Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Very Jersey Christmas Sneak Peak

As we're kibitzing and schlepping like old Jewish women, our favorite Hot Mess’s are celebrating Christmas Jersey style.

Teresa insists that they want to teach the girls that Christmas is about family, NOT material things!  Well, nothing says Christmas like a fleet of mini Mercedes for the Guidice girls: Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana. Oh, those gorgeous and dare I say “more sensible” little Divas of Teresa’s would never be seen cruising in anything less. Santa wouldn't have it! They do have standards, after all.  So much for not being materialistic!

As for hungover Father Joe, he looks he got his ass kicked by Mr. Grey Goose after being chased thru the Pine Barrens.  He can barely wake up for the opening of the gifts.  When he does get out of bed, he lays on the couch and sluggishly participates by holding a video camera over the top of the sofa. He is most likely  plotting his next encounter with Ole Mr. Grey as soon as Teresa goes to make breakfast. Hallmark Moments like these are priceless.

Can’t wait to see the Gorga’s celebrate the birth of Jesus!  I’m betting Antonia’s Benz won’t come in a box from Target. Her's will be blinged out like a Rap Star's car. But they sure do know how to put the “Fun” in Dysfunctional. Wonder if JoeBro was beat up by the same Goose?

As for the Mama Manzo, She’s trying to so hard to cut those apron strings. And as a mother, I feel her pain. Happy, Sad, Proud, Scared, Nervous, and Ladies let’s face it…The fact that we all go thru this when the Menopause Fairy is banging at the door…Well let’s just say “THANK GOD FOR XANAX AND ZOLOFT”.

Can’t wait to see how the rest of My Ladies celebrate the Holidays….Let the games begin.

Picture and Video Credit: Bravo

I Married A Mobster: Love Majewski’s “Veritas” Cosmetics Contest!

Exclusive Contest Announcement!
For our Readers Only!

The Mobwives Blogspot, has some pretty exciting news! Love Majewski, from ID’s new show I Married A Mobster, was inspired by one of our recent blogs, about her cosmetics line, “Veritas.” She has created a contest specifically for our readers. She is introducing a new Femme Fatales Fall Colour Line and she needs to name 20 new lip colors. Readers are being invited to submit their suggestions. Winners, whose submissions are chosen for their new products, will receive a complimentary Veritas product!

Love reveals, “The lip colors are all deep plums & blue based reds with a pink and brown thrown in for variety."

The rules are no obvious profanity & keep them down to one or two words.  There is limited space on the bottom of a lipstick.  For example think up some names that remind you of famous, sultry, powerful women and the lifestyles they live. No proper names (eg. Cheryl Caruso's Cinnamin) will be considered.  Love requests that entries be no more than 15 characters in length.  Submit your entry to Mob Mistress @  We need your full name, mailing address in order to ship product.  Do not type your private information in the comment box.

You have 1 week to submit your suggestions; Saturday, August 6th will be the last day.  We will forward all suggestions to Love for consideration. Start thinking!  Meanwhile, checkout the website Veritas Cosmetics and in Love Majewski's words Peace, Love and Lipstick!

Do NOT forget to vote on our latest poll.  As always our poll is located to the right & quick scroll up.

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Picture Credit: Veritas Cosmetics

I Married A Mobster: Fama's Drug Infested Home

Barbara Fama is one of the mob wives on Investigation Discovery’s new show, “I Married A Mobster.” Her episode is entitled, “Meet The Famas” and it airs August 3rd. I wanted to get a little background information on Barbara before viewing the show and I came across a US Court of Appeals document that was argued in December, 1984 and ruled on in March, 1985.

The background to this case are as follows: in April, 1984 a search was done of the Fama home, with a warrant, and a large quantity of evidence was seized. The list is incredible and includes the following: 13 pounds of heroin, 2.5 pounds of cocaine, about 100 pounds of marijuana, over 3.4 million dollars in cash, over 25 firearms, large quantities of drug diluents and other drug related material. This discovery led to the arrest of Barbara, Joe, her husband, and all four of their children.

Barbara was released on bail in June, 1984 and then rearrested in September, 1984 on new charges having to do with a large drug trafficking ring. The ruling of the court stated that the search performed in April was valid, but the search done in September was reversed and the evidence seized at that time suppressed.

All this trouble was the result of greed. Joe was supposed to sell drugs for the mob until his gambling debts were paid off. But, Joe got hooked on all the extra money and the things that went along with it. He ended up continuing his work with the mob until, like it always does, it caught up with him and his family. By that time, the whole family was involved and arrested. It reminds me of Sammy Gravano’s ecstasy ring in Arizona, where his whole family was arrested. 

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Picture Credit: Investigation Discovery

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mob Wives: Drita D'avazo's Vacation Photos

Drita and her girls recently took a vacation to the Turks and Caicos island in the Caribbean.  She tweeted a couple of pictures of her time away.  And I don't know anyone who can say she doesn't look gorgeous in her bikini, seriously, Drita is in great shape!  But, you know what else I noticed?  She is so much more beautiful without all the makeup.  The saying that "less is more" really does apply here, in my opinion.  Natural beauty should be accentuated a little bit, but not covered up.  Take a look at the next picture...

I think it shows a softer, natural beauty than the pictures where the makeup is overdone.  I think she even looks younger.  Of course, I am not a cosmetices expert, but I would like to see what our readers think of this.  Meanwhile, Drita's girls are as delightful as ever and looks that they had a great time with their mom.

Drita tweets: "No matter how much stress I encounter...
I have these 2 faces to look at n its all better:)) God is Great."

And that's the truth! No matter how bad things get in life we can always stop and count our blessings!

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Picture credit: Drita's Twitter and Facebook

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mob Wives: We WANT Lana Graziano-Zanococchio!


Yeah, I typed we, get over it.  Moving along Chiara not too long ago wrote a blog on her season 2 Mob Wives desires.  I just have two.  First, I want to see the firstborn sister of the Graziano siblings.  Jennifer Graziano prefers to stay behind the scenes & off camera.  Renee Graziano basks in the lime light of the camera.  We've experienced 2 of 3 of the Graziano sisters' talents.  Why leave Lana Graziano-Zanococchio out?

Think about it: Mob Wives is Jennifer's concept.  So though we don't get to see her; we do get a glimpse of her mind & production skills.  Whether we love Renee or not, many of us find her so very d@mn entertaining & unbelievebly funny.  With that typed, Lana being the oldest has to be one hell of a character.  As I close my eyes, I see an Italian version of Paula Deen with major attitude whipping up Sunday gravy & kicking @ss at the same time.
The Graziano sisters
Word in the neighborhood is Mrs. Lana Graziano-Zanococchio is penning a book.  I've caught a glimpse of Beverly Cox's No Questions Asked.  I'd prefer Lana's authentic version of her life & experiences of being a mob wife.  If you don't know, I am telling you now this sister is no joke.  She's lived the life in full effect.  So why not add her to the Mob Wives' cast?!  Beyond the women throwing the husbands under the mozarella & cold cuts for cheating, the women don't reveal anything damaging concerning their fathers, husbands, brothers, lovers and exes.  I believe Lana would fit right in.  I've heard she's straight forward, funny and doesn't take a bit of bullsh!t.  Besides added humor, and making the average Mob Wives viewer wish for Taste-O-Vision or Smell-O-Vision, I think Lana Graziano could ground some of the ridiculous chaos.

