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Carmela’s Food Blog: The Sear House in Closter, NJ

The Sear House

We've obviously recovered after the red meat scare back in the 90's. I think it went out when we learned that carbs are much worse for you and everyone jumped on protein diets. Since then Steak Houses have been making a comeback and becoming very popular. Really, how can anyone live without a good steak? My father dry-aged his steaks back in the 70's, he was before his time. He had no idea what the method was at that time. He purchased shells of beef, hung them and aged them in a walk-in that was just above freezing. To this day my brother and I argue over my dad’s method. When it was time for us to eat, we usually got the meat left on the ends, which was aged the longest, and had a very unique flavor. That’s when I learned to appreciate a good, aged steak. Due to the aging method, a lot of meat is lost during the process and these steaks end up being more costly. Most of the time these steaks are dry aged elsewhere.  But I'm learning a lot of restaurants are now aging them on the premises. Recently I have heard a lot about The Sear House in Closter, NJ. which is aging their own steaks. So I paid them a visit and wrote up my experience.

The Sear House
411 Piermont Road
Closter, New Jersey

First of all a little history about the two owners, Gino and Kenny, who are no strangers to the restaurant business. Gino's past experience includes owning The  Dolphin in NYC, The Giraffe and then Dimora's of NJ. He teamed up with Kenny, who worked at Coco Pazzo of NYC and Grisson's in Englewood, NJ. They have united to give us The Sear House. The decor and overall atmosphere shows there was big money splurged on this restaurant. The bar is made of onyx and is lit with lights that change color. The dining room is  ultra-modern with a crisp clean feel. There is a water spring in the dining room that gives off a Zen feeling.

The Bar

The Bar lit up

The waiter was knowledgeable of all the menu items and offered to help us in the decision making process. He kept a cool professional style. He was experienced, but did not hang around to shoot the breeze.

We ordered the house cabernet, which was his suggestion. It was William Hill priced at $11.00 a glass. It came in a beautiful tall stem glass and the pour was a good one. I enjoyed the wine so much so that I looked for it the next time I was selecting one in a store. The bread came warm and sliced, served with butter on the side. There were three of us dining and we opted to order the Dry-Aged Porterhouse for Two, a 48 ounce steak priced at $84.95. The steak came out on an extremely hot plate and was sliced. It was cooked a bit too rare and they brought it back to the kitchen. After its second visit to the table it was done perfectly.  I must say it was one of the better dry aged steaks I've tasted. It was grilled and generously brushed with butter. Very generously. We ordered  two sides with the steak. One was the sautéed onions priced at $5.95, small but enough for two. The other side dish was the asparagus. This was priced at $8.95. A petite size order would be best to describe it.

The Dining Room

We ordered  tea, which was from the Stash collection. I think they could use a better tea provider and maybe invest in a fancier teapot. If you want to recover the costs put in you need to up your ante in the small things. Presentation really counts. They served complimentary mini biscotti with the tea. We ordered a raspberry sorbet, which was good. Overall, I had a good dining experience and suggest if you are in the NJ area, and a fan of aged steaks, give The Sear House a try. But remember to bring your wallet because all the extras add up very quickly.

Overall I found The Sear House to be a fine restaurant and I give it 8 stars. If you go, please let me know what you think!

Written By: Carmela Corleone

Picture Credit: Carmela Corleone

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Mob Wives: Drita Made Me Who I Am Today!


I know this may come as a big shock to most of you. Who in the world would ever think I would credit Drita for being such a big influence on my life? Certainly not me of all people. But you know, sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due, and I do.

Drita and I were getting along just fine. No harsh words. No threats. No bad blood or blogs. Then, out of the blue, she turned on me. Why? Mob Mistress had written a blog about her that she didn’t like. I had nothing to do with it. The next thing I know Drita is telling everyone we are a fake blog and that we are actually Karen and Ramona. I’m not sure who I was supposed to be? But in either case, I took it as a compliment. Imagine Karen taking time out of writing her best seller, Mob Daughter, to write blogs about her own show? Not to mention all the other things she had going on in her life. Imagine Ramona having time to spare, after working all day and raising four children, to sit down and change her whole linguistic style just for a blog? No one could ever mistake my style for Ramona’s, and yet Drita persisted every day telling all her fans we were Karen and Ramona. And that is what eventually led to my transformation. 

I was once just an ordinary blogger, someone who loved to write and just needed a subject to write about. Mob Wives fell into my lap. I got hooked on the show and the cast members, with the exception of Carla, who I never liked from day one. But then Drita started her anti-blog campaign against our blog and me, and started calling us “haters” and “crickets” and saying we were “chirping,” whenever we posted anything about her. At first I didn’t take too kindly to being called a cricket. It doesn’t come off sounding very flattering does it, especially from someone who dislikes you. But soon, after reading it day after day after day, I grew to like it. It almost started sounding like a term of endearment, like honey, sweetie or Boo.

I even have a T-Shirt!

And then one day I was informed that I had to change my icon on Twitter. No copyrighted pictures allowed! And I thought, what the hell am I going to use that people can relate to? Then the “Cricket” came to me! Why not be a chirping cricket? I already have all that free PR from Drita promoting me to all her fans. So I changed my icon to the one above and people loved it! Who knew? Of all the things in this world I could have grown up to be, I grew up to be a cricket. And, I owe it all to Drita D’Avanzo…chirp, chirp!

P.S. After watching the SUPERTRAILER several times, it seems to me we have a new and improved Drita on the show. She doesn’t want to be violent any more. Now everyone seems to be confiding in her, especially Renee and Carla, and she seems to be playing the role of “peacemaker.” Can this really be? I also get the impression she is trying to forge a truce with Ramona, though she still can’t seem to look her in the eye. If this is the case, then I may have to soften my stand on Drita, my mentor, and focus my chirping energy elsewhere…guess where? 

Picture Credit: Drita's T-Shirt store

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chiara's Mobbed Up Christmas!

As the Mob Wives take a break from filming to celebrate the holidays, so do bloggers. I have been busy preparing for Christmas trying to get everyone gifts they will appreciate, planning special dishes and desserts I know they will enjoy, and then shopping, baking and cooking. I love having my family around me, laughing, joking, and enjoying time together. But Mob Wives is always running in the background of my mind and when it's not, there is always a reminder lurking around every corner.

