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Mob Wives: Lee D’Avanzo Is Out Of Prison!

A very cozy threesome?

"When are you getting out of prison?", Drita said to Lee, "I need to know!” We all need to know! Every Mob Wives fan is waiting for the answer to the question, "Is Lee D'Avanzo out of prison?," and we have it! YES! Sources tell us that Lee is not only out of the slammer, he is currently in a half-way house.  After hearing this news I went directly to the Twitter accounts of Drita and Big Ang and this is what they had to say that night…

Now Big Ang tweets that she went out to dinner with the "girls" on Monday night at Ponte Vecchio, on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, and Drita was emotionally exhausted? So, what if it wasn't the "girls" she was out with? What if Big Ang was really out with Drita and Lee? And, maybe spending time with Lee, after all these years, was emotionally draining and stressful for Drita? Well, if you know me, you know that's how my mind works. Chirp, chirp!

Thanksgiving at the Detore's, Dominick and Janine

I shared my speculation with Mob Mistress and this is what she had to say: "Maybe it was the girls because we know that Brooklyn is Carla's vagina's old stomping grounds. I can't confirm it because the people who can verify it aren't really talking to me right now. With the addition of a new mob wife, lines are being drawn, and Big Ang seems to be making a statement that she is ALL Team Carla, having Handy Man over her house and posing up a storm with him. By the way, Handy Man is also known as Derek Rodriguez. It's public information and anyone can do a quick Google search and see what a great guy Mr. Rodriguez really is. It's been fun, Chiara, but I have important shit to do packing."  And with that she was gone! 

Team Carla???

Well it sure it sounds like I am on to something to me. You don't have to be the FBI to figure it out. I wish they would have tweeted more, but I get the feeling that "Mob" Productions would have whacked their little, exquisitely manicured, fingers off. Nevertheless, we must be grateful that they can't silence our sources who are the singing canaries of some of our best blogs!

Lee and Drita "once upon a time"
Will there be a sequel?

Are you wondering if Drita will soften up and give Lee another chance? She had been adamant about moving on with her life after season two, but now that she is face to face with Lee, will she be vulnerable to him and her emotions? I imagine it's going to be a harder decision now that he is actually out of prison and back in all their lives. Stay tuned.

Now what does this mean for season three? Well that remains to be seen. When Joe came home we got to see him interacting with his children and Carla. Will Lee want to be on the show too? Will they be able talk him into it? I don't know. But what I do know is that our readers have always been very intrigued by the men in the lives of Mob Wives and are especially curious about Lee. He could be a real ratings booster for the show!

Tell us what you think of this newest development!

Picture credit: Cast members Twitter Accounts

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"The Walking Dead: When The Dead Come Knocking" EP Recap

Glenn is sitting in an interrogation room in Woodsbury, hands tied up to the chair when Merle walks in and begins to question him of his whereabouts and more importantly...where his little brother, Daryl is. When it comes to Woodbury, there are no rules or laws of question or interrogation and Merle gets right into business; “I didn’t mean no harm back there…I lowered my gun but you raised yours,” Merle said. “You were an asshole out there just like…you were back in Atlanta…people wouldn’t do that to an animal…” Glenn tries convincing him that the group back then (himself, Daryl, T-Dog and Rick) all went back to look for him but he was gone when they got there. Merle clenches his jaw as T-Dog’s name is mentioned and still harbors deep resentment for him accidentally losing the handcuff key. Glenn tells him that T-Dog is dead. Meryl mentions that he hopes he went slowly since Merle isn’t one to quite hold a grudge. Merle takes it a step further and mentions that maybe ‘the farmer’s daughter’ knows something. Speaking of the farmer’s daughter, Maggie is tied up to a chair in a room next door, hearing Merle through the weak walls. Merle then places his blade against Glenn’s face before pushing it against his mouth, demanding Daryl’s location. Glenn is resisting while a Maggie is getting more agitated as she hears Glenn’s grunts and moans from the blade. Glenn headbutts Merle and Merle repeatedly punches him to a bloody pulp. 

Back where we left off at the prison, about 5 walkers surround Michonne with more in the midst. Michonne is hobbling and places her hand over the wound. Unfortunately, the walkers sense her human blood and go after her. Michonne hobbles and slashes a few with the katana. Carl asks Rick if they should help. Michonne is losing stamina and her vision decreases. The last she sees is a walker hovering over her as she lies back, prepared for death. But then she hears a gunshot. Carl shot the walker. She last hears carl’s gunshot. Rick opens the gate they begin shooting the walkers; Rick grabs the katana and Michonne as Carl grabs the basket full of formula and they retreat back to safety. They go into one of the cells in C-Unit and place Michonne there. Rick pours water over her and comforts her, asking her who she is. Michonne tries grabbing her katana but Rick grabs her and asks her who he is. At the same time, Daryl walks in, wondering who their new guest its. Daryl says he has something for the unit to see but is still watching Rick.  “I didn’t ask for your help!” Michonne seethes but Rick tells her he couldn’t leave her out there. Rick locks the cell door to give her some space…and to also see what Daryl has in store. Rick walks into C-Unit to be greeted by an exhausted Carol. Carol and Rick share and embrace and when Carol asks where Lori is, Rick’s expression gives it away. The whole group share a very bittersweet reunion as Carol grieves for Lori but is ecstatic about the newborn. Michonne is watching from afar, taking in a different atmosphere than the one she felt in Woodbury. 

