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"The Walking Dead: Clear" EP Recap

Michonne is driving Rick and Carl on a road to check for areas with more guns and ammo. They see a man on the side of the road who yells at them to pull over but Michonne coldly drives by him. Carl looks back but not a word is said. They then stumble upon a 2 crashed cars and a third one turned over on the side of the road. Michonne drives around between the cars to get through but gets the car stuck in mud. A walker is pinned down to the rolled car but is still thirsty for the three humans. As Michonne tries to accelerate the vehicle, walkers slam against the vehicle. Rick tells the two to cover their ears as he rolls down the window slightly and shoots at one. Rick and crew take care of business and slay the walkers and then look for equipment in the three cars. While Rick and Carl try to get the vehicle out of the mud, Carl asks Rick why they brought along Michonne in the first place. “We have common interests and problems, maybe we can work them out together…I didn’t want to leave her at the prison with you,” he explained. The man from before runs down and yells at them for help. Rick and Carl get in the car and take off, leaving the man behind….

Rick, Michonne, and Carl stumble upon an abandoned town. They go through a jail at Rick’s Police Department, hoping to find a full gun safe but have no success. Michonne asks if there are other police stations. Rick said there wasn’t any and it wasn’t a big town but they still can look around at bars, shops and other places Rick know people had permits. Rick asks Michonne if she has a problem with it. “No Rick, I don’t have a problem,” she replies as she hands him a round.  They walk past a wall that has graffiti written on it that says “away with you” and they discover burnt, charred bodies inside. They follow arrows set on the sidewalk. They come across an area where there’s spikes sticking out, rat cages set up, and signs set up barricaded by cars. “It looks like someone’s already made it theirs,” Michonne remarks. Rick said to just get in and get out. They go under ropes and strings. Rick points out a gun store. A walker sneaks up behind them but they wait until a trap is set up. A mysterious man shoots at it from on top of a building. He demands that Rick and crew drop their weapons and counts down to ten. At “seven”, Rick pulls out his gun as Carl and Michonne take cover. The shooter hides and Michonne is on top of the building, unsuccessfully finding him. The shooter sneaks from the first level and shoots at Rick. He’s approaching a barrel Rick is hiding under but Carl shoots the mystery shooter. Rick told Carl that he wanted him to run for the car but Carl said he had to stay. The man is wearing body armor so he’s alive but the impact knocked him out. Michonne asks if they should care about the man’s well being. Rick unhooks the man’s helmet to discover it’s Morgan, the man who saved his life right after Rick woke up from his coma and discovered the apocalypse had occurred…..

Rick and the two try to enter the building Morgan is in but it’s set up by spikes and booby traps. Michonne said they thought they were going to go in and get out but Rick said that Morgan saved his life so they couldn’t leave him…or Morgan’s son….behind in the streets. Meanwhile, Carl is on guard over Morgan’s body, pointing a gun at him. Rick sees a Welcome mat is set up as a trap. As they try to lift Morgan up the steps, they come across a sheet that says “not shitting you” and barely miss a string. They step over it. They discover a bloody axe is attached to it. Rick tells Carl to watch the wire. They go in his room full of weapons and grenades from the police department and more. They lay Morgan down on a bed. Carl and Michonne began stocking up on ammo and guns. Rick takes notice of the strange writings on the board, especially as the word “CLEAR” showed up more than once. As Rick tries to take the guns, he notices the walkie talkie that he gave Morgan. He also notices two words written in front of him “DUANE TURNED”. Rick tells the two to not take the weapons and go. They are going to wait for him to wake up to see if he’s okay.

Michonne argues that they nearly killed him and didn’t leave him to the walkers so he had a good day and that they needed the guns more. “The axe, the spikes, the walls, Rick?” Michonne remarked. “I think he’s dangerous…he wasn’t like this then.” Rick is firm on his stand of waiting for Morgan to wake up. Rick then ties up Morgan’s wrists together. Carl notices a layout of the town on the board…and notices that “Rick’s house” is burnt out as well as few houses on the block. Rick asked Carl if that’s why he wanted to join…Carl said he just wanted to come. Carl wants to go on a run around the corner to pick up a crib for Judith. Michonne says she will help. Rick agrees to it and says to yell if there’s trouble. Carl and Michonne go walking through the town. Carl mentions to Michonne he doesn’t need his help. Yet a walker shows up and Michonne takes care of it. She notices Carl tries to sneak around the corner. Michonne catches up and asks him what he’s up to. Michonne mentions he passed the baby store. Carl said he wants to get Judith something else first. Michonne follows Carl.

