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Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments! S5E9

Carole likes picking out clothes for Miami!

The whole show was a “what the hell moment” this week! Where to start? I can’t believe I am even watching this! How many more episodes are there? The whole time I am watching I am thinking, I can’t wait to read Carole’s blog about this episode…after I write this I will. She takes the very best “pot shots” and has so much material to work with this week.

Why the hell does Carole pack for Miami by going up and down the stairs with one item at a time? You would think this is the first trip she ever took. She could have taken the suitcase upstairs, but no, she goes up, gets and Item, comes down. She did this at least a dozen times that we saw and who knows how many times were edited out? I was exhausted before the episode even started.

Ramona, protector of the leg, tells Aviva to get out of the pool!

Everyone winds up at Carole’s dear friend’s Ranjana, beautiful, tremendous apartment for a dip in the pool. Aviva’s leg gets wet! Ramona decides to make herself the protector of Aviva’s leg! During the facial yoga exercises, Ramona jumps out of the pool and orders Aviva to get out! Ranjana says it's already wet. Ramona says "there's wet and wetter!" What the hell is she thinking? Can’t Aviva decide for herself if her leg is ok or not? And where is her backbone? Can’t she open her mouth and tell Ramona to worry about her own legs? It really put a damper on the visit and Carole was visibly annoyed. But Carole is also the one who enjoys Ramona because she is a “character.” What bothered me more than Ramona’s obnoxious behavior was Aviva’s statement that she doesn’t like attention being called to her leg. WHAT? She has mentioned her leg in every episode so far, and in great detail I might add. I said before that the only time I want to hear about the leg again is if she takes it off and hits Ramona over the head with it…I think that almost happened this week! 

A stunned Mario is shut out of the bathroom and I am disgusted.

Why the hell are Ramona and Sonja showering together? Is it just me who has a problem with this, or is it everybody? They get ready together? Aviva has arranged a dinner for all of them, including her father, George, so he can meet Sonja and Sonja is getting all dolled up for him. When George does arrive, instead of being enamored with Sonja, he is flirting most of the time with Ramona, of all people. It’s obvious he doesn’t watch the show at all or the Viagra is working double time. I’m not sure if Mario should be more jealous of George or Sonja at the point. Come to think of it, he did seem embarrassed more than a couple of times with both situations. 

Stay away from my wife! Who is he talking to, Sonja or George?

It was George!

At dinner, Ramona creates a couple of What the Hell Moments. First she tells everyone there will be no more talking about Harry, Aviva’s ex, basically shutting down the conversation with everyone looking stunned. Then she actually gets up and goes to the kitchen and tells the staff to skip the salad course and go straight to the entrees. Even my jaw dropped for that one. Ramona makes herself the boss of every situation and everybody.  Aviva finally has to ask Sonja how to handle Ramona. I don’t know why she just doesn’t hit her with the leg.

The final moments are between Carole and LuAnn in NYC. Carole finally gets the opportunity to tell LuAnn how upset she is about her asking to borrow a dress from her dear designer friend. LuAnn thought she was doing him a favor by wearing it to an event and giving him exposure. LuAnn must think she is really royalty or on par with real movie stars…she is neither. No one would care whose dress she is wearing at any event. She is so full of herself. I think that’s why she can’t get along with Ramona, who is also full of herself. Ugh!

How many more episodes must I endure? It looks like there is no end in sight. I keep seeing coming attractions all the time. I’m going to read Carole’s blog for a laugh. See you next week.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Daddy Issues” Ep 108

Chris tells Renee Never mind the T-shirts for the breast cancer walk, you used my phone to text Nora!

Leah and Christina go shopping for supplies to make T-shirts. Leah’s mom has started chemo and the girls are doing a breast cancer walk in her name. Christina wants to get all the girls together at her house to make the shirts. Pia and Renee will be invited. Leah wants to invite Nora too. Part of Leah feels sorry for Nora. Christina is glad Leah is becoming more accepting of Nora. Leah says this is all about her mother.

Giana and Marco talk. Giana tells him she met with her mother and told her she doesn’t want her going with her to visit her father. Marco asks why? Giana doesn’t want to take the risk that there will be trouble, so Marco agrees to go with her. Giana wants to get at the truth to what happened between her parents. She doesn’t know who to believe and needs answers.

Nora meets with an attorney to see what is the next step in the legal process to exhume her dad. Nora tells him the status of her situation up until the present, so he is up to date. He is going to help her with the petition for disinterment. She says the funeral director was not helpful. Nora wants to see her dad’s body in the casket and also if he had an autopsy. The lawyer agrees with her. Nora is happy with him and she is relieved. She wants to cremate her father’s remains and spread the ashes in the ocean in Florida.

Renee, Giana and Marco are at Renee’s house. Giana thinks Renee is jealous of her close relationship with her father. Renee is annoyed that she has to take care of Giana’s dog while she makes the trip to see her dad. Renee is not happy about the visit to the prison either. And, on top of all that, Renee has another court appearance regarding the custody battle over her younger daughter, Isabella. Renee is torn because she wants Giana to have a father, but she doesn’t trust him because he is a con man. Giana gets emotional. Renee gives Marco a letter for Giana, to give to her when they are at the prison.

Leah and her Mom are meeting Pia, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor. Pia arrives. Pia offered to talk to Leah and her mom because she went through the same thing. Leah and her mother appreciate it. Leah explains how hard she took the news of her mother’s diagnosis. Pia really wants to help them and offers to let them talk to her mom about what she went through. It seems Leah’s mother and Pia’s mother have many old friends in common from Taylor Street. They have a nice chat. Leah is sick of all the fighting among the ladies because her mother’s illness has put a lot of things into perspective for her.

Leah invites Nora to the breast cancer walk. She thinks Nora needs friends. Leah tells her they are making shirts with the other girls. When Nora hears that Renee and Pia will be at Christina’s house, she declines to go. But, she says she will support Leah and go to the breast cancer walk.

Pia and Bella go for ice cream. Pia tells Bella she won’t be dancing any more. She is leaving the club. She has some money saved and she wants to explore other options. Bella wants to go to Europe for her 16th birthday, but Pia tells her that’s too expensive and they have to budget right now. Bella is 100% supportive of her mother.

Marco and Giana drive to the prison to visit her dad. She explains why her father is in prison. Her father planned to rob a rich woman with his friends and they ended up brutally murdering her. Giana has trouble processing that. Giana also feels her mother lied to her, her whole life, about her father.

Christina and Leah have ice cream. Christina tells Leah a somewhat confusing story of how Christina, Pia, Renee and her brother are all in one place. Somehow, Pia calls Christina to the back and Christina sees Renee with her phone texting Nora. Christina is upset that Renee would take her phone and text Nora. Leah calls it harassment. Christina seems to think that Pia and Renee are working together to get back at Nora. Leah is concerned about the T-shirt party because the women are still at each other’s throats.

Marco give Giana the letter that Renee handed to him before they left. Gina reads it. The letter is very supportive and loving. Giana gets very emotional. At the same time she is confused because it doesn’t sound anything like Renee.

At Christina’s house, it’s time to make the T-shirts. Leah is there first. Christina is determined to support Leah. Pia and Renee arrive together. It doesn’t sit well with Christina that Pia and Renee are thick as thieves. They all begin working on the T-shirts and ask Leah about her mom. Leah says her head is shaven because her hair was falling out. She is afraid to visit her mother because she starts crying. Renee tells them that Giana is visiting her father in prison. Pia understands Renee’s resentment. It’s hard when a daughter is visiting and supporting a man who mistreated her mother and left them to fend for themselves. Leah announces that Nora will be going to the breast cancer walk. Pia and Renee do not want to be around her. Christina feels they are harassing Nora.

Pia tries to explain her issues with Nora. Nora keeps saying Pia danced for 15 years and it’s not true. Pia adds, “No one calls me a whore!” Christina doesn’t trust Pia any more. She really thinks Pia and Renee are in cahoots over Nora. Renee admits she took Christina’s cell phone and texted Nora. Renee insists that her name was in Nora’s text message. Christina says Renee’s name was NOT in the text message. They start arguing and screaming at each other. Leah is upset. Renee says it was a funny joke and she would do it again. Christina isn’t buying it and she is pissed. Leah says that this is all petty BULL SH*T and this whole get together is about her mother, so STFU!

