Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen and Natalie's Season 5 Twitter War!

Karen sure looks cool, calm and collected!

Just as I predicted, the events of a day of filming spill out on to the world of Twitter! Something is definitely going on between Natalie and Karen Gravano. Who still thinks Karen isn't filming Season 5? A war broke out last night between cool Karen and batsh*t crazy Natalie and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't make mention of it? Looks like my alliances were on the money so far, as the New Blood team attacks Original Girls team Karen and Renee. But enough of my opinions, let's see how this went down in black and white (and blue). 

Natalie has the audacity to attack Karen as a mother? She calls her a dead beat Mom?Yes Karen left her young daughter in Arizona with HER mother, while she came back to film Mob Wives and write her New York Times best selling book Mob Daughter. Karen was worried about her daughter's safety in New York. She was protecting her from possible danger. She wasn't sure if the show would be a success and didn't want to uproot her. She flew back and forth to see her more times than I can count. If that is a bad mother, then Natalie is delusional. But Karen can defend herself.

Natalie drags Renee into her lunatic rant!
Anyone think Karen and Renee are afraid?

Let's face it. Natalie is losing it. The show doesn't premiere till December and she is already attacking Karen and Renee. What's her beef with them anyway? She is just Alicia's sidekick. Note to Natalie: If you can't take the heat in New York, please go back to South Philly and your dead clients!

Where do you suppose Natalie will find
those hard truths and reality?
(I have my suspicions)

Karen had a few choice words of her own. Notice Karen's demeanor. Does she sound concerned? Upset? Worried? Nope. Karen laughs her way through the exchange with a few good pieces of advice for Gnatalie.

Karen just swats her like the annoying little Gnat she is!

So there you have it. The wars are just starting. This is just a little more of a taste of Season 5! Looks like things are heating up on the set and on fire with the cast. Stay tuned because we are on the case!

Picture credit: Karen and Natalie's Twitter Accounts


Anonymous said...

Annoying gnat LOL I think this all about the leak (daily mail maybe ) that Big Ang went after Renee & Karen at a bar & called them both RATS ! It said Renee ran away from Ang & out of the place ! LOL ! Drama queens !

Anonymous said...

I think Nat-G deserves some credit for standing up to karen if yall remeber karen was a backstabbing hoe in season 1 and you only show the bad side of Nat-G what about karens bad side

Anonymous said...

I think Karen is the one

Anonymous said...

Nat G is 100% a rat come on now she admitted that her brother is a respected detective in philly she needs to take her sorry RAT ASS back to philly where she belongs!!