

Renee calling "all her girls" to get Drita and Karen together!

Renee makes a grand entrance! The party is about friendship. Everyone welcomes Renee. Renee says Junior has the biggest smile and has been extremely loyal. He was there for her during the whole surgery fiasco.  During the party, Renee sees Drita and Karen on opposite sides of the room. She takes the microphone and calls out their names to bring them together. Drita and Karen do not understand why Renee is calling attention to the fact that they are having problems, by trying to bring them together. Didn’t Renee tell Drita to stay away from Karen at the party when she invited her?  I’m confused. Did Renee forget what she said or what? She had to know it was not going to end well because when she sees them all headed for the balcony, she says one of them is going over. And, before that, they were all doing such a good job of avoiding each other too!

A nervous Drita talks to Big Ang on balcony

Anyway, in comes Big Ang, the second new mob wife, and she goes out to the balcony to check on Drita. Drita tells her she wants to get along with Karen. Big Ang tells her they have to talk it out and move on. Drita says she wants to talk to Karen. Big Ang goes over to Karen’s table and asks her to talk to Drita. Ramona and Karen had already decided that the party was not the place to have this conversation, but they get up and go to the balcony...together. That’s the end…for NOW.  

Coming attractions show that not much conversation seems to takes place. Instead tempers soon take over and a fight is going to break out right there on the balcony. We’ll have to wait till next week to see what happens. But just between you and me, this looks like it is going to be a lot more than a rumble!

My extra two cents: The premiere episode of season two exceeded my expectations! I loved it. Jennifer Graziano, kudos to you and your brilliant mind! I enjoyed the newest additions to the cast, Ramona and Big Ang. Ramona is feisty and will not put up with any BS. It’s easy to see why she and Karen are so close. Big Ang is a “peacemaker,” but considering her role in getting Karen and Drita together at the party I have to wonder how long she will keep that title.

As for Dr. Klapper, I think a lawsuit is in order for either malpractice at the minimum or gross negligence. I’m not a doctor, but there is no way such extensive surgery should have been done in an office and not a hospital. Too many things went wrong. I hope Renee has a good lawyer, that’s all I’m saying.

Carla needs to learn a lesson in friendship, human compassion, and plain old etiquette! How does a person know that a friend is going for surgery and not call to see how it went or how they are doing? Seriously? It’s true they were at odds over the boyfriend, but real friends put their differences aside when health issues arise. She allowed the “Handy” man to come between a 25 year friendship?  Carla vigorously defended him last season. The guy was so great that she called Renee a liar and then quietly broke up with him. The fact is, any way you slice this pie, Carla was wrong not to call Renee. A lousy “text,” the day of surgery, is really insulting. 

Karen, Ramona and Big Ang strolling out to the balcony!

My last observation may be controversial, but I can’t help the way I feel. After watching the show three (3) times, I didn’t change my mind. Maybe next week I will. But, I think that, to a certain extent, Drita was set up last night at the party. Drita did some talking about trying to change, change is hard. Drita herself admitted in her interview with DJ Toro, that she did not see the change she hoped for, in herself. Drita also said she wanted to make peace with Karen. She looked very nervous at the party and was trying to avoid Karen. To me she appeared scared and anxious. She makes a comment she is going in there “alone” as though she senses she will need backup. Renee and Drita agree, before the party, that she should stay away from Karen. Drita keeps her end of the deal until Renee takes the microphone and orders them all to come together. Why? On the balcony, Drita seems very uneasy and worried. Big Ang tries to comfort her, but then suggests that she talk to Karen right there at the party and “set things straight.” Ramona and Karen seem surprised that Big Ang wants Karen to speak to Drita. Even the “cousins” had agreed that was not the time or the place for the conversation. Nevertheless, they both get up and head to the balcony.  Renee sees them and thinks one of them will go over (the balcony). She knows this means trouble. When they get out there it appears to me that Karen, still angry from the events of the rumble, confronts Drita and Drita is taken by surprise. She was expecting a conciliatory talk, instead it’s an aggressive confrontation. Of course the episode ends on this note, so I will have to reserve judgment as to how it plays out when I see the whole scene, instead of bits and pieces. I get the feeling that episode two is NOT to be missed.

What is your take on the premiere episode? Did you love it, hate it? What about the new cast members, Ramona and Big Ang? We have a lot to talk about! Feel free to tell us what you think. We need to know.

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with u, i feel that drita was set up! first off, renee shouldnt have done what she did. also, why did ramona even go out there? it wasnt her battle. i felt so bad for drita, lets face it she could of not gone but she wanted to be there for renee. whats with karen, looks like this season she wants to handle everything with a fight. does she think that will make her more interesting and sell more books? lets face it, people could care less about her or her father.

Anonymous said...

Last night's show was intersting to say the least. First, Renee's plastic surgery was a bad move. I am not sure what Renee was thinking but she has now become my motivation for hitting the gym.. instant beauty be damn! Personally I think Ramona was looking to start something from the beginning. Now it remains to be seen if Big Ang was apart of it. But Drita seemed to be able to handle things very well.

