Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano's Baby Got Pipes

Nice arms Daddy David Seabrook!
Not that any of you care I've been sick.  After most storms there is a rainbow and/or silver lining.  The rainbow is Chiara has been holding down the fort in Linda Schiro of I Married A Mobster overload.  One cannot blame her Linda Schiro's life is a rich (not monetarily) one.  It is equally a sad one with the death of her beloved son Joey. 

The silver lining is one of my most treasured & ignorant friends has returned from Cape Town, South Africa!  I have missed her voice and our countless laughs.

Thanks to Twitter and Karina Seabrook, I got a glimpse of Sammy the Bull's grandbaby getting her sang on.  Now I ain't got time to bullshit anyone; she isn't a Mariah Carey or Jill Scott per se.  However, the child does have a very nice voice.  Sure she's a bit pitchy and off key @ times.  However, I give her a C+ overall.  Now imagine if mama Karen or daddy David signed her up for some singing lessons with a quality voice coach!  We could be watching a future pop or R&B sensation is all I am typing out loud. 

One thing is for certain Karina is a gorgeous young lady!  Have you seen her daddy's arms? Hmmmph, hmmmmph, hmmmmph (Karina if you are reading, stop now!)  You know d@mn well Karen still hitting the skins!  ".... wants to date other people..." my extra large derriere! So what's your take?

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The Underboss said...

You are really showing your age by using the phrase hitting skins I know what you are talking about but I guess it is better than saying making whoopee.

Mob Mistress said...

I thought about 'knocking the boots', so shut up!