Today is Christmas and my brother got me a special gift. He wanted to surprise me and he really did. He ordered the first month of our blogs to be bound in a book for me (above) and he wrapped the package about ten times. I had to go through layer after layer of wrapping paper to open it. When I did you can imagine I was shocked. There was a book inside and it had all the blogs we wrote in April 2011 when Mob Wives season one premiered. This is what it looks like on the inside:

I don't know what made him think of doing this for me, but he loves to make me happy. I went through the book and saw my very first recap in there. It seems like it was forever ago, but it was only a little over a year and a half. I love it! Now this was the perfect way to psyche me up for season three! I can't wait to write new and fresh blogs capturing all the drama I know we are going to see plus my two cents. Be sure you are watching too, on January 6th at 8 PM ET on VH1...less than two weeks from today!

Merry Mobbed-Up Christmas to me! And I hope all of you had the best Christmas ever! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylum - The Coat Hanger

Oops, I blew the shocking reveal of this episode.  No wait, Derbil McDillet did that on twitter a couple of weeks ago.  I guess he just said he was the *modern day* Bloody Face and not necessarily his son, but whatevs.  I'm getting ahead of myself.

Most shows have their midseason finale be the Christmas episode.  You know, the Christmas themed episode, which is the last one they air before Christmas.  Well, American Horror Story is not most shows.  They had their Christmas episode last week, and yet still aired a new episode this week, and yet, it's still not Christmas.  Sounds about right.

Basically, the episode starts out with Derbil going to a psychiatrist.  It's funny because last season his character WAS a psychiatrist.  For some reason, someone made the choice that this character is going to have like 3 rattails.  I guess one rattail wasn't over the top enough.

Derbil has gone to a therapist who advertises in a pennysaver about weight loss solutions.  He has compulsions, and reveals that he was a foster child, and was bounced around because he had some compulsions.  For some reason the therapist automatically assumes he's talking about masturbation, but I don't know why because he said nothing of the sort.  He was actually talking about skinning animals. Anyway, he reveals that he did some research and he's the son of Bloody Face, which I guess leads me to believe that Thredson gets what's coming to him eventually.  He also admits to having skinned Sexy Leo's wife.

In 1964, Lana finds out that she is pregnant as a result of the rape.  Lana is horrified, but decides to use that information to get Thredson to admit to the horrible crimes he committed.  When Lana tells Thredson she is pregnant, he is very "remorseful" and claims that this will change everything for him, and he admits to all his crimes while Kit secretly tapes him.  At this point Lana confesses, and they show, that she aborted the fetus with a coat hanger!!! I didn't watch that part.

This could be a good time to point out that everyone who MADE ME watch this show this season, despite all my protestations has lost interest and stopped watching.  And yet, here I am.

Jude has been admitted to Briarcliff now, as a patient.  She stands accused of killing Frank and attempting to murder Leigh.  I don't know why in this universe people who kill people go to an asylum instead of jail, but there you have it.

Meanwhile, Arden has a theory that the aliens are studying Kit and that's why they took Alma and Grace right after Kit slept with them.  Now I'm wondering, since the police never found Alma's body and no one knew Kit was married to Alma, how does she get lumped into this Bloody Face stuff to the point where Kit is even accused?  Like Wendy also went missing, but her body wasn't found and it's not like people are saying Wendy is one of the victims.  This does not make sense.

Anyways, Arden's plan is to nearly kill Kit, because he believes the aliens won't let him die.  That will lure them down.

Jude speaks with Lana and vows to make some changes to Briarcliff.  Real rich that she decided that once she's a mental patient and no longer in charge.

Sister Mary Eunice realizes that Lana tried to abort the fetus, but informs Lana that she was unsuccessful and she is carrying a boy.

Father Timothy is baptizing Leigh, and you just know something bad is about to happen.  And then this happens:

No sir.  Help ME.

At the end, another one of Derbil's therapist's patients comes in, because she had an overeating crisis, only to discover that Derbil killed the therapist.  It's the perfect crime because there's no record of him being there because she probably doesn't keep a schedule or anything of her patients.

And that's it.  Now a break until after Christmas.  Good luck resolving all these plotlines in the next 4 episodes Murph!

Picture Credit: fx/tumblr

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mob Wives: Season 3 Gets Love Majewski Video

Beauty, brains and BOOBS!
The VH1 Gods have blessed us this holiday season with a LOVEly video featuring the newest mob wife.  Another site about a month ago dropped the accurate information that Love Majewski was the new addition to Mob Wives.

Both Chiara and I have had the pleasure of interviewing Love Majewski in the past for her appearances on I Married A Mobster & Deadly Sins.  I imagine one day it'll be for Snapped.  Until then, we wish Ms. Majewski the very best & brightest of reality personality rewards.  And we thank VH1 for sharing a wonderful video of this colorful personality.

Get More: Mob Wives 3

I really need a "I want to rip her face like a bath salt zombie." ~Love Majewski T-shirt.

Photo & Video Credit: VH1

Mob Wives: Is Carla’s Glass House Shattering?


The Twitter world and blogosphere are heating up today! Renee and Carla have taken their war public and don’t bother asking me whose side I am taking…Renee’s. I’ll sum it up for you. Renee said something to the effect that Carla was ignorant and mean because she did not believe that addiction is a disease. She added Carla was uneducated about the disease. Carla had a nasty comeback to saying Renee has a drug problem and it’s not a disease, among other insensitive remarks. I have always found Carla to be callous and uncaring. She is a cold blooded and doesn’t appear very affectionate, except of course with married mobsters. She knows how much Renee and her son, AJ, have gone through just since the show started, but it doesn’t stop her from taking under the belt, pot shots at them and their family.

Renee responds to Carla in an excellent interview with Curvy Magazine and has quite a bit to say about Carla. I suggest you read that in depth interview. As we have blogged before, Carla was the mistress of Michael “Mikey Scars” Di Leonardo, ex-husband of Toni Marie Ricci, for a number of years. When Karen confronted her in the season two reunion show, Carla said she was just a kid of "19," but so what, we all know Carla knew full well what she was doing having an affair with a married man. Michael/Mikey did a lot of testifying in court and it came out that he took Carla, his “date,” to his 40th birthday party on a boat John Gotti Jr. surprised him with. I don’t know the names of all the other mobsters in Carla’s past, but plenty of people do. I know at least two homes she helped wreck, Toni Marie’s and Joe Ferragamo’s first marriage. Toni Marie has been quite open regarding Carla's past, so it’s no secret. 