Now a question I have.. Is Drita as badass as she claims to be? If she isnt then she needs to silence some of her trash talking. Because it seems those ladies are going to keep coming until someone proves her wrong.

Just "Gisell" said...

I understand the frustration of karen of what Drita have said. I think this relationship can't be fix but should not escalade anymore. I believe Renee had the right to call her friends over for a pic it is her bday party. Drita should have went home after the hug to Renee like she planned.

Danielle B. said...

I wan’t the reason of Big Ang, the bod of Renee, the words of Drita and the passion of Karen. The other two... they possess nothing of interest for me. Maybe I haven’t giving Ramona the benefit of the doubt but she seems like a sh!t stirrer. Granted it’s only the first episode but she definitely doesn’t want Karen reconciling anything with Drita. Jealous much? Anyways… glad Renee pulled out of her debacle with the surgery and that crazy Dr. Drita might have her moments of weakness but I won’t want to brawl with her on my best day. She might not be everyone’s fav but she’s mine. I love how she owns up to her weaknesses and admits her faults. I don’t think she was scared at the party but more like cautious. She didn’t want to cause a scene at Renee’s party but with everyone else putting their hands in the cookie jar… something is bound to happen. Karen and Drita need to sit their happy a$$es down and talk this out ALONE and face to face.
Can’t wait for next week! Hope my nerves last.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the site!

Mob Mistress said...

The only set up is Drita's mouth and inclination to fight when people are about to expose her.

Great recap Chiara!

Deana3452 said...

What is everyone's opinion on why Drita looked genuinely confused when Karen and Ramona went out there and it started getting heated? Drita said, "WTF is going on here?" like she felt ambushed.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Mob Mistress, glad you enjoyed it. I probably should refrain from commenting on snippets and wait till I see the entire scene.

Mob Mistress said...

I believe Drita expects things to go her way. She comes across as an individual who says & does what she wants. But when others do the same she's a wounded animal & strikes.

Both times she went to fight Karen or someone else was about to expose the truth. She resorted to fighting to keep the truth from being aired on national television.

Chiara Soprano said...

There's not a doubt in my mind that Karen deals only with the truth, she has nothing to hide. The details of her life have been exposed in her new book and her father's. If Drita can't handle the truth, she should avoid Karen.

Deana3452 said...

Mob Mistress isn't going to like me, but I am usually Drita's fan (lol) However, I am willing to keep an open mind especially since today Ramona keeps tweeting remarks that makes me think we definitely don't know the whole story.

Anonymous said...

First, I couldn't get past Drita's wonky tit job.. it was really distracting. Secondly, I had tears in my eyes watching Renee's ordeal. If the surgeon hasn't been dismembered into little pieces already lol then I pray to god she sues! Question, did he completely skip doing her ass?? If so, she should thank her lucky stars! Klapper isn't fit to cut cheese let alone someone's body! She said on twitter that he left her like that for 2 days before calling 911!! :( I also believe the part of the reason Renee was so set on this surgery is partly due to Carla not believing her about being groped... as if she wasn't attractive enough below the neck to grope. I commend Renee for speaking out about her depression. That is not something easy to admit. Botched cosmetic procedures will make one suicidal. I had a botched job and so I can relate to Renee on this very much so.

Carla is a non mutha f*ckin factor and needs to be off the show period. This conceited uppity self centered chick brings nothing to the table! Enough said.

Drita, Ramona and Karen, eh I'm not sure what I feel on this yet. Way too much to process right now. I love Karen though.

TheOneTheyCallJoshyy said...

Loved the first episode of MobWives Season2! iKnow im going to love Ramona & iHave to wait and see what Big Ang brings to the show. I feel so sad watching Renee go through the entire surgery and can remember our phone conversations when she was describing the horrible event! iAgree Chiara, Dr. Klapper needs to be "dealt" with. Cant wait to see the actual fight with Drita Karen & Ramona. Great recap of the episode Chiara!

Anonymous said...

WOW,have to see what happens on sunday. What can i say, this is Mob Wives season 2. theres still a lot we havent seen yet and i know there will be great scenes and some bad ones. Its great that all the Mob Wives put alot of the lives out there.Thank you, Mob Wives :)

Funlady28 said...

Loved the episode! The war between Karen and Drita is stupid. (Drita)Your friends exes are off limits, however (Karen) you can't expect anyone to respect your relationship if you don't by constantly cheating. The fact is this happened over decade ago. Time to move on! Ramona needs to take a seat. I understand having your girls back...but she still needs to be able to handle her business on her own. If Drita and Karen need to have a talk there is no reason why she would need Ramona to come hold her hand. This was Karen chance to prove how strong she says she is and confront Drita one on one and "square-up". But instead they both went outside to tag team her. As for Carla- you are a HORRIBLE friend! Regardless of any disagreements you may have had, Renee was really ill and all you sent was a text! Give me a break! I'm so glad that Renee made it through her surgery and she looked amazing at her party! Love Renee and Drita. Big Ang is definitely growing on me. Can't wait for the next episode!

Mob Mistress said...

