Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Crazy Love," Ep 312

Holy Cannoli! This sneak peek, where Love Majewski really loses it, makes all the other fights on Mob Wives look like play dates in a sand box! Wow! That's all I can say. Let me try to piece together the drama as best as I can. Apparently, Karen has a pre-nup party for Ramona, to educate the girls on how to protect themselves financially, before entering marriage. Ramona is not very happy with Karen's good intentions. Soon Ramona and Love are at odds. Love is hurt because Ramona never called her to tell her she was getting married. Karen sides with Love on this issue. Ramona kind of apologizes, but adds she doesn't care who gets mad, she doesn't think she did anything wrong. Then Love says she is upset because Ramona never told her she moved. Ramona doesn't get where all this is coming from, but Ramona's friend is there to have her back and gets involved, acting like Ramona's sister. That's when the real fireworks go OFF! Love isn't in the mood to deal with her and goes crazy. Drita doesn't think the girl is being too smart to take on Love. Big Ang doesn't think it's the girl's business. Love screams, "Mind your f*ckin' business and walk the f*ck away!" at the girlfriend. Then she threatens to stab her to death! Karen has no clue what's going on, Ramona looks like she is in shock, nothing seems to bother Renee. Damn!

Video Credit: VH1

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carmela's Food Blog: Seared Scallops and Fresh Spinach

Seared Scallops!

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe we are on episode 12 of Mob Wives already. Time, it ticks away so quickly. I find myself trying to get back an hour or so at night to try to eat healthy without spending all night in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up.

So here you have it, a healthy dish with only a few ingredients. This took me all of 20 minutes total to make these Pan Seared Scallops with Fresh Spinach.

Here's what you'll need:

Sea Scallops-15
2 bags fresh spinach
4 cloves of garlic - chopped
1/4 cup breadcrumbs
1 lemon
1/4 cup olive oil
1 pan and 1 pot

Saute the Scallops

I only buy sea scallops, they are meatier and full of flavor. Salt and pepper your scallops. Heat olive oil in a pan. When hot, place the scallops in the pan and sear till golden brown.  When flipping the scallops onto  their 2nd side, sprinkle the them with breadcrumbs. Turn the scallops over 1 more time to brown the breadcrumbs. Squeeze the whole lemon over the scallops. Remove and put in serving plate. Scrape the browned breadcrumbs and place onto scallops. Do not wash frying pan yet......

Saute the wilted Spinach

Heat water in a pot 1/3 of the way full. Boil the water and place the bagged spinach into the water. Stir the spinach and it will wilt in about 6-8 minutes. Drain.

Scrape whatever is left in  the frying pan.  This does not need to be super clean. Add another 3 tablespoons of olive oil and put in the chopped garlic. Lightly brown. Toss in the drained spinach, salt & pepper, and saute.  Place on plate with scallops. Dinner that's healthy and fresh.


Written By: Carmela Corleone

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap "Scorpion King Hunter" Ep 6

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors              
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds        
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers        
Chuck & Wynona          Married            
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts        
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                
Jessica & John              Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel          Best Friends/Firefighters


In the last episode there was a Double U-Turn…

Pam and Winnie U-Turn Meghan and Joey. Meghan and Joey U-Turn Chuck and Wyonna. Lets see how that plays out this week.

Leg 6 (Hanoi, Vietnam → Maun, Botswana )

Pam and Winnie are the first to depart. There are 3 flights that are departing to the next stop where they will get their next clue.

Bates and Anthony are the 4th team to depart. They are still working with Caroline and Jennifer, who are the 5th to depart. So the two families set out together to beat the other teams.

Chuck and Wyonna and Meghan and Joey all find out about the U-Turn.  They put a contract out on the teams who slighted them by vowing to bring them down.

The country singers help the hockey players find out what country they are going to. Caroline and Jennifer and Anthony and Bates are on the first flight.

The hockey brothers are currently in first place, while the country singers are in 2nd place.

ROADBLOCK: Search for a scorpion in the Kalahari Desert.
“Who Wants To Make A New Friend”. Teams have to dig up a scorpion, a bushman’s best friend.

Bates does this challenge and is instructed by the bushman to dig in a hole for the scorpions, and he does it. Caroline does this challenge. Max is right behind them.

Bates and Anthony are in first place. If they can keep up this pace, they will be neck and neck with Caroline and Jennifer and Max and Katie. For some reason Katie thinks her PhD is getting her through this race. Really?  Did she get a PhD in scorpions?

DETOUR Fire:  Involves starting a campfire by rubbing sticks together.
DETOUR Fowl: Build and set a snare to catch a guinea fowl.

Almost all teams choose Fire. Bates and Anthony are on their way.

Anthony starts this task.  It takes a lot of stamina.

Bates and Anthony are the first to start the fire and now have to go with the bushmen to a Safari Camp that is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Before they leave they try and tell the country singers how they started the fire. Bates and Anthony are team number one.

Pam and Winnie are team number 2.
Chuck and Wyonna are team number 3.
Joey and Meghan are team number 4.
Caroline and Jennifer are team number 5.
Mona and Beth are team number six.

Max and Katie are the last team to arrive, but this is a non-elimination leg which means that they will get a speed bump on the next leg, which is an extra task that they will have to do.

Next week: Stay tuned when Chuck and Wynonna can’t row a canoe and no one knows how to work with donkeys.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap "Winging It," Ep 311

First what we didn't see: Ramona has a career as a model!

Love meets with her doctor, Dr. Stiler, for a neurological check up. Love was involved in a very bad car accident with an 18 wheeler and still has lingering issues. The doctor asks her if she notices signs of irritability and if she gets angry easily. Love tells him that when she is angry or fights, she just blacks out and doesn’t remember what happened. This was the case with a recent fight she was in. She has a bad temper, but says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She is still suffering from the aftereffects of the trauma to her skull and the doctor feels she still has symptoms of post traumatic shock syndrome.

Karen is still in Arizona and getting ready to go back to Staten Island. She hates leaving Karina. Karina will be taking their dog, Ozzie, to grandma’s house with her. Karen feels she is on good terms with Dave now and he agrees with her. They talked through all their issues and he won’t have to keep any secrets from Karen in the future. Dave is taking Karen and Ramona to the airport. Karen says she still has a lot to do on Sammy’s case.

“This is the thing, Love definitely has an issue with you,” says Drita.

Drita arrives at Carla’s house. She need to talk to Carla about the “Love” situation. “Love wants to eat her.” Drita tells Carla that Love definitely has an issue with her. Carla insists she doesn’t know Love and never met her. Drita tells her that Love says Carla has been talking about her and that according to Love, she went out with Carla’s boyfriend before he got together with Carla. Carla thinks this is insane and says Love “banged” him for a month before Carla met him. Carla feels that Drita should tell Love that she doesn’t want to hear anything about Carla because they are good friends. But Drita is concerned that, as Carla’s good friend, she cannot make Carla understand that Love is serious and will really hurt her if they don’t talk it out.

Renee goes to a Brooklyn shoe store owned by her friend, Jiton. They have been friends for 10 years and have similar backgrounds. They begin talking business. They had discussed developing a shoe line for Renee’s new business, Mob Candy. They have been waiting for Renee to get her life back on track and now Renee says she is ready. She wants her shoes to be glamorous and over the top, like her lifestyle. Jiton says she will set up a meeting with her designers and see what they can do to create the shoes Renee envisions.

Drita and Big Ang are talking in Drita’s new store, across the street from the Monkey. Drita looks at Big Ang as a mentor in business. Drita wants her store to be old school and she even has a jukebox. Drita tells Ang that she talked to Carla, but she is stubborn. Lee calls Drita and she tells him she wants him to ask his friend to put a camera in the store so she can watch it from home. Big Ang says Neil doesn’t help, he is just good for picking up trash and beer. Drita laughs and says Lee can’t do anything either. Big Ang feels that this store is helping to make Drita more independent.

“The wedding is gonna happen, so come happy, come sad,” says Ramona.

Ramona takes her girls to pick out items for her wedding arrangements. The wedding will be held at home and possibly in a moment’s notice, depending on when Joe is able to get out of prison for one week. It will be a “shot-gun” wedding. They will try to get married as soon as he gets out and then spend the week together, before he has to go back. Joe will have to be under house arrest and have two armed guards present. They discuss things like food, flowers, tables, chairs etc. Ramona says the wedding will happen so “come happy, come sad.” Ramona says this might be the quickest wedding planned in history.