Lana raised kids while on probation.  Lana was raised when Anthony 'T.G.' Graziano wasn't rolling in dough.  She's even suffered the devastating loss of a loved one.  Yet, I am told she still remains a boastful, prideful comedianne who throws down in the kitchen!  Some would say her life is a tragic comedy.  I prefer to write: Shakespeare's plays most likely ain't got nothing on Lana.  So Jennifer if you are reading, hook us up and give us what we want: your big sis in full effect.  Come on, it's not like I ask you for much.  Well I do, but just pretend that I don't.

Everyone else stop reading at the time unless you're Lana Graziano-Zanococchio. 

Dearest Lana~

You do not know me.  But allow me to introduce myself.  I am Mob Mistress, a greedy @ss blogger.  I've been hearing about crab sauce & Sunday gravy.  I've been wondering if maybe, just maybe if you can feed a hungry blogger?  I am a blogger with a heart and moral compass.  Your little sisters Jenn Jenn & NeNe will vouch for me.  Oh and before I forget I also love Budino Cremoso.  I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  I'm free this Sunday.

Also, if your sister Jenn asks you to join the cast of Mob Wives please say, "Yes!"  As I mentioned earlier I am a greedy blogger.  After all Chiara's my work it's the least you can do for The Mob Wives Blogspot. 

Your future stalking stan fan,

Mob Mistress

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano's Baby Got Pipes

Nice arms Daddy David Seabrook!
Not that any of you care I've been sick.  After most storms there is a rainbow and/or silver lining.  The rainbow is Chiara has been holding down the fort in Linda Schiro of I Married A Mobster overload.  One cannot blame her Linda Schiro's life is a rich (not monetarily) one.  It is equally a sad one with the death of her beloved son Joey. 

The silver lining is one of my most treasured & ignorant friends has returned from Cape Town, South Africa!  I have missed her voice and our countless laughs.

Thanks to Twitter and Karina Seabrook, I got a glimpse of Sammy the Bull's grandbaby getting her sang on.  Now I ain't got time to bullshit anyone; she isn't a Mariah Carey or Jill Scott per se.  However, the child does have a very nice voice.  Sure she's a bit pitchy and off key @ times.  However, I give her a C+ overall.  Now imagine if mama Karen or daddy David signed her up for some singing lessons with a quality voice coach!  We could be watching a future pop or R&B sensation is all I am typing out loud. 

One thing is for certain Karina is a gorgeous young lady!  Have you seen her daddy's arms? Hmmmph, hmmmmph, hmmmmph (Karina if you are reading, stop now!)  You know d@mn well Karen still hitting the skins!  ".... wants to date other people..." my extra large derriere! So what's your take?

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I Married A Mobster: Recap Of “The Grim Reaper”

Recap of Episode 3: The title of last night’s episode says it all, “The Grim Reaper.” The title is the name that was given to Greg Scarpa, a mafia capo who was known for his countless, violent murders. Linda Schiro was his mistress for decades and this was her story.

Linda Schiro grew up around mobsters. Her grandmother ran crap and numbers games from her house. It was part of her childhood and all she knew.

When Linda was 17, she was having an affair with Larry Pistone, a made member of the Gambino crime family. One night, while she was out, Greg Scarpa asked her to dance. He complimented her eyes saying, they were black, like olives. He asks for her number, but she tells him she will call him. She doesn’t. Instead, two days later she has a big argument with Larry and goes straight to Greg. Larry is outside blowing the horn and telling her to get in the car. Greg tells him she is going with him. Greg reaches for something under his seat. Linda gets scared and gets in the car with Larry and they drive off. Linda had just saved Larry’s life.

Greg was a huge money maker for the Colombo crime family and he was a notorious hit man. Both Greg and Larry wanted Linda so the two families had a sit down. Greg came out the winner. He treated her like a queen and she became his mob mistress. They celebrated her birthday at the Copacabana. She got a lot of gifts. In the mob, the girlfriends get everything and the wives, not so much. Linda describes him as caring and giving, but do him wrong and he will kill you.

One night Greg gets out of his car to go speak to a guy in another car, leaving Linda to wait across the street. Greg shoots the guy and this was the first mob hit that Linda witnessed. Then Greg tells her he has a secret, he is working for the FBI. After he was arrested in 1962 for armed robbery, he became an informant to avoid going to jail. She asks if he is a “rat.” He says no, he just does jobs for the FBI.

One day, in 1964, the FBI asks him to go to Mississippi where three civil rights workers had disappeared. Hoover and the FBI knew Scarpa would do anything and was afraid of nothing. They needed him to talk to the KKK and find out where he bodies were. An FBI agent gives him a gun. Greg handles it. He kidnaps one of the klansmen and tortures him for the information and he gets it. The FBI pays him money for a job well done.

After four years of being with Greg, Linda wants to get married and have children. Greg cannot leave his wife, it’s not what mobsters do. Linda marries a guy named Charlie, who worked with insurance, but she still went out with Greg every night and sometimes didn’t come home. Charlie never said anything. Then she got pregnant and had her daughter, Linda. Linda is Greg’s daughter. Greg has it all. He has two families, he is well respected in the mob and he works for the FBI so he can rest assured he will not go to jail.

Linda is Greg’s partner in crime. Mistresses know far more than the wives and Greg shared everything with Linda. When Linda gets pregnant with Greg’s son, Charlie leaves and Greg moves in. Linda was very happy.

Then, Greg becomes ill with a bleeding ulcer. He needs massive blood transfusions. At the time AIDS was a huge problem, so he got his friends to donate the blood for him. One of his friends was HIV positive, but his blood had never been tested. Greg gets AIDS. Orena and Scarpa were at war to get control of the family. One day while he was pulling out of his driveway with his daughter Linda and her baby in the car behind him, they are shot at, it’s a mob hit. Linda runs screaming back into the house thinking her father was hit. Greg soon follows, no one was hurt. But now, the war was personal. Linda says there were 5 holes in her car where the baby was sitting. Greg goes out every night looking for Orena’s crew. He went out himself, with his health declining, to get them all. He is arrested and the judge sentences him to house arrest because he is so ill.

One day Joey, their son, gets into trouble on the streets. They hide it from Greg. Someone had pulled a gun on Joey, Greg finds out. Greg goes out and starts shooting punks on the street. He drives back home. He is shot through his nose and his eye was out. He doesn’t even realize it. They take him to the hospital where he is arrested by US Marshals. Linda wants to take him home to die. They want to know if his trigger finger still works? As long as it does, they are taking him to jail. Greg died two days later, in prison at the age of 68.

Greg’s sonJoey rips off a drug dealer who was protected by a made guy. Linda is worried sick, but Joey tells her Vinnie’s dad has it under control. Linda knows what that means, she has been part of the mob lifestyle for decades. She tells him that mean they are going to kill you. Joey doesn’t believe it. But, the next day, Joey is killed. He didn’t have his father’s protection any more.

Linda says of Greg, “he was my life.”

In my opinion, there is so much to Linda’s story that 30 minutes could not do it justice. They just scratched the surface of her life with Greg Scarpa. She spent decades with the man and knew all his business. They did mange to get quite a bit of information into the episode. It was very well executed and the story was coherent. I felt the same way about last week’s episode with Andrea Giovino. Both of these women had much more to their stories, they filled up books, and what we got was the condensed “Reader’s Digest” version. Still they were fascinating and left me wanting to know and see more.

In both episodes, they show the lavish lifestyle side by side with violent murder as part of the woman’s daily routine. It’s impossible to even imagine greeting your significant other at the door, knowing that he may very well have committed murder that day or having to wash out his blood stained clothes. I don’t know how they dealt with it, accepted it, and went about their business. I wish someone would do a psychological study on the mindset of mob wives and mistresses.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Linda Schiro’s Grocery Boy

Fruits and vegetables aren’t the only things that Linda hand picked at the grocery store. Lawrence Mazza, was a supermarket delivery boy who caught Linda‘s eye in 1978. Mazza was in college and worked in the neighborhood store. Linda told Greg about her attraction to Mazza and Greg gave her permission to pursue the boy, who later became a member of Greg Scarpa’s crew.