Nora and Desiree are back at the wine and bottling location. She tells Desiree about her meeting with the funeral director and that everything is moving fast. Nora feels that the exhumation and her father’s wine may be ready at the same time.

Renee has to go to court over her custody battle for Isabella. This is the day of the final decision. Renee is mentally exhausted. Renee found a great lawyer and she hopes this will be the last court date. She says this has been more like a war and her daughter belongs with her.

Nora meets with the funeral director who is going to help her with her dad’s exhumation. He asks her why she is doing this, and Nora explains the entire situation to him and that she needs closure. She wants to give her father a proper burial. The director says she may not be able to view the body after so much time has passed. Nora insists that she needs to see it. He says he needs the permission of all the siblings and that he will call them. Nora is concerned that they may not cooperate.

Congratulations to Renee! She gets full custody of Isabella!

Renee is relieved! The Judge ruled in her favor and granted her full custody of Isabella. It’s over! She can’t wait to tell Isabella. The next thing on Renee’s mind is Giana and her dad.

Giana and Marco talk before she visits her father. She is nervous. Marco is supportive. Giana is strong, but emotional, The setting of the prison is upsetting for her. She says she loves seeing her dad, but she chokes up when it comes to saying good-bye to him. She feels bad for him. They put him in cuffs and frisk him before taking him back to his cell. She is always relieved to see him, but sad to leave. She talked to her dad and says that her mom and dad have two different stories and she is leaning towards believing her father’s version.


Instead of “my two cents,” this was more like a “penny for your thoughts” episode. Nothing unusual happens, nothing new happens, just a continuation of past issues in a relatively calm manner with little drama.

Leah is always the voice of reason and consistent, that’s why viewers relate to her. I love Leah’s mother. I hope she is doing well and we get to see more of her on future episodes. I’m surprised Leah didn’t smack Renee and Christina for arguing over the damn text message. That wasn’t the time or the place to hash it out. Leah needed support over her mother’s health issues and they are arguing over nonsense. I’m torn over Leah’s compassion for Nora. On the one hand, she has been the one most distrustful of Nora and Nora proved time and time again that Leah had good reason not to trust her. On the other hand, this feeling that she wants to include Nora in the breast cancer walk is confusing to me. I would think she would want less stress around her right now, and having Nora there could stir up a lot of trouble.

Pia and her daughter, Bella, are wonderful together. I don’t know why all the focus has been on Pia’s dancing and not her parenting. Obviously, as a single parent, she has done something very right with this beautiful, young lady. You can see how close they are and how hard Pia has worked to give her daughter a good life. Pia strikes me as a good and loyal friend. She wants to be there for Leah and her mom to help in any way she can. What’s not to like about Pia?

Am I the only one confused by Christina’s about face with Nora? She did a 180 from the first episode to the recent episodes. I still haven’t figured out why. In the first episode she was very pissed because Nora called Pia a “whore” a couple of times. Since then, Nora has said many more hurtful things to Pia and Renee that were much worse than that. Christina is wanting everyone to give her a “free pass,” a “get out of jail card,” and forgive and forget. Why? If Nora had said the same things about Leah’s dad that she had said about Renee’s, would Leah have let her walk out of that restaurant? If Nora said to Christina, “you’re a whore and I hope you lose your daughter!” would Christina still be defending her? If she said it to them, she can turn on Christina in a heartbeat. Pia and Renee were Nora’s lifelong friends, who helped her many times, yet she turned on them in a very vile way. I’m not sure Christina can explain why she is taking this position in a way any of us can understand. P.S. I still love Christina! Her comments and attitude are hilarious.

I know I have been hard on Renee so far. This week I am going to cut her some slack. Was she wrong for using Christina’s phone to text Nora? Yes, that was wrong. She should not have picked up Christina’s phone and used it. However, I didn’t see what she texted her, and nothing she could have texted could have been as offensive as the things Nora said to her. I think it was done on impulse. Renee wasn’t thinking at the time and just did it. A knee jerk reaction. So what? Who cares? It was certainly not a huge enough deal to create a scene at the making of the T-shirts party. If Christina was so upset and “violated,” she should have called Renee before the T-shirt party and addressed it with her. Another thing, I think Renee has every right to be concerned and upset over Giana bonding with her father. Here you have one parent who has done everything in their power to raise a daughter and provide her with life’s necessities and values; and another parent, a criminal, who is incarcerated for a brutal murder, who is being somewhat “idolized” and felt sorry for because he is “locked up,” “in cuffs,” “frisked” and not free to enjoy the sunshine. Maybe Renee just would like some of the compassion and appreciation that Giana so freely gives her father? We know Giana loves her mother, but we don’t hear her expressed it, like she does for her dad. Her mother worked hard and suffered to be both mother and father to her all these years. I think that’s what Giana isn’t getting about Renee’s reaction.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Nora. Nora is back on track with her father’s disinterment and her wine. Things are moving along on both those fronts and there are just a few episodes left. We should all get tingly and some closure soon. Make sure you all have your own bottle of wine at home, so you can have a glass during the finale!

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Mob Wives: Renee & AJ Interviewed By A. Kade

If you are a diehard Mob Wives fan like me, you are missing our Mob Wives on Sunday Nights.  So I was thrilled to find a set of interviews done by Arthur Kade, of Renee, AJ, Ramona, Karen Big Ang, and her bartenders, Anthony and Frank! I've posted the video of Renee and AJ because I loved it best. They are both so down to earth and enjoying themselves. You gotta love these candid moments. The rest of the interviews can be found at ArthurKade.com so be sure to check them out. I promise it will help with your Mob Wives withdrawal pains. By the way, I loved Karen and Ramona's interviews too! Thank you Arthur Kade for bringing us the real mob wives!

 Video credit: Arthurkade.com

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Mob Wives: Chiara's Wish List Season 3

Praying to the "Fairy Godfather"

Last time I wrote a wish list for season two I actually got quite a few of my requests granted by the Fairy Godfather.  So I figured, what have I got to lose if I make a few of my wishes for season three known? The filming hasn’t started yet and they have plenty of time to incorporate my ideas. Sometimes the writers, producers or whoever is behind the scenes, could use a little help in the brainstorming department and I am very generous with my ideas, if I say so myself.

Carla and Joe are both dating younger people. But many of us think there are still residual feelings between the two of them. Personally, I think they are just trying to make each other jealous. I would like to see them have it out! Address the issue of their marriage and their feelings. Carla seems very jealous of “#2” and she can’t even hide it. Joe has plenty of experience in the “con” game, he knows how to keep his cool and not show his hand. He doesn’t seem jealous at all. Like a good poker player he keeps his feelings under wraps. But, you can tell from his comments, he still thinks Carla is “hot.” I think he is getting a certain amount of satisfaction knowing Carla is pissed about the girlfriend. There is plenty to work with in this steamy storyline. Otherwise, Carla has nothing to bring to the table, except her manicotti.

I want Karen’s movie deal on her book, Mob Daughter, to go through. I want to see her working with a screenwriter adapting it for film or, better yet, on the set giving advice to the actors on how to portray her and her family. I want to see more of Karina and Karen together discussing her adjustment to living in New York. I would like it if Dave visits and spends time with Karen. Is there a future for them as a couple/family? They need time together to figure that out. I want to see more of Karen and Ramona and cousin Rena! And what about Karen's second book? What will it be about and when will it come out? What is Karen's role in Luminque Spa? Can we see how she handles clients?

Ramona has an ongoing problem with her boyfriend being in prison. We don’t know what his status is at the moment. I would like to know more about that and if Ramona is making any life decisions where he is concerned. I think it would be great to see more of Ramona with her children and how they are dealing with the boyfriend’s incarceration and their absentee father. I definitely would like to see Ramona’s group, “Final Draft” perform or rehearse on the show. How is Ramona managing the group? What does she do? Are their cds being released? Do they have a contract with a record company? The group is HOT! And also, has Ramona made any progress in reconciling with her father? I know he will never be on the show, but it’s something that can be discussed.