Karen is back in New York and meets her cousin, Rena, at her pizzeria. She tells Rena about her trip to Arizona and that she finally met with Dave’s girlfriend. Karen says since they talked and cleared the air, she feels comfortable. Rena asks about Sammy. Karen gets emotional. She hasn’t been able to see her father, he is in the hole, buried in the system. She tells Rena that she wants to reopen his case. Karen and Rena’s fathers were at odds, due to family circumstances, but they never let that come between them. Karen wants her father to get out of jail and enjoy the rest of his life. Rena tells her she has to keep on fighting.

Over at Angel Skin, the Ferragamo skin center, Carla is getting a facial from Dr. Ferragamo, a retired gynecologist who delivered Drita’s children. It’s a nice little family spa business. Joe walks in and he and Carla joke around while the doctor works on Carla’s face. Carla announces, to no one in particular, that she and Joe will always have each other’s backs. She says she is glad she had his children. She has no time for drama, like Love, who has no life and just likes to talk trash.

If I take a sh*t on her front lawn, she should shut her f*ckin’ mouth,” Love says.

Drita is going to get her nails done with Love. Drita enjoys Love’s company, she makes her laugh. Drita tells Love that she spoke to Carla about the issues Love has with her. Love wants to know what she said. Drita tells her she denied it. Love says she has heard 35 things that Carla has said about her, one after the other. Then Love adds that her boyfriend drew angel wings for the tattoo on her wrist, the same ones she used for her company, Veritas Cosmetics, and that Carla stole her design and gave it to her husband, Joe for his Angel Skin business. Love says the wings are right there on the front door. Love tells Drita that if Carla doesn’t sit down with her and own what she has been saying, she will confront her. Drita believes that Love is convinced that the stories she has been told about Carla are true. Drita asks Love if she can talk to Carla. Love says she can talk to Carla, but is not sure it would go well because Carla has a bad attitude and will call her crazy.

Renee is rebuilding her life and relationship with AJ. She is focused on her business. She takes AJ rock climbing. Renee is a little afraid after going halfway up the wall and comes back down. AJ quickly and easily scales the wall. They both seem to enjoy the experience. Renee tells him this is a way for them to bond. She wants them to have a different and better life. Renee fills AJ in on her meeting with Jiton and the new shoe line. AJ tells her he doesn’t want to take money from her, he wants to make his own money. Renee is so proud of him. Then he tells Renee she s doing great. Renee starts to tear up. It means so much coming from AJ.

Love’s 40th Birthday party takes place at a club with the girls. Ramona, Drita and Karen are there. Karen is filling them in on her boyfriend/business partner, Storm. Karen doesn’t like Ramona’s attitude and at the same time, Ramona is irked by Karen. Ramona keeps calling Storm the “Music Man” and making jokes. Storm arrives and Karen introduces him to all the girls. Love has all good things to say about him and approves. Now Love feels all the women have a man except her, and she wants some action too.

Renee and Jiton meet again, this time with the shoe designers. They bring sketches of the kinds of shoes they think Renee will like. Renee really likes the sketches and makes suggestions to add her own personal twist to them. Now they surprise Renee with prototypes of a couple of styles. There is a pair that look like “fire” that she wants to name after Ramona. They also designed one pair that they named, “Renee.” Renee loves all their ideas, they nailed it. Renee appreciates the fact that they waited for her to get her life back on track to develop this shoe line.

“You say something about me, I’m coming in for the kill,” Carla brags.

Carla invites friends, family and Drita and Big Ang to her wine tasting party. Drita and Ang want to put out the fire between Love and Carla. Drita feels she has to bring it up again because Carla is a target and she has no choice. She tells Carla she talked to Love again. Carla denies saying anything about Love and doesn’t care what she said or heard. Drita mentions the angel wings and tells Carla that Love told her she took her business logo and gave it to Joe for his business. Carla denies that too. Carla says Love is “F*ckin’ Nuts!” She says she knows nothing about Love’s business or her wings. Carla tells Drita that Joe’s father found them on the internet and drew them. Carla hopes that Drita is not believing everything Love is telling her and she doesn’t want Drita and Big Ang to be manipulated. Drita is in the middle again, between Love and Carla this time. Drita wants them to be civil. Carla says she will only talk, not fight. Drita tells her Love has a bad temper. Carla says, she doesn’t “give a f*ck.”


Oh boy! Once again the next week’s previews have totally fried my brain! What the hell is going to happen? Everyone looked raging mad over something. Looks like I might have to watch it twice.

As for this episode, “Winging It,“ I love the title! I am happy to see that Renee is getting her life back on track with things she is passionate about, her business venture “Mob Candy” and AJ. She looks so much more relaxed, and frankly so does AJ. The rock climbing was a fun experience to share and it gave them time to talk and appreciate each other. I think their lives are a lot calmer and more stable now and it shows. As for Renee’s shoe line, I think they nailed it too. The shoes they designed definitely have Renee’s unique sense of flair and glamour. If you liked what you saw, they should be available soon on her website. Congratulations and much success to Renee from all of us at the blog!

Karen has reconciled her issues with Dave and his girlfriend, so that will reduce a lot of the tension in her life. There are only two more episodes, so I don’t know if the reopening of her dad’s case will happen this season. This is a storyline I would like to follow in season four. Now as for Ramona and Karen’s issues, they just seem to be getting worse right now. Ramona is trying to push Karen’s buttons about her dating Storm by using her nickname, “Music Man,” and saying it as often as she can, with a few teasing digs. I got the feeling she was almost mocking Karen’s budding relationship. It’s not sitting well with Karen. It seems to me that Ramona is trying to get back at Karen for giving her the truth instead of her blessing, on her wedding to Joe. The cousins are going through a rough patch, but I think in the end they will talk and move past it. Will it get worse before it gets better? Time will tell. (P.S. I think Rena should be on more often, I love her personality!)

What can I say about Drita, Love and Carla this week? A lot! First, let me get it out of the way and say I don’t believe anything Carla says about anything because she has lied too many times, on and off the show. So if Love says she has heard from different people that Carla was bad mouthing her, I believe it. She started off this season with an attitude towards Love, where did that come from? There were nasty tweets exchanged on Twitter, between Love and Carla, before Love was even in the cast. It doesn’t add up that she has no clue who Love is, especially since she is dating Handy Man, who previously dated Love for a short time. Just connect the dots!

Now I am very sympathetic towards Drita. Whoever thought I would be saying that? But honestly, Drita is caught in an impossible situation and is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Once again she is in the middle of a mess. She is friends with both Carla and Love and she wants to keep peace in her life. She has had two rough years on the show and just wants to be happy. She is doing the best she can to stay out of the drama and focus on the positive. People are criticizing Drita for not being a loyal friend to Carla. I think Drita is doing the best she can. She is defending Carla and going back to warn her that Love is serious. She wants them to resolve this issue and clear the air. Carla isn’t taking it seriously, which will only escalate the situation. Drita is really worried that Love will hurt Carla. What is she supposed to do? Challenge Love to a dual and defend Carla’s honor? Maybe Drita thinks Carla is capable of gossiping about Love, maybe she heard some of word on the street about it? Maybe Drita knows it’s true and hasn’t said so? It’s not like Carla hasn’t talked about Karen, Ramona and Renee behind their backs. What’s one more? Only this time maybe Carla picked the wrong person to flap her gums about.

And as to the wings, where did they come from? That is the heavenly question. Love has consistently said that her boyfriend drew her the wings for the tattoo on her wrist, which was clearly visible on the show. She used that same design for her Veritas Cosmetics company. Love says, Carla took her wings logo and gave it to Joe for his Angel Skin business. Carla denies it, Joe denies it (on Twitter), Joe’s business partner, Danielle, denies it (on Twitter). So where do they say the wings originated…and herein lies "Wing-Gate"…

Joe tweets that he and his business partner, Danielle, “conceived” the idea for the wings. Danielle tweets that she chose the wings (from some unspecified source), and Carla says, her father in-law picked them out online and drew them (I believe that’s what  heard last night). So where do these wings come really come from? On a previous blog, Mob Mistress posted both sets of wings, Love’s logo and Angle skin’s logo. The wings look the same to us except that the Angel Skin logo had the “dots” removed and it’s wings “stretched” slightly to be a little elongated. Otherwise, they look identical in the feather count and every curve and contour. At least that’s my opinion. If nothing else, it’s a very big coincidence to say the least. I’m sure the truth is out there somewhere and it may end up in our laps one day.

