Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap "Winging It," Ep 311

First what we didn't see: Ramona has a career as a model!

Love meets with her doctor, Dr. Stiler, for a neurological check up. Love was involved in a very bad car accident with an 18 wheeler and still has lingering issues. The doctor asks her if she notices signs of irritability and if she gets angry easily. Love tells him that when she is angry or fights, she just blacks out and doesn’t remember what happened. This was the case with a recent fight she was in. She has a bad temper, but says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She is still suffering from the aftereffects of the trauma to her skull and the doctor feels she still has symptoms of post traumatic shock syndrome.

Karen is still in Arizona and getting ready to go back to Staten Island. She hates leaving Karina. Karina will be taking their dog, Ozzie, to grandma’s house with her. Karen feels she is on good terms with Dave now and he agrees with her. They talked through all their issues and he won’t have to keep any secrets from Karen in the future. Dave is taking Karen and Ramona to the airport. Karen says she still has a lot to do on Sammy’s case.

“This is the thing, Love definitely has an issue with you,” says Drita.

Drita arrives at Carla’s house. She need to talk to Carla about the “Love” situation. “Love wants to eat her.” Drita tells Carla that Love definitely has an issue with her. Carla insists she doesn’t know Love and never met her. Drita tells her that Love says Carla has been talking about her and that according to Love, she went out with Carla’s boyfriend before he got together with Carla. Carla thinks this is insane and says Love “banged” him for a month before Carla met him. Carla feels that Drita should tell Love that she doesn’t want to hear anything about Carla because they are good friends. But Drita is concerned that, as Carla’s good friend, she cannot make Carla understand that Love is serious and will really hurt her if they don’t talk it out.

Renee goes to a Brooklyn shoe store owned by her friend, Jiton. They have been friends for 10 years and have similar backgrounds. They begin talking business. They had discussed developing a shoe line for Renee’s new business, Mob Candy. They have been waiting for Renee to get her life back on track and now Renee says she is ready. She wants her shoes to be glamorous and over the top, like her lifestyle. Jiton says she will set up a meeting with her designers and see what they can do to create the shoes Renee envisions.

Drita and Big Ang are talking in Drita’s new store, across the street from the Monkey. Drita looks at Big Ang as a mentor in business. Drita wants her store to be old school and she even has a jukebox. Drita tells Ang that she talked to Carla, but she is stubborn. Lee calls Drita and she tells him she wants him to ask his friend to put a camera in the store so she can watch it from home. Big Ang says Neil doesn’t help, he is just good for picking up trash and beer. Drita laughs and says Lee can’t do anything either. Big Ang feels that this store is helping to make Drita more independent.

“The wedding is gonna happen, so come happy, come sad,” says Ramona.

Ramona takes her girls to pick out items for her wedding arrangements. The wedding will be held at home and possibly in a moment’s notice, depending on when Joe is able to get out of prison for one week. It will be a “shot-gun” wedding. They will try to get married as soon as he gets out and then spend the week together, before he has to go back. Joe will have to be under house arrest and have two armed guards present. They discuss things like food, flowers, tables, chairs etc. Ramona says the wedding will happen so “come happy, come sad.” Ramona says this might be the quickest wedding planned in history.

Karen is back in New York and meets her cousin, Rena, at her pizzeria. She tells Rena about her trip to Arizona and that she finally met with Dave’s girlfriend. Karen says since they talked and cleared the air, she feels comfortable. Rena asks about Sammy. Karen gets emotional. She hasn’t been able to see her father, he is in the hole, buried in the system. She tells Rena that she wants to reopen his case. Karen and Rena’s fathers were at odds, due to family circumstances, but they never let that come between them. Karen wants her father to get out of jail and enjoy the rest of his life. Rena tells her she has to keep on fighting.

Over at Angel Skin, the Ferragamo skin center, Carla is getting a facial from Dr. Ferragamo, a retired gynecologist who delivered Drita’s children. It’s a nice little family spa business. Joe walks in and he and Carla joke around while the doctor works on Carla’s face. Carla announces, to no one in particular, that she and Joe will always have each other’s backs. She says she is glad she had his children. She has no time for drama, like Love, who has no life and just likes to talk trash.

