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Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Heartbreak & Betrayal” Ep 105

Leah and mom go to lunch

At Nora’s apartment, Pia arrives. Nora starts saying she had a bad day and Renee is gone. She tells Pia she felt like she was in a freak show. She explains what happened at the bar between her and Renee. Renee wasn’t talking while Nora was telling her all her issues. When Renee did start talking she was pointing her finger in Nora’s face. Nora says she went to grab her finger and then she ended up hitting Renee in her face. Nora went to run out and Renee chased her and pulled her down and pulled her hair. Pia says she had to defend herself. Pia says their friendship is over…done!

Leah and her mother go out to lunch. Leah’s mother lived down the street from Leah and her father, and she saw her all the time growing up. Leah says she walks like her mom, talks like her mom and has her sense of humor. Her mother was just diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Her mom says life goes on. Leah says she took the news hard and she is worried about her mom. Her mother says she knows she loves her, but she wants Leah to be strong for her, no tears. Leah knows her mother is strong and they are going to beat this cancer.

Renee and Christina meet. Christina went to school for fashion design, but put it on hold because of the divorce. Now she is going back to it and she is looking at material with Renee. Renee tells her the story of what happened between her and Nora at the bar. She says she listened to everything Nora had to say and then she started to talk. Nora grabbed her finger and then slapped her face. Christina is shocked because they have been friends a long time. Renee says she chased Nora and threw her on the ground before she could run out. Christina is worried for Nora because she feels she is burning all her bridges with everyone except for Pia.

Pia yells, "STOP with the Renee already!"

Nora and Pia are taking their dogs out for a little play date when Nora mentions Renee AGAIN!  Pia is so sick of hearing about Renee. She tells Nora to forget about Renee and leave her alone. Pia tells her she is consuming herself with Renee. Pia starts getting more and more agitated. She is tired of hearing about Renee and it’s coming between her friendship with Nora. Get over her! Pia says Nora gave Renee her heart and soul only to get hurt. If Nora doesn’t get over Renee, it’s going to ruin their friendship.

Christina sees Anne, her therapist. She tells her that her daughter heard from a neighbor that she and her husband are divorced. Christina asks her daughter what did she say and her daughter says, “no they’re not.” Then Christina tells her that they are divorced but living together. Her daughter asks, “why did you lie to me?” Christina cries and at the same time feels relief that the secret is out. She is upset she didn’t tell her daughter first. There may be some trust issues in the future resulting from this situation.

Nora calls Christina and invites to her birthday party. There will be a party bus taking them to a fun, undisclosed location. Christina is a little apprehensive. Nora tells her Renee is not invited and she asks her to bring Leah too.

Maybe Renee feels forgiving because it's Lent?

Renee and Giana meet for coffee and a chat. Renee doesn’t tell her about her fight with Nora. They discuss going to visit Giana’s father in jail, he is in prison for murder. Renee offers to go with Giana, but Giana doesn’t think it’s a good idea because they hate each other. Giana says she found out about her father when she was in 6th grade. She is afraid that if her mother goes with her, the two of them will end up fighting and she doesn’t want that . She appreciates Renee’s offer and says she will ask her dad how he feels.

Leah and Christina like sisters?

Leah and Christina meet up and Leah tells her she was invited to Nora’s birthday party. Leah says I’ll put on my dancing shoes and go. Christina tells her what happened about her daughter finding out she is divorced from a neighbor. Then she asks Leah how she is doing and Leah starts crying. Leah tells her that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Christina says Leah acts tough but she has a soft heart. Christina says they are like sisters. She was to help her friend and her mother.

Leah and Pia are going shopping for Nora’s birthday gift. Leah says she wants to buy Nora “common sense.” They are curious about Nora’s destination because she told them what they should and should not wear to the party. Leah feels bad that Renee isn’t invited. Pia says she is sick on hearing about Renee. Leah depends on Pia for gift advice and they end up getting her a leopard print top.

Giana gets a call from her dad in prison. She is excited. She enjoys talking to her dad. She loves him he says he is funny, caring and thoughtful. He worries about her. She is beautiful. The thought of her father being in prison haunts her. She would give anything to spend some quality time with him. She asks him what he thinks about Renee going to visit the prison with her. He laughs and says he will leave it up to her. The call is over with them telling each other “I love you.”