Back in Woodbury, the men are back on guard and Milton knocks on the governor’s door. Milton tells him that “Mr. Coleman is ready”. Andrea is getting dressed and says she’ll be waiting. But the Governor says he could use her help. 

Back in the prison, Rick says he’ll help provide aid for Michonne and then she can be on her way but he demands that she tell him where she came from. She mentions she got the basket from an “Asian guy and pretty girl”. “They were taken by the same son of a bitch who shot me,” she explained. Rick grabs the gunshot wound and Michonne tries fighting back, but Daryl points his crossbow at her. Michonne wants to go after Daryl (Jane’s notes: girl, you’re on my good side, don’t ruin it! I’ll let it slide this one time). “You came here for a reason” Rick told her. Michonne begins talking about Woodbury and how 75 survivors were taken there. She tells them that the town is ran by a man who calls himself as ‘the Governor’ and describes him as a “pretty boy, charming, Jim Jones type”. She tells him that there’s sentries posted around the town but they still have a chance to sneak in. Rick asks her how she found the prison. She told him she heard about the prison from eavesdropping on Maggie and Glenn before they were kidnapped. Michonne is then introduced to Hershel as Maggie’s father. 

Back in the interrogation room, Glenn is extremely beat up and covered with blood and cuts, blood oozing from his mouth as Merle tortures him as if he was the Jack Bauer of the post-zombie apocalyptic era. Glenn warns Merle that they will be coming. Merle is convinced that Rick and crew aren’t going to come and that he is outnumbered.  Glenn mentions that Andrea is part of the group, which perks Merle’s interest. 

Back in the prison, Hershel is stiching up Michonne’s wound as Carl watches, hand ready on his gun. Michonne thanks Hershel. Back in C-Unit, Daryl suggests going after them. Oscar, Rick, Daryl and Michonne decide to head on out with the car as they stock up on guns and tear gas. Daryl assures Carl that he’ll look out for Rick. Michonne looks around the prison yard and asks if the place was overrun; Beth mentions it was and that there were others that helped clear the prison. Michonne is in awe at how such a small group took control of the prison. Rick goes to have a quick, private chat with Carl about Lori and acknowledges that no boy his age should’ve done what he had to do. Rick advises that if anything happens, that Carl has to lock everyone up in the cells and to look out for his baby sister. “Daryl’s been calling her asskicker!” Carl chirps in. Rick laughs and asks what Carl thinks she should be called. Carl wants to name her Judith after his 3rd grade teacher.  Judith, meanwhile, is being held by Carol. Daryl tells her to be safe while Hershel commands them to bring Glenn and Maggie back. Axel opens up the gate and the car takes off. 

In Milton’s lab, old 40s music is playing on the record player and the room is full of paintings. The Governor brings Andrea to the lab where Milton and an old, dying man is lying on a bed. The Governor introduces Andrea to Mr. Coleman, the man that is in the bed. The Governor goes over to him and thanks him ‘for his service’. 

Before Andrea can ask anything, Milton tells Andrea to put the record back to the first track and then rings a singing bowl. Milton begins interviewing Mr. Coleman and tells him that he is going to ask him questions and Mr. Coleman will respond with a “yes” by raising his right hand. He asks about Mr. Coleman’s name, his wife and his family while showing pictures. Mr. Coleman raises his hand for all the questions Milton asks. Mr. Coleman grabs Milton’s hand and whispers to him to keep the song playing “while they wait”.

Back in the interrogation room, Glenn struggles to free himself. Merle comes in and brings in a walker with a rope around its neck, asking Glenn if he can empathize with the way Merle felt back in Atlanta.Merle commands Glenn that this is his last chance to talk. When Glenn refuses, Merle lets the walker go. Glenn kicks the walker back and flips himself over. He knocks cases and boxes over and shields himself between a spring mattress to prevent the walker from biting him. Glenn kicks the table to the walker before breaking the chair against the wall. He lifts his covered hand up just in time to prevent the walker from biting him. Glenn stabs the walker and lets out a scream. 