Mazza, who delivered the goods to Linda, who was 15 years older than he, began an intimate relationship that would last for years, until 1986, when he got involved with another woman.. Greg was fine with the relationship, as long as it was kept quiet between the three of them. Mazza remained a member of Scarpa’s crew until he was arrested and turned informant on him to the FBI.

Mazza, Colombo crime family associate, was called as a witness to testify against Scarpa in DeVecchio’s trial, the FBI agent working with Greg Scarpa. Mazza recounted his activities with the mob and what he knew of Scarpa‘s murders. When asked about he got involved in the mob, the mobster was reduced to tears. He testified that he was a student in John Jay College of Criminal Justice when he met Schiro. He had planned to be like his father, a FDNY lieutenant. He was so emotional the judge had to call a recess so he could compose himself enough to go on. Mazza told of how he met Schiro, delivering groceries to her home, and became sexually involved with her and eventually turned into a murderer for the mob.

Mazza had many derogatory things to say about his former “capo” Scarpa, including, “He was a horrible human being” and “[he was] a vicious, violent animal” who could have easily named dozens of murders that he had a hand in. Mazza worked very closely with him. Scarpa started Mazza out with small jobs and gradually gave him more and more responsibility. Mazzo admits to being the hitman for four murders. When he was arrested by the FBI, he agreed to turn informant.

Linda Schiro's episode airs tonight, Wednesday, July 27th, on ID at 10:30 PM. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Joey Scarpa, Linda Schiro’s Son

Joey Scarpa was the beloved son of Linda Schiro and Greg Scarpa Sr. and sister of Linda Scarpa.  He was murdered a few months after his father died of AIDS in prison. Joey was reportedly killed by a friend, Vincent Rizzuto, over a drug deal.  His death was tragic and devastating to both his mother and sister.  Her story is being featured tomorrow night on Investigation Discovery at 10:30 PM ET.

Joey, like his older brother Greg Jr.,  looked up to and respected his father.  But, Joey was also a rebellious teenager and often didn’t agreed with the things his father asked of him. Joey’s best friend was Patrick Porco. The two boys grew up together, almost like brothers. Patrick spent a lot of time at the Scarpa home.   Both Joey and Patrick starting selling drugs on the street, mainly marijuana and cocaine. Actually it was quite a bit of cocaine. Linda and Greg both worried about Joey’s safety, he was only 17 at the time. Joey and Patrick got into a dispute with a dealer from another crime family, Domenick Masseria, and ended the argument with the alleged killing of Masseria. Greg was very worried for his son’s safety and sent him away, while he tried to negotiate with the other family to save Joey and Patrick’s lives.

According to a 2005 affidavit, sworn to by Sandra Harmon, author of Mafia Son, Linda told her that Greg got a call from FBI agent DeVecchio, telling him that Patrick was going to snitch on Joey about Masseria's murder. Greg Sr's focus was on killing Patrick to protect his son.  He needed Joey to help him with his plan.   Joey never believed his friend would rat on him and protested. However, in the end, at his father's insistence, he went along with his father’s orders. But, the guy who was ordered to whack Patrick had car trouble that day and Greg told Joey he had to go do the job himself. Joey went with his friend John, to take care of Patrick, but when he came home he was inconsolable and sick with grief. Greg wanted Joey to attend Patrick’s funeral, but Joey was too upset to go.

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For the entire affivadit of Susan Harmon:

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Greg Scarpa Jr., Linda’s “Stepson”

Linda Schiro will be featured on Investigation Discovery's "I Married A Mobster" Wednesday night at 10:30 PM.  We have several blogs about the events and people in her life already up.  You can find them all by using the search feature at the bottom right hand side of the blog.
Linda Schiro’s “stepson” Greg Jr., was also involved in mafia business. In order to write her book about the Scarpa family, Mafia Son, Sandra Harmon corresponded with Greg Scarpa, Jr. while he was in prison. In an interview with David Amoruso of Gangsters, Inc, she says she initially got involved in the story when she began having meetings with Linda Schiro, who was very open about the details of her life. It was during these conversations that Linda suggested to Sandra that she contact Greg Jr., which she did and he became a valuable source of her research.

Greg Jr. looked up to and respected his father and became involved in the mafia by working for his father. He was a capo in the Colombo crime family. When his father was ill with AIDS and facing arrest, he convinced his son to confess to his crimes, promising that he and DeVecchio, an FBI agent working with Greg Scarpa Sr., would make sure he did not get sentenced to more than a couple of years at a prison close to home. Greg took his father at his word. However, after his trial, he was sentenced to 20 years and sent to a Federal prison a long distance from his family in Brooklyn. A deal he makes with the Feds goes sour as Greg delivers on his end, but the Feds reneg on their promise to shorten his sentence. Instead he is sent to a maximum security prison where he remains in his cell 23 hours a day. Sandra Harmon offers to try to help Greg Jr. by looking into pro bono attorneys and he begins to send her endless pages about his life. One of the most shocking revelations included in their conversations was information that Greg Jr. provided the FBI, concerning the 9/11 attacks, that he got from an inmate and were ignored.

Ms. Harman had gotten so involved and had so much information she was called by both the prosecution and defense for DeVecchio’s trial.

For the entire interview and many more details go to: Gangsters Inc

To read a chapter of Ms. Harmon’s book and letters from Greg Jr: Mafia Son

Please take a moment to vote on our poll at the upper right hand side of the blog. If you haven't seen Lee D'Avanzo we have a blog for that!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mob Wives: Mob Wives vs. I Married A Mobster

Women associated with the mob on television was strictly taboo not too long ago. Now we have two series running back to back on the air: VH1’s Mob Wives and Investigation Discovery’s I Married A Mobster. What is the difference between these two shows?

After watching two episodes of I Married A Mobster, and all ten episodes of Mob Wives, I am prepared to give my answer to that question. The only thing the shows have in common are that the women have some connection or ties to the mob, otherwise, the format and genre is totally different.

One is a reality based show, the other more of a documentary. In Mob Wives the cameras follow the women’s daily lives and record any drama that is going on at the time. They really never speak of anything related to the mob, name names or divulge crimes. They are concerned with living their lives today, under the stigma of being associated/related to mobsters and coping as single mothers while their husbands and fathers are doing time. It’s really very similar to the Real Housewives reality shows, but much more action packed. The arguments on the Real Housewives never rises to the level that it does in Mob Wives. They have petty arguments that they tend to beat like a dead horse and never get over. I don’t have the patience to watch any of the Real Housewives regularly, to be honest. I may catch a show here and there, but get turned off at their childish, spiteful behavior. In Mob Wives the arguments are much more intense and can get very physical. No one walks off in an insulted “huff.” You never know what is going to be said or what will happen next, but you do know they are not going to divulge any insider mob information.

I Married A Mobsteris a whole different show. They invite mob wives and mistresses to speak in great detail about their mobsters and lifestyles. The women speak freely and candidly about all the mob crimes they are aware of: things they have witnessed and heard, crimes they themselves have had a hand in, details they have been told by mob members. Nothing is off limits. It’s shocking really, considering the code of silence that has been a long tradition of the mafia. In addition, the show provides four reenactments of specific events being discussed by each of the women in each episode. Pictures and documents are provided to further give credibility to the stories we are watching. It doesn’t hurt that Lorraine Bracco narrates parts of the story either. Her well known, unique voice brings back images of her character, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, from The Sopranos…always the voice of reason. Unlike the Mob Wives, we do not get much of a glimpse into what the women are doing today, it’s their past that is focused on. And, we don’t get too invested in any one woman because we only get to see each one for one 30 minute episode. We can appreciate their stories for what they are and then move on to the next woman.