Nora says she wants to feel like a kid again. Christina is ready to party. The load she has been carrying around for the past couple of years has been lifted off her shoulders. The divorce is out of the bag. Nora says Pia wants guys to buy her gifts and pay for her. Pia says Nora would let a guy pay for her in a heartbeat. Nora says she would rather pleasure herself than let a guy pay. Leah is quite a bit disgusted by that visual image.

Leah cringes at the image Nora just painted!

The party destination is Go-Karts. Leah isn’t happy, but Christina is because she always wanted to be a race car driver. Pia has to worry about her recent surgery on her boobs and she isn’t going. They are driving so slow. Leah yells out she needs a bigger seat for her fat ass. Leah says she has to be careful because her mom was just diagnosed with cancer. Christina and Nora end up racing around the track while Pia and Leah watch. Pia is glad Nora is having a good time. The ladies have a little celebration while they are there. Other people were invited, but no one else showed up for her party. Leah says Nora is a little girl trapped in a woman’s body.

Marco, Giana’s best friend, meets her to discuss her situation with her dad. She tells him her mom wants to go with her to the prison. She thinks it’s a bad idea, but she wants his opinion. Marco feels her mother has a lot of resentment towards her father and she doesn’t understand the bond she shares with her dad. Giana needs her dad in her life.

Back to Nora’s party, the girls share a drink or two and Christina is happy they are all getting along. She wants to have a party of her own to celebrate her independence. She asks Nora if she will come to her party. Nora says she will, but Christina adds, even if Renee comes? Nora retracts her statement and say she will have to think about it. Leah understands that Christina doesn’t want to exclude anyone so there better be an ambulance there too.

Renee shows up at Christina’s house to see the design that Christina made with the fabric they picked out. Renee loves it and can’t wait to try it on. Christina fills Renee in on Nora’s party. Renee is glad she wasn’t invited. Christina invites her to her party next week. She tells Renee she doesn’t know if Nora will be there because she said things were still fresh between her and Renee. Renee doesn’t want to see Nora either.

Pia and Nora are at the gym talking. They both enjoyed Nora’s party. Nora says she doesn’t know if she will go to Christina’s party. Pia says Christina came to her party and will be hurt if she doesn’t go. Pia says she should extend Christina the same courtesy she just showed to her. Nora says she cannot predict how she will react if Renee is there and that’s why she can’t say she will go. Pia says she thinks Renee is so judgmental about her dancing because of things Nora has told her. She doesn’t understand why Renee accepts Nora, who also worked at the same place doing pole dancing. Nora tells her to ask Renee why, she has no idea. Pia says they were doing the same job and it makes no sense for Renee to feel one way about her and another about Nora. Nora says she only worked there three or four months, maybe that’s why. Things get heated. Nora blurts out, maybe it’s because I didn’t take clients up to the VIP room for 5 hours. Then she calls Pia a whore. Pia is beyond pissed.


There sure was a lot of talking going on in this episode. I finally caught a little break when the ladies went to drive the go-karts. Did you know I type the recap during commercials and after the show? Well, let’s see what all the ladies had to say tonight.

Leah. Leah’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can relate to all the emotions she is feeling and I know how her mom must feel too. It’s devastating news. It’s obvious how close Leah’s family is from what we have seen in the show already of her and her parents. Her brother tweets his support for her and the show all the time. I pray Leah’s mom will win her battle with cancer. Medicine has done remarkable things in treating that particular disease. Leah has a good friend in Christina too.

Leah doesn’t need any writers. I think someone should be watching and writing down all her lines from the show. Maybe you should Leah, in case you write a book later on! “I need a bigger seat, I have a fat ass!” “I want to buy her some common sense.” “I understand that Christina doesn’t want to exclude anybody, but there better be an ambulance there too.” “I don’t want to hear about Nora pleasuring herself.” No way a writer could come up with those lines. I love her!