I am so looking forward to next week’s episode! I would be happy to watch those previews all week long so I can try to figure out what the hell is going on. Until then, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this episode and the wings.

Video Credit: VH1

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Carmela's Food Blog: Easter Shortbread Cookies

Finished Easter Shortbread Cookies!

Easter Sunday always brings us a holiday feast of cooked meats, desserts and chocolate. Every holiday I try to explore a different cake or cookie. I've tried a few shortbread cookie recipes, but this one caught my eye because I had plenty of thyme stored in the freezer. It's an easy, basic shortbread cookie with a zest of lemon thyme. I added a sprinkle of sugar at the end to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees 

What you will need:
2 1/2 cups of flour 
2/3 cup of superfine sugar 
1/4 teaspoon sea salt 
2 sticks of unsalted butter 
2 tablespoons of finely chopped lemon thyme 
2 tablespoons of sugar 

Sift the flour in a large bowl. Add the salt. Set aside.

Mix the butter and sugar together with an electric mixer until its creamy. 

Add the flour mixture slowly into the butter. Add in the chopped thyme. Mix until combined.

Form it into a round ball, wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate it for 25 minutes. 

Take it out and form flat round circles. Place onto a lightly buttered cookie sheet. Cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then open the oven and sprinkle sugar over the cookies. Bake again 5 minutes more. 

Add sugar and bake 5 more minutes

Makes approx 25 cookies. 
These are delicious served with coffee or espresso! Make them in advance! 
Enjoy! Please let me know how they came out if you tried them!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Winging It" Ep 311

Love Majewski's Veritas Cosmetics Logo
"Carla's the Target" is the title of this little clip that VH1 has provided as a sneak peek to episode 11, "Winging It." Drita spoke to Love and feels she has to warn Carla that Love is upset with her because people have been telling her that Carla is bad mouthing. Drita and Ang approach Carla at a party and break the news to her. Carla gets agitated because she says she doesn't even know Love, so why would she be talking about her? But Love says that Carla does know her. In fact, Carla took her logo, the "wings" from her Veritas Cosmetics company, and used it for her husband's business. Carla blows a gasket, saying who knew she has a logo, who knew she had a store?

The window of Dr. Ferragamo's skin center.
Well someone knows the details of the case of the "stolen logo." Did she or didn't she use Love's logo? And has she been running her mouth about Love all over Staten Island? It wouldn't be the first time one of the mob wives has accused her of talking behind their backs, i.e. Karen, Ramona and Renee. So Carla always has a reputation. Who are we to believe? I can't wait to see this whole scene and the possible sit down between Carla and Love. The season started with a bang and it's ending with a BANG!

Mob Mistress' Take:  "I don't even know where my damn glasses are & it's looks like the same damn angel wings to me.  Okay, so they're upside down & the dots are missing."

Video credit: VH1

If you would like to see Sneak Peek 2 check out VH1 for Lee Helps Drita @ Winging it, Ep 11

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"The Walking Dead: Prey" EP Recap

Flashback: Michonne and Andrea are out in the woods at night next to a roaring fire, eating canned soup and trying to stay warm with blankets and canned food. The two walkers are chained to the tree and Andrea mentions how they are “getting restless” again. Andrea asks Michonne where she got the walkers, if they attacked her or if she even knew them. Michonne is silent as tears fill her eyes. “You want to talk about it?” Andrea tries consoling. Michonne nods “no”. Andrea acknowledges. “They deserve what they got…they weren’t human to begin with…” Michonne remarks.

Back in Woodbury, The Governor is setting up chains that the walkers were led on by Michonne and are tying them on each side of a pole.

Martinez and his men are on a hummer and setting up equipment went Milton walks out and asks for the Governor. Martinez says he’s not here. When Milton questions the men putting the weapons together, Martinez says that the Governor “wants options” and that everyone “is going out”. Andrea pops in and thought there was a deal on the table. Milton assures her that it’s just a precaution.

In his personal interrogation room, the Governor goes over tools and blades to use. Milton watches on. The Governor calls to him and asks him if he needs anything. Milton asks him about his supplies and workshop. “How does that Woodbury?” Milton boldly asks. “What about a fresh start, a second chance….everything we talked about? This business with Michonne, I understand…but the people at the prison….” The Governor cuts him off. “Do you still believe the biters have some spark in them?” The Governor asks Milton. Milton says that he thinks so but he’s not sure yet if the walkers still have a sense of consciousness and awareness of their previous selves. “Then what about Penny?” The Governor remarks. “Whether that was Penny or not…it’s done,” Milton replies. “I doesn’t matter…” The Governor told him that it’s all that matters.

Later on, Milton warns Andrea that there is no deal and that the Governor wants Michonne from Rick. Andrea mentions how Rick would never go through with such a trade. Milton says that the Governor will kill them all regardless. Andrea wants to stop this but Milton warns her that she might not. She follows Milton upstairs to a secret room where they can look into the Governor’s warehouse. Inside, he has a chair set up with handcuffs and equipment. “Leave…” Milton says. “Leave now, go back to the prison and tell everyone to leave.” “No,” Andrea says, “I have to kill him.” Milton says she can’t get too close to him. Andrea said this is too sick and she can’t stand by and let this happen. As the Governor sits down on the chair, Andrea pulls out her gun and points it at him…but she doesn’t pull the trigger. Milton grabs the barrel and holds it back.

“How can you still protect him? He doesn’t give a shit about you!” Andrea remarks later on. “I knew Philip before he became the Governor,” Milton replies. He still exists…you kill the Governor, you get shot and Martinez takes over…killing the Governor doesn’t save your friends.” Andrea then says she has no choice but to run back to the prison and she tells Milton he’s going along. Milton objects and says he doesn’t know anyone at the prison. Milton says he belongs to Woodbury. Andrea warns him that if he stays, he can’t keep looking the other way. She gives him a peck on the cheek and tells him to take care of himself.

Andrea walks out into town and is called by Martinez. Martinez wants her weapon but she denies. Andrea then hands over her guns and ammo but refuses to give up the knife. The Governor walks passed her and mentions that he should’ve told her about all this but he wanted to keep her “separate and safe”. The Governor says that he wants Andrea for her to come with him tomorrow when he goes to meet Rick and the crew. Andrea continues on.

Tyrese and Sasha are stationed at one of the walls as Sasha mentions to Tyrese that he needs to practice shooting. A walker approaches and Sasha says it’s a good opportunity for Tyrese to shoot. Tyrese loads his rifle and shoots a couple rounds but misses. He finally shoots it in the head. Sasha and Tyrese both laugh but Andrea interrupts as she tells them that a pack of walkers are headed for the main security wall and Martinez wants some extra help. Tyrese tells her that they aren’t supposed to leave their post. Andrea says to ask Martinez. Tyrese and Sasha still refuse to leave their post. Andrea climbs up the latter and to the duo’s shock, Andrea tells them she needs to leave. Andrea draws out a knife at them. “Just relax!” Tyrese tells Andrea. “I’m sorry…but this place…the Governor….he’s not what he seems to be…he has done terrible things and is planning worse. I got to get out of here and you should too!” Andrea said. Tyrese tells her to relax and get some rest but Andrea isn’t having it. Tyrese lets Andrea go into the walker-infested world. Sasha mentions they shouldn’t let her go but Tyrese said they had no choice.

Back in the Governor’s area, Tyrese, Sasha and the guards are arguing about Andrea and how the duo let her go. The Governor acknowledged that they did what they thought was best. Tyrese asks the Governor if Woodbury is a prison camp. “Of course not, she’s just in no shape to take care of herself,” The Governor says. He tells her that she was out in the winter “alone” and how “she only had the biters”. He explained how “they” tried to bring her in to help her but it was too late. The Governor asked the duo if she said anything off. The duo say no. “I hope this doesn’t affect us,” Tyrese said. The Governor tells the two that they can help out Martinez and to not really worry about Andrea. The Governor goes outside and Milton is waiting. He asks him if she’s gone. The Governor tells him he personally is going after Andrea. Milton just tells him to let her go because she wants to be with her people. The Governor asks Milton if he talked to her. Milton denies it but then admits. The Governor grabs Milton’s shirt and interrogates him about the deal and Michonne. Milton doesn’t reply but the Governor lets him go regardless.