Who is Drita dating? The rumor mill says she is involved with someone and her divorce from Lee is going to happen. She looks happier than ever, from what I have seen and read. Maybe her fighting days are behind her now that love is in the air? How about a little more advice from her big brother, Sinan? Too bad they cut out the scene they did together and it never aired. I really think viewers would have liked to see their interaction. And we all know it’s quite a distance to visit Lee in prison, but since Drita manages to get herself everywhere else in the USA, maybe she could take Aleeya on one trip so she can see her father? Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

Renee needs a break from drama, she has too much stress. First, she needs to release her stress, so I think she should really kick Carla’s ass, for all the things she has done in season one and two, and then move on to fun scenarios. I’d love to see Renee out on a date or two, enjoying herself, distracting herself, from all the problems she has had the past year and a half. How about if Renee goes with AJ to visit college campuses? Or if they have done that already, maybe she could go with him to his selected college and take a tour? Renee should visit the Drunken Monkey, with Karen and Ramona, and maybe meet a guy there? Maybe Big Ang, Frank or Anthony have an idea on who a good match for Renee might be? A regular maybe? Can she go to the Mob Wives Chicago Reunion Show as a special guest? Maybe have dinner with a couple or all of the ladies and film it? Can she visit a dating service and watch videos of the guys and pick one? I’m sure she would have many outrageous and hilarious things to say. Give Renee scenes where she can show her great sense of humor!

How about we make Mob Wives season three a season for siblings? Drita can have her brother, Renee can have her sister, Lana, Karen can have her brother, Gerard, and Ramona, her sister Roxanne. So far only Big Ang has had her sister, Janine, on the show. Come to think of it, even Carla has two sisters, and one of them might even have a personality.

I would not complain if they added a new Mob Wife or two, as long as I get to pre-approve them. What we don’t need is another ice queen who is as boring as drying paint or an all talk and no bite, light weight boxer. Chirp, chirp.

Big Ang has her hands full with two shows, so I am going to leave her alone.

Mob Mistress has just one tiny request for season three, No Drita.

Thanks for reading and feel free to agree, disagree or add your own wishes. I know Jennifer reads everything, which I personally find amazing.

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Big Ang: Big Ang Goes To Harrahs

Big Ang made her way over to Harrahs in New Jersey for a little interview and a lot of fun! Big Ang was interviewed by Pool After Dark in Atlantic City and she is really happy with all the love she is getting from her fans. I wonder if any of this partying will make it into the show? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Video Credit: videos.nj.com

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E8

Note: The episode was so boring I decided to spice up my blog with the brilliant artwork of David Gilmore. Please check out his website and facebook page (links below) for more of his amazing work!

This was another snooze fest episode. Not much happens. Even the “stupidity” is at an all time low. Maybe they are running out of things to say and do to each other? Weren’t the new housewives supposed to inject fresh life into the show? So far the newbies, Carole, Aviva and Heather, have been too civil and down right too nice for this type of show. They haven’t let their cat claws out yet and we are in episode 8 for pete’s sake! To be honest, I would have rather watched the one to two minute previews of coming episodes ten times, then sit through episode 8. It looks like there are some really good WTH moments coming up…but when???

Sonja needs a sex addict?

Why the hell would Aviva try to set Sonja up with her father, the sex addict? She invites Sonja to her Miami apartment, along with Ramona and Mario, so the two can meet. I am speechless for two reasons, one because she refers to her dad as a sex addict and how the hell would she know that? And two, who sets their fathers up with a friend of theirs? Is it me or is that a bit over the top or gross? Maybe it’s me, but someone comment below and tell me it’s not.

LuAnn and Jacques’ wine tasting party looked like fun. Of course Ramona, who always has to make a stink about something to get attention, refuses to wear the blindfold for the taste test. They manage to get her to take a sip and guess what? She doesn’t recognize her own wine, Ramona’s Pinot Grigio. Not only that, she says the wine doesn’t have much depth or flavor! How can that be, I asked myself?  She has been guzzling down bottle after bottle of her wine on every episode and she can’t recognize the taste. Anyway they set her up and got her good. This is an embarrassing moment for her and a what the hell moment for me. I also loved the fact that Heather tasted the wine first and really didn’t like it at all. Is BRAVO trying to sabotage Ramona’s wine? 

Her expressions are priceless!

Once again Ramona shows how ill mannered and rude she is when she arrives to Miami and sees Aviva’s beautiful, ocean front apartment. The place is to die for, but what bothers Ramona? The family pictures throughout the apartment are creeping her out. Maybe they should have replaced their pictures with pictures of Ramona and her Pinot? What the hell did she expect them to have hanging on their walls?

Money can't buy her class, she should buy, NOT borrow, her clothes!

LuAnn, the Countess, really outdid herself too this week. Talk about money not buying you class! LuAnn is the poster child for her own song! She meets with Carole’s long time friend, who is a designer, and asks to borrow one of her dresses sometime. Carole thinks that took a lot of nerve and total lack of etiquette to ask a favor of someone you don’t even know. Talk about a “faux pas!” If nothing else, maybe these women will give Carole enough material for a new book?

Finally, Aviva riles Ramona up, which doesn’t take much, by telling her she was mad that LuAnn set her up with her own wine. Of course, if I was a cynic I would say that BRAVO made Aviva say that so Ramona has a reason to go after LuAnn. After all, a housewives truce can only last so long and then it must be broken for the sake of drama!

What I did love about this episode was Mario’s great impersonation of Jacques, at dinner. Now that was well done and gave me a good laugh. He should definitely do that more often. And while I am thinking of it, maybe Amy Phillips can play LuAnn and get a man to play Jacques for a little parody? Her skit can be about the wine tasting and she can also play Ramona, which she does extremely well!

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Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Sticks & Stones” Ep 107

Pia and her beautiful daughter, Bella, chat

Christina describes the party as the “sh-t hitting the fan.” Pia pops Nora in the head and Christina says, “What the f*ck? Is this a circus?” All hell breaks loose. Nora yells at Renee that she was raped by her father and says Pia got gonorrhea and is a whore. Nora yells out, “the truth hurts!” Pia calls her a disgusting, disgraceful human being. But, Christina feels bad for Nora. Meanwhile, Renee and Pia start bonding over Nora’s verbal attacks on them and Renee says, “I’m not f*ckin’ psycho stupid!” Christina believes it’s not fair for two people to go at Nora. Nora leaves the party, saying she is not fighting with two hookers. Pia says she feels for her daughter because the things Nora said could end up hurting her. Christina walks out too.

Pia and her daughter, Bella, have to have a talk about what happened at the party. Pia feels she needs to explain it to her before she hears things from other people. Pia tells her that her grandfather, Vince Rizza, sold drugs, resigned from the police force and then became a bookmaker. Bella knew some things, but was disappointed to hear the details. Pia says she wants a better life for Bella. She tells her daughter about the fight at Christina’s party and that Nora said disgusting things. Pia tells Bella she had to punch her in the face. Bella is shocked to hear that, but comforts her mother when she starts crying. Pia worked hard to raise her daughter and Nora is trying to hurt her with her words. Bella hugs her mom and tells her she is proud of her no matter what anyone says. She says what her mother does for a living doesn’t bother her, and she understands why she had to dance.

It's clear Nora doesn't like to fight, so STOP insulting people!

Christina meets Nora to see if she is okay after the party. Nora thanks her for saving her life the night before. Nora’s face is “scarred up” according to Christina. Nora tells Christina she believes she was ambushed and that she should have never come back to the party. Christina feels bad for inviting her. Nora really thinks that Pia and Renee got together and planned to ambush her. Nora warns Christina to be careful because it could happen to her. Christina vows to be there for Nora, she feels Nora is fragile and broken. They hug.

Renee fills brother, Frankie, in on what Nora said about dad

Renee meets with Frankie, her little brother, to tell her what Nora said at Christina’s party. He has always been her protector. She says she asked Nora what did she ever do to her. Renee is crying and her brother is wondering what more she has to say. Then Renee tells him, “Nora said that daddy molested me.” She tells him she said it in a disgusting and evil way. Renee cries. She is very upset that Nora would tell such a vile lie about her dead father. Her brother is stunned and doesn’t know what to say. He says Renee did so much for Nora, and helped her and then she turned on her. Frankie says this hurts him badly. He asks Renee if he should contact Nora about this.

Leah meets Christina at her home. Christina tells Leah she met with Nora, her face was badly bruised and she feels responsible. Christina starts crying over it. She asks Leah to support Nora. Leah answers, “you can’t talk sh*t to people.” Nora said things she shouldn’t have said. You can’t expect people not to hit you when you say unforgivable things about them and their family. Leah adds, Nora can’t fight so she should keep her mouth shut. Leah says she wants to be a peacemaker, but after what Nora said, can there ever be peace?