If I take a sh*t on her front lawn, she should shut her f*ckin’ mouth,” Love says.

Drita is going to get her nails done with Love. Drita enjoys Love’s company, she makes her laugh. Drita tells Love that she spoke to Carla about the issues Love has with her. Love wants to know what she said. Drita tells her she denied it. Love says she has heard 35 things that Carla has said about her, one after the other. Then Love adds that her boyfriend drew angel wings for the tattoo on her wrist, the same ones she used for her company, Veritas Cosmetics, and that Carla stole her design and gave it to her husband, Joe for his Angel Skin business. Love says the wings are right there on the front door. Love tells Drita that if Carla doesn’t sit down with her and own what she has been saying, she will confront her. Drita believes that Love is convinced that the stories she has been told about Carla are true. Drita asks Love if she can talk to Carla. Love says she can talk to Carla, but is not sure it would go well because Carla has a bad attitude and will call her crazy.

Renee is rebuilding her life and relationship with AJ. She is focused on her business. She takes AJ rock climbing. Renee is a little afraid after going halfway up the wall and comes back down. AJ quickly and easily scales the wall. They both seem to enjoy the experience. Renee tells him this is a way for them to bond. She wants them to have a different and better life. Renee fills AJ in on her meeting with Jiton and the new shoe line. AJ tells her he doesn’t want to take money from her, he wants to make his own money. Renee is so proud of him. Then he tells Renee she s doing great. Renee starts to tear up. It means so much coming from AJ.

Love’s 40th Birthday party takes place at a club with the girls. Ramona, Drita and Karen are there. Karen is filling them in on her boyfriend/business partner, Storm. Karen doesn’t like Ramona’s attitude and at the same time, Ramona is irked by Karen. Ramona keeps calling Storm the “Music Man” and making jokes. Storm arrives and Karen introduces him to all the girls. Love has all good things to say about him and approves. Now Love feels all the women have a man except her, and she wants some action too.

Renee and Jiton meet again, this time with the shoe designers. They bring sketches of the kinds of shoes they think Renee will like. Renee really likes the sketches and makes suggestions to add her own personal twist to them. Now they surprise Renee with prototypes of a couple of styles. There is a pair that look like “fire” that she wants to name after Ramona. They also designed one pair that they named, “Renee.” Renee loves all their ideas, they nailed it. Renee appreciates the fact that they waited for her to get her life back on track to develop this shoe line.

“You say something about me, I’m coming in for the kill,” Carla brags.

Carla invites friends, family and Drita and Big Ang to her wine tasting party. Drita and Ang want to put out the fire between Love and Carla. Drita feels she has to bring it up again because Carla is a target and she has no choice. She tells Carla she talked to Love again. Carla denies saying anything about Love and doesn’t care what she said or heard. Drita mentions the angel wings and tells Carla that Love told her she took her business logo and gave it to Joe for his business. Carla denies that too. Carla says Love is “F*ckin’ Nuts!” She says she knows nothing about Love’s business or her wings. Carla tells Drita that Joe’s father found them on the internet and drew them. Carla hopes that Drita is not believing everything Love is telling her and she doesn’t want Drita and Big Ang to be manipulated. Drita is in the middle again, between Love and Carla this time. Drita wants them to be civil. Carla says she will only talk, not fight. Drita tells her Love has a bad temper. Carla says, she doesn’t “give a f*ck.”


Oh boy! Once again the next week’s previews have totally fried my brain! What the hell is going to happen? Everyone looked raging mad over something. Looks like I might have to watch it twice.

As for this episode, “Winging It,“ I love the title! I am happy to see that Renee is getting her life back on track with things she is passionate about, her business venture “Mob Candy” and AJ. She looks so much more relaxed, and frankly so does AJ. The rock climbing was a fun experience to share and it gave them time to talk and appreciate each other. I think their lives are a lot calmer and more stable now and it shows. As for Renee’s shoe line, I think they nailed it too. The shoes they designed definitely have Renee’s unique sense of flair and glamour. If you liked what you saw, they should be available soon on her website. Congratulations and much success to Renee from all of us at the blog!