Rick sits down next to Morgan and tells him he’s sorry for what happened. Morgan is awake, grabs a knife connected to the bed and cuts loose the ties. Rick checks out a rifle Morgan has. Morgan charges towards Rick but Rick hits him with the rifle. “YOU’RE WEARING DEAD PEOPLE’S FACES!” Morgan yells. “Remember me, do you know who I am? You do know me!” Rick yells as he slams Morgan on a wall. Morgan tries to stab Rick in the heart, yelling he turned. Rick sticks the knife into his shoulder, slams Morgan’s head against the knife handle and gets up the point the gun at Morgan: “you crazy son-of-a-bitch, you helped me!” Rick yelled. Morgan submits and cries: “please kill me….”

As walkers crawl outside and get trapped in the spikes, Rick bandages up his wound as Morgan begs Rick to kill him. “Just….kill….me….” he pleads. “You found me and fed me, you told me what’s happening, you saved me!” Rick said. “My name is Rick Grimes, do you know me? I gave you this….turn it on everyday at dawn so you could find me,” Rick explained as he showed the walkie talkie to Morgan. A light bulb lights up in Morgan’s head; “I know you, Rick, I do know you!” Morgan exclaims, “you said you turned yours on at dawn….I woke up to it….on the move every day, every week, me and my boy for weeks. Then we just…heard nothing but static…you were never there! YOU SAID YOU WERE TURN YOUR RADIO ON EVERY DAWN AND YOU WERE NOT THERE!” Morgan yelled. Rick explained how he tried but kept getting pushed further out, how he found his wife, his son and people and how he had to get pushed out deeper into the country. Morgan kicks the radio at him and says to have it back. “Did she….did your wife turn?” Morgan asked. Rick said she died. “So you didn’t have to see that then?...of course not…” Morgan muttered. “Not like me, not like my wife…you remembered what happened to her? You remembered what she was?” Morgan mentioned Rick gave him a gun and that “he tried”. Morgan explains how Rick gave Morgan the gun so he could shoot his wife. Morgan explained how he was checking into a cellar for food and he left Duane upstairs. He walks up from the cellar to see Duane pointing a gun at his walker mother. Duane couldn’t do it so his mother got him. “I’ve seen red, red, ALL I SEE IS RED!” Morgan yelled. Morgan said he was selfish by not shooting his wife. Morgan asks Rick if Carl died. Rick said no. Morgan says he will soon because “the good people died and the meek inherit the earth”.

Carl and Michonne approach a restaurant and Carl takes a peek inside, seeing walker patrons sitting at the tables and bars. Carl tries to open the door but Michonne isn’t having it. “Think I was going to let you in there?” she asks. “You don’t know me, you don’t know my dad, you came here for ‘common interests’” Carl shoots back. “We have the same enemy and problem and that’s it! This is important and I’m going to do this and you can’t stop me!” Carl continues on. Michonne tells him she can’t stop him but he can’t stop her from helping him. Michonne opens the door and rolls in skateboards with rat cages in them. The walkers all swarm around the cages. Carl and Michonne sneak around to the side of the restaurant over to the back while the walkers are distracted. They don’t notice that there’s a bartender walker near them. Carl climbs on top of the bar to retrieve a photo. The walker grabs Carl’s leg. Michonne stabs him. The walkers still are distracted by the rats. Michonne and Carl try to sneak back but a rat has been on the loose. The walkers storm after the side and walker chefs come out form the kitchen. Michonne and Carl run to the other side of the restaurant and escape. Carl is frustrated that he dropped the picture and wants to go back in. But Michonne tells him to wait outside the double doors of the restaurant. Michonne sneaks around back in the restaurant for a few moments and comes back, giving Carl a picture frame of Rick, Lori and Carl at the restaurant. “I just thought Judith should know what her mom looked like…thank you….” Carl exclaimed. Michonne mentioned she wanted to go back in anyways to retrieve a gorgeous, multi-colored cat sculpture. Michonne and Carl walk back to Rick, satisfied with their loot.

Rick tells Morgan he’s not going to kill him. “I think you’re supposed to come back with us!” Rick said. Morgan joked that he tried to shoot Rick and stab him so he was generous on his offer. Rick said that them not killing each other was a sign. Rick mentioned the prison and that Morgan can go back with them. Morgan asks Rick if that’s where Lori died. Rick said yes. Morgan tells Rick to just go. “Look, the fences keep the walkers out and you can heal…” Rick says to Morgan. “You’ve taken a lot of guns Rick,” Morgan remarked. “Why do you need the guns? Because if you got something good, then someone wants to take it!” Rick mentions that they can win and Morgan can help. “You guys can get killed by teeth or bullets and that can happen to you but that’s not something I’m going to see again!” Rick tries to convince Morgan that they can still work together and that Morgan can come back from his struggles. “This can’t be it…it can’t be…you gotta be able to come back from this,” Rick tells Morgan. But Morgan refuses: “I have to clear…” he remarks. “That’s why I didn’t die today. That’s the sign…I have to. I have to clear.” Rick finally acknowledges Morgan’s stance and gathers his equipment collected.