Pia meets Christina and they talk about what happened. Pia says Christina is the one who told her to confront Nora about what was bothering her, so she did. Christina says she didn’t have to hit her. Pia answers, “she said things that are going to affect my daughter, wouldn’t you have popped her too if she said it to you?” She tells Christina that Nora said that Pia does sexual favors for money. Christina says she has feelings for Nora and it was wrong the way she got beat down. Pia says she is going to suffer the backlash for her disgusting mouth. Christina thinks Pia crossed the line by hitting Nora.

Nora and Desiree talk about the party. Nora says Renee was screaming at the top of her lungs and Pia popped her for no reason. Nora describes them as fighting like dogs in heat. Nora says she felt ambushed. Nora is done with Renee and Pia, she is done with the drama and wants positive things in her life. The wine is ready to taste and they are both excited.

Leah says, "She got what she deserved!"

Christina, Leah and Renee meet to discuss the party. Christina confronts Renee and Renee apologizes for fighting at her party. Christina tells them that she met with Nora and that she said she felt ambushed. Renee tells her that Nora said horrible things. Leah agrees with Renee. Renee says she isn’t going to let Nora lie about her dead father and she curses up a storm. Christina says she is friends with both of them, she has compassion for Nora and isn’t going to take sides. Renee tells her there is no excuse for what Nora said. Leah adds that she got what she got because she crossed the line. Leah and Christina do not see eye to eye on this, and both of them get heated. Leah says, “she deserved what she got, she was looking or trouble!” Renee says that Nora called her the “C” word on Nora’s party bus and no one said anything to her about that either. Renee says she is glad she got to know Christina better now because she knows where she stands.

Pia and Kamila go shopping for new bras for her new boobs. Pia announces that she isn’t going to dance anymore. She doesn’t want the stigma of her dancing to affect her daughter. She says she has to move on, she can’t dance forever. Pia says she is going to meet Renee because she feels she deserves an apology for all her insults and judgmental attitude.

Christina and Leah meet. Leah says Nora was out of line. Christina gets that Nora was wrong for saying what she did. And Leah insists she got what she deserved, period! She implied that Renee’s father molested her. Christina thinks that Nora fights with words, not fists. Christina wants Leah to give Nora a chance and get to know her. She asks Leah to join Nora and her for a meeting. Leah says she will hear Nora out as a courtesy to Christina, but she doesn’t care what she has to say.

Pia is not 100% happy with Renee, but will give her a chance.

Pia and Renee meet to talk one on one. Renee says she is glad they talked at the party and she tells Pia she feels she was influenced against her by Nora. She admits she never gave Pia a chance. Renee understands why Pia had to dance and admits she was wrong for judging her, but then adds 15 years of dancing? She thinks Pia could have stopped and done something else. Renee says she took care of her daughter without dancing. Pia says everyone does what they have to do. Then Pia tells her she stopped dancing. Renee is glad to hear it and says she wants to help her. Pia decides she is going to give Renee a chance and they toast to new beginnings. Pia still doesn’t trust Renee 100%.

Nora and Desiree go to the wine tasting of The German. Nora loves it. She says tasting it made her feel like her dad was inside her, tingling. She wants to sell if or $15.99 to $17.99 a bottle. It’s a Pinot Noir. Nora fills the first bottle.

Pia and Christina meet and Christina has an issue to discuss. Christina says Renee apologized for fighting at her party , but Pia never did. Pia says she is sorry she fought at the party, but not for hitting Nora for what she said. Pia said she met with Renee and they decided to put it all behind them. Christina wants to know how Pia can forgive Renee for everything she has said and not hit her, but she is so angry with Nora and hit her for what she said? Pia says it has to do with the fact she was good friends with Nora. The Pia tells Christina she is quitting the club. Christina says she thought “Pia would be stripping until the hospice came and got her.” Christina wants to make sure that Pia isn’t quitting because she is afraid of Renee or of being judged.

Leah hears Nora's side, but can't see past the bruises.

Leah, Christina and Nora meet. Leah wants to hear Nora’s side of the fight. First, Nora tells Leah she heard the news about Leah’s mother and she is sorry. Then they get into the issue of the fight and Leah tells Nora that she would have gone for the kill, if Nora had said to her what she said to Renee, about her father. Nora says she can’t hit people. Nora tells her Pia’s knuckles were in her face and she has scratches. Leah says she was angry with Nora, but after seeing her face, she just wants to give her a hug. Christina now feels angry about Pia, doesn’t trust her and feels she is the troublemaker.


“Sticks and stones will brake my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That is a line we were all fed as kids to help us get over teasing from other kids, but it’s not true. Words do have the power to hurt people, just ask anyone who has been verbally abused. The scars from physical abuse heal, but verbal abuse causes long term, emotional scars. Besides that, if you say something vulgar to someone, they just might use a few “stones” or fists and brake a few of your bones. Better to go by the expression, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” And that’s what Nora should do, say nothing! Because as far as I can see, she can’t fight or won’t fight, but she does a hell of a lot of provoking. Now for the show!

The show is topsy turvey. Everyone who was enemies when it started are now friends and those who were friends are now enemies. We need a play by play to follow along.

So now Christina, who really disliked Nora at first, because she called Pia a “whore” several times, is now her defender and protector. Christina thinks it was wrong for Pia and Renee to go after Nora. This is the same Christina who went after Pia in the first show, and pulled her hair out, over a lot less than Renee and Pia heard said about them. The same Christina who has said, when she is angry, she doesn’t know what she is doing. Well guess what? Pia and Renee were good and angry and they had every right to be. Nora hit below the belt and she doesn’t stop. She has called Pia a “whore” time and time again, and says that she really makes her money by doing sexual favors, not dancing. On top of that she implies that Pia has/will get gonorrhea? Where does that all come from? As for Renee, first she tells her she hopes she loses her daughter, and then yells out in a crowded restaurant that her dead father raped her every day of her life? Are you kidding me? I am not a person who gets physical and would never raise my hand to someone, but I never had a “friend” talk to me like that either. I don’t condone fighting, but it’s obvious to me that Nora was pushing both Pia and Renee over the edge, knowing full well what would happen to her if she did. When you decide to behave in a certain way and consequences follow, you can’t complain. Nora gets people too angry to use words and all they have left are their fists. And now, for Christina to side with Nora and call Pia a troublemaker??? That makes no sense to me whatsoever, unless editing took out something critical that we didn’t see. Christina was ready to go after Nora for Pia in the first episode and now Nora can do no wrong?

Pia and Renee, who were both good friends of Nora’s and couldn’t stand each other at first, are now bonding over their common enemy, Nora. They both know how it feels to suffer from the very personal and unforgivable insults hurled at them by Nora. I really think what drove them to get physical is that Nora didn’t just attack them, but their loved ones. Pia was worried her comments were going to affect her daughter and Renee’s daughter and father were both attacked. I know I say Renee likes to fight a lot, but I am going to say that in this case she had good reason to attack and so did Pia. Enough is enough! Besides that, they both feel betrayed by Nora. They have said many times how they have helped her in the past, so her words cut like a knife and Nora knows it.

Here I am going to interject something that needs to be made clear. We have heard twice on the show that Pia was pole dancing for 15 years. Last week, on Twitter, Pia tried to correct that, because she says she pole danced for 3 years, not 15. This week it came up again on the show. Whether this is due to editing, I don’t know, but the record should be set straight. We all want the truth and I think Pia knows how long she danced better than anyone. Three years.

Now, as for Leah, she is the voice of reason. I love Leah! She says what I think. Nora deserved what she got for saying what she said. It’s like yelling “fire” in a movie theater. When people hear certain things that are going to react instinctually. Nora likes to hurt people with words, so she shouldn’t complain if they use their fists to hurt her back. Her weapon of choice is her mouth, their weapon of choice is their fists. When Nora is confronted about the things she said, by Leah, she insists they are true. Will we ever get to the bottom of it this season? I don’t know. But true or not, if Renee was in fact molested by her father AND I AM NOT SAYING SHE WAS, that is not something to be yelled out in her face, in a crowded restaurant. Period. Whether Nora was told that in confidence or made it up, it was a very hurtful and unforgivable thing to say. I think what I respect most is that Leah did not agree with Christina and made no bones about telling her so. At the same time, even though they really disagreed about the fight, they were able to discuss it without causing a war between themselves. That is a real friendship. And as tough as Leah comes across, she really has a compassionate heart. After she sees Nora, she can’t help but feel bad for the beating she got at the party. But, I think Leah knows deep down, if Nora had said anything about her father like that, she would have made Nora look a lot worse than both Pia and Renee put together. There is no question in my mind about that.