Andrea is walking down the rural road, surrounded by the woods, trees….and lingering walkers.

Back in Woodbury, Martinez tells the duo to get ready in a few. Sasha asks where they are going. “We’re not going after that girl, are we?” Tyrese asks. “Is that a problem?” Martinez remarks. Tyrese tells the group that he was alarmed at her “shook up” behavior. Martinez says she’s on her own and it’s going to be something else they are doing. The two dingleberries of the group chirp in on how Tyrese and Sasha let Andrea go and how she’s nothing but “trouble” and “crazy”. Tyrese is still disturbed by Andrea’s words before she left. The dingleberry said to “not screw things up” and to not get thrown out because of Tyrese and his feelings towards Andrea. The dingleberry mentions how Tyrese “shamed him” in front of his boy. “I just happened to be there…it could’ve been anyone…” Tyrese says. Sasha cuts the two of them off and they go on. The dingleberry is going off on Tyrese for saving Donna’s life and how Donna began clinging to Tyrese, making her husband feel inadequate. Before the two can duke it out, they get in Martinez’s vehicle.
Andrea hears a roaring engine so she goes into the woods and hides against a tree. Before Andrea can catch her breath, a walker grabs her from behind a tree as more walkers approach her. Andrea holds up one of the walkers with her legs, pulls it in to stab it and breaks the walkers arm that’s gripping her. Andrea is released from the grip, stabs the walker and runs on.

Martinez and the gang are in a remote location where they have a trap for walkers. Martinez and his gang are doing their jobs and trying to unhook the trap but once Tyrese realizes that the walkers are bait for Rick and his gang, he becomes disgusted and wants no part of it, especially with women and children involved. Martinez said he can suit himself and when they get back to Woodbury, the Governor will send them packing. Dingleberry says there is no need for that. Tyrese tells him they will survive on their own again. The dingleberry says he’s not leaving and he needs to look out for his boy. “Like you looked out for Donna?” Tyrese remarked. DIngleberry jumps on him and the two wrestle. Tyrese pushes Dingleberry towards the trap of walkers, ready to drop him in for walker food. Sasha begs Tyrese to stop. Tyrese lifts him back up and shoves him to the side. Martinez tells a guard to take the group back into town.

Andrea is now out in the open fields, no walkers in site. She continues on but still hears the roaring vehicle so she drops to the ground. But the Governor drives her direction for Andrea makes a run for it. The Governor honks his horn but Andrea still runs towards the woods. The Governor stops in his tracks and takes another route. It’s nightfall and Andrea is still going. She approaches an abandoned warehouse and still hears the Governor’s vehicle. She runs inside the warehouse. The vehicle pulls up to the warehouse.

Andrea begins walking around the warehouse, wondering where she is at. But the Governor isn’t too far behind her. He begins whistling, making it known to her that he’s there. A walker approaches Andrea but she stabs it. The noise gives away her location. Andrea finally finds a spot to take cover in. The Governor sees the slain walker and tries to find Andrea’s spot. He calls out to her, telling her that all of Woodbury needs her and that it’s her home. Andrea is refusing to respond. “Suit yourself,” The Governor says as he hits a shovel on broken windows, shattering glass everywhere. Andrea continues to conceal herself from the Governor’s psychotic wrath. The Governor is closing in on her hiding spot. But there’s a clinging of chains and the Governor focuses his attention on that. Andrea flees to another safe spot as the Governor spots walkers and begins killing them. Andrea tries to sneak around and kills walkers that stand in her way. She finally reaches a door to a staircase but sees that it’s full of walkers. It’s too late…the Governor has her cornered. “Time to go home, Andrea”. But she opens the staircase door, sneaks into another room and unleashes the herd of walkers on the Governor, leaving him alone to struggle. Andrea watches on before proceeding upstairs and escaping.

Back in the walker trap area, a mysterious vehicle approaches and a mystery person pours gasoline all over the trapped walkers before lighting up a cloth, throwing it in the trap, and setting off a malatov cocktail on the walkers. The vehicle then drives off.

Andrea finally reaches to the end of the prison yard, overwhelmed with relief that she finally made it to the prison. She raises her hand to wave to Rick whose on guard duty. But the Governor grabs her in a surprise attack. It barely catches Rick’s eye.

Martinez and company show up to see the traps are smoking from the fires lit up. Some of the walkers end up getting killed but some are barely alive, hungry for human flesh. The Governor then drives back into Woodbury to Martinez telling him that someone lit up the walker trap and he suspects it’s Tyrese and his gang. Tyrese and the gang are in a room when the Governor comes in and asks about the pits. Tyrese acknowledges that Governor has a beef with Rick but he won’t take part in killing innocent women and children with walkers. The Governor tries to convince them it’s a scare tactic to keep them from fighting. Tyrese asks the Governor why not have the guards just explain it to him. The Governor says they don’t share tactics with people they don’t know. Tyrese admitted they all want to stay in Woodbury and it won’t happen again. The Governor asks Tyrese where he got the gasoline. “Come again?” Tyrese asks. “Doesn’t matter…” The Governor remarks as he leaves. Milton walks by him. Milton asks The Governor if Andrea is dead. The Governor mentioned he hoped not. Milton said the incident with the pits was a shame and that he hopes he find out who did it. “Already have,” The Governor responds.

Andrea, while alive, is handcuffed to the torture chair….

Yeah, I was a little late with the recap due to work/professional stuff but I got it up! Honestly, this episode had a pretty promising start…but then during the wild goosechase with the Governor, I got a bit tired of it...UNTIL Andrea finally uses her brain and unleashes a horde of walkers on the Governor (which actually made me come THISCLOSE to liking her). My thing is, how is it this same woman can easily shoot her sister in the head after she's turned but this woman has every, single opportunity to kill the Governor and doesn't take it? I also think Milton better watch his back...

Not much to say on Tyrese. I predict he and Sasha will somewhat keep their humanity even if dingleberry and his kid won't. Milton better watch his back though. 

Also, am I the only sick twisted one that was actually fascinated at watching the scene after Tyrese and crew set off a malatov cocktail on the walkers? Seriously, when the guards see them in the trap, half are dead, the other half still wanting to bite into human flesh...KNARLY!!!!!! It was scary but I couldn't look away either...

My predictions: 
  • I think Milton gets ballsy enough to actually go to the prison himself. He has the resources to do so and he'll sneak off and warn Rick and the gang what's going on once he discovers Andrea is alive and the torture chair. He's not a fighter for sure but I think he's had enough of playing middleman to the Governor 
  • Tyrese and Sasha will interfere with the Governor and Andrea. 
  • Surprise attack from Rick and the gang resulting in the fall of Woodbury. I also think given a hint as to what happened to Michonne in the past, she will have good intentions to try to save Andrea from the Governor's wrath. 
  • Both Andrea and the Governor buy the farm. 

Picture Credit: AMC,, 
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Amazing Race 22: Recap "Your Tan Is Totally Cool" Ep 5

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married              
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts        
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                  
Jessica & John              Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel          Best Friends/Firefighters


Spoiler Alert: To find out where the Battaglia brothers place at the end of the race solve this puzzle:
 2nd place           

Dave and Connor depart first. Dave needs to have surgery and this team is reconciled to the fact that this will be their last leg.

Max and Katie announce that they will definitely U Turn a team.

Anthony and Bates are the 7th team to depart and if they don’t make up some time, they could be U Turned.

Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) to Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) Racers are on their way to Vietnam.

Trang Tien Plaza, Hanoi .

It looks like there will be an equalizer here.  All teams have to wait for the next clue in the morning.

Dave and Conner are eliminated from the race due to Dave’s injury.

Anthony and Bates are thrilled that Jessica and John have been eliminated and think that their alliance will now fall apart.

ROADBLOCK: Scan piles of photos and find one that says, 'Glory to the younger generation', which is written in Vietnamese.

Winnie and Pam are the first to get through the roadblock.
Anthony and Bates are the fifth to get through the roadblock. Anthony does this roadblock.

Now they have to do a bamboo dance.
Bates and Anthony move to 4th place.

The detour:  involves playing human chess.
The detour:  find ingredients and make a Vietnamese soup called Pho Ga.