Deana I don't have any issues with Drita fans! We all like who we like. Chiara likes Drita and I'm good with that. All I am writing is I don't have to like or get her.

Deana3452 said...

LOL! I appreciate that! I am, as of right now, a Drita fan, but I guess things can change, if things really do come out. I know you can't tell us how you know she's lying about Lee, but appreciate the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Carla tells drita not to get aggravated about the women who
cheated with her husband
YOU KNOW WHY CAUSE SHES ONE OF THOSE WOMAN WHO CHEAT WITH MEN THAT ARE MARRIED! Please people are you for real with these dirtbags.

Mob Mistress said...

We just watch the show and have good sources. Yes we are aware. We've blogged about it. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

Anonymous said...

Big Ang is more like big Anthony.

Rosey said...

Hi Chiara, love the recap but disagree about the teaming up on Drita. Renee asked her friends to come to the front to take pictures and share a toast. Nothing wrong with that. I agree Ramona and Big Ang should have just let Karen and Drita talk on the balcony.

Anonymous said...

I think Drita should learn to walk away didnt that trainer tell her she has unusually strong punch he said stronger then a man !!! if someone especially a woman sue her butt, that will be what she gets keep your grown woman/man hands in your pocket and off women with a normal woman punch she should have gone to jail then would it be worth it!! Being away from your children i don't think so!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog... Thanks for the recap.
my 2 cents on the ladies and the first episode(not that it matters lol)
First off I feel like I know these women...what I mean is... I grew up in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Boston...and sorry to say...but these types of chicks are a dime a dozen where I come from. But I love it! It's like watching the ladies from the old neighborhood lol Each one of these ladies reminds me of someone I know. It's great!
Renee reminds me of my auntie... she makes you laugh your ass off but also roll your eyes at...she's a drama queen in all the right ways. I love her! I hope she stays away from the plastic surgery stuff now.
Drita reminds me of my BFF groing up... it's a love/hate thing for me. I think she needs to calm down and be a better role model for her kids...fighting all the time is not classy...provoked or not. Self defense is a whole other story...but purposely getting into a boxing your 30's? it's just not's not right in your 20's.... it's very Junior High -ish behavior. just chillax and enjoy life....and admit you were wrong to Karen....She went after a man she knew karen would always have feelings for and she think it's no big deal?? Turn the tables would Drita feel.... I think she'd come out swinging...just sayin'
Karen.... lalalalove her! She keeps it real....speaks the truth and doesn't care what people think of her. I can totally relate to her. When you've been through hell and back.... you begin to have a better outlook on life and the truth is the only thing that can keep you positive. Sure sometimes it's hard to hear...but sometimes it's even harder to say. I think she needs to get over the Drita/ Lee thing. Obviously she is better off and Drita is reaping what she sews.
Carla... ICK! OMG did anyone else notice how Drita called Carla out when carla said, I didn't even know she was in the hospital or that it was that bad, nobody told me.....and Drita said... I told you....then paused and said...well I just told you. lmao... Carla knew...she just doesn't like Renee and doesn't care about her. Why can't she just admit it??? She needs to get a clue! She reminds me of the popular girl in school that only shines during high school...then people grow up and why did I ever want to be like her?
Ramona and Big Ang....jury is still out on them.

Christine said...

How abnormally strong could her punch be if she's 75lbs. soaking wet? The trainer is just saying that cuz she was flirting with him so he blew some smoke up her behind.I agree with the comment about her wonky boob job her left breast looks painful in that bikini! My girlfriend told me to watch wioth the sound off and see carla's body language. You should try it it's very interesting. I find carla so uninteresting that i ff through every time they cut to her. She tries so hard to pretend that she's a good girl that it's nauseating I relate more to karen,Renee and (from what im told) RamonaI don't know the ladies but they talk the talk and they walk the walk! I have NEVER known anyone Drita beat up ever! I'd like o ask Karen about all Drita's tough talk. I suspect that's all it is TALK! All of Staten Island & Brooklyn know that Carla is a husband stealing,easy woman (ever wonder how she met the handy man?) If Carla and Drita were more honest and showed the wild clubbing,drinking,pil popping and man stealing I would respect them both alot more. That's probably why Ramona is having a fit! She must know the truth

Anonymous said...

I was pretty anxious to watch Mob Wives this season. From the preview I couldn't wait, it looks like a lot of cat-fights. There was no way I was going to miss this fight, even if I was working late at DISH. I really wanted to see what went down. So on break I was able to stream the show right to my iPad using my Sling box. Thank goodness for TV everywhere, I can keep up with all my shows even if I am not at home. Needless to say I don’t feel sorry for Renee, she shouldn’t have took the easy way now look what happened. I can’t wait to see the next episode!

millie890 said...

lets be honest people,does anyone realize that whenever drita is called out she gets loud,and throws a punch? that totally distracts everyone from the truth.this is why on season 1 reunion,she cried,looked totally out of it,and was quiet.didnt want to talk much and made it like she was so .she cant stand the heat.i cant wait for season 2 reunion.and i hear she does anti-bullying charities.really???????????hope this isnt true.she invented bully.