Trying to compare the two shows is like comparing apples to oranges really. They are both different, but they are enjoyable and entertaining each in their own way. And one thing is for sure, we are getting a great education in the mafia by those who know!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mob Movie: The Sicilian Girl

A young Rita rides with her beloved father Don Michele.
As every man knows there is always a woman who is nagging in the background. For me the one is Mob Mistress. She likes to dictate what I blog about. (It is probably good that she does. If not I'd probably only blog about how I want to run off (with Karen Gravano of Mob Wives and Jacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey). I digress.  As you some have read I like watching movies. The mistress of the blog asked if I had ever seen "The Sicilian Girl." Of course I hadn't. She would pick one of the few movies I have not watched. 

Today I made an appointment with Netflix and "The Sicillian Girl." The original title of the movie is La Siciliana Ribelle which translates to The Sicilian Rebel. I prefer the original title.  I think it's a better fit for the film than the American title.  But hey what do I know?

The movie is based on a true story of Rita Atria who took on the mafia. It covers the lengths she went to in order to find justice. In a society or lifestyle which does not believe in legal forms of justice. She went against the omertà of the mafia by utilizing the police to help her get justice.

The body of Nino
Why does Rita need justice? The movie starts out with Rita as an eleven year old girl in the mid 1980s.  She lives with her parents and older brother in Balata, Sicily.  She is a typical daddy's girl who follows and idolizes her father. Daughter and father go places and experience their community together.  Rita's mother seems jealous of their bond. Rita's father is Don Michele Mancuso who is a respected person in the community. He's not your local grocer.  He's a wise guy. He believes in the old ways of business talk first but will utilize the whole eye for an eye saying. He uses violence & kills only as a last resort.   There is a fire, a man named Nino has been murdered. A village boy Vito is instructed to take Rita away from the murder seen. Nino's brother and daughter ask the Don for justice.

We fast forward to a procession during a feast; we first see his power as their family walks through the village. Don Michele meets up with Don Salvo Simi. You get the feeling they respect each other.  They are equally cautious with one another. Shortly after, we see the man Bellafiore who committed the murder. He has the murder victim's daughter with him.  Salvo requests to have a talk alone with Bellafiore. He doesn't understand why Michele is upset over the murder of a peasant.  He brags how the victim's daughter is a virgin. He even offers her to Don Michele to enjoy.  He also shares with Don Michele that the wind is changing.  He suggests he sell his land in order to fund a drug business.

We see Bellafiore in the mist of raping the young woman. The next thing we see is the Don with his men taking care of Bellafiore. The police investigate the murder of Bellafiore. They ask questions. The Chief Prosecutor Borsellino laments, " keep living behind the guise of justice and protection from the Mafia. You will never have any justice."

We flashed forward to Rita with her father Don Michele, once again. She is riding her new bike while Don Michele and Don Salvo are discussing business. The discussion pertains to drugs. Don Salvo wants to leap into to drug business full throttle. Don Michele does not. As they finish their conversation, we see men all around, shots ring out. Don Michele is shot. Rita screams for help.  In a neighborhood controlled by gangs, her screams go unanswered.  People turn a blind eye. Rita runs to Don Salvo, not realizing he has a hand in the murder of her beloved father.  She believes him to be a family friend. Her brother Carmelo tells her to never go to him again. Rita is told Don Salvo is the one who murdered their father. They both pledge to get justice. As time goes on, little Rita begins writing in her diary about the people in her village.

We now move forward to 1991. Rita is 17 years old and her brother Camelo tells her it is time to get their revenge. Carmelo goes to the waterfront. Later we hear that there is a body in the water. Rita goes quickly hoping to see Don Salvo, finally avenging the death of her beloved father. Instead she finds that Carmelo has been killed. The boy Vito is now a man.  He and Rita have been boyfriend/girlfriend since the night of Bellafiore's death. She loves Vito and wants to spend her life with him. The twist thickens. Vito works for Don Salvo. The drug business is good money for a young man. Rita seeking justice finds Chief Prosecutor Borsellino in Palermo. He does not want to help because it is the mafia. He discovers Rita has some valuable information.  Information that leads to a major police sting confiscating Don Salvo's drugs. Don Salvo tries to figure out who ratted to the police. Vito (the little bitch) tells Don Salvo that Rita went to the police in Palermo.

I know some of you may be planning on watching this movie on Netflix.  So not wanting to spoil The Sicillian Girl, I suggest you stop reading now.


From this point forward, we see Rita who in the protection of the state. Rita becomes Silvia Bonura the daughter of shopkeepers. The Chief Prosecutor is trying to build a case against the Mafia. He utilizes the jounals that the Rita kept for many years as the basis for his case. Rita for once seems happy but she is alone. She had to leave Vito her first love behind. She left her mother who did not seem to want her anyway. As we progress towards the trial Rita finds another friend Lorenzo who likes her in Rome. She seems happy for a moment.  She seems to be living life.  However, in the bliss of a blossoming romance, she withdraws.  One doesn't know if it's because of her feelings toward Vito or the knowledge she will not live long.

Rita returns to court with the gun of Don Michele and her brother Carmelo.
The trial of Don Salvo and his gang begins. Rita begins to give her testimony. The defense produces a witness who claims Don Michele raped her many times.  The witness is Nino's daughter who Don Michele Mancuso saved from being raped by Bellafiore. The strategy is to bring discredit the information written by a little girl long ago. The Chief Prosecutor asks her to look back and acknowledge her father was also a killer. She meets with her mother who confirms the truth of who her husband and son were. We also understand what the barrier is between mother and daughter. The mother resents how both men protected Rita from the truth. How her daughter was protected from the ugliness of the lifestyle while she washed blood stained clothes of their victims. We get a glimpse of Vito with a bomb maker. 

In court the defense has made it seem as if Rita is delusional and ratting out her father. She returns to court to add to her testimony. Rita owns the truth; her father and brother were killers. They were no better than the filth now on trial. Afterwards, Rita meets with the Chief Prosecutor; they embrace. She knows that they will get a conviction now. As they depart for the night, you get the feeling someone is going to die. As the Chief Prosecutor leaves the courthouse, we hear a large explosion. He is killed. Rita has no one left. Her mother has turned her back completely. She, by tradition, is a victim of the Mafia lifestyle and ways.

Rita is moved to a new hiding place. Lonely she reaches out to Lorenzo and then her mother with no luck.  Finally she calls Vito, thinking she can trust him. He shows up at her hiding place. They embrace, kiss and make love. They both profess their love for each other. Vito asks Rita to take back all of her testimony. He wants her to say it was just an imaginary tale from a little girl. Vito claims he can save her. He wants to marry Rita, making her a proper woman. Vito said that he had Don Salvo's word. Rita is pissed. If she does what Vito asks the Mafia will not be brought to justice. She is angered that Vito would talk of loving her when his loyalty truly lies with his boss, Don Salvo. With the Chief Prosecutor dead, she knows that she will not live for long. Knowing her death with Vito in her room ensures justice will be brought down on Don Salvo, Rita takes her life by jumping off the balcony.  She frees herself and guarantees justice is done for her family and so many others.

Rita Atria, a young women who laid down her life for justice.