P.S. About the wine, The German, I have to say that I was very surprised that the wine is a French "Pinot Noir" and not, for example, a real German Riesling wine. Just a small thing, but it bothered me. As for Nora saying how the wine made her feel when she tasted it...not touching that with a 10 foot pole.

Where do things stand now, in case you are confused? Christina befriends Nora and is good friends with Leah (always), but has lost Pia and Renee. Pia and Renee have a truce/new beginning, as they commiserate over Nora’s verbal attacks. Leah will never trust Nora, bruises or not, but is sympathetic to Pia and Renee’s issues with Nora. Got it? Well don’t memorize it, it may all change next week. Stay tuned!

What did you think of the show? It really held my interest and went very fast last night. Leave a comment if you have time, I’d like to hear your point o view. Thanks!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mob Wives: Mob Reality Doesn't Stop

The reality is the wheels of justice keep moving

The reality of Mob Wives doesn't stop when the cameras stop rolling. I wonder how many of us expected that there would be real ongoing mob business, Federal busts, wire tapping and court cases aired on the show? We've seen, heard and read a lot and now there is more.

New York newspapers are reporting two stories concerning Hector "Junior" Pagan and Anthony "T.G." Graziano. The Daily News reported yesterday that Junior's cooperation lead to the arrest and prosecution of two accomplices in a robbery gone wrong. The fatal gunshot wound was allegedly delivered by Junior, but the other two men are facing life in prison for their participation in the crime.

This morning, The New York Post is reporting that a prosecutor in the case of Anthony Graziano, 71, feels he should be sent to jail regarding his charges of conspiracy and extortion in collecting an old loan. His lawyer feels, that based on his age and medical conditions, Mr. Graziano should not serve any time. Prosecutors disagree, saying based on his criminal history he should receive two to three years. The judge is scheduled to sentenced Mr. Graziano next week. Mr. Graziano returned to prison because of evidence provided to the Feds, by ex-son in law, Junior, who wore a wire and tapped their conversations several months ago.

Of course, the outcome of the sentencing will greatly affect the Graziano family. They were all devastated to learn of Junior's unthinkable betrayal which led to Mr. Graziano's imprisonment, right before Thanksgiving 2011, after just being released from serving 11 years. Sadly, they are paying the price for the mob lifestyle that has always been their reality.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Frank “The German” Schweihs

Frank "The German" Schweihs

We have all been curious as to the stories of the mobsters behind the “mob wives.” It’s their stories, after all, that has gotten all the women on a reality television show. How do the wives and daughters of mobsters go on after their men are incarcerated or die?

One of the mobsters we have yet to research, until now, is Frank “The German” Schweihs, father of Nora Schweihs. Frank has quite a reputation for being an alleged enforcer for The Outfit or Chicago mob. He is also reported to have been greatly feared, if not the most feared mobster, especially among members of The Outfit. After two years in prison awaiting trial, Schweihs died of cancer at the age of 78 in 2008 without ever standing trial.

According to what Federal authorities have to say, The German was allegedly feared for his beatings and murders. An indictment in 2005 included 18 unsolved murders and conspiracy charges. Prosecutors believed that Schweihs was allegedly responsible for two murders, that of a Phoenix man who was going to be a witness, and a Chicago business man whose testimony may have caused another mobster to go to prison.

Interestingly, I found a connection between Frank “The German” Schweihs and Big John Fecarotta, the uncle of another cast member, Renee Fecarotta Russo. It seems both men were allegedly connected to the murder of the Spilatro brothers. Schweihs was said to have planned the gun down of the brothers with a Uzi, according to informant Nicholas Calabrese, but the plan fell through. However the Spilatro brothers were later said to have been allegedly murdered by Big John Fecarotta and buried in a shallow grave in an Indiana cornfield.  An autopsy of the bodies determined that there was sand in the brothers lungs, indicating they may have been buried alive. Nicholas Calabrese "turned witness" after FBI showed him DNA evidence linking him to Big John’s murder. That case was dubbed the “Family Secrets Trial” by the FBI. The department of justice has made the indictment available online.

An interesting article online talks about the alleged murder of an 18 year old girl, who was said to have been the girlfriend of Schwiehs, 50 years ago this month. The article can be found at the following link: Frank The German Schweihs Killer Thats All, The Killer of a Girl  And what about his alleged connection to the death of Marilyn Monroe? That remains a mystery, but there has been plenty of speculation as to his involvement.

Wine Trademark

And today, Nora is creating a fine, exquisite wine, called The German," to honor her dear father's memory. Stay tuned for the rest of the episodes of Mob Wives Chicago, to see what the reports on the remains in the casket reveal and if Nora finally gets closure to her father's death.

Picture Credit: trademarkia.com

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5 E7

Carole decides to One Up LuAnn to see if she gets the hint!

My first impulse is to write What The Hell is this show still doing on the air? I can’t figure it out. It takes these six women everything they’ve got to be civil to each other and then only a couple succeed. When they argue it’s about a “fake smile” (Heather’s) or “talking too much” (Ramona and Heather) or other nonsense I still can’t keep up with.

Poor witty Carole has to deal with LuAnn’s game of “Can You Top This?” and she is tired of it. Every time Carole says she did something LuAnn counters with her own “similar” accomplishment. We all know Carole is a best selling author. How the hell can LuAnn put herself in the same category, saying she wrote a book? Every “unreal” housewife writes a book. It goes with the territory. I loved Carole’s sarcasm of reversing roles and one upping LuAnn, but LuAnn never got it. I would have loved to see LuAnn’s expression while she watched this segment. Then Carole sees how competitive LuAnn is and decides to win the game of croquet and put her to shame or at least shut her up.

If this is Sonja's first party it may also be her last! Ugh!

The whole episode was boring as hell, nothing could save it. Poor Aviva trips and falls at her anniversary party. That obviously wasn’t planned, but BRAVO made the most of this piece of footage. How desperate is that? Too bad the name Desperate Housewives is already taken because that’s what this show is turning into. But, I digress. The biggest and worst What The Hell Moment of season 5 takes place in this episode. The singer that Sonja picks out to entertain at Aviva’s party is beyond horrendous. It reminded me of the really bad American Idol auditions. No I am not kidding. 

Some initial reactions to the "band" are not good!

Not only were all the housewives disgusted, I’m sure everyone watching was too, except the singer’s mother. I am not going to look up her name or her band’s name, she has gotten too much publicity already. A cat in heat would have actually sounded better. I will say that Aviva showed grace and composure pretending to enjoy the music Sonja picked out. You could not see the disappointment on her face at all, which is more than I can say for the other housewives expressions.

Ramona hates Heather's fake smile, but has she looked in the mirror lately?

Of course, the episode would not be complete without some sort of fight or confrontation. In this case Ramona seizes a moment at Aviva’s party to attack Heather. She tells her exactly what she thinks of her phony smile, and that she has to absolutely get away from it. When she is done talking, Heather tries to have her say, but Ramona walks away saying she doesn’t want to discuss it. Just great! So for the last quarter of the show, Heather chases Ramona around the room trying to get her two cents in, but Ramona isn’t having it. Ramona is sooooooooo annoying!!! Heather really should have let it slide since Ramona isn’t working with a full deck, but BRAVO Andy probably made her go after Ramona to film enough footage for the show. BRAVO claims they don’t tell the unreal housewives what to say and do, but I heard Kelly (NY) and Teresa (NJ) say they were told and I believe them. 

I ask myself, WHY the hell did I want to watch this show in the first place? I was so happily entrenched in Mob Wives. I brought this disaster on myself just to have a little fun and ended up torturing myself. How many more episodes are there anyway? Ugh!

If you are watching any of the BRAVO shows I encourage you to visit the site stoopidhousewives.com!

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Big Ang: Recap "Big House" Ep 102

Neil is back...

Now this is my first attempt at an actual recap. I'm a bit overwhelmed because I never realized how much goes into the note taking. Thank God for the DVR so I could rewind parts for taking notes. Enough making excuses. If it sucks I blame me. If its good then you can thank my ghostwriter.  Underboss (Carmela is on vacation).

Tonight's episode starts with Neil bringing a truckload of his stuff to move back in with Ang. He is bringing in box after box. You can see Ang is getting annoyed with the amount of stuff he is bringing in. She says that he should have only brought a couple of things. They have an exchange, and Ang says that hopefully he learns after his third chance. She states three strikes and you are out. She hopes she isn't making a mistake. She sees Neil's stuff in the room and she is shocked at the the clutter.