Bates and Anthony are currently in 2nd place and running…

Pam and Winnie are way ahead and are in the lead.

Double U-Turn…

Pam and Winnie U-Turn Meghan and Joey. Now Joey and Meghan have to complete the detour that they chose not to do in order to check in. Meghan and Joey U-Turn Chuck and Wyonna.

Pam and Winnie are team number one.

The Battaglia brothers find that they have not been U-Turned.

Max and Katie are Team number two.
Mona and Beth are team number three.
Bates and Anthony are team number four.

Joey and Meghan are starting the second detour.
Wyonna and Chuck have not finished the first detour and do not know that they have been U-Turned.

Caroline and Jennifer are team number five.

Chuck and Wyonna find that they have been U-Turned and think that Joey and Meghan have U-Turned them.

Joey and Meghan come in as team number six.

Chuck and Wyonna are the last team to arrive – but since Dave and Connor have withdrawn from the race this is a non-elimination leg and they are still playing.

Next Week: Botswana jungle, eating scorpions ?  Lets look for Joey/Meghan or Pam/Winnie to be eliminated.

 Written By: Cousin Vinny

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Mob Wives: Recap “Desert Storm,” Ep 310

                                              First what we didn't see
                                   Karen and Gerard speak with a lawyer

One of the things Ramona and Karen have to do while in Arizona is to go to the storage unit and find anything that will provide information for Sammy’s release from prison. There are a ton of recorded tapes and paperwork. Karen will have to listen to all the tapes to try to find information on the plea deal Sammy made years ago. If there is proof that Sammy only agreed to do 15 years, and never knew he could do as much as 20 years, they have grounds to get him out.

At Renee’s house, Renee is telling AJ about her plans to get an attack dog for protection. He thinks that $20,000 is too much for a dog and tells Renee she is never home. Renee is also taking a self-defense class. She says she wants to rebuild her relationship with AJ  and wants him to take the class too. He doesn’t want to. She tells him that he minimizes things that she feels are important. She believes the self-defense class will help her release her negative feelings.

“Forgive yourself bitch, move on!” Ramona yells.

At Karen’s house in Arizona, Karen and Ramona are going through boxes of tapes. Karen says she needs to go through all of them. Karen puts on a tape of when they were all in court. She says the family was arrested, all at the same time, for being in an ecstasy ring. Sammy took the rap so she and her brother, Gerard, could get lighter sentences. Sammy didn’t want Karen in prison when she had Karina to raise. Now she needs to find a tape that proves Sammy only agreed to 15 years and never knew he could do 20. Karen says she feels sick because everything their family did or said was being recorded at that time. Karen starts messing with the tapes and Ramona yells at her to stop because she is going to need those tapes! Ramona gives Karen some tough love. She tells her she did her time and paid her debt to society and it’s time to move on! Enough!

Since AJ won’t go to the self-defense class, Renee takes Drita. The instructor explains how they need to hold their hands so they don’t break their wrists. Drita remembers breaking her hand when she was younger. Drita is loving this class while Renee is having trouble at first. Renee doesn’t like the thought of having to hit someone even in practice. But the instructor makes her use what she learned and Renee is actually having fun.

Renee, Love and Drita meet at a bar and Renee and Drita tell her all about their self-defense class. Renee mentions that she has an issue with Carla and then Love says she has her own issues with Carla. Drita s really sick of hearing about that. They move on to talking about Karen and Ramona going to Arizona to meet Dave’s girlfriend. They know Karen is upset. Drita thinks she would have a problem meeting an ex’s girlfriend and would probably beat her up.

“At this point she may need intervention cause I'm not sure she's alive.“ Karen says.

Karen goes to a restaurant to meet Rebecca and lay down the law. Rebecca looks at Karen with a cold stare and Karen is not happy. The meeting is awkward, and Dave chimes in that they are meeting because Becky spends a lot of time with Karina.  There is silence. “Helloooo Rebecca? Knock, knock, knock,” says Karen. Rebecca isn’t talking, but as always Karen breaks the ice and speaks first. Becky says she is 34 and Karen says that she is 40. Rebecca tells her she is in Real Estate, has two kids and is Italian. Karen says, “I shoplifted and robbed cars.” Then Karen gets right to the point. She is upset that Rebecca took Karina to the doctor. Rebecca says that her schedule is more flexible and that it was “no big deal.” That agitates Karen, who thinks it’s a very big deal and feel like putting her foot through Rebecca’s forehead. Karen feels like the outsider because she isn’t even being consulted on things that concern her daughter. Rebecca says she isn’t trying to be Karina’s mom. Dave tells Karen that Karina is friends with Becky’s daughter and they have gone to the same school. Karen is content that Rebecca has been respectful and is glad they met. Dave thinks they can all get along well. Karen ends by inviting them both to a get together she is having at her house the next day.

Drita is still waiting for the renovations on her store to be completed. Meanwhile she is paying rent and needs to make money so she went back to taking some makeup gigs. She has one for a fitness magazine shoot. Drita enjoyed this job.

Holy sh*t,“G” is for gangsta and you gotta be gangsta to rock some tits like that!” says Love.

Love and Big Ang meet up. Love tells her Fate is coming from Las Vegas to see her. She is nervous and excited at the same time. Love is looking to buy some sexy things to wear for him. She dated Fate seven years ago and says “he is the male Love.” The woman measuring Love says she is a 34 G-H…”G” is for gangster. Big Ang loves everything Love is trying on in the store.  Love says she almost doesn’t believe Fate is coming. She regrets leaving him all those years ago at the height of their passion. Then Love changes the subject and says she keeps hearing from other people that Carla is talking about her all over the island. Big Ang says she hasn’t heard Carla ever mention Love’s name and no one has said anything to her about it. Love still believes Carla is talking sh*t about her and that Big Ang is naïve.

“When I was getting my hair done, she said I want kids,” Karina tells Karen.

Karina is walking with Ozzie, her dog, and Ramona and Karen. They are taking Ozzie to the groomers because he has been alone in the house since Dave moved out. He is getting a bath. Karina asks Karen is she thinks Becky is pretty. Karina says she is nice and sweet, not like Karen. Ramona hears that and her eyebrows go up! Ramona says of course she is nice and sweet, Karina doesn’t know that all women do that while that are dating to get the man hooked. Karina says she heard Dave and Becky talking about buying their own home. She tells Karen Rebecca wants to have kids. Karina feels if Dave has a baby that she and her father will grow apart. Karen gets very emotional. She doesn’t want Karina to feel that way. She feels that she and Dave made so many mistakes and Karina is paying for them. Karen assures her that Dave will always love her and nothing will ever change that. She tells Karina she wants her to move to New York and live with her.

“The truth is, I wanted him to chase me and he didn't.“ says Love.

Love and Fate go on a date. Love looks fantastic. She says Fate is the one who got away. She is nervous, like a schoolgirl. They hug. She comments on how big and strong he is. Seven years have passed since they were together. He tells her she looks the same, she tells him he looks better than ever. He says he is leery because she ran out on him all those years ago. She says she left because he was having a baby with another woman that he was with before he met Love. She wanted him to go chasing after her when she left, but he never did. Love is emotional and says she still cares for him. They kiss.

“She's just a consolation prize,” says Ramona.

The get together at Karen’s house in Arizona is on and poppin’. Ramona and Gerard are there and then Karen’s fun and crazy Arizona friends all arrive. Last, but not least, Dave and Rebecca walk in. Ramona is not happy that “Becky Butana” is there and she wants to talk to both Dave and Becky during the party. Ramona says her first impression of Becky is “constipation.” She asks Dave if he is happy and hears he is buying a house. He tells her he is happy. She wants him to know that if he does anything he should let Karen know and they shouldn’t be finding out about it on the internet. He agrees. Ramona puts Dave on the spot about his feelings for Karen. Dave admits he was hoping to get back together with Karen and that she would take him back, but some things aren’t meant to be. Ramona is satisfied that Dave is not in love with Rebecca. Ramona says now that she bonded with Dave she is going to talk to “Becky Butana.”