Now I really loved The Sicillian Girl. It takes a strong girl with deep convictions to go against a way of life. Even though she killed herself, I think that she was finally free of a lifestyle she did not choose for herself. She became a champion for the people who hated the rise of the Mafia in Italy and the importing of drugs into the country. From beginning to end Rita demonstrated an incredible will and strength. It is subtitled in Italian. I highly recommend the movie! You will not be disappointed, even if you read this entry with the spoiler.  If you've already seen this one or take my advice in the future,  please let me know what you think of The Sicillian Girl. I appreciate all feedback. My wife keeps on watching this movie.  I have a funny suspicion, she has a thing for a couple of the Italian cops;  Women! 

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I Married A Mobster: Giovino’s “Working Mom” Recap

Author and Speaker, Andrea Giovino

Andrea Giovino’s I Married A Mobster episode, entitled “Working Mom,” aired last night and boy does she have a story to tell! I know from all my research that they were only able to cover a slice of her life in 30 minutes. There is so much more to know. But, if you missed the show or any part of it, here is my recap.

Andrea grew up in Brooklyn, New York during the 1960’s. Her father was a bus driver, but with 10 children in the family, his salary did not stretch far enough for all their basic necessities. Andrea’s mom was very resourceful in making ends meet. She taught her kids to be “street kids” at an early age. Andrea, for example, was sent out early in the mornings, at the age of 5, to steal from the bakery so they could have breakfast.

Andrea says she was taught to be a good care giver and marrying a husband who was a good provider was her ticket out of poverty. The “street guys” were the ones who had the money and respect in the neighborhood, they were considered the “elite.”

Andrea married young, but was divorced at the age of 21. She meets an older man, Frank Lino, who invites her to dinner and a show. She accepts the invitation. The following Friday she was fired from her job and finds out Lino was responsible. When she questions him about it he says, “no girlfriend of mine should be working.” Her older brother tells her that Lino is a capo in the Bonanno crime family. This is her meal ticket, her way out of poverty. Soon Andrea is living “larger” than her mother ever dreamed. Frank teaches her all about the good life and the mob life, including extortion, prostitution rings and drugs rings. She heard it all.

The men in the mob used women as trophies. One day Frank introduces Andrea to a man named Bruno. Andrea witnesses him talking down to his girlfriend and then, for no reason, he throws her down a flight of stairs. This bothered Andrea and she thinks, that could have been her. Andrea doesn’t like Bruno. One day he comes into her home looking for pills while Andrea is in bed. He gets on the bed and starts touching her hair and talking--she was terrified. She picks up her telephone and cracks him in the head with it. Then her girlfriend, Julia, returned and he left. She never told Frank Lino what happened that night. After a time Andrea wanted to leave Frank because she didn’t love him. She talks to him and he accepts the fact and lets her go. She decides there and then that she no longer wants to be with criminals or live that lifestyle.  The incident with Bruno scares her straight. She wants to settle down with a nice decent man, who will treat her right and doesn’t hurt others. Andrea falls in love and gets marred. She misses the excitement. Her resolve was short lived.

After divorcing, Andrea goes to Club A with a friend to dance. A club often frequented by mobsters.  Before long she is approached by a very handsome man, Mark Reiter. Mark worked for John Gotti, but was not a made man because he was Jewish. Andrea meets Gotti through Mark and says Gotti was always a gentleman, he never allowed men to use profanities in front of women. Mark was a drinker, a gambler and a mobster and Andrea hangs out with him and Gotti night after night, partying at club and spending money. One night she is at a club with Gotti at her side, when a woman starts to bad mouth Andrea’s friend. Andrea warns her to stop, but the woman keeps it up. Andrea is fed up. She pushes a table in to pin the woman down. She then hits babble mouth over the head with a bottle of champagne and pounds her to finish the job. When she is done she earns the nickname “Rocky,” which stuck with her. Mark gets in trouble with the law. He had hidden his money at Andrea’s apartment in Queens. He picks up his money one day and goes on the lam. Eventually he gets caught and is sentenced to life in prison.

Andrea moves on to a guy from Staten Island, John Fogarty. He had a construction company and was also running cocaine from Florida to New York, by the kilos. John is the “love of her life.” She wanted to be with one man and settled down, so she moved to Staten Island to be with him. Then the chaos started.

Andrea is settled with her two boys when she discovers that John is abusing his own coke. She wanted him in rehab. John attends a rehab in Tennessee where he meets a guy and cuts a drug deal with him there. John ends up in prison and Andrea had two babies to take care of. She does what she has to do, she goes out on the street to collect the money that is owed to John so her family can survive. Andrea was shaking people down for the money like she was the Godmother. When they pay up, Andrea uses the money to become a loan shark, to make more money on the street.

One day her brother tells her that a guy won’t or can’t pay back the loan. It was for $20,000. Andrea gets extremely upset. She tells her brother to get that money and do whatever he has to do. Her brother understands, so does law enforcement. The DEA hears her 1982 conversations through wire taps. Andrea and 22 other crew members were arrested.

The Feds take Andrea into an interrogation room. They know her history and all the mobsters she had been with. She can’t play dumb. The Feds say either she tells them everything she knows or she will be facing 10 years in prison. They play her the tapes they have, including some that have recorded threats on her life. If she goes to prison she is sure to lose her kids. The mob wanted her dead. So , Andrea tells the Feds everything she knows. Andrea cannot go into the witness protection program because she shares joint custody of one of her children with her ex-husband, and that child would not be allowed to enter.

The Feds reneg on their promises to Andrea of $75,000 and relocation of her family. She goes home angry and feel she has nothing to lose. She calls Mary Jo White’s office and tells her what she plans to do. She is making up signs, “Marked For Death,” and placing them on her babies, she is calling all the news media people, and she is staging a huge protest. She is going to get the message out there that if you inform the government will leave you high and dry and a target to be killed. She tells her office when I am done no one will ever speak to the government again! That convinced the Feds to help her by extending her funding for 18 more months. The Feds were defeated, Andrea managed to extort the government.

Andrea goes legit and becomes a model citizen. She makes sure her kids do not repeat her mistakes; the cycle is broken and her kids were saved.

Great episode! I am going to order a copy of Andrea’s book, Divorced From The Mob, and read what I am missing!

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Mob Wives: Real Lee D'avanzo Pictures

Lee and his boo Drita during happier times
Everyone not from Staten Island wants to see a Lee D'avanzo picture.  We did too!  Word in the neighborhood was that he was finer than fine china.  He's a beefy manly man; I'll give him that!  I am glad Mrs. D'avanzo shared a picture of them together in happier years.

For a quick moment allow me to take my blogger's cap off.  I do believe Drita knew who she was marrying.  Yet, sometimes love overrides our common sense.  It sometimes tilts our moral compass.  As a woman I'm truly very sorry that Drita Selmani years ago made the decision to get involved with Lee.  It's no skin off my nose what she did or does with her life.  However, she had so very much promise.  She had the brightest of futures. The truth be told, Drita D'avanzo still has tons of promise.  She has an opportunity to make some dreams happen.  As a mother, she has the opportunity to give Aleeya & Giselle the brightest of futures.  Right now, she just needs to do what's best for them.  It's painful for a woman who loves any man to discover he was unfaithful.  Though I don't think it should've been a surprise to her.  I get that it is painful none the less.  My hope is that she heals on her own terms and moves onward & upward.
Lee D'avanzo way back when he was a free man! Double click the picture to get a better look.
I've written that I do not believe the salon scene story.  Either it didn't happen or she is leaving something out.  I had planned on sharing with the readers the name of the salon & location.  However, somethings we all just don't need to know.  As a matter of fact, my head is spinning with all the information I do know & wish the hell I didn't.  We know who the woman is he cheated with is too.  However, is this really about her?!  Did she know he was married?  Was she friends with Drita?  It's not about who she is or how she looks.  It's about a man who lives a certain lifestyle that involves stealing, assaults, murder and infidelity.  I am not insinuating Mr. D'avanzo has committed all the crimes mentioned.  I am writing those are crimes common in the daily life of the mob lifestyle.  It's as common place as my watching Judge Judy as a matter of fact.  Let me put my blogger's cap back on.  There we go, I prefer blogging cold & heartless.  Let's discuss the Lee D'avanzo pictures.  Now he ain't my type, a little too beefy.  But man oh man he is a hunk, aint he?  Based on their phones calls alone (if they remained a couple), they could have their very own reality show, The Hulk (beauty) and the Hunk (beast)!  Oh please stop the applause, I know I'm brilliantly an @ss.