Big Ang is examined

In the next scene, Big Ang goes to the Cardiologist. The Nurse poked and prodded her. She also gave her stool cards. The nurse stated that she could mail them back. Ang says how do you mail stool cards. She says "eww gross."  As she is is getting poked and prodded, she feels like a rag doll. The doctor begins his exam and asks if she ever had heart problems, and she answers no. The doctor begins by asking her why is she here, and she states that a of hers friend went to a psychic. The friend had a picture of Ang and the psychic told her that Ang is going to have a heart attack. The doctor begins to ask if she ever sweats, and she answers, if she did, it could be from the hot flashes. And "the Ang laugh" comes out. The doctor tells her that her exam is normal, but she needs to cut out the smoking and drinking. She states that she has been smoking for 35 years, and the doctor jokingly says he couldn't tell from her voice. He says that with the smoking and drinking she will be risking having a heart attack or cancer.

At Ang's house, Janine comes by to visit. She sees Ang's stuff everywhere. She had furs everywhere. She states that she has 30 furs. It's like her zoo. She says that she feels her house is closing in on her. Janine calls her clutter "a disgrace."  She starts to tell Janine about a new place she saw that was big and had Palm tree out front. Ang states that she loves Palm trees. After the doctor's visit, Ang feels like she wants to detox for one week. No drinking or smoking. Anthony, the bartender aka Tan Tony, makes an appearance. Ang says that he is a workout freak and he is going to help her. Anthony asks Ang what she does to stay fit. She says nothing. She stresses and runs around to keep the weight off. She never goes to the gym. She states the last time she went to the gym, the gym came to her while she was on house arrest. She had a trainer visit her. Anthony keeps helping her. He takes her to a chest press machine he labels the "boob blaster". She finishes her reps. Big Ang says that going to gym is like slow death. She complains while she is at the gym.

Ang loves the house!

Next we have Ang and Janine meet up with a realtor to go visit the house that Ang fell in love with. The house is huge and spacious. Ang is like a little kid. She loves the house. She reminds me of Rocky when buying the house. Thank god Janine is there to be the responsible one. In the living area, Big Ang says she should get a pole for pole dancing. Ang talks about the mansions that wise guys used to buy her that were on the water. She says they have all been sold and there are no more wise guys to buy her homes. She has to buy her own. They go upstairs and look at the closets. The realtor shows her a walkin closet and she says she needs three because she has 500 pair of shoes, 300 pocketbooks, and 200 hats. Maybe after the season we can get Ang on hoarders. I am kidding of course. The realtor takes her out back and Ang falls in love. It is huge area for parties and she calls it the party place. She sees the jacuzzi and says get me a martini and bring to me in the jacuzzi. Big Ang tells the realtor the house is for me. Janine tells the realtor we will be in touch.

Shopping for tennis outfits

Big Ang and Lil Jen are on their way to shop for tennis outfits. Lil Jen begins to talk about yoga and Big Ang isn't trying to hear it. She goes on about Jen and her yoga. Jen says that she wants to do restorative yoga with Ang. Ang is getting annoyed and refers to her as Drop Dead Jen. They begin to try on different outfits. Jen asks to see Ang's culi (butt). She says Ang's culi looks great. Ang raises Jen skirts and Jen oops cameltoe. They continue to try on outfits. Ang shows Jen a pocket for her tennis balls and Jen replies with I bet those won't be only balls in there.

Tennis anyone?

Next Ang is at the Drunken Monkey. Linda is talking to her. Ang says she feels like she is feenin. Linda asks her how long she has been smoke free and spAng says two days. Ang says she is snapping. Linda tells the bartender to make her a drink and get her a smoke. Ang wishes Linda was more supportive and refers to her as her devil. Linda says that this just a phase. Big Ang says I can do what I'll say I'll do. I'll prove it. Big Ang and Lil Jen are out on Day 3 of detox, for the tennis lesson. They talk and hope the tennis instructor is hot. They meet Sergio and both ladies are enamored with him. Sergio asks if they have any athletic ability and Ang says none. Lil Jen says she has played stick ball, with a wink. The lesson begins and they are struggling. Sergio says you are beautiful so you should play beautiful. After a few minutes Ang is actually playing well. Ang is proud of herself and thinks tennis might be her new hobby. Lil Jen is also impressed with Ang. They both say that tennis is a workout. Big Ang says that Sergio kept saying how beautiful she was, but she says all guys flirt with her.

Big Ang figures that if she is going to detox then she needs a colonic. She heard colonics were an easy fix and she loves easy fixes. The attendant shows Ang the speculum that she is going to put up her rectum. Big Ang exclaims "that big thing?" She thought it was going to be the size of a straw, not a f*ckin' microphone! She says, "I don't think so" when the lady is trying to put it up her butt. The lady goes and gets the child's speculum and tries again. Ang is not having it. Ang says, in the green screen, that she doesn't do this in her bedroom and it's exit only.

And Big Ang goes back to "party" shots for summer!

Finally, Ang goes to dinner with friends and says she is going to be the sober party queen. Linda is there at dinner and drinks are being downed. Linda says its time for shots. Linda starts chanting "shots, shots, shots, shots."  Ang gives in. She has a shot and then another. Ang states that it was harder than she thought and four days aint bad. Linda says that summer is here and they are ready to party. Ang says that it's the summer and too much is going on. She lights up a smoke and she says "orgasmic."  Ang is one hell of a character. 30 minutes seems to fly by when you are watching. I hope that I caught the essence of the show. I hope Ang does figure out how to cut down on her smoking. She is a precious lady and we need her to be on tv forever. Thanks for reading and please let me know how I did.

 Also I would like to ask you follow me on twitter if you like at @undabawse

I would personally like to thank Underboss for doing this recap. I had agreed to fill in for Carmela, but was feeling overwhelmed at doing back to back recaps last night. Underboss not only graciously agreed to help me but did a fantastic job on it! Thank you Underboss!

Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Party Animals” Ep 106

High Drama in this episode, but first...

Christina is at home working on a garment. She wants to get back into the fashion industry. Pia arrives and Christina tells her she is making something for Renee. Pia tells her she got into it with Nora yesterday. Pia says they started talking about Christina’s party and Pia told Nora that she should go. Then Nora tells Pia that Renee has a problem with Pia stripping. Pia says Nora was a dancer so why is it okay for Renee to hang out with her but look down on Pia? Christina finds it funny that Nora was a stripper. She thinks the bar might lose money with Nora stripping! Pia says Nora accuses her of being a “whore” over and over. Christina says she saw a different side of Nora at her birthday party. Pia says Renee thinks she is better than Pia, so how can she ever get along with Renee? Pia is angry because Nora was her friend and betrayed her with Renee. She is prepared to fight Nora if she gets out of line at the party.

Nora says she has been distracted from what she came to Chicago to do, which is to find out what happened to her father. All the drama with Pia and Renee has sidetracked her. Nora recalls what the funeral director told her and calls for the death records of her father. They tell her the records are private. No one witnessed her father going into the ground. She tells them she doesn’t know if it was her father in the casket and has no closure. She wants the body exhumed. They tell her all the siblings have to agree to that or she will need to get a judge’s permission. Now Nora knows what she has to do next.

Renee feels her life is full of BS. She needs to vent and goes to see Leah. Renee tells Leah all about the drama with Nora including the fact that she told her she hopes she loses her daughter, and she heard she has been talking about beating her up behind her back. Leah tells her to “do what she has to do and not to back down for no one.”

Renee says, "I gotta get rid of this guy."

Renee and Dave are at the store. Renee tells him about her altercation with Nora. Dave seems disinterested and that pisses Renee off. Renee tells him she has to leave on a business trip and Dave gets pissed off. They start arguing and calling each other names. A customer enters the store, but they continue to argue in front of the man. Renee is disgusted and leaves. She plans to hire someone new and cut Dave’s hours. She can’t stand being around him.

Nora wants to focus on something positive. She and her friend, Desiree, go to a wine making place to create a new wine in honor of her father’s memory. They participate in the actual making of the red wine. She and her father drank wine together all the time. She hopes to make a fine, exquisite wine that represents her father, who was the best. She wants her father remembered in a good way.