Karen has reconciled her issues with Dave and his girlfriend, so that will reduce a lot of the tension in her life. There are only two more episodes, so I don’t know if the reopening of her dad’s case will happen this season. This is a storyline I would like to follow in season four. Now as for Ramona and Karen’s issues, they just seem to be getting worse right now. Ramona is trying to push Karen’s buttons about her dating Storm by using her nickname, “Music Man,” and saying it as often as she can, with a few teasing digs. I got the feeling she was almost mocking Karen’s budding relationship. It’s not sitting well with Karen. It seems to me that Ramona is trying to get back at Karen for giving her the truth instead of her blessing, on her wedding to Joe. The cousins are going through a rough patch, but I think in the end they will talk and move past it. Will it get worse before it gets better? Time will tell. (P.S. I think Rena should be on more often, I love her personality!)

What can I say about Drita, Love and Carla this week? A lot! First, let me get it out of the way and say I don’t believe anything Carla says about anything because she has lied too many times, on and off the show. So if Love says she has heard from different people that Carla was bad mouthing her, I believe it. She started off this season with an attitude towards Love, where did that come from? There were nasty tweets exchanged on Twitter, between Love and Carla, before Love was even in the cast. It doesn’t add up that she has no clue who Love is, especially since she is dating Handy Man, who previously dated Love for a short time. Just connect the dots!

Now I am very sympathetic towards Drita. Whoever thought I would be saying that? But honestly, Drita is caught in an impossible situation and is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Once again she is in the middle of a mess. She is friends with both Carla and Love and she wants to keep peace in her life. She has had two rough years on the show and just wants to be happy. She is doing the best she can to stay out of the drama and focus on the positive. People are criticizing Drita for not being a loyal friend to Carla. I think Drita is doing the best she can. She is defending Carla and going back to warn her that Love is serious. She wants them to resolve this issue and clear the air. Carla isn’t taking it seriously, which will only escalate the situation. Drita is really worried that Love will hurt Carla. What is she supposed to do? Challenge Love to a dual and defend Carla’s honor? Maybe Drita thinks Carla is capable of gossiping about Love, maybe she heard some of word on the street about it? Maybe Drita knows it’s true and hasn’t said so? It’s not like Carla hasn’t talked about Karen, Ramona and Renee behind their backs. What’s one more? Only this time maybe Carla picked the wrong person to flap her gums about.

And as to the wings, where did they come from? That is the heavenly question. Love has consistently said that her boyfriend drew her the wings for the tattoo on her wrist, which was clearly visible on the show. She used that same design for her Veritas Cosmetics company. Love says, Carla took her wings logo and gave it to Joe for his Angel Skin business. Carla denies it, Joe denies it (on Twitter), Joe’s business partner, Danielle, denies it (on Twitter). So where do they say the wings originated…and herein lies "Wing-Gate"…

Joe tweets that he and his business partner, Danielle, “conceived” the idea for the wings. Danielle tweets that she chose the wings (from some unspecified source), and Carla says, her father in-law picked them out online and drew them (I believe that’s what  heard last night). So where do these wings come really come from? On a previous blog, Mob Mistress posted both sets of wings, Love’s logo and Angle skin’s logo. The wings look the same to us except that the Angel Skin logo had the “dots” removed and it’s wings “stretched” slightly to be a little elongated. Otherwise, they look identical in the feather count and every curve and contour. At least that’s my opinion. If nothing else, it’s a very big coincidence to say the least. I’m sure the truth is out there somewhere and it may end up in our laps one day.

I am so looking forward to next week’s episode! I would be happy to watch those previews all week long so I can try to figure out what the hell is going on. Until then, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this episode and the wings.

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Anonymous said...

Love is as ignorant as they get. Wings....are you kidding? Get over yourself, you are batshit crazy and the show has gone downhill fast after her arrival. Jeez just over it!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part was seeing Love, Drita, Karen, and Ramona at the club. Its still kind of weird seeing Drita all relaxed and chill with Karen and Ramona, but its nice. Honestly, I think Karen and Drita are the funniest pair on the show when they are together and getting along. I think you can tell they get a big kick out of each other. Karen even told Drita she missed her.