Now Carla should not have opened this big can of worms when she has so much unsavory history that might come out. The truth always finds it’s way into the light of day. Meanwhile, I am sitting here wondering how Carla’s Executive Producer, Jenn Graziano, feels about this “filler chick,”  who is a lack luster, reality star dissing her family in public. Maybe Carla is even giving away some of VH1’s plot line. Maybe she is breaching her contract is some way? Maybe she is actually greasing the skids for her own reality show demise? I mean what does Carla bring to the table anyway…lies?

Carla lied about her age, saying she was 35 instead of 44, that first season. Carla lied saying she would go to Ramona’s Halloween Party, but never had intention of leaving Drita’s party.  Carla lied and said she had no boyfriend just recently, through her publicist, but it turns out she has been seeing Handy Man since before season one started. Oh, and one more thing, Carla lied about her connection to the mob. When interviewed by Joy Behar in the beginning of the show, Carla said she was connected to the mob by her Uncle Bruno. Carla never mentioned that her father Louis was an associate of the mob. Joy even asked her about it twice. Carla left her father out of it twice. Joy let it go, but it seemed to me it was written in her notes and Carla didn’t deliver. Mob Mistress and I did a lot of research before being 100% sure of Carla’s dad. What is real about Carla? She is as fake as it gets.

By the way, I wonder what Big Ang thinks of her new best friend’s thoughts that addiction is not a disease, since her own son, AJ, is in rehab? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Carla is loyal to no one. And be sure to read the tweets at the end of Curvy Magazine where Joe Ferragamo confirms Carla was involved with him while he was married! With Carla, what you see is what you get, and it’s not much. 

I think I hear a few more window panes cracking.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mob Wives Saving Lives Photos!

Toni Marie Ricci and Karen Gravano

Did you miss last night's event? If you did you missed a huge opportunity to meet a few of your favorite Mob Wives! Many of the Mob Wives were hosting this event and raising money for victims of Sandy. We were lucky to get some pictures of those who were present for a cause that close to all their hearts. I am sharing what I have with our readers and maybe we will get some insight into season three (lol chirp) from who was and wasn't there. I learned from Twitter that Renee Graziano was not well and unable to attend. Michael Bell donated a piece of his artwork for the fund raiser and some of the Mob Wives autographed it. Joe Ferragmo was there with his lovely girlfriend. Toni Marie refers to Joe as a real "gentleman" and his girlfriend "a doll." I love Joe's white, fresh, crisp shirt!

It looks to me like everyone had a great time for a good cause. Maybe they filmed some of the event for season three of the show and we can get a better idea of what went on? I wouldn't be surprised.

Toni Marie & Renny

Renny & Ramona

Ramona signing Art by Michael Bell
while NEW Mob Wife, Love Majewski looks on!

Love Majewski adds her signature!

Toni Marie & Love Majewski

Toni Marie & Love with Michael Bell's
donated artwork

Love with @Dondig

Jennifer Graziano signing art by Michael Bell

Toni Marie & Karen

Karen & Love

Joe Ferragamo & Toni Marie

Joe & "Girlfriend"

Picture Credit: Various cast members Twitter Accounts

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylum - Unholy Night

So just my two cents, American Horror Story was boring this week.  So if you missed it, I suggest you watch the much more entertaining "Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney" game show sketch from Saturday Night Live this week.  It might sort of remind you of American Horror Story, without the pain of having to actually watch it.

Well Merry Christmas everybody.

In the first scenes in this episode, this deranged man Leigh, kills some Santa who's sitting outside a grocery store. This Santa volunteers to get away from his wife for a few hours.  So that's what happens when you try to get out of spending time with your wife.

Leigh steals his suit and then breaks into some family's house, because I guess that their Christmas decorations offended him, so he threatens to rape and murder them, and probably does, because he ends up at Briarcliff.  Jude keeps him chained up, but he still manages to attack an orderly, which gets him put in solitary confinement.

I know what you're thinking... Just what this show needed, another character.

Sister Jude used to keep the decorations scarce for the holidays, but now that Sister Mary Eunice is in charge, that's all about to change.

Jude returns to Briarcliff, knowing that the devil is possessing Sister Mary Eunice, intent on bringing her down.

Sister Mary Eunice goes to Leigh in solitary and presents him with a Santa suit.

Arden brings Mary Eunice a pair of ruby earrings.  She is delighted, and now Arden knows she has the devil inside her, because the real Mary Eunice wouldn't even dare to take a bite of his candy apple.  Arden says he took those earrings from a woman in the concentration camps, who would swallow them every day, pass them and then swallow them again so they couldn't be taken.  The earrings end up killing her.


First of all, Mary Eunice doesn't even blink when he says those earrings have been pooped out hundreds of times.  Second of all, they are HUGE. And I thought swallowing an iron pill was supposed to be bad.

Kit has a weird dream about bringing a tree home for Christmas, where Alma is pregnant, but then midkiss she turns into Grace, and Kit is much more excited to see her.  Ew.  Lana approaches him, tells him she knows he's innocent and says they're both going to get out of there.

Meanwhile, Arden visits Jude and says she was right about Mary Eunice and he wants to help her.  He helps Jude get back into Briarcliff.  Then Jude tells him to send Mary Eunice to her office and they cannot be interrupted while they talk.

During the holiday decorating, Leigh attacks Frank and tries to kill him, which is the reason Mary Eunice let him loose to begin with.  Frank feels horrible about killing Grace, and he wants to report what happened, so Mary Eunice set this up to try to prevent him from doing so.

Lana goes to Thredson's old office to get to the phone, but Oliver catches her.  He tells her he already destroyed all the evidence, so he didn't care if she spoke to the police because they wouldn't believe her.  But, since she hurt his feelings, he's still going to kill her.  Just in time, Kit arrives and knocks Thredson out.  Lana wants to kill him but Kit stops her and says they need him to be able to prove he's Bloody Face.  They tie him up and hide him from sight.

Frank brings Leigh back to solitary, but then Mary Eunice comes and slits Frank's throat, planning to blame the murder on Leigh.  Then Mary Eunice brings Leigh to the office where Jude is waiting for her, and locks them in together.  Outside, Arden is speaking to Mary Eunice, and we learn that he was working with her the whole time to set Jude up.

Arden tries to dispose of Grace's body, but the aliens take it.  Natch.

Leigh canes Jude and is going to kill her, but she manages to stab him with a letter opener.