Back in the lab, the same music is playing. Milton explains to Andrea that when Mr. Coleman dies, they will restrain him and wait for him to “reanimate” where Milton will ask the questions again, then Andrea will kill him. His intent is to find out if after a human has passed on and has turned, whether or not memory and human consciousness exists in the walker’s mind, so to speak. Milton explains that Mr. Coleman has prostate cancer so due to lack of treatment, he willingly volunteered to be part of Milton’s experiment. Milton is hoping the music and singing bowl will linger in the walker’s mind. Andrea is dumbfounded and tells Milton that they are monsters and who they once were are now gone. Andrea asks Milton if he ever saw the transformation involving loved ones. Milton explains he grew up an orphan and telecommuted to work. During this time, Mr. Coleman passes away so Andrea and Milton restrain him. Andrea holds Milton’s shaking hand as they tie Mr. Coleman up.  

The Governor, Merle with 2 others are out back. The Governor is concerned that Rick and company will come back. They wonder what will happen, should they arrive. Merle said he was going to talk to Maggie but the Governor will take care of them. The Governor goes in the room where Maggie is in and asks to sit down. He cuts the ties wrapped around her wrists. He tells her that Maggie will be taken back to the crew and explain it was a huge misunderstanding. Maggie wants to talk to Glenn. Governor won’t allow it because he feels that “your people are dangerous”. Maggie knows nothing about what happened at Atlanta. The Governor promises her safety but Maggie refuses to talk. Governor suggests something else and demands Maggie to stand up and take off her shirt and her bra. Maggie reluctantly complies with his perverted demands. The Governor walks up to her and strokes her hair and caresses her before grabbing her neck and forcing her down at the table. He then grabs her neck and forces her down the table. Maggie tells him that he can do whatever he wants as long as he goes to hell afterwards. 

Out in the woods, the crew stop in the middle of the road. Michonne tells them that the roads are heavily patrolled so it was best to go on foot. While they are walking in the woods, Rick quickly thanks Daryl for taking care of Judith; ‘it’s what we do,” Daryl tells him. Before any more tender moments are shared, Daryl hears a rustle in the woods and tells the group to get down.  A small herd of walkers pop out from the woods. Rick tells them to stay close and to not use gunfire. The crew slash their way through but the number of walkers multiply and they take a deserted road to a cabin where they break in. Rick tells them to be quiet but Daryl is taken aback by a very foul smell in the cabin. They come across a dead dog while Rick notices a bed and uncovers the blankets to reveal a man with a shotgun. He demands them to get out. But at this point, walkers are crawling at the front of the cabin, thirsting for flesh. Rick tells him that they can’t leave. The man said he’ll call the cops; Rick says he is a cop. Rick tells him to lower the gun and that he is going to reach down for his pocket to reveal his badge. Instead, Rick gets him in a chokehold. The man escapes and Rick warns him to not open the door but Michonne takes care of it real quick in the form of a slash to the back through the chest. Daryl takes a peek out in the front, where there’s at least two dozen walkers. Rick asks Oscar to check the back…Oscar looks at them and knows what they are doing, muttering “you gotta be kidding me!” but Oscar checks out back and signals it’s clear. Daryl and Rick grab the body of the dead man and throw him out to the hungry walkers. They throw the dead body to the walkers as the walkers feast. The crew sneaks out in the back pass the distracted walkers. 
Back in the lab, Mr. Coleman begins waking up, his eyes an abnormal bloody red. Milton uses the singing bowl and plays the record. Milton begins asking the same questions he did before and asks Mr. Coleman to raise his right hand to answer ‘yes’. Milton shows a walker Coleman the pictures. Milton is convinced that Mr. Coleman’s hand moved but can’t move because of the restraints and tells Andrea to remove them because they are blocking him from “responding from his subconscious”. Andrea refuses, knowing very well what will happen if those restraints come loose. Milton does so anyways as the walker grabs Milton’s shirt and lunges towards him but not before Andrea stabs Coleman in the head.

Back in the interrogation room, Glenn is armed with a weapon ready for Merle to return; Merle does but with the 2 men, the Governor and a topless Maggie, who is covering her breasts. The Governor tells to stop playing games and demands one of them to reveal Rick’s location. The Governor points the gun at Maggie’s head but then points it directly to Glenn. Maggie immediately tells the Governor that they consist of ten and are at the prison. The Governor lowers the gun but not before trying to embrace and ‘comfort’ Maggie. Maggie rushes to Glenn’s arms. Meanwhile, the Governor and his men are plotting what to do. The men are wondering if Maggie is lying about the number in Rick’s crew.  The Governor begins to question Merle’s loyalty because Merle told the Governor it was not possible for Rick’s crew to have succeeded the way they have. Merle states his loyalty to the Governor. Just outside Woodsbury, Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne are hiding just outside the walls plotting their next move….

Back in the Governor’s room, Andrea walks in to give the Governor a hug and kiss. He asks her about Milton and she reaches for the whiskey. He asks her what happened. “Mr. Coleman died,” she said. “Did Milton find what he was looking for?” the Governor asks. “No” she responds. The Governor wraps his arms around her to “comfort” her.  