Pia and her friend, Kamila, are on the treadmills talking. Pia tells her the whole incident with Nora. Leah walks in and joins them. Leah says her idea of working out is “ball busting” and that is what she is there to do. They ask Leah about Nora. Leah says she is nuts and she is making them all nuts. Leah is fed up with the love/hate relationship between Pia and Nora, it’s too much. Pia says she is done with Nora. Leah says she will believe it when she sees it. Pia says if Nora comes after her at the party she will have to go after her. Leah didn’t sound to happy to hear there may be drama at Christina’s party.

Nora and Christina meet for lunch. Christina’s opinion of Nora has changed since she went to her birthday party and saw another side of her. Nora tells her about her wine, “The German,” that she is having made so her father’s memory will live on in a positive way. Christina doesn’t know what to make of this, but jokes and says, “it’s gonna be a killer wine!” Christina asks her about Pia. Nora tells her what happened between the two of them and that they will talk again, it was nothing bad. Nora says she will go to Christina’s party and act with class and hopes her friends will show her the same respect.

At Christina’s house Leah and Christina are getting ready for the big party. Leah brings A LOT of makeup. She wants to look good. Pia, Nora and Renee all hate each other, but Christina hopes they will all get along for her sake. Leah and Christina take a limo to the party. Nora’s friend, Debbie, will accompany her to the party. She fills her in on what has been going on and says she wants nothing to do with Renee.

Christina advises Pia to tell Nora why she is mad at her!

Leah and Christina get to the party first. It starts on a positive note with a toast. Nora shows up with her friend and Christina goes over to give her a hug and welcomes her. Pia goes to the party with Kamila, a friend of hers, who thinks Nora is at the root of the problem. Pia says she has been defending Nora and making excuses for her, but no more! Pia is going to take care of Pia. Pia gets there a little late and hugs everyone. Pia ignores Nora, she is there for Christina. Christina feels Pia is uneasy. Nora introduces her friend, Debbie, to Pia. Renee and Crystal are late to the party. Renee is not happy with Nora. Nora said something unforgivable and Renee needs to talk to her, but she plans on acting like a lady at the party. Meanwhile, Renee is already two hours late to the party.

Pia says her love/hate relationship with Nora is done. Leah thinks Christina is playing with fire by telling Pia to confront Nora and tell her why she is mad. Leah is sick of the “ring around the rosey backwards.” Suddenly, Nora says she wants to leave, she feels sick, she has food poisoning. Christina is confused, they didn’t even eat yet. Nora is pissed that Renee is so late again, like she was at her father’s memorial lunch. Nora leaves because Renee is late. She tells Leah she doesn’t feel well and a few other excuses. Leah says Nora was trying to escape like a fugitive. Renee adds, “Run b!tch, run!”

A truce between Pia and Renee?

Christina is confused by Nora’s exit. Why does she care if Renee is late? She doesn’t even talk to Renee. Renee says Nora was scared and Pia agrees with Renee, they think she pulled her exit to get attention. Christina calls Nora on the phone to get her to come back to the party. Nora says she will come back after she gets some air. Pia and Renee start talking about Nora and tell each other that Nora talks badly about them behind their backs. Pia says she offered Renee an olive branch, but Renee treated her badly. The two form a temporary “truce” because they are both so mad at Nora.

The "eyes" have it...rage!

Nora returns and apologizes to Christina or leaving. There is rage in Renee’s eyes when she sees Nora. Renee immediately confronts Nora. Nora says she doesn’t know who she is. Christina says she doesn’t want them to fight at her party. Renee demands that Nora says what she has to say to her face not behind her back. Nora tells her she doesn’t trust her, she is a piece of crap and low class. Pia joins in the argument and asks why are you pointing the finger at me when you used to dance too? Pia tells her she took care of her daughter and Nora with her dancing. Nora calls her a “whore” again and again.

Black outs and Black eyes

Pia hits Nora in the face. Nora and Pia fight. Pia says she has been dancing for 15 years to support her daughter. Christina notices that Nora doesn’t hit Pia back. Then Renee goes after Nora and hits her between the eyes. Nora feels that Pia and Renee ambushed her. Nora is ganged up on. Christina feels bad for Nora because no one deserves to be hit. Nora yells out, “Your father raped you every day of your life!” Renee goes ballistic and goes after Nora. Pia and Renee “beat the sh!t” out of Nora. To be continued…


Definitely the hottest episode yet. I have a few thoughts on this party. Why would you have a party when three out of your five invitees are at each other’s throats? Why not wait for things to cool off, for them to make up or call truces first? It’s a recipe for a disaster if you just think about the party, BUT it’s a lottery ticket bonanza for ratings, if it’s for a reality television show. Drama is what viewers live for and drama is what we got!

Now sometimes the basis of an argument on a reality show is just plain BS. There is no substance to it, like on the Real Housewives of New York. But, last night, on Mob Wives Chicago, the arguments were heated and had merit. I have been as angry and hurt as Pia and Renee, at a friend, for a lot less, in my lifetime. I have been spitting nails mad and it didn’t take the degree of provoking that Pia and Renee got from Nora to get me there. I tried putting myself in their shoes and asked myself what would I do if a long time friend of mine called me a “whore” time and time again OR said to me “I hope you lose your daughter.” Fahgettaboudit!!! I would NEVER talk to them again. No way would I show up at any party they were at. I am not the type to confront people or get physical, but I am not on a reality show either. So, that being said, Mob Wives Chicago delivered us a pot full of drama last night.

It was no surprise to me that Christina’s party was a fiasco. I was surprised that Pia and Renee seem to have bonded over their anger for Nora. They had a common enemy! Let’s face it, it wasn’t just anger, although that is what we saw take place. It was more about their deep feelings of hurt and betrayal by Nora. They were both long time friends of Nora and they both helped her over the years. As for Nora, for someone who doesn’t like to fight, she does a lot of provoking and hitting way below the belt. One time can be a “mistake,” but when you say extremely hurtful things over and over again, it’s not a mistake, it’s deliberate. I think Pia finally got it, had enough and decided to stand up for herself. As for Renee, while I have found her to be quick to anger, she had every good reason to be furious at Nora. That line about losing her daughter, I can’t even get over it, how can Renee? On top of that, Nora yells out that Renee’s father raped her every day of her life??? What? Where the hell did that come from? Renee was very justified to snap over that remark. I have to wonder what Nora is thinking by lashing out at lifelong “friends” with comments like these? Even your worst enemy might have a hard time hitting that far below the belt.

Which brings me to my next question. We all know that Nora’s dad, “The German” was an alleged “hit man” for the mob. He may not have been convicted of anything, but there has been plenty of talk about it. Considering his reputation and Nora’s great love and devotion for him, I couldn’t help but be surprised that neither Pia nor Renee lashed out by making comments about Nora’s Dad. That’s her real Achilles’ heel, her weakness. A few choice digs at him would have hurt her more than any black eye. Yet, they would not stoop that low as to insult her father. If they said anything about him I sure didn’t hear it.  I have to give them tremendous credit for showing that kind of restraint. They stuck to their issues with Nora the whole time and didn’t drag anyone else into it. Kudos to Pia and Renee!

For comic relief we have the team of Christina and Leah, who had some of the best lines of the night. Christina’s referring to Nora’s new wine as a “killer wine.” was hilarious. She even made herself laugh! Her reaction to Nora being a stripper and the bar losing money, was funny too. Leah, Leah, Leah! It was pure genius having her in the cast. She is never at a loss for new expressions. The only exercise she does is “ball busting!” I want to know how you play “ring around the rosey backwards?” And her makeup case? There is enough makeup there to do all of the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall for an entire year! Leah has many “looks,” but my favorite is when she is doing the “green screen’ and has those beautiful, soft curls!

As for Nora, I did feel bad that she was physically attacked and hurt by both Pia and Renee. I don’t think she could fight them one on one, let alone the two of them together. But, at the same time, her actions and words have consequences. You can only push people so far before they fight back and you don’t know how they will do that. Some people chose to fight back with words. However, when you are very angry and in the heat of the moment, things can often get physical. Last night they did and it wasn’t pretty. Will Nora apologize for her comments to Pia and Renee? Will they accept her apology? Will she lash out at Christina and Leah next? Jennifer promised us a finale that’s “on fire” and I am wondering what, or who, lit that match! What did you think of this episode?