Ramona says, “I’m just gonna cut her up like a frita.” Ramona goes over to Rebecca and says she has heard a lot of things about her, none of them good. Ramona tells her they were coming to Arizona to lynch her up. The fact that she took Karina to the doctor was out of line. Rebecca explains that she was doing Dave a favor and asked him if it would be okay with Karen, he told her yes. Ramona respects the fact that Rebecca isn’t quivering. Rebecca says she wouldn’t have taken her if Karen had a problem with it. Ramona is satisfied that, as mothers, they agree some lines should not be crossed with other people’s children. So Rebecca will now have Karen’s contact information and can ask her or tell her things that concern Karina’s welfare. Karen respects Rebecca for coming to her party.

“Loves gonna rip her with her f*ckin’ fist!,” says Drita

Over in Staten Island, Drita decides she need to get back in shape and goes to “boot camp.” Drita says she was always athletic, but this class is just way too rough and she is having trouble keeping up. Big Ang stops by to meet up with Drita after class. They plan on going shopping. Drita tells her she feels like she has been beaten up. Big Ang says Love should take the class. This comment opens a can of worms. Big Ang says Love keeps mentioning Carla and Drita agrees. They both complain that this issue Love has with Carla is escalating and getting worse because Love keeps talking about it. They both agree that Carla has to be told and warned about Love, who may be looking to beat her up. Drita is worried because Carla uses words to attack, but Love uses fists.


Finally we get to see more of Love Majewski and her life! Love is reconnecting with her old flame, Fate and sparks fly. The dinner date goes well as the couple catch up on each other’s lives and why broke up. It’s too bad they couldn’t work things out seven years ago because it’s obvious there is a strong bond between them. Personally, as nice as this connection is, I am patiently waiting for Love to confront Carla on her running her mouth all over Staten Island. That is one sit down I want a ringside seat for. Of course Carla will deny it, like she has done with every other mob wife, BUT can all of Staten Island be wrong all the time?

In the past few episodes we have been watching Karen deal with several serious issues. Thank God she has Ramona. These two cousins have each other’s backs and give out “tough love” whenever needed. This week it was Ramona’s turn to watch out for Karen. First, she had to make her “snap out of it” when Karen was reminiscing about her father and what her family went through. She feels guilty. The past is the past. It can’t be changed. And, Ramona keeps Karen focused on the present and getting the information needed to get her father out of prison. Next, at the get together, Ramona needs to have a little “chat” with Dave and “Becky Butana.” She wants to let them know that if they mess with Karen, they might as well be messing with her too. Dave surprisingly seems to admit her that he has feelings for Karen. I am starting to think he is mad at Karen for not taking him back and is trying to make her jealous. I don’t see any sparks at all between Dave and Rebecca. I will say that all the mob wives came to Becky’s defense on Twitter last night, so she s probably very nice. Maybe she was nice enough to agree to be filmed for the show, because she certainly isn’t under contract. But she did look intimidated to me. Maybe it was because of Karen or Ramona or simply being in front of a camera for the whole world to see? Who knows? At any rate, Dave could have done a lot worse. However, if he is planning a serious future with Becky, like a house and kids, then he needs to have two conversations, first with Karina, who should not be “overhearing” these matters, but spoken to directly and included in them.  Then he needs to talk to Karen right afterwards so she is not hearing these things from Karina or anyone else. I really hope Karina moves back to New York City after she completes this year of school. She needs to be with Karen. That’s my feeling. I know Karen was trying to get Karina to come around on her own, but it’s been two years now and I think Karen should insist on it.

The best part of the show was NO Carla! Of course they had to mention her here and there because everyone has an issue with her. I was disappointed there hasn’t been a Love/Carla sit down yet. Did I say that already? Drita and Big Ang definitely seem concerned. They know Love’s history and it ain’t pretty. Love is sick of hearing the gossip that Carla is spreading all over Staten Island. On top of that, if she doesn’t confront Carla about it soon, it will ruin her reputation. One thing is for sure, Love is not afraid of Carla and will show her what she thinks about her. There’s one way to get her to shut her mouth, put a fist in it. So yes, Big Ang and Drita are concerned because Carla fights with words and hits “below the belt,” while Love has been known to hit below and above the belt. So stay tuned for the next three episodes of Mob Wives, because something has got to give!

P.S. I was reading Twitter between note taking and I was surprised to see Carla defending poor Rebecca when all she did was bad mouth Raquel for months. She never met Rebecca, how would she know? Just sayin’

Special Thanks to @CarmelaCorleone for giving me her favorite quotes of the episode!

Video Credit: VH1

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Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo's Boyfriend Nude?

Isn't the puppy precious?
Carla Facciolo's screen time season 3 of Mob Wives has been jarring.  At the top of the season, viewers learn Carla's hooves had been sharpened.  She was neighing away to expose Renee Graziano's drug addiction.

Some have been itching to equally expose her boyfriend who we affectionately call Handy Man around here.  A blogger recently has had a looooooooooong run in with some women claiming to be Boss Ladies and their minions fans or Twitter buddies.  The blogger known as Insanity Is Reality has chronicled her long standing dealings with various folks in her Blogger's Problems section.  My advice is to laugh it off and move forward.  It isn't that serious.  Make fun of them, make fun of yourself and know it's not personal because you don't know them nor them you.  We all have opinions, positive or negative.  They shouldn't give a care about mine.  I am a stranger with no impact in their lives.  I know their opinion doesn't have any relevance in mine.  I did notice the hypocrisy. They tell the IIR blogger if she doesn't remove her posts they post her full name, address and phone number.  They then post a name, address and phone number.  When the blogger asked a mob wife to call off her dogs or she'll post a nude of her boyfriend, the same individuals start claiming she is blackmailing the reality personality.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

People choose what they want to do.  Negative or positive I am going to type what I want to when I want to.  Last time I checked my husband brought my iMac and pays our internet bill.  He doesn't even attempt to tell me what to type.  If one simply doesn't like a blog, particular Twitter page, it's simple do not follow it.  Problem solved.  Everybody isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea.

Here's a snippet from Insanity Is Reality, hot pink really?
WARNING: If you are younger than 18 years old please do not click the link.  If you have not eaten please do not click the link.  If you want to get frisky in the near future do not click the link.  The IIR blogger had enough, once individuals started claiming she did not have nudes of Carla Facciolo's boyfriend.  They even claimed the blogger was lying and full of shit.  So IIR proved them wrong HERE.  As I've typed in the past, the man isn't a bad looking guy.  The fellow in the picture reminds me of a fat puppy.  I am sure if he saw me naked he'd gag and think Jabba the Hut meets Madea.  It is what it is.

Note:  The IIR blogger has updated her picture.  She blotted out his privates, eyes and played less around with the exposure.  She did not add breasts, belly or tattoos.  Also you can view our previous post with some body shots of Handy Man HERE.  I'm thinking the nude could be when Handy Man was enjoying some extra helpings of Lechón and/or Torta della Nonna, before we got a glimpse of him last summer leaner & in shape.  The tattoos look extremely familiar.  Maybe it's Handy Man & maybe it's a cousin or something?  I figure the folks who know for sure are the man in the picture, his girlfriend and an ex or two.

Do not miss Mob Wives tonight @10 PM on VH1.  I need my dose of Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Love Majewski, Ramona Rizzo and Big Ang.

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Mob Wives: Sneak Peek 2 "Desert Storm" Ep 310

Holy Cannoli! "Is Karen Being Replaced?" is the name of the clip. Karen meets with Dave's girlfriend, Rebecca (Putana) in this sneak peek and she gets right down to business. Karen's questions cut right to the core. One thing Karen tells her is that in her opinion, Rebecca taking Karina to the doctor was an oversteping of boundaries. Rebecca says she has an open schedule, because she is in real estate, and it just worked out for everybody. Oops! Then she adds it was "no big deal." Karen wants to put her foot through her forehead at the words "no big deal." Karen says to her it's a big deal because she doesn't know her from a hole in the wall (Go Karen!).

By the way, does Rebecca kind of resemble Raquel? She looks so familiar. Maybe if Dave had been a lot more open and upfront with Karen, she wouldn't be having such issues with his girlfriend. Dave kind of put this girl in a bad position in Karen's eyes, like she was something to hide. Meanwhile, Rebecca makes a decent impression. She works, she is articulate and is very pretty. As all girlfriends would probably do, she wants to get to know Karina and establish a friendly relationship, since Dave is a big part of her life right now. Noting wrong with that. What is wrong is how Dave set Rebecca up to leave a bad taste in Karen's mouth. I can't wait to see how the whole scene plays out!

