Monday, September 22, 2014

Mob Wives: The Ugly Duckling Buries The Mob

Once upon a time there was an ugly duckling….

We’ve all read the story of The Ugly Duckling.  Well those of us who can read and put down the Molly.  Not all of us are born beautiful.  Not all of us are cute kids.  Well don’t tell our mothers that.  But you all know what I am typing about.  Most of us aren’t Shirley Temples in training or adorable Cosby kids, think Raven Simone.  Many of us aren’t Alyssa Milano of Who’s The Boss either.  And some of us could’ve been Bugs Bunny teeth’s stunt double.

At the end of the day, I don’t know about y’all but I have a 4th grade picture that’ll make the one above look like Miss America Jr.!  I have to keep it honest.

Back to the duckling….  I can also type:

The duckling has turned into a svelte Frederick of Hollywoodish swan.  I ain’t mad at her, work it honey.

Who know cocktail umbrella’s were hair accessories? Natalie Guercio did!

See I am not as mean as some of you claim I am.  Either I need a new eye prescription or it looks like some cosmetic surgery and braces have done Miss Guercio good; forget about the milk.  Anyhow, rumor has it Natalie Guericio during season 4 didn’t work at the family’s funeral home.  Frankly, the storyline of a beauty assisting with burying mobsters did nothing for me.  You can’t please everyone, right?

Jennifer Graziano has been very mean to us.  She hasn’t dropped the official date of when season 5 of Mob Wives will drop.  We can’t wait around here.  Well we can.  But you know we’re a M.O.B. Wives blog.  We gotta type what we want to around here.  Tune into VH1 in December 2014.  It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a season of Mob Wives on the air.

Mob Wives: Big Ang Goes Crazy During Filming

Remember my blog on Season 5 Alliances a couple of days ago? If not, you really need to keep up with your reading. Things are happening faster than we can blog them! Would you believe that Big Ang, lifelong friend of the Graziano family, turned on Renee and Karen? Well, I guess Switzerland, the peacemaker, has flipped (out).

I don't know what is going on in Season 5, but no one may come out alive! The Daily News is reporting that Big Ang went crazy during a filming session and tried to attack Renee! She called Renee and Karen "rats!" For all the details check out the Daily News article which is hot off the presses.

I can't even close my eyes at night and get some sleep without missing out on something! Stay tuned!

Picture credit: Big Ang's Facebook

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen and Natalie's Season 5 Twitter War!

Karen sure looks cool, calm and collected!

Just as I predicted, the events of a day of filming spill out on to the world of Twitter! Something is definitely going on between Natalie and Karen Gravano. Who still thinks Karen isn't filming Season 5? A war broke out last night between cool Karen and batsh*t crazy Natalie and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't make mention of it? Looks like my alliances were on the money so far, as the New Blood team attacks Original Girls team Karen and Renee. But enough of my opinions, let's see how this went down in black and white (and blue). 

Natalie has the audacity to attack Karen as a mother? She calls her a dead beat Mom?Yes Karen left her young daughter in Arizona with HER mother, while she came back to film Mob Wives and write her New York Times best selling book Mob Daughter. Karen was worried about her daughter's safety in New York. She was protecting her from possible danger. She wasn't sure if the show would be a success and didn't want to uproot her. She flew back and forth to see her more times than I can count. If that is a bad mother, then Natalie is delusional. But Karen can defend herself.

Natalie drags Renee into her lunatic rant!
Anyone think Karen and Renee are afraid?

Let's face it. Natalie is losing it. The show doesn't premiere till December and she is already attacking Karen and Renee. What's her beef with them anyway? She is just Alicia's sidekick. Note to Natalie: If you can't take the heat in New York, please go back to South Philly and your dead clients!

Where do you suppose Natalie will find
those hard truths and reality?
(I have my suspicions)

Karen had a few choice words of her own. Notice Karen's demeanor. Does she sound concerned? Upset? Worried? Nope. Karen laughs her way through the exchange with a few good pieces of advice for Gnatalie.

Karen just swats her like the annoying little Gnat she is!

So there you have it. The wars are just starting. This is just a little more of a taste of Season 5! Looks like things are heating up on the set and on fire with the cast. Stay tuned because we are on the case!

Picture credit: Karen and Natalie's Twitter Accounts

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mob Wives: Joe and Raquel Getting Married!

A gift from Jennifer Graziano!

How long ago has it been since we first saw Joseph Ferragamo and Raquel on Mob Wives? If I remember correctly, Joe was released from prison and appeared on the show at the end of season two. Then, he and Raquel appeared in season three of Mob Wives, creating a storyline for ex-Mob Wife, Carla Facciolo. Joe and Raquel have been together ever since, and they are soon approaching their wedding day. Looks like the couple is very happy and Joe is getting a second chance in life.

The happy couple finalizing wedding details!

Wedding bells will soon be ringing next month for Joe and Raquel. Joe is making sure to dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t's" as he fills out his application for a wedding license (below).