Jane's Notes: If there’s one thing that’s safe to say, is that we saw a MUCH different Glenn then the sneaky pizza delivery boy we saw back in Atlanta. Glenn has always been a very valuable character but this episode truly displays his mental strength, above his already excellent physical strength. Speaking of Glenn, AMC has an interview with Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn as he discusses the transition from one of the crew to surviving solo.

I’m glad that they have added a ballsy female to the group because for the most part, the men went out and the women stayed behind (save for Maggie and Glenn and Andrea and Shane but the ladder is just a clusterf*ck and doesn’t really count). I’m also glad that they added some tender moments to soften the brutality that’s still in affect from “The Killer Inside” with Carol and baby, with Rick’s sanity restored and sharing a moment with Carl.

I’m not going to go into the Governor because he’s just CUH-REEP-AY with a capitol C and that whole scene with Maggie was just flat out uncomfortable.

While I still think Andrea is a bonafide dumbass, I do feel for Milton. He seems like a smart cookie that hasn’t really seen the Governor’s “darker side” and is just so focused on his work and genuinely wanting to contribute to a civilization in the post-apocalypse.

As usual, Merle is being Merle. BUT I do predict he might slightly turn (no pun intended) when the upcoming showdown between Woodbury and Rick’s crew and solely focus his loyalty to his family, which is my husband.
Speaking of husband, where did that poncho go that he wore??

Picture Credit: AMC 
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Mob Doctor: Game Changers

This episode opens with a reminder that Constantine has diabetes, and he has bought a bakery.

Franco is in a warehouse showing off his display boards where he cut and pasted pictures of mob hierarchies to the detective from last week.  Franco tries to make the case that he should stay in Chicago and bring the rest of the mob down, but the detective tells him he's going to Miami and will change his identity.  He probably would have been more convinced if Franco had done a powerpoint presentation.  It's the digital age boo!

The detective wants to know how Grace is involved, but Franco sidesteps the question.  What I want to know is why they made Franco go "undercover" with his REAL identity.  How does no one know he's a cop?

Grace gets a call from an old friend.  She shows up at her house and her 18 year old daughter is handcuffed to the bed, going through withdrawals from her heroin addiction, which she wanted to quit cold turkey.  Now I know nothing about drugs.  I barely watch drug movies.  But even I know that quitting heroin, cold turkey, handcuffed to your bed, is pretty much the worst idea.

Franco shows up at the hospital to talk to Grace.  She says she's going to call the cops, and he pulls the old "I am a cop" routine.  He proves he's a cop by rattling off about 45 details about one parking ticket she got.  So he's definitely either a cop, or a stalker.  In fact, he's definitely both.  He tells her he can't protect her from the FBI anymore.

I won't waste any time on the stupid medical subplot.  Trust me, nothing of value will be lost.  But I did find it interesting that Grace was called in to consult on this foot/leg/hip fracture considering shes a THORACIC surgeon.  Turns out, she knows it all.  Surprise, surprise.

Grace and Brett are officially dunzo.  They perform this surgery with an Indian surgeon named, what else... Sanjay.  Sanjay starts hitting on Brett hardcore, saying he has nice eyes and stuff, and then asks if he ever dates Indian girls.  THIS OFFENDED ME!  What on earth is that supposed to mean?  What a dumb question.  Sanjay sets him up on a date with his daughter.

So Katie, the heroin addict, gets her drug dealer boyfriend to pick her up from the hospital.  Her mom begs Grace to do something, and you can see her wheels spinning.

Grace goes to have a burger at a bar, and Ro comes in saying she saw Grace leave.  So now she has 2 stalkers.  Ro tells her to have the drug dealer whacked.  Grace says she has to go back to the hospital.  She has not even touched her burger.  Luckily Ro says she hasn't eaten anything cuz I was about to GO OFF.

Grace tells Constantine she wants out of the agreement.  You can probably assume that doesn't go well.

Grace asks Nate to help her shake down the drug dealer, which they do.  Nate roughs him up.  Katie has ODed, so she goes back to the hospital, where Grace does some shady stuff to get her a rapid detox.

I've pretty much glossed over the entire mob aspect of this episode, but it was basically Constantine organizing a gigantic "round table" of mob bosses at the bakery.  Franco stalks the meeting and gets pics of all the guys, which convinces the detective to keep him in Chicago.  He meets with Grace and tells her the only way for them both to get out is to go back in.

This episode wasn't so horrible.  But maybe that's because the end is in sight!  What did you guys think of this episode?

Picture Credit: Fox, tumblr

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American Horror Story: Asylum- The Origins of Monstrosity

If I had a nickel for every time I said this about Ryan Murphy

My American Horror Story recap got super delayed because of the holiday, but better late than never, as they say.  As you can tell by the title, this episode delved into a lot of backstory of a few characters.