This show is EXHAUSTING.  Next episode is called "The Coat Hanger," and we'll have the return of Dylan McDermott/Dermot Mulroney.  Or is it...

Yeah, that's it.
Picture Credit: tumblr/fx/nbc

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mob Wives: Love Majewski Newest Addition!

Love from ID's Deadly Sins

It's Official! VH1 has finally announced that Love Majewski, who starred in an episode of "I Married A Mobster" and "Deadly Sins," is indeed the newest cast member of Mob Wives and we could not be happier for her. The writers of our blog have always supported Love and think she will definitely be a wonderful asset to the show's third season. We have known about this for months now, but out of respect and consideration for the show and its production teams we have chosen not to report it.

Love has been filming for months with her cast mates and grew up with Karen and Ramona in Staten Island. Love has quite a flamboyant personality, a long history with mobsters, and can be very entertaining. I can't wait to see what she brings to the table!

We at the blog, wish Love much success in this new role as well as all other opportunities that are sure to come her way in the future.

For more information on the newest Mob Wife, Love Majewski, just use the search feature at the bottom right hand side of the blog and type in her name. A list of blogs featuring Love will appear at the top of the blog. Happy reading!

Congratulations Love ♥

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mob Wives: Joe Ferragamo’s “Picture Perfect” Family

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It was back in May when we first blogged about Joe’s new girlfriend. He had already been seeing her for awhile. She was mentioned on Mob Wives during the second season in a scene when Joe and Carla were at the gym together. Joe was telling Carla how well his girlfriend gets along with the kids and he thought it was nice. If you remember, a snarky, insecure and seemingly jealous Carla asked Joe, “Does she bring over her Barbie dolls?” Well, the girlfriend must be doing something right because they are still together. They live together, they have a dog, Achilles, together and they spend lots of time with the twins, Carmen and JoJo. Joe seems quite happy with his little family.

Girlfriend with "her man!"

When Joe got out of prison there was plenty of speculation that he and Carla would try to patch things up. It looked like Joe might have been inclined to try. Carla’s mother always loved Joe and thought they should be together. Carla even said she was waiting for Joe to make some kind of effort to prove himself and show he had changed. And when she was asked about them ever getting back together she would answer, “never say never,” keeping her heart and door open. So what happened with that?  Word on the street has it that Handy Man was still tinkering around in Carla's "toolbox." Soon after this Joe and his girlfriend got together and the rest is history!

The girlfriend is always taking pictures! 
Here the twins are showing how old they are...10!

Joe and his girlfriend recently celebrated Carmen and JoJo's 10th birthday with them this past November. It looks like they all had a very nice time, doesn't it? The twins are adorable!

So Joe really has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. He seems to have found himself a nice, beautiful young lady who “loves her man” and strokes his ego.  She is great with his kids. She has no bags, no sags, no wrinkles, no handyman, like Carla aka "HOT COOCHIE" (as Mob Mistress likes to call her). They look wonderful and happy together. They go everywhere together and always have time for the twins.

Quality time with Carmen! that an engagement ring? Thanks @MobBabyy!!!

And what about Thanksgiving? Well Carla aka HOT Coochie spent it with Handy, Big Ang and her family, while Joe and his girlfriend seem to have had a nice, cozy little celebration at home. Where were the twins? Beats me.

Big Ang= Team Carla

The Lovebirds!

And SOURCES tell us we can expect to see a lot more of Joe Ferragamo in season three of Mob Wives along with his pretty girlfriend! The new season premieres on January 6th, 2013! The viewers and readers of the blog seem to have fallen in love with this charismatic man. We also hear that Season Three is really heating up and lines are being drawn! Friends are quickly becoming foes. Allegiances are being tested. And Mob Mistress says, "cunts will be revealed." There goes Mob Mistress, always keeping it real!

One thing I am very sure of, if there is ever a Team Carla vs Team Joe, I am Team Joe all the way! Carla has always been my least favorite mob wife and I wouldn't miss her one bit if she was replaced. Speaking of being replacing Carla...I think Joe has already done a very fine job of that himself!

Picture Credit Cast Twitter Accounts

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mob Wives Unite to Save Lives!

Embedded image permalink

Ever since super storm Sandy hit on October 29th, 2012, our Mob Wives have been trying to do everything in their power to raise money for the victims of Staten Island. They made time, almost immediately, to go to the hardest hit neighborhoods with food, clothing and sponsored various fund raisers to give families some relief while they wait for Federal money. If you haven't been able to help out and still would like to, you have another chance on Friday, December 14th, 2012 at the Chelsea Manor located at 138 W 25th Street in NYC. That is when the Mob Wives, Renee, Karen and Ramona will be doing another event called, "Operation Mob Wives Saving Lives." The event will also be co-hosted by Love Majewski, who starred on the series "I Married A Mobster."

I know this is an especially busy time of the year, but it's an opportunity for fans to extend a helping hand to those who have lost homes and all their worldly possessions through no fault of their own. It's the best way I can think of to put this season's holiday spirit of giving into action. As a bonus, you will be able to meet with your favorite Mob Wives, whose hearts are as big and wonderful as their personalities. 

I have also found a short video advertising the event! 

Picture and Video Credit: Operation Mob Wives Saving Lives

Friday, December 7, 2012

Carmela’s Food Blog: Valentino’s in Park Ridge, NJ


A little background of my history with food. I have been in the food business nearly my whole life. Since I was 4 yrs old my father owned a restaurant. Before that my grandfather owned a restaurant in the Bronx, New York during the 40's. When my father passed in the 80's, I took on a regular 9-5 job. It wasn’t until 2000 that my brother decided to re-enter the restaurant business. He ran a very successful restaurant for 11 years. He took the family old Italian traditions and blended it with the new trendy food flavors of today. The restaurant business is second nature to me.  The variety of food today, with blended cultural influences, have become more popular. They call this “fusion,” where a chef creates dishes from a combination of regions. The new food dishes are proved to be very creative and sometimes, if you are lucky enough to seek out a great chef, you can experience this new cuisine.

At  first I thought that I would never write a negative food review. If I was unhappy at a restaurant I would  never return. Then the more I thought about it the more I realized that the establishment may benefit from a poor review if they took my opinion or criticism to improve on what was inadequate during my dining. I know when we owned our restaurant I would run into customer in town and sometimes they would tell me about an experience. I always thanked them for letting me know and discussed it with my brother and resolved the issue. So I will write from my own opinion.  I'm simply a person who grew up with food, loves food, thinks about food and now will write about it. I will give the establishment a combined star rating based on service, food, plating and price. I hope you enjoy my blogs. My first blog, which follows, is a review of Valentino's restaurant.

