Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mob Doctor: Game Changers

This episode opens with a reminder that Constantine has diabetes, and he has bought a bakery.

Franco is in a warehouse showing off his display boards where he cut and pasted pictures of mob hierarchies to the detective from last week.  Franco tries to make the case that he should stay in Chicago and bring the rest of the mob down, but the detective tells him he's going to Miami and will change his identity.  He probably would have been more convinced if Franco had done a powerpoint presentation.  It's the digital age boo!

The detective wants to know how Grace is involved, but Franco sidesteps the question.  What I want to know is why they made Franco go "undercover" with his REAL identity.  How does no one know he's a cop?

Grace gets a call from an old friend.  She shows up at her house and her 18 year old daughter is handcuffed to the bed, going through withdrawals from her heroin addiction, which she wanted to quit cold turkey.  Now I know nothing about drugs.  I barely watch drug movies.  But even I know that quitting heroin, cold turkey, handcuffed to your bed, is pretty much the worst idea.

Franco shows up at the hospital to talk to Grace.  She says she's going to call the cops, and he pulls the old "I am a cop" routine.  He proves he's a cop by rattling off about 45 details about one parking ticket she got.  So he's definitely either a cop, or a stalker.  In fact, he's definitely both.  He tells her he can't protect her from the FBI anymore.

I won't waste any time on the stupid medical subplot.  Trust me, nothing of value will be lost.  But I did find it interesting that Grace was called in to consult on this foot/leg/hip fracture considering shes a THORACIC surgeon.  Turns out, she knows it all.  Surprise, surprise.

Grace and Brett are officially dunzo.  They perform this surgery with an Indian surgeon named, what else... Sanjay.  Sanjay starts hitting on Brett hardcore, saying he has nice eyes and stuff, and then asks if he ever dates Indian girls.  THIS OFFENDED ME!  What on earth is that supposed to mean?  What a dumb question.  Sanjay sets him up on a date with his daughter.

So Katie, the heroin addict, gets her drug dealer boyfriend to pick her up from the hospital.  Her mom begs Grace to do something, and you can see her wheels spinning.

Grace goes to have a burger at a bar, and Ro comes in saying she saw Grace leave.  So now she has 2 stalkers.  Ro tells her to have the drug dealer whacked.  Grace says she has to go back to the hospital.  She has not even touched her burger.  Luckily Ro says she hasn't eaten anything cuz I was about to GO OFF.

Grace tells Constantine she wants out of the agreement.  You can probably assume that doesn't go well.

Grace asks Nate to help her shake down the drug dealer, which they do.  Nate roughs him up.  Katie has ODed, so she goes back to the hospital, where Grace does some shady stuff to get her a rapid detox.

I've pretty much glossed over the entire mob aspect of this episode, but it was basically Constantine organizing a gigantic "round table" of mob bosses at the bakery.  Franco stalks the meeting and gets pics of all the guys, which convinces the detective to keep him in Chicago.  He meets with Grace and tells her the only way for them both to get out is to go back in.

This episode wasn't so horrible.  But maybe that's because the end is in sight!  What did you guys think of this episode?

Picture Credit: Fox, tumblr

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