Now those of you who have not voted in our Lee D'avanzo poll, please do so now.  Your opinion matters around here.  It only takes seconds to read it & vote.  It's to your right and a quick scroll up.  Also when you get a chance take a peek of one of my all time favorite posts, Chiara's take on the possibility of Victoria Gotti Jr. joining the Mob Wives cast by clicking here.  It tickles me to know end.  I hope you get a chuckle from it too.

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Mob Wives: Turks & Caicos Mobbed!

Rita Hayworth back in the day.
Recently, a couple of Mob Wives beauties vacationed in Turks & Caicos.  I imagine the ladies needed a getaway before Mob Wives season 2 began filming.  Carla Facciolo & Drita D'avanzo a.k.a. Drila took the kids along too.  I have to be honest if I ever vacation in Turks & Caicos, I'm not bringing the kids.  Though I have tons of respect for these ladies for doing so.  They could've easily dropped off the kiddies at the grandparents' digs.  Yes, I know we're usually rough on Drila around here.  But hey, it's our perspective.  At least when we see good in them we blog about it too.

Carla giving us a Rita Hayworth pose.
Carla and Drita played in the sand with all of the kids.  They even went down enormous water slides.  Big kids they are I tell you!  The children were Big Willies ordering virgin Pina Coladas & Shirley Temples up a storm.  Man, I want to be a kid again.  The mothers got their grub on during their all inclusive 6 day vacation.  You think if I blog a little nicer around here,  they'll take me next time?  Please stop laughing at me.

Where is Turks & Caicos?  It's southeast of the Bahamas.  Typing of the Bahamas, I could sure use a Bahama Mama right about now.  A Mike's Hard Lemonade just may have to due for now.  Back to T & C it's a string of islands with a long rich history including various cultures & people.  Long ago the islands were stripped of their population thanks to slavery.  It was also once a popular hideout for pirates.  I think in the 17th century it was repopulated.  Is repopulated a word?  Sorry, if it isn't.  I am just to sick & tired to give a d@mn right now.  I know you comprehend what I am trying to type. 

Aleeya & Giselle are their mother's favorite girls in Turkey 'n' Cakes.
The Mob Wives Blogspot truly hopes the ladies and their offspring had a good old time.  Drita shared on Twitter that Giselle asked, "Can we go back to Turkey n Cakes tomorrow?" after returning to Staten Island.  I have to admit that tickled the sh!t out of me.  Whatever I think of Drita, I have to admit she's doing something right.  The little we see of her girls they seem like wonderful children.

They live the life don't they?  I am not writing that they don't have normal ups & downs in life.  I am not writing that they are not allowed to travel and enjoy other luxuries.  As I've written before with various families & single parents worrying about childcare; buying their children shoes and/or putting food on the table it's hard for many to identify with the Mob Wives.  Their lives seem to have problems.  But I don't see a lot of struggles beyond them getting along.

P.S. Miss Carla Facciolo be getting fiesty with me!  I love it.

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Photo Credit: Carla Facciolo & Drita D'avanzo

I Married A Mobster: “Crazy” Joe Gallo

Andrea Giovino and her family were always well connected in the mob. She tells the story of how, in the early 1960’s, “Crazy” Joe Gallo needed a place to conduct some illegal gambling and her mother, Dolly Silvestri, offered the basement of her home and hosted their games. Andrea and her sisters would bring them expressos and pastries and Dolly would earn some extra money to support the family of ten children. He paid her weekly, until 1963, when police busted their nice little operation.
“Crazy” Joe Gallo, also known as “Joe the Blond” had quite a reputation, before he was murdered the day after his 43rd birthday, on April 7, 1972, at Umberto’s Clam House in NYC’s “Little Italy.” He became a “made man” at the young age of 17, which is really remarkable. He worked for a mobster named Joe Profaci, with his two brothers, Larry and Albert “Kid Blast” Gallo. Profaci ordered the Gallo brothers to whack gambler “Frankie Shots” Abbatemarcco because he refused to pay Profaci $50,000. Larry and Joe both worked with Frankie Shots for many years and they had a close friendship, but nevertheless, they followed orders. A big problem arose between the Gallo brothers and Profaci. He had promised them that he would divide up Frankie Shots “business operations” with them, but after the job was done, Profaci gave it all away to his close associates and the Gallo brothers got nothing and were even told to get lost.

Profaci obviously underestimated the Gallo brothers, because they were not going to walk away quietly or empty handed. Instead they killed some members of Profaci’s crew and kidnapped a few capos. Profaci died in 1962 and Crazy Joe was later incarcerated for extortion. Joe Colombo took over as head of the family.

Crazy Joe was let out of prison in 1971. He made a deal with a black man, Jerome Johnson, to murder Joe Colombo in the middle of Colombus Square. Joe promised him that the Gallo brothers would create enough of a distraction so he could safely flee the scene. However, the plan didn’t work out quite that way. Once Jerome killed Colombo, the Gallo crew whacked Jerome on the spot.

“Crazy” Joe was a loose canon and became greedy and careless. As soon as Colombo was out of the picture, Crazy Joe walked into a nightclub, San Susan Nightclub in Long Island, owned by Colombo capo Johnny Franzese, and declared himself the owner. A couple of other guys got whacked soon after and Joe Gallo’s fate was sealed.

Joe had his 43rd birthday party at the Copa Cabana, in NYC. Actor Jerry Orbach, a friend of Joe Gallo’s, also attended with his wife. It was a big bash and they left the place at 4 am. A large group pile into the car and drive around looking for something to eat. They end up at Umberto’s for a big seafood dinner. Some time during the middle of their meal, several mobsters come in through the front door and, in a blaze of gunshots, killed “Crazy” Joe gangland style, just like the movies.

Imagine the stories Andrea could tell us about “Crazy” Joe? He is just one of a host of mobsters whose paths crossed with Andrea’s, during her life in the mob. For a very interesting, detailed account of “Crazy” Joe Gallo, check out the following link:

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Be sure to tune in Wednesday, July 20th, at 10:30 pm for her story, Working Mom," on Investigation Discovery! Also, Andrea will be on The View the morning of July 20th, revealing more details of her life. Check your local listings!

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Famous Food: Humble Pie or Witch's Brew?

From Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey to VH1's Famous Food, Danielle Staub
What is Danielle Staub cooking up to on VH1's new series Famous Food? Deplorable, depraved, diabolical, and sometimes dirty my favorite ex real housewife of New Jersey to hate; Danielle Staub is back. She’s left her castle in the ultra-exclusive suburbs of North Jersey for Los Angeles, California. In a town known for its back room deals with back stabbing players. Danielle will fit right in. Danielle has had her share of controversies. But hey you know what they say in the entertainment business negative or positive, "All publicity is GOOD publicity."  Today is no different. Courtesy of Radar Online a NJ Judge ruled against her in a motion filed by her ex-boyfriend Stephen Salewski, read here.