I like Love when she is just hanging out with the other girls, but the constant tough girl routine gets old with me. Its the same reason Drita used to really get on my nerves in the first two seasons. Why does everything have to end with some threat of violence. It gets tired quick. We get it, you're tough. She's so much more entertaining when she is just saying funny and crazy things. She and Drita are alot alike.

Lastly, I kind of feel bad for Neil because Big Ang buts him ZERO slack, lol. Maybe thats the only way their relationship works, but she busts his balls at every turn!

Do you know for sure there are only two episodes left? Last season, we had 17 episodes plus a 2 part reunion. If there are only 2 left this year, we only get 13 episodes plus whatever the reunion turns out to be. I feel like we have to see the Love/Carla confrontation as well as something else between Renee/Carla, and two epsidoes isn't enough time, unless they are extended episodes.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad mots of the girls are finally doing things and having fun. I think Love is a great shake up addition to the show. I agree with your 2 cents about Drita! I am happy for her this time around and I like what I am seeing, and I also think this is the real Drita. And I also agree about Carla. Her lies are and troublemaking are what stopped me from liking her along with her million hypocrisies. And why is Drita getting all kinds of flack around social outlets for being a bad friend ( specifically from Carla supporters and Ang's family?) Bigg Ang is also trying to be a peace maker, not just Drita, who is also friends with Love and Carla.

Anonymous said...

Carla set up this whole thing from the jump. First, stir up ish IRL, then pretend not to know who Love is to make it seem like Love is trying to use Carla to get an in into the show. Then act all wounded and innocent and persecuted and try to make Love look jealous and immature. Please, Carla acts like a hysterical grade school kid over Handy Man, even if we hadn't seen her twitter we're supposed to believe that she's going to be mature about Love and Handy when she flipped the switch on a 30 year friendship over him? Throw in the usual about how everyone's always talking about her because of jealousy not her instigating and cap it off by deliberately planting the seeds to set up Drita to look like a bad friend. You gotta hand it to Carla, she adds nothing to the show but she did a good job hitting all the notes to set up her storyline. I feel bad for any of these girls who try to deal with her on a real level, they must be really confused when everything goes left just so she can make herself out to be a made for TV martyr.

That talk between Karen and her cousin about their fathers was amazing and what this show should really be about.

Blogger Bitch said...

This is a true recap! Also I love your thoughts on the wings. It was written out in great detail, only making that much more sense that they were IN FACT taken in some way shape or form.

In regards to the previous comment about Love being TOUGH, well I say to that, editing & new possibilities that she isnt even a Mob Wife anymore can certainly make sense... plus Im also pretty certain Carla got smacked like SHE BEEEEN needed to. So in fact, I dont think Love is all talk as it seems.

I am crossing my fingers & couting the days for all the news to be confirmed so everyone will see!


Anonymous said...

in my opinion love has brought nothing to the show... which is unfortunate, considering i was really looking forward to her joining the cast

Anonymous said...

You people are cracked..Those wings are so common every tattoo artist in he world has proablly used the very common. This is so childish. Grown ass women acting like fools. Is this what the world has come to. She's talkin about me boo hoo. Grow up love get over yourself. I think you got some serious brain damage from that accident. I cant stand to hear her. With all her bullshit threats. Im glad Carla is not backing down to her. Who the hell is she. I wouldnt give a shit if I got my ass kicked. i wouldnt back down to her. She is full of it. She talks too much. She needs to go.

Anonymous said...

BORING season with no storyline....most exciting moment when Karen met Dave's new girlfriend. Stupidest story line- ridiculous Ramona( a real butane) marrying a jailbird. Bitch is brainless and doesn't belong on the show. Drita seemed to be two-faced to Carla this season. Love added spice, and served the only melee in the entire season. Still love the Big Ang. wisdom- Spend it all!
Is this MOBWIVES or HOUSEWIVES? This show might be done.......