The Dining Room

103 Spring Valley Road
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Valentino’s is located in Park Ridge, New Jersey and was one of my favorite restaurants back in the 90's. Unfortunately, I think they have stopped the clock and are stuck right there. The decor is old style Italian. I felt it needed a little TLC to make it more mod-Mediterranean. We visited on a Tuesday night. There was only one other table in the restaurant seated which was way too far away. We were greeted by an elderly waiter. Now, please I do NOT have anything against the elderly working, but his age got in the way of his waiting. He seated us without menus to start. We ordered two glasses of house Cabernet  He was not sure of the brand when asked, but he advised it was very good. The wine was served to us dripping with water, obviously from just rinsed glasses. Not sure why he didn’t dry them off. This was surprising. Also, the glass was a very small and outdated. I think my father use to have them back in the 70's when people drank Mateus, you know, the wine with the basket on the bottom part of the bottle that I dripped candles all over and gave as Christmas gifts. Oh, those were the days. Okay, so back to the meal. We ordered the buffalo mozzarella as an appetizer. When it was served we had to ask for bread. Nothing to brag about in this basket, just some small dinner rolls. The buffalo mozzarella was creamy and served chilled. This was priced at $12.00. I enjoyed this and can clearly tell it was homemade. For the main course I ordered the Gamberi alla Ribelli. It was 5 jumbo shrimp served over spinach with melted mozzarella cheese. The sauce was very light and had shallots and champagne. The shrimp were cooked well and the spinach was fresh. The plate was decorated with some cherry tomatoes. This was priced at $26.00. My guest ordered the Linguini Con Vongole.  The linguini was al dente and the clams were served in their shell, which I prefer and they were plentiful. This dish was $21.00. Unfortunately, it took us a while to locate the waiter to ask for some grated cheese. Finally, he brought it and we forgot to ask for another glass of wine so we had to do without. We did not stay for coffee or dessert as we had somewhere to go, and the slowness of the service made our stay a lot longer than anticipated. When we got the check, the small glass of wine was priced at $12.00. Wow! Certainly overpriced. If you want to charge that for a glass of house wine I suggest they invest in some very nice stemmed wine glasses. No, it wont change the taste or the price of the wine, but sometimes presentation does matter. All in all, we had no interaction with the waiter, have no idea of his name and I don’t think he will ever remember waiting on us. That's too bad because when I was a server customers booked their reservations requesting me. I liked to interact and make a customer’s evening one they would enjoy and remember. The food was good, but overall considering the service, plating and price I give Valentino's a 6 star rating out of 10 stars. I pushed an extra star in there for the old time memories I have had there.

I am sorry about not having photos of these dishes, I didn’t know if Mob Mistress would think a food blog appropriate to share, so I thought the visit would only stay in my memory. Please add your comments below, I’d love to know what you think!

Written By: Carmela Corleone

Picture Credit: Valentino's

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mob Doctor: Fluid Dynamics

December has barely started, but it's Christmas in Chicago!  I guess when you are OFFICIALLY CANCELLED and have ONLY 5 EPISODES LEFT, you really start getting in the Christmas spirit.

As we near the end of this series, less and less details start to seem important, so I'll gloss over some nonessential stuff.

Grace gets paged by a shady character who has come into the hospital with back pain.  You can tell he's shady because he is wearing a leather jacket.  He heard Grace sees patients off the grid.  But before she agrees to see him, he collapses, which I can tell you from experience, is not a good thing to do in a doctor's office or hospital.  That kind of draws a lot of attention to you and keeps you very much on the grid. 

Grace calls Constantine and tells him he can't send her patients like this.  But Constantine didn't send the guy.  Grace describes him, and Constantine recognizes the description as belonging to Russell King from Detroit.  Grace meets up with Franco who admits to sending King.  He needs to be hooked to someone in the biz to stay in the biz.

King's daughter comes to the hospital and they discuss their plans for the night.  Grace tells them she doesn't think it's likely that Russell will be able to make it, and his daughter assures him she can handle it.

I'll sum up the medical plot quickly, because as usual, it's useless.  This kid comes in named Kyle Bennett and he has an antler embedded in his head.  Dr. White acts really weird around this patient, until he reveals that he once had a stepson named Kyle Bennett who would have been about this age, but he and his mother died in an accident.  Patient Kyle talks about baseball, which is something Dr. White's son used to love.  And Patient Kyle's mother is also dead.  Do you think anything comes of all these coincidences?

Constantine comes to the hospital and visits Russell.  He tells Russell that there are no individual contractors in Chicago anymore, so I guess that's what last week was about.  He tells Russell if he's planning a job, he has to kick into the syndicate.  Russell says he doesn't think so.

So Grace talks to Russell and asks him if he told Constantine who referred him to her.  Russell says something to the effect of, he's not stupid and ever so nicely compliments Grace saying that she must be pretty slick to be a lady doctor and what not. 

He goes on to babble about how he and Constantine are both fathers, to which Grace asks if Constantine has kids.  King says Grace must not be as slick as she looks.  Because, duh, he just said so, and probably Grace is Constantine's daughter anyway.  WE WERE ALL THINKING IT.

So the plan for the heist, and it IS a heist, is that King and his daughter are going to sneak into an auction house through a water main that is going to be drained for construction or something.  Russell needs some emergency surgery because something is terribly wrong with him, but when Grace looks for him, he's escaped the hospital.  She calls Franco to make Russell come back, but Russell is already in the water main and he's too far down to get service.

Franco goes down the main, and Grace rushes over.  When she gets there, she sees Constantine paying off the city workers.  The tunnels are going to flood, and once again, Russell is collapsed.  It's touch and go for approximately 4 seconds, but it turns out everything is alright.

Grace starts to perform surgery on Russell right there.  She makes an incision and then makes Franco stick his fingers in it and pull the skin apart.  IT.  IS.  NASTY.

Russell survives.  It may seem weird that I said it like that with no explanation in between, but that's kind of what happens in the show.  They get to the hospital, Grace is straddling him on the gurney as they roll him into the ER and then, next thing you know, he survives.

