Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mob Wives Chicago: A Boss Lady's Birthday Wish

Leah DeSimone with Jacquie smiling away.
I own, I love some reality television at times.  As reality shows go the Mob Wives franchise is my favorite.  Is reality television reality?  At times it is.  At other times it's a fugazi mess.  The people we watch are real, whether or not we see their true personalities on the small screen can be a different story.  They like us live their lives when cameras aren't rolling.  They too have family & friends.  One of our favorites at The Mob Wives Blogspot is none other than Leah DeSimone.  Her personality & moxie were big enough to give Fat Albert's tummy a run for it's snacks.  Leah's hair had a life of it's own.  Fat's Albert's tummy surrendered. It knew it was out matched in size.

Humor aside, one of Miss DeSimone's most endearing traits was her devotion to her parents Wolf & Jacquie.  Most of us love our parents.  Far too many of us get busy with our created families, friends, careers goals and leave our parents in the dust as adults, not Leah.  Her parents seemed to be the fabric of her life.  Leah's interaction with her parents was truly a refreshing departure from the typical Mob Wives Chicago drama that made absolutely no sense.  I wish I could type I miss that show.  

We learned during Mob Wives Chicago last year that Jacquie was battling cancer.  Many of us know how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be.  With Leah and her loved ones by her side for support Jacquie endured chemotherapy.   Recently, Leah shared on Twitter that Jacquie's health is improving:

I picked up my phone to dial Leah.  She generously gave me some of her time to answer a couple of questions.

Leah I'm writing a birthday blog in regards to your mother.
M.M. you're a doll!

I laugh.  That depends on who you ask.  Some of my favorite moments of Mob Wives Chicago was watching you interact with your parents.  Tell me about your mother.
When it comes to my mother & father I will drop everything for them.  They are one of my priorities in my life.  My favorite thing about my mother is that she is so strong minded. Even though my mother favors my younger brother Lenny.  I know she loves all of her four kids equally.  No matter how much we may argue I'll always be there for her.  I know I drive my mother bonkers.

Jacquie's baby boy Lenny with his sister Leah!
We are both laughing.  I understand your mother having a favorite.  My mother's favorite was my baby brother too.
Oh my God Lenny is is her king.  God forbid we argue with Lenny she goes Pearl Harbor on our asses!

My brother is gone now.  However, my mother was the same way about her baby boy.  We both laugh again.  If you could give your mother anything in the world for her birthday, what would it be?   
A clean bill of health and a wonderfully long life so I have someone to argue with!  Six more months and we'll know if she's in the clear.

Well Chiara and I are hoping for the very best for you and your mother.  Tell Lenny to stop being a baby.  And give your mother a big hug from all of us @ The Mob Wives Blogspot!
Thank you so much M.M.  I will.  I have to try to coax her into letting me take her out to dinner for her birthday. 

Well I'll let you get to arguing coaxing.  Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.
You're welcome!

Our chat ends.  Twitter has been buzzing with news of Boss Ladies.  I believe the sizzle reel is filmed.  Let's hope everything works out for all involved.  Plenty of Mob Wives Chicago fans would love to see more of Leah DeSimone and her big personality.

Happy Birthday Jacquie!

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I am happy to hear that Jacquie got a clean bill of health.