In present day, Adam Levine is FINALLY dead.  The cops are called to Briarcliff from an anonymous tipster who says, "You'll know my name when you see them, they were impostors."  And then we see the three faux Bloody Face teens strung up and hanging from the ceiling.

In the 60s, a young girl, Jenny is dropped off at Briarcliff.  Her mother brought her in because Jenny was playing with a girl in the woods, and next thing you know the friend is dead of stab wounds from a scissor.  Jenny stoically tells the police a bearded man in a brown coat killed her.  Her mother believed her, I suppose, until she found a lock of the girl's hair that Jenny had kept as a token.  Sister Jude tells the mother that they can't do anything for Jenny because they don't have a children's ward and... wait.  Jude is back?  Didn't she pack her things at the end of the last episode?

So Lana wakes up to the smell of Oliver frying up some croque monsieurs, which everybody knows is super inferior to the croque madame.  She pretends to like his croque monsieur and tomato soup, even though she wishes it was a croque madame, because she doesn't want to make him angry.  She asks where Wendy is and he says he hid the body.  Oliver goes on to say that Lana is about the same age his mother was when she abandoned him.  Lana tries to relate saying she knows what it feels like to be abandoned.  Oliver says he studied psychiatry to understand his own afflictions.  In his anatomy class they had a corpse that was about the same age as his mother, and that's when he realized what he was yearning for was skin to skin contact.  Nothing wrong with that I guess.  But the corpse wasn't enough, which led him to skin his first victim.

Oliver says now that Lana is here, all that work is behind him, and he calls her Mommy.  Sweet.

Mr. Goodman calls Jude and says that Arden was the nazi doctor that Anne/Charlotte accused him to be.  He has the documents to prove it, but now all he needs is a fingerprint.  Jude turns around and Jenny is in her office, because her mother apparently abandoned her there.

Father Timothy gets called to give last rights for someone who is fearful looking with a mysterious illness, but at the very least has tuberculosis.  When he enters the room, somehow he can recognize that blob of boils is Shelley, which I find suspect.  They flashback to when Timothy and Arden first meet, at the TB ward in Briarcliff, which is empty except for the "incurables."  Somehow Arden sweet talks Timothy into letting him do human trials for drugs at Briarcliff.

In present time, Father Timothy sees what Arden has done to Shelley, and he puts her out of her misery.  Timothy confronts Arden and says he is a monster for mutilating Shelley like that.  Arden basically says every patient at Briarcliff is worthless, and he is progressing human evolution somehow by injecting the patients with STDs.  Father Timothy says he can't allow it to continue, but Arden says if he's exposed, all of Briarcliff will be exposed, which, for some reason, stops Timothy dead in his tracks.

Jenny has a heart to heart with Sister Mary Eunice, and they get along really well, which is somewhat disconcerting considering that Mary Eunice is the devil.  She says she knows that Jenny killed her friend, and she gives her a knife so she can kill some more.  Yay.

Timothy, meanwhile, offers Jude a position at a home for wayward girls, and essentially tells her to pack her bags.

Oliver gets a call from Kit, who is in jail and says that he's a liar and all for using his murder confession to get him locked up for murder.  Lana tries to escape while he's on the phone, and she gets close to doing it but Oliver catches her.  He's devastated that she would try to abandon him just like his mother.  He says when people don't live up to expectations, sometimes all you can do is end it.  And then he puts his mask on.

Jude decides she's going to get Arden's fingerprints before she goes (for good?).  She brings him some cognac and toasts him.  At first she doesn't pour herself a glass because she doesn't imbibe, but he says he doesn't drink alone, and apparently, he doesn't drink first.

Meanwhile, Mary Eunice is in Jude's room playing with her lingerie when she gets a call.  Next thing you know, she's at Mr. Goodman's motel room.  He asks if Jude sent her, but she says Jude doesn't know she's there.

Jude shows up to Goodman's motel room with the glass.  He doesn't answer the door, so she walks in.  She finds him bloody and dying in the bathroom.  She suspects Arden, but he keeps saying "nun."  Mary Eunice brings a bunch of Goodman's evidence to Arden, but says she's keeping some of it in case he double crosses her.

Outside, Jenny's mother and family have been murdered with a knife.  Jenny tells the police they were killed by a bearded man with a brown coat.

Oliver starts undressing Lana, commenting on how alive she used to be before Briarcliff.  It doesn't shock me that he was creeping on her back then.  But he talks about her like he had been creeping on her for more than 45 seconds, which is not what the footage suggests.  Anyhoo, Lana tells him that he deserves unconditional love, and he doesn't have to feel guilty for killing her.  Then she calls him baby.  He takes his mask off and starts crying.   Then this happens:

In 2012, the police have discovered the crime scene.  Leo's arm is ringing.  They pick up the phone and it is Bloody Face telling them that he only killed the impostors.  Which makes me wonder why were some teenagers just waiting around to kill Adam Levine like 4 different ways and how did they rip his arm off??  Anyway, the police find out that Leo was on his honeymoon, but no sign of the bride.  Because she... is with Bloody Face.  Dun dun dunnn...

