Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Crazy Love," Ep 312

Holy Cannoli! This sneak peek, where Love Majewski really loses it, makes all the other fights on Mob Wives look like play dates in a sand box! Wow! That's all I can say. Let me try to piece together the drama as best as I can. Apparently, Karen has a pre-nup party for Ramona, to educate the girls on how to protect themselves financially, before entering marriage. Ramona is not very happy with Karen's good intentions. Soon Ramona and Love are at odds. Love is hurt because Ramona never called her to tell her she was getting married. Karen sides with Love on this issue. Ramona kind of apologizes, but adds she doesn't care who gets mad, she doesn't think she did anything wrong. Then Love says she is upset because Ramona never told her she moved. Ramona doesn't get where all this is coming from, but Ramona's friend is there to have her back and gets involved, acting like Ramona's sister. That's when the real fireworks go OFF! Love isn't in the mood to deal with her and goes crazy. Drita doesn't think the girl is being too smart to take on Love. Big Ang doesn't think it's the girl's business. Love screams, "Mind your f*ckin' business and walk the f*ck away!" at the girlfriend. Then she threatens to stab her to death! Karen has no clue what's going on, Ramona looks like she is in shock, nothing seems to bother Renee. Damn!

Video Credit: VH1

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Anonymous said...

All seriousness I agree with love if you are not part of the conversation then mind your own business but its evident that the girl just wanted her 15 minutes of fame.