I have to admit to missing the hot mess of a delusional cast mate as I watch the 3rd season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Yea Yea Yea, I have Ms. Prostitution Whore and her little Mini Me Melissa to stir up trouble. But nothing compared to Danielle vs. Theresa (and Caroline Manzo). In my humble opinion, nobody in the housewives franchise is as good as Ms. Staub when it comes to getting revenge on those who cross her.
Yesterday, I watched Famous Food.  I hoped Danielle would display the same ruthless ambition to get to the top. I was not disappointed. Danielle immediately took poor little naive Heidi Montag of The Hills under her spell or was it the other way around? Hmmmm... 
Heidi Montag with her new found frenemy Danielle Staub
You remember Heidi, right?  The half Barbie, half Bride of Frankenstein creation of  the now deceased Dr. Frank Ryan.  As I watched  these two women one thing occurred to me. Only one will come out on top. There can only be one winner of VH1's Famous Food. Will it be the older more mature Danielle or the younger blond who knows how to manipulate the Hollywood scene?  It could all end with a good old fashion show down between young Botox maven & old(er) Botox maven.  Heck it may very well be Big Pussy of The Sopranos who wins Famous Food for all I know! 

I’m not really sure about the new series Famous Food yet. It was kind of all over the place. I have to admit to looking forward to another weekly dose of Danielle Staub, Satan's sweetheart.  Our Mob Wives season 1 has ended.  Maybe catching Famous Food on VH1, Sunday nignts @ 10PM Eastern/ 9PM Central will fill your void.  There is even a made man from The Sopranos in the restaurant!  How can you beat that?  Okay, okay I know the Mob Wives! But we have to wait until the fall for season 2.

Before I forget make sure you check out our I Married A Mobster poll.  It's to your right and a quick scroll up.  It takes only seconds to read & vote.  Some of us <3 the show.  I Married A Mobster airs Wednesday nights on Discovery ID @ 10:30PM Eastern/Pacific.  It's not like we're cheating or anything.

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Photo Credit: VH1 & Radar Online

Mob Wives: Chiara's Suggestions For Season 2

No doubt Renee is right about there being more drama for season 2. I have watched Mob Wives all season. I have read dozens of articles, interviews and watched videos of the all the mob wives. I have learned a lot from all of them about these women and the show. However, I didn’t expect to learn so much from our blog. The reading habits of our readers has helped me to see some of the things that are of most interest to the fans who visit our site. I also have some things I would like to see on and off the show that I would like to suggest. Maybe you do too? Here are some of the ideas I have.

1. Give AJ a larger role on the show. AJ is very popular with the younger fans of the show because of his handsome looks. AJ is also popular with older fansof the show, because he is a mature, respectful young man with good values. In short, people enjoy seeing AJ and have a very positive response to him. I would like to see a tender moment between AJ and Renee discussing their feelings about her father being released from prison. I would like to see other scenes of AJ as well, maybe at his computer, discussing different colleges with his mother, working on a school project, listening to music, or playing a video game with his cousin, Justin.

2. Cut back on the use of profanities. I think this has already been happening as the show progressed. But it’s my feeling that, when those types of words are thrown around all the time and for no reason, they lose their impact and “shock value.” Maybe they should be reserved for scenes showing anger, even annoyance, or frustration. I don’t think any of the women use profanity as much as it is depicted on the show, so why add gratuitous profanity in their dialogue on the show?

3. A Picture of Lee D’Avanzo. Everyone and their grandmother wants to see Lee. If the producers can manage to get a picture of Lee D’Avanzo into the show it would bring about some high ratings for that episode. Our readers, and google searches indicate that viewers are very curious and interested in seeing a picture of the man that Karen and Drita have been fighting over all season long. The Lee storyline has been a big focus of the show and the finale has only served to increase the fans interest in what he looks like. I would suggest maybe a heart to heart talk between Drita and Aleeya where one of them is holding his picture and then a close up shot of it. At some point Drita does need to talk to Aleeya, if she hasn’t already, because she will most certainly learn about Lee’s cheating from watching the show or hearing about it from someone else. If that scenario doesn’t work, Drita can be talking to Carla about Lee and the status of her marriage, with his picture in hand, and she can slam it down, just like she does with the phone.

4. An interview with Jennifer Graziano. Viewers are curious about Jenn Graziano, it’s only natural. Maybe a very short candid interview with her, regarding the her concept for the show and how it evolved, could be worked into the beginning or end of an episode. We know Ms. Graziano is a private and reserved person, but there is a lot of interest in her role as executive producer and creator of the show. We’d also like more details on future projects she is planning or working on.

5. Question & Answer show with the Mob Wives and their fans. Everyone in the studio audience gets a T-Shirt, it reads their “team name” eg. Team Renee, Team Karen, Team Drita, Team Carla. The random audience members can ask prescreened questions to the four Mob Wives. I think it would be a great way to promote the show, as well as give fans an opportunity to see other sides to all the wives that may not come out on the show. I would schedule it a week or two before season 2 actually starts, to create a buzz, and have it hosted by Wendy Williams?

6. How about a talk show program with the Mob Wives and their mothers (not sure this is possible). But, it would certainly bring about a lot of publicity for the show as I think fans would love to see the mob wives with their mothers, seeing how they are alike, how they are different, how they get along and what they have to say about each other.

7. An appearance by Joe Ferragamo. We have heard a lot about Joe and viewers jumped at the chance to see his photos online. I think it would be of great interest to see Joe interacting with his children, after a brief interaction with Carla, just to see the family dynamic between Joe and Carla and the kids. I think many people are curious to also see what Joe looks like today, after 5 years in prison.

8. Jail Mail Inc. There has been tremendous interest in Renee’s new company, Jail Mail Inc. Much more than I ever expected. Our blog on Jail Mail was number one for the longest time. I would hope there will be a scene showing the operation of this new company, at its office, to see how it’s going to work.

9. An appearance by David Seabrook. David is another person the audience has been interested. It would be easy to tape Karen, Karina and David having an intimate family dinner together, maybe discussing their future plans as to where they will all be living or even discussing the progress on Karen’s book. I think the viewers would love to see David and how he interacts with Karen and Karina.

10. A trip to Morocco! Send the Mob Wives to Morocco! Of course this is just a joke. I couldn’t resist making this comment after watching the hilarious three episodes of the Real Housewives of New York on their trip to Morocco. Can you imagine our four ladies riding across the desert on camels? The heat has a way of bringing out the worst in people and there is no AC out in the desert. The NY wives had plenty of drama while they were they to relax and enjoy themselves. From the looks of it they could not get along if their lives depended on it. If I had to label their drama vs. the Mob Wives drama I would call the NY Housewives as “squabbles” and the Mob Wives as “brawls.” No comparison.

But, I digress.   A nice trip for all four Mob Wives would be in order…maybe to the Jersey Shore or the Bahamas?   How do we work that into an episode?   I don’t know, I can’t think of everything!  
So tell us!  What would you like to see next season?

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mob Wives: Drita D'avanzo 'Mixing It Up' Interview

I sit patiently waiting to be connected to Drita D’Avanzo. I am imagining all the times I have seen her on the phone: talking to Lee, talking to Carla, talking to Renee, and soon she will be talking to me! I hear the connection and introduce myself.

Hi, Drita, this is Chiara from The Mob Wives Blogspot.

I just want to thank you for taking the time to be interviewed. We created the blog just for your show.