You can catch up on previous full episodes of Mob Wives Chicago at VH1. Don’t miss out on the drama! Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano Isn't Playing with DirecTV

Not that most of you care, I haven't been around much.  If I am to be honest, I'm just tired of all the bullshit background drama.  It's never-ending.  It's like trying to listen to your favorite radio station while driving through mountains.  So I don't take an hour or less to blog about our beloved Mob Wives.

I watch Mob Wives Chicago on Sundays like most of you.  After that I watch Falling Skies and I call it a night.  The other day, I noticed Chiara tweeted a link.  So before I headed out the door, I clicked it.  I'm glad I did.  Renee Graziano the Queen of the Mob Wives' hive is buzzing off about DirecTV dropping VH1.  "...DirecTV dropped us like a bad habit..."  Watch for yourself...

I don't have DirecTV.  So I'm not missing out on Mob Wives Chicago or The Big Ang Show.  I hope DirecTV is lowering their monthly charges to their costumers.  It would show an act of good faith & demonstrate true costumer concern by putting their $$$ where their rhetoric is.  Viacom demonstrated a disservice to those who faithfully watch their shows by taking their full episodes down.

Damn I miss Renee Graziano of Mob Wives and all her dramatics on the small screen.  I really miss some of the ladies from Staten Island doing their thing.  Today is Sunday and you know what that means sexy naked werewolves & vampires on HBO's True Blood our 1st ladies of the Windy City are entertaining us for an hour.  Don't miss Mob Wives Chicago on VH1 @ 8PM!  On another note, I so love our Bookie!

Picture Credit: Our Bookie

Mob Wives Chicago: An Opinion On The Cast

The Mob Wives Chicago Cast

Well we have just watched five episodes of Mob Wives Chicago and things are heating up. I’ve been telling readers to give the show a chance because it takes a while to get used to the cast and even for the cast to get used to each other, especially in this setting. I know this is the case because I had a little trouble myself. However“, I also have enormous confidence in Jennifer Graziano, as an executive producer. I know that she would not allow her name to be put on a product that is substandard. I also know how difficult it must have been to put together a winning cast after the world was “wowed” by the original New York Mob Wives. 

I have been asked by readers, over and over, what do I think of the cast. I reserved my opinion until I could watch more episodes, read articles, watch interviews and keep an eye on Twitter action. I think I may be prepared to offer some of my insight based on all these things to whomever cares to read it. If your attitude is “so what, who cares,” you can stop reading now.

So what do I think? I think we can divide these ladies into two groups: the “likable” and the “UN-likable.” I don’t want everyone getting bent out of shape, this is just my preliminary opinion, from what I have seen so far. We can all have our own opinions and favorites and can be civil in our discussions and comments. 

The un-likable two, as I see it, are Renee and Nora. It’s either the way they are being portrayed on the show, or it’s how they really are. Editing is like magic, it can create illusions right before your eyes. Nora has come across as a “flip-flopper.” When it comes to Pia, on the one hand, she says they are friends for 40 years and she trusts her with helping her get answers to her father’s remains. On the other hand, she calls her a “whore” many times in the show, and tells Renee she “wouldn’t trust her as far as she could throw her.” It’s hard to like someone who turns on an old friend. From what I have seen on the show, Pia has been supportive of Nora and welcomed her back to Chicago with open arms. So why the name calling and passing judgment? In addition, we have Nora’s long friendship with Renee in shambles. Renee says she has been supportive of Nora and helped her out financially when she came back to Chicago. Granted Renee could have gotten to “The German’s” memorial luncheon on time, but Nora didn’t even ask if everything was okay before copping an attitude. Any number of things could have made Renee late for lunch. Nora has even bad mouthed Christina to Pia, and she doesn’t even know Christina, does she? Then there is her unforgivable comment to Renee, “I hope you lose your daughter!” which doesn’t sit well with anyone. This is why I find it hard to trust what Nora says. The only one she really seems to care about and is devoted to is her dad.

I find Renee hard to warm up to because she snaps at the drop of a hat. She also seems to enjoy arguing with everyone. She turned on Pia about her father, without even knowing her and just meeting her, saying “a rat is a rat is a rat.” She invited her over to her place to talk about the fight and then blindsides her with “I don’t want any trouble from you.” She asks Pia how she knows Dave, and then doesn’t believe her. She asks Dave how he knows Pia, and then doesn’t believe him. She freaks out because Giana went to visit her dad in prison. And now, to top it off, she is at war with Nora. Well, at least she is okay with Christina for now and Leah hasn’t had much contact with her yet. Soon we’ll see how those relationships play out. I won’t even mention the Twitter drama (wink, wink).

Now we have the “likable” wives: Pia, Christina and Leah. Pia has suffered her whole life thanks to her dad. She has been living with the stigma of his turning informant and ratting on the mob. On top of that, he never provided for her. When she was left alone, with her daughter to raise, she took a job pole dancing. Now she is being judged and criticized for that. Nora and Renee would like it if Pia took two jobs and worked 16 hours a day to make half the money or less than she makes pole dancing, and never see her daughter. I am not going to judge Pia for her job. I am not in her position and don’t know what I would do if I were. Pia’s having to constantly defend herself and now openly speaking up for herself is earning her points in my book. It’s no one’s business how she earns a living, it doesn’t define who she is as a person.

Christina is a loyal friend. She proved that at girls’ night out, when she called Nora out for saying what she did about Pia. Too bad her loyalty backfired, but we can respect her for trying. Christina also appears to be a very loving mother to her nine year old daughter. Though we haven’t seen her daughter, we have seen Christina agonize over telling her about her divorce. We have also seen the closeness between Christina and Leah when they had dinner with Leah’s dad, and again when Leah confided in her about her mother’s cancer. These are qualities that make Christina very relatable to viewers.

Leah speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and doesn’t care who the hell likes it or not. Her openness and honesty are consistent and make her a fan favorite. Her sense of humor and choice of words and expressions are as unique as her personality. Leah likes to bring people together and make peace. She doesn’t like drama. She likes to “clean up a mess” even if it requires having a “sit down” and talking it out. You always know where you stand with Leah, she says what she means and means what she says. She gives good advice and she has your back. Leah is the kind of person everyone needs to have as a friend. More importantly, you can see how close Leah is to her mother and father. You get the sense she lives by the motto, “family first.” Her love, devotion, loyalty and respect to her family and friends is clear. For these reasons, Leah may be the most popular and likable of the Chicago wives.

So there you have it! We will see if things change over time, but as for now, this is my take on all five personalities involved. You may agree with me or not, it really doesn’t matter. All the ladies bring a lot to the table. In the end we are all fans of the show and will see it through to the finale and hopefully, season two.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Renee Fecarotta's Beef With Mob Mistress

Mob Drama seems to be spilling on to Twitter and into our blog. I can't even sleep for six hours without missing some drama on Twitter. I found this conversation between Renee Fecarotta and Mob Mistress first thing this morning. Now, if you have been reading my recaps on Mob Wives Chicago, you know I have been saying that Renee F. likes to fight with everyone. Even so, I was surprised to see this exchange between her and Mob Mistress, because Mob Mistress came to Renee's defense when Renee's cousin called her a "joke."  Mob Mistress has never been disrespectful towards any of the Chicago mob wives and has no time for drama. So why were Renee's underwear in a bunch yesterday?

Well, I was shocked to see that she apparently got offended by one of Underboss' humorous blogs that just went up called, Battle Of The Eyes. She took issue with something he said in that piece and then the conversation above took place. Poor Underboss rarely gets a blog up there, and our readers love his humor, but Renee did not. I think this is another case of Renee reading too much into something, like she did with Dave and Pia's knowing each other. Whatever the case, the following conversation ensued:

Renee seems to think someone is talking about her to Mob Mistress too. Just like she assumed Pia and Dave had a little past romance. Mob Mistress thinks Renee was already upset over some other issues and took it out on Underboss. Frankly, knowing Mob Mistress as well as I do, I am surprised she let Renee off so easy after that. I called Mob Mistress to see if she was okay about me doing a blog about this conversation and she said, "You know me, IDGAF." I can see Mob Mistress shaking her head, thinking who gets so defensive over a lousy humorous blog? 

Well readers, if you don't have a Twitter account and follow the cast of the shows and our bloggers, then you are missing out on half the drama. I try to bring it all here to you, but sometimes I just can't. Make sure to tune into VH1 Sunday night for more Mob Wives Chicago drama and then check out my recap and famous "two cents" the next morning! 

Picture credit: Twitter