THEN, Grace goes over to Franco's new place.  And they hook up.  It is the most awkward 90 seconds of television I've ever seen.  It is more awkward, even, than Twilight.

Constantine's men tell him that Franco and Grace were both there to save Russell.  Constantine says he'll deal with her on his own time.

Mob Doctor is giving me a break!  No new episodes until December 29th. We're only 4 episodes away from an unsatisfying conclusion!

How do you guys feel about the ~official cancellation?  Anyone happy about Grace and Franco getting together? Anyone rooting for those two?

Picture Credit: tumblr

Big Ang is NOT Switzerland

Big Ang with Carla & Handy

Big Ang is not Switzerland! In other words, Big Ang is not neutral. At least she is not neutral in my opinion, based on what I have seen and heard. In season two for example, she was well aware about all the issues between Drita and Karen. A neutral person listens to both sides and tries not to interfere. But Big Ang clearly seemed sympathetic with Drita’s side and they had many conversations in which Big Ang agreed with Drita’s point of view and added her two cents. Big Ang, who claims to hate drama, was even instrumental in bringing about the big fight on the balcony scene by asking Karen to talk to Drita at Renee’s party. 

I know Big Ang has a soft spot for Drita from the old days when Drita would get drunk in her bar, Nocturnal, and then engaged in many a bar room brawl. They both fondly reminisce about those days. And maybe that’s why Big Ang could not remain neutral, like Switzerland, and took sides. In at least one or more interviews, when asked if she was Team Drita or Team Karen, Big Ang replied, without missing a beat, definitely Team Drita. I recall that this clearly upset Karen and why wouldn’t it? Don’t say you are neutral when you are obviously not.

"Team Drita!"

Now, I don’t know what season three has in store for us, but I foresee some problems in the neutrality department developing again. Here is what we do know. Big Ang has been a lifelong friend of the Graziano family. If I remember correctly, she is best friends with an aunt of Renee and Jennifer. A relationship that is that long would mean a certain amount of loyalty and respect is implicit or understood. We also know that Renee is not on good terms with Carla in season three. Renee has had two previous serious issues with Carla concerning Handy Man and Carla’s not visiting at the hospital. Now there is another serious issue between Carla and Renee. Enter Switzerland. Big Ang is supposed to be neutral, right? If she is going to take a side it really should be Renee’s because that have a long history of friendship, right? But no, it doesn’t appear that Big Ang is going to be neutral or side with Renee. It seems to me that this go around Big Ang may be siding with Carla. What is it that makes me come to this conclusion when we haven’t even seen or heard any real details about season three? Twitter. I keep a close eye on what is said or not said on Twitter by the various wives. What I have learned is that Carla and Handy had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with Janine and Dominick Detore, Big Ang’s sister. Big Ang was also there, as one would expect. They had a great time and posted many pictures of them all enjoying the holiday and being all "lovey dovey." So once again Big Ang isn’t coming across as very neutral and she appears to be clearly Team Carla. I did try to go back and find some of the holiday pictures posted, but low and behold they were removed. (And, where was Drita? I haven't seen her hanging with Big Ang in forever!)

Big Ang may think she is like Switzerland, but I think she has the wrong country that starts with "SW". During World War II a few countries claimed to be neutral. Switzerland maintained her unwavering neutrality throughout the war. Sweden, on the other hand, claimed to be neutral too, however, she sold iron ore to Germany, which greatly helped their war effort by making it possible for them to continue to make weapons for their troops. Neutral? Not!

I ran my observation past our beloved Mob Mistress who had this to say: “I like Big Ang. She is flamboyant, fun & contagious. She added a much needed comic relief & light heartedness that Mob Wives needed to take the edge off.  My viewing of the show led me to believe Big Ang claimed to be neutral.  However, some scenes clearly showed she was Team Drita/Carla, which is her right. She likes who she likes for her reasons. The Big Ang fans aren't going to like it, but I liken her to Japan.  I've been waiting for her to do a Pearl Harbor on Ramona, Renee & Karen for a long minute now.” And with that she went back to her painting.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"The Walking Dead: Made To Suffer" Mid-Season Finale Recap

Over a foggy, gloomy sunrise in the woods, a woman’s scream echoes out. Within the woods, a  female walker is walking towards the scream when a mysterious black male appears and runs through the woods towards the screams. A female steps out from behind a tree with a shovel waiting to attack. “Oh my God, Tori!” she said, realizing who it was. The man named Tori said he thought there might be a building nearby because he saw a tower. But before they can talk more, a small group of people come out and slash walkers. A group of walkers chases this new human group and bites one of the girls. One the men carries her and keeps on going. Tori sees what looks like an abandoned warehouse ahead. They walk towards the building that looks like it’s been bombed to hell.  The lead woman is unsure of what’s in there and is even more concerned about the bitten girl. “She’s slowing us down and once were in there, and she turns,” she mentioned but what appears to be the bitten girl’s boyfriend said he doesn’t want to leave her behind. The woman thinks they should leave her but Tori mentions she’s not ready. “It’s a mistake” the woman said before they climb inside what is actually the prison.

In the comfort of the Governor’s home, Andrea is getting ready when she notices a framed picture of his family. The Governor walks in. “I promised Milton I’d help cremate Mr. Coleman,” she mentioned. “He shouldn’t have to handle themselves…(the people of Woodbury) are all helping each other through this mess,” she mentioned. “We’re starting to grow on you,” the Governor said. 

Back in his hidden aquarium room, the Governor opens up a cage door and plays music from a stereo, sitting in his seat. He calls out for Penny; “Honey, it’s daddy,” he said. The same little walker girl with her head covered runs up to him but shackles around her hold her back. The Governor tries calming her down and lets go of the cover. He grabs her from behind and begins singing, holding her hands. Penny’s growls become less menacing as her focus is on the candy dish with what looks like a brain. “Look at me baby,” The Governor said. “Look at me….LOOK AT ME!” he yelled out as he shook her. He puts the cover back on her and puts her back in the cage.

Back in the interrogation room, Maggie and Glenn are bloodied and bruised. Glenn is greatly concerned about what the Governor did to Maggie. “Maggie did he….” “No, he barely touched me!” Maggie replied. Maggie promises the Governor didn’t do anything to her and they embrace. Glenn then hobbles over to the dead walker and tears off his arm and foot stomps his elbow. He digs out the bones and hands on to Maggie. Right outside of Woodbury, the Rick and crew lie low at night, waiting to see what happens next. Michonne sneaks away from the rest. Rick suggests that they downsize their weapons when Daryl mentions the amount of guards. They hear a snap behind them and it’s just Michonne whose leading them.