Drita seems surprised and flattered. We have been following the show since before it aired and as fans, we always want to know a little more about you.  

This show has been a whole new experience for you and put you in the spotlight with mediaHow are you dealing with being recognized by the public?
I’m getting used to it now, it was a lot to take in because I’m not an attention seeking person. It was weird hearing my name being screamed out all day. But the fans get so excited, but they have been so nice. The biggest compliment I get, or could ever want to get, is about my “realness.”

Is the show what you imagined it would be?
I knew the show would be successful, it’s something that has never been seen before. It’s as real as it gets, it’s not scripted, I don’t know where people get that idea. They have no idea how real it is. It’s been very stressful for me and a big adjustment. I can’t hide my feelings and I guess that makes for good TV.

Can you tell us your favorite scene from season 1?
The scene with the raccoons because it made me laugh so much. I am all for laughing, I enjoyed it.

Have you learned anything about yourself from doing the show?
I have learned that it is very difficult to put my pride aside. I am a very prideful person. But I want to lead by example for my children, so that is something I have to work on.

Can you tell us anything about what we might see in season 2 about you?
You will see my new life ahead of me and me closing the door on my old life.

You have spoken about working on a new cosmetics line, I’m sure that’s exciting.  Do you have a name picked out for your new cosmetics line yet?
I am going to call it Just Me Cosmetics with the focus on strong, independent women. I have had this idea for 15 years. I know women, who when their husbands have gone to prison, they sit at home and spend all the money. But I was never that kind of woman. I put myself through school and got a job while Lee was away, to better myself. I want to build this business for my kids and show them, by example, about being strong and independent. I don’t ever want to have to go to Lee for anything.

What kinds of products are you planning to introduce first?
My first product will be for lips, called Just Lips and the names of the lipsticks will be after the girls who are special in my life, so of course the first two colors will be names after Aleeya and Giselle. I have worked with high end lines of cosmetics and I want my line to be high end quality at affordable prices.

When do you think you might be ready to promote it?
Soon. Maybe within the next couple of months. My website already exists.

Viewers love seeing your girls, Aleeya and Giselle, interacting with you on the show.
What kind of mother/daughter activities do you do with each of the girls at home?
I do so much with the girls at home. I love spending time with my girls. We bake and make rainbow cookies, we wash the car every day--it’s fun for the girls, dancing, playing soccer, sleepovers, reading, and movie night when we put all the pillows on the floor. Aleeya came home one day from a friend’s house and told me please do not change! I guess I am more fun than her friends’ moms.

Aleeya is a very bright girl and I’m sure you are very proud of her.  Can you tell us about a moment when you were especially proud of something she did?
Aleeya is very strong minded, I always cry when I watch the scenes with her in it. The most proud I was of her is when she asked Lee when he was coming home and he answered, “soon.” When Aleeya answered, “Soon is not good enough,” I was so proud of her, she sounded just like me. Aleeya is mature and an old soul.

Giselle is such a pretty little girl and she seems to have a big vocabulary for her age. Can you remember anything especially funny she has said to you?
She cracks me up all the time! She is always saying something funny. The other day I was on the phone and she says, “mommy, mommy?” But I wasn’t answering. So she puts her hand on her hip and says, “Drita from Mob Wives, I have to go to the bathroom!” even her expression are funny. Fans have actually told me that they don’t like the show, but they love the kind of “mommy” I am.

You have mentioned your family on the show and how your father disowned you years ago.
What is your relationship with your father like today?
My father disowned me because he disapproved of who Lee was and he could not condone what Lee did. He wanted to know why I would choose such a lifestyle? He was hurt. They day he disowned me he also paid me the most compliments, he told me how beautiful I was, how smart I was, I could go to college. And everything he told me would happen if I married Lee, happened. But he has a heart of gold and I know he would be there for me if I ever needed him.

I hope you and your father make up one day soon.
Yes me too, maybe in season 2 we can reconcile.

Does he see his grandchildren?
He loves his grandchildren and Aleeya stole his heart. He is crazy about her, she is gifted and in a gifted program.

Can you tell us about your relationship with your mother and what have you learned from her?
I always say I wouldn’t be the person I am without my father, but I wouldn’t be where I am if not for my mother. I am very close to my mother. She always says, when she watches the show, she never knows what will come out of my mouth, and I have been that way since I was little. My mother told me, that when it comes to parenting, I am just like her.

You recently mentioned you were very close to your brother. Can you tell me about a favorite childhood memory you shared with him?
My brother is two years older than I am and I would play soccer on his team. He would call me his little brother. He is my best friend.

After watching the finale and seeing your pain, it would be hard not to ask about Lee. Before I do, I just want to say how sorry I am, not only for what he did, but how you found out about it.
Thank you.

How are you doing today?
The initial shock is over, but I am still heartbroken obviously. But, I am focusing on work and making money. I have to deal with it, like many others have had to do. So I am looking at the positive right now and moving on.

Can you tell us if you have spoken to Lee about his cheating and, if so, what did he have to say about it?
I told him he made so many horrible decisions and this was the worst and stupidest decision he has ever made. He knew I would never tolerate cheating. Now he is losing out on a diamond while he is collecting stones. We haven’t spoken since. Now he can have the other woman send him packages.

In the finale, we see you go to a lawyer for advice. Have you made any decisions regarding your marriage?
You will see this in the second season, but I am probably going through with it, I don’t see how I couldn’t.

The finale also did not end well for you and Karen. Have you spoken since the fight and do you think you will be able to get past all the things that were said?
I saw Karen at the Wrap Up party. I saw how uncomfortable her daughter, Karina, was and so was Aleeya, with us being there together. So I decided to be the bigger person and apologized for the sake of our daughters. I don’t like getting that angry and out of control. Right now I have to deal with Lee and I need to move on. I have no energy to continue the fight with Karen. I wanted to show the children it’s easy to be bad and it’s hard to be good. It’s not easy watching myself; and I am just glad, for Karen, that there were 5 people there to pull me off her.

Fans always want to know lots of little things about celebrities. So I’d like to ask you for your favorites on a list of things.

Color: Red

Brand of Shoes: Prada

Perfume: My own. I make my own from different scents I mixed together when I worked with perfumes. It’s all I wear and I make it for my friends and they call it “Drita.”

Make Up: I like a little bit of everyone’s line, they all have one product that is great and I have tried them all. I am going to take the best of everyone’s line and incorporate it into my new line.

Clothing Designer: Bebe, the clothes suit my body nice

Place to shop: Bebe

Vacation Place: Aruba, love the weather

Dessert: I don’t really eat desserts or like chocolate, but I love cream puffs with custard filling.

Movie: Brave Heart is unbelievable, and the Notebook

Restaurant: Peter Luger’s Steakhouse, the steaks are great, even though seafood is my favorite.

Holiday: New Year’s Eve

Season: Spring

Is there anything you want viewers to know about you that we haven’t seen on the show or read about?
I have had friends for over 25 years and I am very close to them. They are in my inner circle. The show doesn’t show how much I value friendship.

One last thing, now that season one is over, are you glad you agreed to do the show?
Yes, I am glad for the opportunities it brought to me. I’m looking at the positive things in my life and working on putting my pride aside.

I joke and say, as long as you don’t have to take your shoes off, we’re good.
I wore flats in the finale, that’s why I didn’t take my shoes off.

Oh, so we need to check your shoes before we say anything out of line! We share a good laugh at that. And then it’s time to end our interview. I think that about covers all my questions for today. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and watching you on the show. I wish you the best of luck with your cosmetics line and with the show in season two.
Okay, then, thank you.

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Picture Credit: VH1