Video Credit: VH1

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Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Desert Storm" Ep 310

VH1 just released a sneak peek of episode 310, "Desert Storm." Karen and Ramona are discussing Sammy Gravano's prison sentence. Karen is feeling guilty because her father got the majority of prison time for what she and her brother did. Karen had just had Karina and Sammy didn't want his granddaughter to grow up without a mother. Karen is afraid her father will die in prison and she feels responsible. Ramona tries to calm her down, but it's not working. Ramona wants her to move on. She tells Karen to forgive herself. Ramona is really worked up over it and says "you did your time, you paid, enough!"

Video Credit: VH1

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap “I Love Monkeys!,” Ep 4

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                 Twin Doctors                 
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds           
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms                
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers           
Chuck & Wynona          Married               
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors          
Caroline & Jennifer         Friends/Country Singers                  
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie           Best Friends                  
Jessica & John              Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel          Best Friends/Firefighters


In Episode 4: This is the longest leg in Amazing Race history.

This leg is a continuation from last week. Bates and Anthony are the 3rd team to depart. They are on their way to Bali.

Bates and Anthony are on the second flight scheduled to arrive 3 ½ hours later than the first flight.

They are headed to the Monkey Forest. They have to place coconuts in the open and have the monkeys open the coconut. The clue is in the coconut.
Roadblock: Sandy bottom or fruity top
In Sandy Bottom: Transport sand from a river to a brickmaker.
In Fruity Top: Assemble a 'Gebogan', which is a religious tribute.
Bates and Anthony are the last team to get to the detour. They will have to make up a lot of time. The brothers do the Fruity Top.

Dave and Connor are team number two at this point and deserve a lot of credit.  They are racing with an injury. Bates and Anthony are in last place and are doing Fruity Top.

Roadblock: Racers must pick a surfboard, which represents a location from a previous pitstop, and carry it down the cliff to the beach. This will be a memory challenge.

Dave and Connor are team number one and win $5000.00 each.  Pam and Winnie are team number two. Max and Katie are team number three.

Bates And Anthony are making up time.  Jessica and John are arguing and losing time.  This is the team that is gunning for the hockey brothers. Now Wynonna and Chuck are going after the Battaglia brothers. The alliance of the Battaglia brothers, Caroline and Jennifer, are having a melt down.

Caroline and Jennifer are team number four.

Bates and Anthony are in 8th place at this time and gaining time.

Bates picks up the right surf board and puts it back.

Joey and Meghan are team number five.

Mona and Beth are team number six.

Bates and Anthony are team number seven.

Chuck and Wynonna are team number eight.

John is in denial that he may have lost.

Jessica and John are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated with an express pass that they never used. They will go down as one of the dumbest teams in Amazing Race History. This is the team that was going to bring down the Battaglia brothers.

Next week: Dave and Connor are still running and there is a double U-Turn ahead. Stay Tuned!

Written By: Cousin Vinny

"The Walking Dead: Arrow on the Doorpost" EP Recap

Outside of an abandoned factory facility, Hershel and Rick pull up in a vehicle while Daryl follows on his bike. Hershel stays in the car with a rifle while Daryl and Rick survey the area, weapons in tow. Hershel is double checking weapons he has strapped on his amputated leg. Daryl and Rick come across a freshly killed walker and continue on. Rick enters an abandoned building while Daryl patrols outdoors. Rick sees a table and two chairs. From the shadows of the building, the Governor comes out and faces Rick with his hands up: “we have a lot to talk about….” Rick doesn’t hesitate to pull his Colt out and remind the Governor that he attacked the prison first. The Governor mentioned that he didn’t kill the crew. The Governor says he will remove his weapon and in show of good faith, Rick should too. The Governor takes off his gun belt. Rick finally re-holsters his weapon. The Governor sits down at the table, a gun strapped underneath it…”suit yourself,” The Governor tells Rick.

Daryl lets Hershel know that Rick and the Governor are meeting. Hershel says he doesn’t see any cars. “It don’t feel right, keep it running,” Daryl said. A vehicle immediately pulls up to them and Daryl points the crossbow at him. Martinez, Milton and Andrea get out of the vehicle. “What’s the deal, your boy is already in there!” Daryl mentions. “He’s here?” Andrea asks. Martinez nods. Andrea then storms in the warehouse where Governor and Rick are. Andrea demands to know what’s going on. “Just small talk!” The Governor replies. “I wanted you to talk…too many people have died for no reason. Let’s end this and save the bullets for the real threat,” Andrea said. “That’s why I asked you to come here.” Rick says he knows everything about the Governor from the raids, to the heads in the aquarium, to Maggie….the Governor interrupts Rick and said that was Merle. “You know what I’m talking about,” Rick seethes. The Governor says he wants to move forward.

Outside, Daryl and Hershel are facing Milton and Martinez. “Maybe I should go inside,” Hershel suggests. Milton says the Governor says it’s best if it’s just Rick and himself. “Who the hell are you?” Daryl asks. “Milton Memet,” he responds. “Great, he brought his butler,” Daryl remarked. Milton says he doesn’t need to explain himself to Daryl. “Better watch your mouth, sunshine!” Daryl replies. “If you’re going to point that gun at me all day, do me a favor, shut your mouth!” Martinez says. Daryl gets in Martinez’s face but Hershel tells him to stop and that they need to focus on Rick and Governor and not let it all go south.

Back in the prison, Glenn and the rest (along with Merle) are stocking up their weapons and equipment. Glenn tells them all what to do but Merle cuts in: “What we should be doing is loading up this firepower…and paying a visit to the Governor!” Merle suggests they go in and kill him. Michonne remarks that they all told Rick, Daryl and Hershel that they would stay put in the prison. Merle said he changes his mind and doesn’t like his brother out there on the sidelines. Glenn thinks it’s a huge mistake. Merle warns that things will go terribly wrong. “My dad can take care of himself!” Carl strikes back. “Sorry son but your father’s head might be on a pike soon,” Merle remarks. Maggie tells Merle to not talk to Carl like that. “It’s not the right move…not now,” Glenn concludes.

Back at the post-apocalyptic UN peace treaty facility, Andrea mentions how she both knew the men after “the world went to shit” and how they both started out as leaders with good intentions. The Governor cuts her off. Rick mentions that Woodbury takes west of the river and the prison takes east. Andrea and Rick suggest  that the river serves as a barrier to separate the two areas. The Governor disagrees. “You said he would talk!” Rick yells at Andrea. “And I am” The Governor replies; “truth is Rick, she is no position to make that call anyway. I’m here for one thing; surrender.” The Governor tells Andrea to step outside. Andrea leaves. Rick is refusing to surrender. Andrea sits down outside the building where the rest are keeping guard. Rick sits down ready to say his piece….Rick begins to talk: “you’re beholden to your people…you have a responsibility to them….wasn’t Merle you’re lieutenant? You were involved when he snatched up Glenn and Maggie?” The Governor denies his involvement and blames Rick on his attack. The Governor admits that Merle gets the “dirty jobs” done. Rick asks the Governor if he took responsibility. “I thought you were a cop, not a lawyer?” The Governor remarked. “At least I don’t pretend to be a Governor!” Rick remarks back. The Governor talks about how Andrea told the Governor about baby Judith and how it might have been Shane’s baby. The Governor mentions that Rick hasn’t seen the devil inside. Rick said he’s facing him. The Governor then says he’s brought whiskey.

Outside, the rest are sitting as Daryl is pacing. Milton suggests that they use the free time to clear the air about the differences both crews have. “Why don’t I suggest you shut up?” Martinez replies. Milton explains that Rick and Governor are sitting down and that’s a sign of progress and also mentioned how he has been keeping records. Daryl asks for what reasons. Milton says that someone has to preserve history of what has happened to the world. Hershel likes the idea. But the group hears walkers. Martinez grabs a bat and Daryl has his crossbow, with Andrea following them. The two men stop: “After you!” Daryl suggests. “No, you!” Martinez respond. Andrea takes lead and stabs the walker. “Pussy!” Martinez remarks to Daryl before bashing walkers in. Daryl shoots at a couple. Martinez prepares to bash in another walker when Daryl shoots through it’s head and onto the neck of another walker. Martinez is ready to take a swing when Daryl throws a knife straight into his head. Daryl finds cigarettes in a jacket pocket and offers a smoke to Martinez. Daryl and Martinez make small talk; Daryl asks Martinez if he was in the military. Martinez said he just hates walkers and what they did to his wife and kids. “This is a joke, right?” Daryl asks Martinez about the Governor and the “talks”. Both know that it’s just a front and nothing will change. Meanwhile, Milton asks Hershel how he lost his leg. Hershel tells him that his leg was cut off immediately not by doctors but by his good people. Milton said he wants to see his leg. “It’s important data,” Milton says. “I just met you, I’m not showing you my leg…at least buy me a drink first!” Hershel joked.