Back in the Governor’s room, Governor and Merle discuss the prison and about what to do with it. The Governor suggests that they take out the crew and leave the prison to biters. “The problem is my brother is with them,” Merle said. The Governor looks at him; “have you talked to him, make him more of an inside man?” The Governor suggested. “We’ll wave the white flag like what we did to the National Guard.” But Merle says to not touch Daryl.  The Governor suggests they take Maggie and Glenn to the “screaming pits”. Outside of Woodbury, Michonne sneaks the group in a small opening of what looks like the back of a restaurant. “This is where you were held?” Rick asks. Michonne replies that it’s where she was questioned. Daryl and Rick take a peak at the front door and notice people still are out and about, assuming there was a curfew. Michonne said they probably were wanderers. Rick is losing his patience and yelled at Michonne, “You said you could help up!” Michonne yells back “I’m doing the best I can!” Oscar steps in and asks her where the Governor and the rest are. Rick and Daryl have a quick, private pep talk; “If this goes south, were gonna lose,” Rick said. Daryl then suggests they split up then.  The door of the restaurant opens and a man walks in; “I know you’re in here, I saw you moving from outside!” The man is yelling out at whose in there when Rick sneaks up on him, gets out with a gun, commands him to shut up and to have him zip tied. Rick demands where his people are. “You are holding some of our people! Where are they?” he demands. Rick sticks a rag in his mouth and Daryl kicks him. They drag him out.

It’s nighttime at the prison and Beth is tending to Judith. Axel mentions Beth is good at taking care of Judith and asks her if she’s had little sisters. He asks how old she is. “I’m seventeen,” Beth replies. “Interesting,” Axel replies when Carol steps in and demands to speak to Axel. They walk to the other side of C-unit for a quick talk. Carol tells him to stay away from her and to not even think about trying to repopulate the earth.“I didn’t mean no offense, but I’ve been locked up a long while,” Axel said before he suggested that due to her haircut, Carol was a lesbian and that all he did was innocently talk to Beth. Carol tell him she’s not a lesbian. “This could be interesting,” Axel replies but Carol isn’t having it. 

Back outside the interrogation room, Merle and another man are opening the door when Glenn and Maggie go on the attack. Maggie stabs the mystery man in the neck with the bone while Glenn is in a struggle with Merle. Maggie grabs her gun and demands Merle to let him go, which he complies…with the fact that the rest of Merle’s men are behind them. Meanwhile, Rick and crew sneak out of the restaurant. Rick is leading the way down a hallway with the rest behind him, armed and ready to go. They see a sentry and continue to sneak up. Right next door, Glenn and Maggie are on their knees, ready to be executed. Maggie tells Glenn she loved him when the men put covers on their heads and command them to go on their feet. Rick throws a frag grenade and rushes in as the room fills with smoke. Rick and Daryl rescue Maggie and Glenn while gunshots are heard throughout the building. Outside of Woodbury, a woman yells for help when the Governor and Andrea rush to the woman and see that it’s the man who was tied up. The Governor asked what had happened; “Men with guns came in,” he said.  “How many?” The Governor asks. The man replies; “I don’t know, 6 or 7 guys, I’ve never seen them before,” The Governor commands the people of Woodbury to go home and to lock the doors and keep the lights off.  The Governor then commands his guards to see what’s wrong and to “shoot to kill”. 

Rick and crew, along with Maggie and Glenn, run through Woodbury and go in another abandoned restaurant. “Rick, how did you find us?” Glenn asks. Maggie mentions the woman behind them. They think she’s a spy. Glenn mentioned how Merle was the one that threw a walker at him and almost executed them. Daryl is stunned at this news. Glenn tells him that Merle is the lieutenant of Woodbury and second in command. Glenn then confesses to Rick that they told him where the prison was. Rick tells them not to apologize and to get a car ready to get out. But Daryl doesn’t want to leave; “if Merle is around, we gotta see him!” Rick tells him they can’t afford that. Daryl tells him that maybe he can talk things out with Merle and work something out but Rick tells him that Daryl isn’t thinking straight and that he needs him. Daryl agrees and goes on with Rick and the rest. 

Back in the lab, the Governor, Andrea, Merle and the rest gather to discuss what is going on and whose responsible for the attack. “Some assholes want what we have!” Merle answers. Milton wants to know if anyone has seen the attacker. He was informed they killed a guard. The Governor commands Andrea to do house calls. Andrea tries to butt in but the Governor won’t have it and tells her to just do what he asks
Michonne is flying solo and sneaks in the Governor’s room and readies her katana as she sits down on his chair, glaring at the door. 

Meanwhile, Rick and are huddled in an entryway of a building, readying the frag grenades to throw and to run out. The grenades are thrown and the crew bust out, shooting guards. Nearby, Andrea goes out and preps her gun. The crew is now in a heavy firefight against the patrol guards of Woodbury. The Governor walks out and asks Andrea if she’s seen them. Andrea says she saw one, a “young black male in a prison jumpsuit.” The Governor tells her to get off the street. While the crew take cover, Daryl tells them they need to move and that they will need a cover. The crew are yelling and walking out as Rick aides Daryl in providing cover. Maggie, Glenn and Oscar are at the wall and climbing up. A mysterious man with a rifle walks up to Rick…..a man that looks like his old partner, Shane. The man raises his rifle but shoots Oscar. Rick walks up to the shooter but sees that it’s not Shane.  Maggie shoots Oscar in the head and they climb up on the bus over the wall. Daryl is running low on ammo but still covering. 

Back at the prison, Hershel mentions they have enough formula for another month. Carl wants to get more by the end of the week when Beth mentions they’ll be back then. Carl is not sure but before anymore can be said, they hear screams inside. Hershel tells them that Carol and Axel are in the towers so it’s not them. Carl said he’s going but Hershel blocks his way. Carl tells him his father would go so Hershel lets him go.Carl walks down with a flashlight and gun through hallways of decayed corpses, trying to follow the screams of a woman crying. He passes by the boiler room, the same area where he mercy killed his own mother….but before he can stop to really recollect, a walker creeps up from behind him. Carl shoots the walker and keeps running. Carl then sees a group of humans take out walkers as the boyfriend and bitten girl are huddled. Carl steps in to help clear the walkers.The group notices Carl and he commands them to hurry up and to follow him. The young man is carrying the girl but stumbles. Walkers are slowly approaching behind them. Carl tells them to leave her because she’s dying but they refuse to leave her. 