He looks so serious!

We wish them both a lifetime of happiness and hope to post wedding pictures when the big event occurs.

Congratulations and Best Wishes from our blogging team!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mob Wives: Season 5 Alliances

I can see this being a scene!

No one in the cast is tweeting much at all these days. I guess they are too busy filming or has VH1 placed a gag order on all of them? Used to be we'd get a few juicy Twitter wars that carried over from the day's events, but everyone is being cautious not to let anything slip. No one is allowed to say Karen is or isn't back this season, even though she seems to be living in New York since the beginning of summer when filming started. No one is saying whether or not Alicia took back her resignation, which made the news, but I don't recall if VH1 accepted it? Still, the cast can't help but tweet a picture here and there and that is enough to make this blogger happy enough to spin it into a blog. So who is aligned with who in Season 5 of Mob Wives? (as if we didn't know).

First we have New Blood, Alicia and Natalie from SOUTH Philly. They are as thick as "thieves," literally and figuratively. Alicia got away with paying a little restitution on the money she admitted taking from the truckers' pension fund and is free to rejoin the cast. Here she is with her "sidekick," Princess Funeral Home, all lovey dovey.

Next we have the "Switzerland" pairing of Ang and Drita (the ex-boxer) who play peacemaker while stabbing their friend, Renee, in the back. That's what they did all last season, and I have no doubt they will do it again this season. Remember how sympathetic they were over poor, poor, pitiful Alicia's pending court case, while at the same time they didn't try to help Renee, who was spiraling out of control with her addiction relapse? Yeah, they are neutral (insert big eye roll). Here is what they have been up to during filming:


"always being by my side"
How touching!

Now who does that leave? Hmmm, let me think. Oh yes, the Original Girls, Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano. I don't need anyone to make it official for me, my gut doesn't lie, Karen is back. From yesterday's blog, the dynamic duo together again:

And there you have it! Three teams, which I suspect are going to be two teams when Switzerland forms an alliance with New Blood. I never did trust Switzerland. Who's team will you be on? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mob Wives: A "Taste" of Season 5

Renee Tweets this picture on September 10th . . .
Karen is still in New York!

What’s a blogger to do when the show they blog is filming and no one is leaking information? Well, you have to be creative, you have to look for clues, and you have to put the pieces together and try to make sense out of what you know and find on Twitter. That’s what I’m doing, and here is a mixture of fact and speculation for season five, due to premiere in December.

Natalie is still harassing Renee on Twitter
You can see who she is aligned with: Alicia, Drita, Ang

Who’s in the cast next season? Old Blood + New Blood = Bad Blood. We know that Natalie is officially returning, even though I couldn’t figure out why. She is Alicia’s sidekick and Alicia resigned from the show. Natalie has no storyline or “mob ties” in the true sense of the word. She works at her grandfather’s funeral home. She does hair and makeup for clients who can’t complain. Enough said. As for Alicia, I think she is returning to the show, although no one has said so. I come to this conclusion because the long awaiting sentencing and restitution part of her criminal case is over. She doesn’t have to worry about her “image” as a mother. And the girl has to earning a living. You might think I would be disgusted with her return, but I’m not. More on why I’m not will follow below.

Renee Tweeted this picture recently

We definitely know that Drita and Big Ang are returning. That is official. The two “peacemakers,” who manage to stir up trouble while “trying” to calm their friends down, are back to play “Switzerland.” They are never really neutral or show loyalty to “Old Blood.” We saw this play out last season when they sided with Alicia and Natalie (who they both couldn’t stand) against Renee. Renee, who suffered a relapse in her addiction, couldn’t get an ounce of sympathy or compassion from either of her so called “friends.” And you may remember how Drita attacked Renee on the Reunion Show, blindsiding her with things that happened back in season one. It was ugly and left Renee stunned, hurt, and speechless. Renee is not about to forget that.

Yesterday, Renee tweeted this.
In fact, Renee was so upset she wrote a little blog on Instagram about it!

Click to enlarge

Of course Renee is returning. She has plenty to confront Drita about from last season. I hope she confronts Ang too. They both deserve it after last season. But Renee needs an ally. She was out numbered last season when “old blood” became “bad blood.” What to do?

Bring back Karen Gravano! Nothing is official about Karen coming back in season five, but I listed plenty of “evidence” that she is spending a lot of time in New York the past three months. I speculate that Karen will come back and save Mob Wives! Karen has a big beef with Alicia. In the first episode of season four, Alicia opened a can of worms by attacking Karen and her father over the murder of her father in law (a man she never knew). Karen wasn’t able to tell her story, so we wrote a blog trying to cover a little of it for readers, Now, Karen can come back and handle her issues with Alicia face to face. Great storyline, great ratings! And that’s why I will not be upset to see Alicia back in the cast. This season Alicia will earn her money, Karen will see to that.