At the edge of town, Rick is gathering his bags as Morgan straps on a walker’s body to a rolling bed. Michonne and Carl walk back carrying a crib. They start walking away as they see Morgan strap more walker bodies together. “He’s okay?” Michonne asks. “No, he’s not,” Rick replies. Carl calls out to Morgan. “I had to shoot you. You know I had to, right? I’m sorry,” Carl says. “Hey son!” Morgan calls out. “Don’t ever be sorry…” and goes back to collecting walker bodies. The three walk away solemnly and pack their bags in the trunk of the car. “Everything okay with her?” Rick asks Carl about Michonne. “She might be one of us,” Carl says. “Everything went okay.” Rick seems satisfied to hear this. Michonne walks up to Rick and talks to him. “You see something?” she asks. “I know you see things, people….I used to talk to my dead boyfriend..it happens.” She explains. Rick asks Michonne to drive so he can see things. The three drive away from Rick’s old town. They pass the building with charred bodies and notice that Morgan is there, dumping the fresh walker bodies there. They pass through the accident scene, the accident scene. They notice trails of blood and the hitchhiker’s torn and bloodied body….and his backpack. They stop, pull back and retrieve it and drive on back to the prison.

Janes Notes: For an episode with not a whole lot of walker slaying involved or Daryl Dixon, I think this is one of the best episodes of the season, hands down. First things first: the hitchhiker.

I actually talked about this to MM briefly and she mentioned it was very foul they left the poor guy behind. It was interesting because my first reaction was “decoy” of the Governor, since Merle warned the group to keep a lookout for scouts. I've been browsing some of the comments left about the episode and seems like viewers are divided on it with their own theories. The scouts could’ve been hiding the woods and using the hitchhiker as bait. Or the hitchhiker was a lone survivor desperate for a helping hand. Whether the hitchhiker was a decoy or not, we’ll never know but this has shown Rick’s character development. Anytime he’d tried to take people in since it is his duty as an officer, it would be a “dis-as-tuh!” (copyright Big Ang). Since this was such an important trip for Rick to go back to his hometown with Carl with him, he didn’t want to take the chance. Not after how vulnerable the prison had become. 

Let's talk about Morgan. I don't know about you guys but this episode felt very nostalgic, to say the least. I really didn't predict that Morgan would be back, I figured by season 1, him and his son either turned or they sought refuge somewhere else. NEVER did I predict he'd turn the town into a holding fort the way he did. The actor who plays him is a damn fine actor too! I really like how Rick respected his decision in letting him go in the end. It was almost symbolic. Rick still has fight in him because he now has two kids to live for, as well as others relying on him....but Morgan has nothing left. He doesn't want anymore pain, heartache or attachment but he figures his duty is to clear the rest of the world the walkers so no there is no more hurt. 

As for Michonne....GOD, I love this woman! Seriously, she had become one of my "she-roes". She just doesn't give a sh*t who she pisses off and is a straight shooter or straight stabber. She doesn't rely on anyone but herself but she will also help someone if needed. She does have heart and I think we're seeing more and more of it as the season goes on. I think she and Rick will connect but I don't think it will be in a romantic way; I think it will be more in a way like Daryl and Carol. 

What did you guys think of this episode? 

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Mob Mistress said...

My all time favorite episode!

I believe it was about CLEARly seeing Michonne as a person & her intent. Rick CLEARly seeing his son Carl in action. ...and Morgan CLEARing the world whether it be walker or human.

I loved the comparison of Morgan not being able to end his wife as a walker therefore losing his son. His son not being able to end his mother as a walker that ended his life. Yet Carl stands because he can w/ little to no hesitation.

Anonymous said...

Mob Mistress, I NEVER thought of putting the word "clear" like that in that context but it makes sense! This also was one of my all-time faves. At least Morgan now knows where Rick and crew will be at if he wants to change his mind.

It also looked like one of the walkers in the cafe was actually the wife. But I don't think it was because she was wearing a white nightgown when she turned. Did you catch that too?

Mob Mistress said...

At first glance it did seem like it could be his wife. I think production did that on purpose to make us think it could've been her.

lucyintheskywithdiamonds said...

We all know that Carl has turned into one tough kid but at the same time I can’t help but worry that someday his willingness to go out on his own won’t get him killed. Michonne picked up on his need to go off on his own for whatever reason and pretty much tells him and Rick that she’s tagging along. I love how in this episode the show’s writers really allow Michonne’s character to grow and she’s not presented as a cold, heartless killer. I was impressed how it all came together. Rick dealt with his demons by running into Morgan and Carl got to do what he wanted by getting Judith the baby bed and the pic of their family in happier times.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I knew from the beginning that Michonne had a heart of gold for what she did for Andrea and I'm glad we're seeing more of her personality and character!

I kind of cut Carl slack since he's hitting that fun stage of growing up. But I am afraid too he will get injured or worse. I think he wants so hard to be like Rick for Judith's sake.