Back in the Governor’s room, Michonne hears someone from the other side of the door so she kicks it in. To her horror, she sees the aquarium tanks with the walker heads. She then sees the cage door and peeks in, ready to strike. She opens the cage door and sees Oenny in a light pink cardigan, a pink skirt and a cover over her head. Michonne thinks it’s a human girl so she tells her that it’s okay, that she’s not going to hurt her and unhooks the shackles. She slowly lifts up the cover and sees it’s a walker so she grabs it by the back of the neck, turns her around and is ready to strike it. The Governor walks in and pointing the gun at Michonne, telling her not to do it. “Don’t hurt her!” the Governor pleads as he lifts his hands in the air and takes off his duty belt; “lt’s me you want”. Michonne is utterly stunned and confused at the Governor’s behavior.“Theres no need for her to suffer….don’t hurt my little girl!” The Governor tells her. “She doesn’t have needs!” Michonne tells him. “Don’t hurt her!” The Governor pleads. Michonne sticks the katana through the back of her head as the Governor screams and lodges towards Michonne as they ensue in a fight. Michonne  gets her katana and pushes it back against the Governor’s neck but he escapes her grip and bashes her head not only against the wall but straight into the aquarium of walker heads. Michonne faces the heads of her once walker friends and grabs the aquariums as they both get knocked down, the aquariums and biting heads with it. The Governor tries to lead michonne near a biting walker head but she grabs a piece of glass and sticks it in his eye. She grabs her katana waiting to attack, Andrea comes in, gun drawn and screaming at her to stop. Michonne points her katana straight at Andrea. The women walk around, weapons drawn. Michonne lowers her katana and walks away, knowing full well that Andrea doesn’t have the guts to shoot her. Andrea goes to her wounded lover but notices the walker heads that are still live and biting (did this part make anyone else want to jump up on a couch or table to avoid the floor?). She also sees the other tanks that haven’t been destroyed full of both human and walker heads. She then sees the Governor cradle and cry over Penny’s body. Andrea kneels down with a loss of words. 

Back into C-unit, the new group led by Carl comes in and they lay the wounded woman down. Carl locks up the unit. The wounded woman named Donna is now dead. Her boyfriend is stricken with grief and Carl says he’ll take care of it. Carl points the gun at her head but Tori asks him what he’s doing. Tori’s wife demands to know how he got in and what he’s doing. Carl said he can help them but “first thing is first….” The man said he took care of her own. Tori takes out an axe, the boyfriend covers her face with a bandana but before the man can do anything, Carl locks himself in the unit with Beth and Hershel. Tori asks him what he’s doing but Carl tells them that  it’s safe and they have food and water. The woman goes up to him at the door and commands him to open the door . Hershel comes out and the woman yells at Carl to open the door. Tori tells her to back away from the door and let the man go. “Look around you,” he tells her. “This is the best we’ve had in weeks! We got other things to do….” Tori tells Carl that they don’t want trouble and couple walks away back to Donna. Beth asks if they should help them. Carl said he did.

Back in the nurse’s office, the Governor is being tended to. “It doesn’t look good,” she tells him; “the glass has done a lot of damage.” The governor asks the nurse if he and Andrea can have a private moment. “What the hell was that? Why was she here, why were you fighting her?” Andrea demands, referring to Michonne. “She came back to kill me,” he replies; “you tell me why, you knew her.” Andrea mentions what the deal was with the aquarium tanks and the severed heads. The Governor gives her a story about how it was to prepare and desensitize him to “the horrors out there”.  And asks about Penny but Governor is silent. Milton walks in and so does Merle and the woman with the very bad crossbow skills.  “What happened to you?” Merle asked. The Governor said he was attacked. Merle said the crew made it over the fence but he’ll go after them in the morning.

As the crew sneak out of Woodbury without Daryl, whose gone missing, Michonne is behind them. Rick points the gun at her and commands her to have her hands up and to turn around. Maggie also points her gun it at her. Rick takes the katana. Rick demands as to where she has been. Michonne tells Rick that they need her whether they want to get back to the prison or to go back to save Daryl. 

Back in Woodbury, another event at the Walker Octagon is up and Andrea is sitting in the stands. The Governor comes out and the crowd is silenced. He gives a speech; “What can I say……I thought we were past it…past the days when we all sat huddled and scared in front of the TV during the early days of the outbreak. The fear we all felt then, we felt again tonight. I failed you. I promised to keep you safe. Hell, look at me. I should tell you we’ll be okay and that were safe but tomorrow we bury our dead. I’m afraid. I tried. I’m afraid of terrorists who want what we have, one of the strong outs or worse, one of those terrorists is one of our own…MERLE!” He points at Merle. Merle is surrounded by his own men, one of them armed with a familiar crossbow. “The man I counted on, the man I trusted, he led them here. He led them in!” The Governor tells the crowd as the crowds bursts out with anger and disgust. The Governor turns to Merle; “it was you, you lie, betrayed us all!” He then says that he has one of the terrorists….the men bring in a man with a cover on his head. The man is Daryl Dixon.  This is Merle’s own brother!” The Governor announces. The crowd’s angry roars are louder as Andrea sits quiet and stunned.  "What should we do with them?” The Governor asks the crowd. “KILL THEM,KILL THEM!” the crowd chants. 

The Governor turns over to Merle: “You wanted your brother, you got him…” he says as he walks away, both Merle and Daryl exchanging looks, wondering about their fate….

Jane's notes: What more needs to be said about the awesomeness that is this show? We’re going to have to wait until February to figure out how the rest goes down. I predict that Michonne and company will make a surprise entrance at the Walker Octagon and another epic firefight will ensue. I also hope that Andrea will come to her damn senses. I’m sorry but if I found out the man of my dreams kept decapitated heads in his little room as well as a little zombie girl, I would end it LIKETHAT.I did NOT see this new group coming and it seems like the creators decide to combine elements of the show’s surviving (and dying) group to this new one. You have Tori who acts like Rick as the leader, his wife whose like Lori and then the couple who can be a combo of Maggie and Glenn/Andrea and Amy. In between now and February, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any news regarding “The Walking Dead” and post them on here….here’s a cheers to the show and everyone involved in it! 

Picture Credit: AMC
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