I can hardly be mad anymore. I'm just wondering what other ways Ryan Murphy is going to try to come up with to keep being on the cutting edge of shock and awe.  Anyway, now that Shelley is dead, maybe I can watch the rest of the season with both eyes open.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

"The Walking Dead: Hounded" EP Recap

This episode opens up with Merle leading three of the Governor’s men are in the woods and are looking for Michonne. They hear a rustle in the woods. They come across severed body parts. The men don’t know what to think of it when one of the men named Neil figures out that it’s a sign that means “go back”; he explains the severed arms make a “G”, the legs make an “O” and the back part of the body is self-explanatory. Merle gets a kick out of it and dubs it a “bitergram”. Neil is becoming emotionally affected by his brutal surroundings but Merle grabs Neil’s shirt and tries to “man it up” and get him to not show emotion. Merle asks him his last name. “Gartuleleau,” Neil responds (I don’t know the correct spelling but I’m hoping I’m close).   Merle lets go of Neil and taunts Michonne: “what’s the deal…one against four?” he taunts. He gets his wish as Michonne sneaks out from the back, decapitates one of the men and stabs the other one in the stomach; Merle shoots towards Michonne, getting her in the hip. Michonne escapes but not without Merle going after her.

"This shit is getting serious, son!"

Back in the prison, Rick is talking to the mysterious woman over the phone. The woman seems thrilled to hear from Rick; “We’ve been calling since it all started!” she exclaims. “Are you someplace safe?” Rick asks. The woman responds with; “I can’t tell you where we are, we’re sorry.” Rick desperately pleads his case to her; “I have a son….a newborn baby, I’m with a good group of people….could you take in others?” The woman says she will talk to the group. Rick begs her not to go and tells them that they are dying in the prison. The woman says she will call him back in 2 hours and despite Rick’s pleads, hands up. Back in C-unit, Rick comes back in as the whole crew is eating a meal. He tells him he’s cleared out the boiler block and took out 1-2 dozen walkers. Glenn suggests that he helps out clear the rest but Rick dismisses the idea, saying he only came back to check on Carl. Rick makes sure everyone has a gun and knife.  Glenn tells Rick that him and Maggie are going to make a run. Rick leaves C-Unit….Hershel tries calling out to him but Rick ignores him. 

Back in the woods, Merle goes back to an emotionally distraught Neil, who is physically nauseated at the gruesome remains of his comrades. Merle kicks Neil and yells him to rise to the occasion, reminding him “some serious shit is going down!” He commands him to get up and also reminds him that they never let their own turn. Merle stabs one of the dead men in the face. Neil stabs the decapitated head. They go back in the home to hunt after Michonne.

Back in Woodsbury, Andrea bumps into the Governor and asks him if she can ask him something but he says no. But the Governor then asks her if she “gets it”. “If it’s an escape, it’s not the right one,” Andrea says in regards to the fighting. “It’s brutality. The world is brutal as it is”. Andrea says she does want to stay in Woodsbury and contribute to the wall so she can shoot a gun and also learn to use a bow.

Back at the phone room, rick is sitting and picking up the phone when it rings. This time, it’s a man’s voice. “You the guy she was talking to?” the mystery man asks. He tells Rick about the safe place they’re in; “It is safe here….no one’s been attacked, bit, died…no one’s turned, no one’s gone crazy.” The man said it could be dangerous for rick and asks how many he has killed. Rick confesses he killed people but only because they were a threat. The man asks Rick how many he’s killed. “Four people: two outsiders, one who threw me to the walkers and one of our own…he lost it….” Rick explains, remembering Shane and his tragic fate. “He lost who he was and threatened me and tried to kill me.” The man asks how he lost his wife. Rick wonders how he knew about Lori. The man says Rick mentioning his kids gave it away. Rick doesn’t want to talk about it. The man hangs up. Rick screams out and kicks the table out of frustration. 

Back at the wall in Woodsbury, a  woman and Andrea are on guard. The woman suggests she can start training tomorrow. The woman said she was taught hunting by her father and that the bow she carries is more expensive than her car. “I killed him for it,” she confesses; “My father wasn’t himself and neither was my brother.” “I had to kill my sister” Amy said. But their conversation is interrupted when a walker approaches . The woman shoots her bow but the arrow bounces back. She tries again but misses. Andrea says she’s got this taken care of. The woman yells at her to not go over the wall but Andrea walks straight towards the walker, elbows him and slashes his head, a look of satisfaction on her face. But the woman isn’t too thrilled. “WHAT the hell was that??” she yells at Andrea.  “That is how it’s done!” Andrea says proudly. “I TOLD you I had it!” the woman says, storming off (this is the point where I actually root for Andrea).