The Governor and Rick are still talking. The Governor puts the blame on Rick for what happened at Main Street on Woodbury. Rick said it was his choice. The Governor said it all boiled down to choice and that he also had the choice to kill everyone in the prison. The Governor then tells Rick about the time he found out that his wife had been killed in an accident. “Gone, just like that,” The Governor explains; “just an accident, no one’s fault…I sat there clenching that phone thinking ‘what did she want?’ Just to check in…what did she want?” Rick remains silent and sips his whiskey.

Back at the prison, Glenn is watching Merle pack up some equipment. Glenn tells Merle he’s not going. “I don’t need your permission,” Merle remarked. Glenn says he can’t let Merle go. Maggie says that if Merle is going to stay, he has to abide by the rules and points out Michonne has. “Because it’s my brother!” Merle responds angrily. “What’s the matter with y’all? This guy cops a feel on your woman and you pussy out like this? Get out of my way!” Merle attacks Glenn and the two wrestle. Maggie chokeholds Merle as Beth shoots a round to get everyone’s attention

Outside the peace treaty, Hershel excuses himself from Milton and sits with Andrea. Hershel asks Andrea how its’ going. Andrea says she got kicked out and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Hershel tells her she’s trying to help. “What happened with Maggie…” Andrea began saying. “He’s a sick man.” Hershel responds. Andrea says she can’t go back to Woodbury. Hershel says that she’s still family and that she can join them. Inside, the Governor confesses he didn’t want to be leader but that he stepped up to do so. He puts his belt back on. He tells Rick he knows he has guns. “My people aren’t combat tested like yours but I have more people…this fight will go on until the last man, so let’s end it today…let’s not do this and let’s walk away,” The Governor warns. “You have something that I want…” Rick asks what it is and says he won’t give up the prison. “I don’t want your prison, it doesn’t sound safe,” The Governor says as he takes off his patch; “I want Michonne. Turn her over and this all goes away. Is she worth it? One woman worth all those lives in your prison?”

Back in the prison, Michonne walks past Merle when Merle remarks “you know I’m right. Folks here are strong and good fighters but they ain’t killers.” Michonne said  Rick and Maggie are and that Carl had to even take out his own mother. “Mercy killings, but that doesn’t make them assassins,” Merle says. “And you are?” Michonne asks. “When I have to be,” Merle answers. Michonne asks him why he let Michonne go back at the forest. “I was probably seduced by your charming personality,” Merle responds. He asks Michonne if she would join him. Michonne said he’s on his own and if he gets people killed, it’s on him.
Glenn is on guard on the catwalk as Maggie joins him. Maggie asks to keep him company. Glenn compliments on Maggie’s chokehold. He then tells her how when they got back from Woodbury, he made it all about him and how he didn’t respect Maggie’s space. Maggie said it wasn’t Glenn but that she didn’t want him to see her. “I’m always with you though,” Maggie said. They both apologize and embrace before lip-locking. They decide that getting it on while flesh thirsty walkers observe is not the best aphrodisiac so they go inside, pull down a door and take care of business in there.

Back at the treaty, Rick says he doesn’t get the Governor and his thinking. He asks him why go out on a vendetta instead of rising above and restoring civilization. “Killing Michonne is sort of beneath you, don’t you think?” he asks. “You can save your son and daughter, everyone you know,” The Governor replies: “it’s your choice.” Rick asks him how does he know if the Governor will keep his word if he hands over Michonne. The Governor tells him he can have anything he wants. He advises Rick to take two days to think about and that “I’ll be back here at noon.” The Governor opens up the door and takes off with his crew in his vehicle; Rick takes off with his crew in the car and Daryl on the bike…Andrea decides to go with the Governor. The two crews go their own separate ways.

Both crews return back to their territory safe and sound. Rick tells his crew to go inside the prison. The Governor tells Martinez to set up sentries to take out anyone except Michonne and to keep her alive. He also makes note to Milton that he can take Rick and the rest in. “This will prevent a slaughter,” he says. “That IS a slaughter” Milton remarks. The Governor tells him that they will have to eliminate Rick sooner or later. The Governor tells Andrea that they will set terms and will meet in two days. Andrea says she hopes it works out. At the prison, Rick tells the group that he meets the Governor and sat with him. “He wants the prison and wants us gone,” he says. “He wants us dead to what we did to Woodbury. We’re going to war!”  The group remains silent.

Rick goes out to the catwalk by himself as Hershel joins him to talk about his decision; “The group is taking it as well as can be expected. Michonne and Merle think we should head in first. Carol and I think we should take our chances now and hit the road. We’re in this together so if we stay and fight, so be it.” Rick then tells Hershel that the Governor gave him a way out at the cost of Michonne’s life. Even Hershel knows the Governor will kill her.  Rick is debating on his decision and choice. Hershel asks Rick why he didn’t tell the group. Rick tells him the groups needs to be scared to accept the reality of war happening. Hershel acknowledges Rick saving everyone’s lives and that Michonne life is too valuable to compromise, as she helped bring the gang back together. Rick then asks if Hershel will sacrifice his own daughters for her. “Please talk me out of it,” Rick responds. 

Jane's Notes: This wasn't the most exciting episode as it lacked serious walker warfare but I have to admit, I give lots of kudos to David Morrisey for his acting and for REALLY blending the charismatic yet sinister characteristics together that make the Governor. I'm also glad to see Rick step up as a leader and also realizing his weakness by asking Hershel to "talk him out of it". What stuck out to me though was the "settling of differences" OUTSIDE the treaty talk. I thought at first that Daryl should've stuck a bow in Martinez's leg but once they put aside their "alpha" personalities, there was a slight bond there. Both are loyal to their leaders and are the fighting force behind them. But will they put their bond aside when they come face-to-face with one another and weapons drawn? 

Then there's Hershel and Milton, both of them being the "advisers" to their leaders. While Hershel serves as the moral compass of the group, Milton serves as the records keeper and has a more "here are the facts" approach. But Milton does possess a moral compass to him, seeing as he was the only one save Andrea that didn't look thrilled with the walker fights. While Milton does experiment with walkers, he's not fighting material against the walkers, partly because he really never lost anything post apocalypse while the rest lost so much. While Milton might be passive and seen as "weak" to some, he's a solid character to have in any group and I hope he won't contribute to the Governor's "war" against RIck. Milton couldn't bond with a better representative of Rick's group than Hershel. 

Let's go to the prison. Glenn once again takes the leader role but in a different approach. Merle, while always having been the obnoxious, rebellious one, has some sort of change in him, I think. Yeah, he's erratic and still hostile but there's just a different feel to his character than back in Season 1. In Season 1, he wanted to be made leader but this time, he just wants to follow his own path regardless if anyone joins him or not. I also wonder why he seems so "soft" with Michonne now even after he almost hunted her down. And yet, he can't make it on his own since he went back to Daryl to rescue Rick during the prison raid. He seems to have changed a different tune towards the Governor but what's his intention? Is it because of Daryl or something else? 

Last but not least, Andrea...ho boy. If you looked up "cock-whipped" in the dictionary, Andrea's picture would be in it. 
Anyways, here are my predictions for the coming "war"; 
  • Rick and Hershel will devise a plan to make the Governor think that they are turning in Michonne when it'll turn out to just be a distraction to weaken the Governor and his defenses. 
  • Milton's loyalty to the Governor will be questioned and men will probably be trailing Milton 
  • Merle will go anywhere that Daryl goes and vice versa. Merle can provide the group with great intel. 
  • Michonne and Andrea might possibly have another small face-to-face encounter. 
  • As far as deaths go, if Andrea gets killed off, it will be by the Governor's hands. 
  • Beth and Carol will step up to the plate and serve as good backup. Beth comes off as a lot like Hershel and while she may be scared, she will keep her cool. 

Three more episodes left...excited to see what will go down!! 

Picture Credit: AMC 
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