Friday, November 2, 2012

Mob Wives Help Staten Island Victims of Sandy

Karen and Ramona at Oasis Crisis Center

Karen tweets that she and Ramona Rizzo were at the "Oasis Christian Crisis Center in Midland Beach, SI today...It is completely heart breaking to see so many people lose everything...if anybody has any extra coats, blankets, food, cleaning supplies please drop off at your local donation center there are people truly in need!!!!!" 

Renee starting fund raiser

Renee Graziano has started a fund raiser called Operation Mob Wives Savings Lives, to raise money and collect items for Staten Island victims whose lives were devastated by hurricane Sandy. You can  find out where to make donations on Twitter by following her @ReneeGraziano or to make a donation you can go to Hurricane Sandy Relief for Staten Island where Renee posts: "This campaign is to raise money and awareness for the victims of Superstorm Sandy. This storm has left my hometown devastated and scurrying for relief in my forgotten borough. Literally lives have been washed away along with their homes and memories. Children have been lost. Parents have been taken. Pets are missing. Please help my beloved Staten Island." Renee has a big heart and is always thinking of others and ways to help. Please join her cause and help the people of Staten Island weather this storm.

Renee's Fund Raiser is over $5,000 in 24 hours!

Toni Marie's sandwiches

And, I caught a couple of tweets from Toni Marie Ricci of I Married A Mobster, who said she was leaving with 150 sandwiches. I caught up with her after she got back from Staten Island South Beach, where she was doing her good deed for her community. 

Big Ang Collects Items at Drunken Monkey

With the Help of Lil Jenn, Janine and Blonde Linda

Big Ang making food for South Beach today!

And last, but not least, Big Ang is accepting donations of much needed items at the Drunken Monkey which will be distributed to those in need. She has also been preparing food in her kitchen to bring to South Beach! Please follow Big Ang @BiggangVH1 for updates and details and ways you can help.

Picture credit: Cast members Twitter Accounts


Anonymous said...

looked at some of the pictures being twitted, its so sad and i glad my favorite Mob Wives are doing great things to help thier community, Helping others can drain you, hope you all get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the girls working to help their community!

Anonymous said...

Good for the ladies!!

I was watching Anderson Cooper and I LOVED how he showcased the heroes that were strangers to each other but were helping out too. And I'm sure people LOVED Toni's sandwiches!!

Karen Stubbs said...

Fantastic. This disaster is too big for the government to handle alone. Stepping up to help each other is the key to survival for the victims. Our dear Mob Wives know the people and where the help was needed. They stepped right in with no fear and did what needed doing. Strong women are the most important part of our future of our country, so proud of you. I also saw Caroline Manzo and her family from Jersey Housewives doing their part to help also. So good to see positive vibes from the stars of both these shows. I live on the Gulf Coast and have been in the same situation, no Fema or Red Cross trucks ever made it to my neighborhood either. My neighbors pulled together and local churches brought us ice and food and we survived. God Bless you all and all whole lot of love from me and the rest of the nation! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see all coming together to help. These communities of SI are strong and you can see they'll put together and rebuild. I wish them good thoughts and prayers.