"Hello? I am your mind...."
Back in the “phone room”, Hershel hobbles in to where Rick is to check on him. “May I?” Rick pulls up a chair for him. Hershel chuckles at his leg. “I can still feel it, I’m wiggling my toes!” he laughs. “You saved my life Rick…she was sorry for the things that happened and she told me that. She planned on telling you. Take your time, whatever you need. You carried us and got us here” Rick said it wasn’t safe enough. Hershel said nowhere else is safe and the prison was their best bet. Rick tells him about the phone call with a young woman who was part of the group who said they had a safe place. Hershel picks up the phone and hears the phone has been disconnected and looks at Rick. Rick is telling Hershel how he’s trying to convince the woman to get him and the rest in the group involved but to not tell the group yet. Hershel wants to keep him company but Rick would rather be by himself so Hershel hobbles away. 

Back in the woods, Michonne sneaks on Merle and Neil to fight once again. Merle knocks Michonne down but she kicks Merle where it hurts and all the men get knocked down. To make matters much better, walkers approach them and one gets on top of Merle. Neil stabs the walker in the head. One goes after Michonne. She grabs her katana just in time to slash the walker’s stomachs as it’s intestines and blood cover Michonne.

Back in the prison walls, Oscar and Daryl are investigating the hallways when they hear a door rattle. Daryl said it was a couple walkers but they aren’t leaving so they’ll take care of them on the way back.  He whistles at Carl to stay behind and begins to tell Carl about his mother’s tragic fate; “My mom, she liked to…smoke in bed. Virginia Slims. I was playing out with the kids in the neighborhood….they had bikes, I didn’t. We heard sirens getting louder and they jumped on their bikes and ran after it, hoping to see something worth seeing. I ran after them but I couldn’t keep up. I ran around the corner and saw my friends looking at me. I saw everyone look at me,” he explained; “Fire trucks everywhere, people from the neighborhood…my house is what they were there for. My mom was in bed and burnt down to nothing. That was the hard part. She’s just gone, erased. Nothing left of her. People said it was better that way. I don’t know, just made it seem like it wasn’t real.” Carl tells him that he was the one that shot his mom and ended it. “It was real.” They both exchange condolences on their mothers’ passing.

The trio clearing out the prison of walkers
Back in the office in Woodsbury, the Governor hears a knock. It’s Andrea. She knows what she’s there for. “You were told we don’t go over unless we have to,” he scolds her. Andrea said she wanted practice. He said she wasn’t needed on the wall. “I liked the fights” Andrea confessed. “I didn’t like that I liked them.” The Governor acknowledges it and noticed it; “you could’ve walked out and started but you stayed…like you stayed right now to tell me that.” He said. 

Back in the woods, Merle tells Neil he rose to the occasion and owed him a beer. Merle said they are going to get a car and drive back.  Neil is mad because they killed the others and were going to cover it up. Merle said to Neil that to tell the governor that Michonne was killed as well. Neil mouths back to Merle, “This was some serious shit, that’s what you said. I’m not going to lie about it.” Merle asks Neil his last name again. “Gartuleleau,” he replied. Merle repeats his last name before shooting him in the head and picks up Neil’s gun. Not too far away, Michonne comes across 4 walkers and she prepares to slash them but they walk passed her because of the blood and guts on her.

Back in the “phone room”, phone rings again. This time, it’s the woman and she asks Rick how his wife died. “How do you know my name?” Rick asks. The phone hangs up again and disconnects.

Michonne sneaks around a deserted grocery store to observe. She hides behind a car as she sees a truck drive up. Its Maggie and Glenn going to pick up necessities. 

Back in Woodsbury, Merle and Andrea are having a drink of whiskey in the patio when the Governor confides in her about never feeling proud about what he had done with his life pre-zombie apocalypse. He drinks whiskey to forget the bad times…even the good times before the apocalypse. He confesses that he’d rather be in Woodsbury with whiskey, in a patio…with Andrea. “You don’t have to be ashamed liking the fight, or liking to fight. I love it. It’s not the only thing but nowadays its part of being alive,” he reassures her. “Most people don’t have what it takes to see the whole story…that’s why there’s a lot more them than us” he said. “Us?” Andrea asks. “Yes, us!” The Governor says. “You have it Andrea and you made it…so enjoy it! Eat, drink and be merry!” The Governor and Andrea exchange a glance before they begin passionately kissing.

Drawing guns at an unexpected Merle
Back at the store, Maggie and Glenn are stocking up on what they need outside the truck. Merle comes up from behind the store with a gun drawn, asking them where they are from. Maggie and Glenn draw their guns, commanding Merle to back up. Glenn comes into a state of shock once he sees who it is. Merle asks if Daryl is alive. Glenn says he is. Merle tells them to take him to Daryl and it’ll make up for everything that happened back in Atlanta. “I’ll tell daryl you’re here and he’ll come up to meet you,” Glenn insists. Merle is still trying to convince them but Glenn isn’t having it and tells Merle to wait. Merle draws the gun, shoots the truck window and holds Maggie hostage Merle tells Glenn to open the door and to get in the car and drive…Michonne looks on.

A tired Michonne continues looking on

Back in the prison hallway, Daryl and the others are investigating. Oscar notices a cell with slippers and takes them. A walker approaches them and they all shoot him Daryl notices carol’s knife is sticking in the walker’s neck. He hears a racket in a door nearby. Daryl is terrified that Carol is now a walker. Not too far from the trio, the phone rings again for Rick. Rick is hesitant but picks it up. “How did you know my name?” Rick demands. “Because I know you….” The woman replies.  “and you know them…Amy, Jim, Jackie, all who you were talking to…” “Lori?” rick asks, realizing who it is.  “What happened rick?” Lori asks. Rick breaks down and said “I loved you…..I couldn’t put it back together…..” Rick is in an intense state of grief and finally expresses his thoughts; “I made a deal with myself that I would keep you alive and I’ll find a place and then….i couldn’t open that door, I couldn’t risk it, I was going to keep you, Carl and baby alive” Rick confessed. “I loved you…I LOVE you. I couldn’t put it back together. I should’ve said it….” Lori soothes Rick: “You have a baby, our baby. You have Carl. The group. I love you,” Lori says. “Can you do that…..Rick…..Rick……Rick…….” the phone begins to disconnect and all that’s left is static. Rick hangs up the phone. 

Meanwhile, Andrea and the Governor are in his room doing some sexytime when the door knocks. The Governor grabs his robe and opens the door. It’s Merle and he wants to talk to the Governor. “We lost all 3 guys….” Merle explained.“(Michonne) cut him down and biters gone in the middle of it and got her.” The Governor is disturbed by this news. “We’ll give them a hero’s funeral…do you have them? The sword?” The Governor asks. Merle hesitates and tells him it all happened too fast. “they all got torn and in the middle of them….I got something else. Guys I knew at the Atlanta camp” Merle says. “They know Andrea?” The Governor asks. Merle tells him that they are set up “pretty good” and will find out more.

"The Good Son"
Back in C-Unit, Beth, Carl and Hershel (with baby) come back. Rick slowly approaches Hershel and for the first time, holds his newborn baby in his arms. Meanwhile, outside the door blocked by a dead walker, Daryl is repeatedly stabbing the knife. He kicks in the door and paces, readying himself to finish off Carol. But when he moves over the walker’s body and opens the door, he realizes that Carol, although clearly exhausted and covered in blood, is all. He carries her in his arms to safety (as Jane imagines that she is Carol because she’s turning to…not into a walker but into a shameless Norman Reedus fangirl)

Rick with baby, Hershel, Beth and Carl go outside in the fresh air. “She looks like you” Rick tells Carl. Ricks sees something in the distance….he gives the baby to Carl. Rick goes through the prison yard and sees a herd of walkers once again shaking the gates getting to him…. But in the middle of the herd is Michonne, shaking from her leg injury and holding the basket of necessities and  formula, pleading with her eyes to Rick...

Jane’s Notes: Usually, it takes me 2 days the most to do recaps but I’m a little late for this one. It’s the holidays, does any more need to be said? But let’s get down to business! First of all, I am SOGLAD my predictions on Andrea and Carol were on the dot. I will admit, that whole thing with Rick and the phone had me all kinds of confused until the very end when it was Lori…at least, in Rick’s mind. Once again, Michonne is kicking ass and taking names but I think now she realizes what a threat the people of Woodsbury are, deep down, she wants a safe haven. She’s still one of the baddest of badasses in the history of femme fatales. I’m also glad they show a softer side to Daryl and also it shows that Carl now has someone he can rely on (when his dad isn’t losing it). Last but not least, who was that dumb broad with the bow?

So, with that said, I'm seeing a lot of reoccurring themes this season from the phone ringing, to losing the loved ones to walkers, to setting up a safe haven, to Daryl stepping up to the plate. So with Merle holding Glenn and Maggie hostage, I predict Glenn will outsmart Merle and help Maggie escape. I think that Rick will take in Michonne and Rick will immediately want to go to Woodsbury out of desperation, while Hershel and the rest will step up and plan things out. I think Carol, while she's okay now, I think she's been bitten/scratched but Daryl will be a lot softer to her than he was in season  2 after with what happened to Sophia. 

Hope you all have an awesome thanksgiving! xo

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