Christina. Her daughter found out about the divorce from a neighbor. Didn’t I just say that last week? Yes I did! And I mentioned trust issues may be the result. I know Christina is a good mother and wants to protect her daughter from the cold hard facts of life, but you can’t put yourself in a position where the child will learn of these things from a stranger. Having said that, I’m sure Christina is a wonderful mother and that why I am going to go out on a limb and tell you what I really think. I could be wrong, but I seldom am. I really think that if Christina’s divorce was really a “secret” from her daughter, she decided to tell her the truth before she started filming Mob Wives Chicago. I think she sat her down and told her about the show and the divorce. There is no way in hell she was going to air her secret on national television and have her daughter blindsided by someone who watched it or read about it. Christina is too good a mother to let that happen. That’s what I think. That’s what makes sense to me.

Now that the “cat” is out o the bag Christina is feeling a huge sense of relief not having to carry this burden around and she wants to have a party to celebrate her independence. Too bad the timing of her party stinks. Renee hates Nora, Pia hates Nora, and Pia ain’t crazy about Renee and vice versa either. The only two who like each other are Christina and Leah. Leah is right…Christina needs to have an ambulance there. Can’t wait till next week!

Renee. Renee wants to go to the prison with Giana. I think it’s a terrible idea. She will have a meltdown when she sees how well Giana and her father relate to each other. I think Marco was on the money. She won’t understand why Giana feels so much love for a man who wasn’t there for her and treated her mother badly, when Renee did everything in her power to provide for her. I believe Renee thinks she will be okay with it and is trying to be supportive of her daughter, but this is a recipe for disaster and will just cause more hard feelings between mother and daughter.

Renee is bonding more with Christina. What choice does she have? Her once good friend Nora, is now her mortal enemy. She intensely dislikes Pia for no good reason. I don’t think she is going to “click” with Leah, but for now they can be cordial. She has to interact with someone in the show. If she goes to Christina’s party, all hell is going to break loose between her and Nora. But I think when it comes to phyiscal fighting, Nora will back way off and Pia will jump in and take on Renee. With Pia and Nora having the same enemy, it might help them patch up their differences. We’ll see.

Nora. Nora’s issues with Renee are not going to go away because of what she said to Renee. “I hope you lose your daughter!” is something that has burned a hole into Renee’s brain. It’s unforgivable. Everyone agrees with that and no apology is going to fix it. On top of that, her ongoing judgmental remarks and insults to Pia have hit an all time high. Once again she calls Pia a “whore” saying she takes clients up to the VIP room for 5 hours. They must have a clause in their contracts that say you can’t sue anyone for slander or libel for anything they say on the show because if that isn’t true, Pia has grounds for a lawsuit. I think Christina is right to worry about Nora. I don’t know how she is going to patch things up with either of these two ladies. However, I think Nora is using “common sense” when she says she has to think about going to Christina’s party. I hope she thinks good and hard about it and trusts her instincts or make sure her medical insurance is paid up.

Pia. Pia, Pia, Pia. What happened to our Pia? Pia has decided to pull out all the stops. She is fed up with Renee and all talk of Renee. She reached her limit and now she has a no problem saying everything that’s on her mind and then some. Thanks to editing, I don’t know if Nora talked about Renee for 5 minutes or 5 hours, but it was enough to send Pia over the edge. I can see where Pia is coming from. Pia has been trying to be a good friend to Nora and even let some very rude insults from her slide. She almost jeopardized her friendship with Christina over Nora. She defended Nora against Renee. What does she get in return? Nora was continually defending Renee to Pia. And now that Nora is angry with Renee, you might think that it would ease the tension between her and Pia, but no. Nora has been as judgmental of Pia as Renee, if not more so. Her remarks about Pia and her dancing have been more degrading and insulting than anything that Renee has said to her. It’s pretty hard to overlook personal attack after personal attack. Maybe Nora has crossed a line with Pia that she can’t mend. Let bygones be bygones can only go so far, especially when you are making the same remarks over and over again. Remember when Nora denied saying those things to Pia’s cousin? Why wouldn’t she have, she has said them everywhere else, including to Pia. Maybe her dear friend, Franky, has helped Pia see the light where Nora is concerned? Stay tuned!

What did you think of this episode? There was definitely more drama. I am so glad Pia is speaking up. This is exactly what Christina was trying to get her to do at the dinner! Stand up for herself! You don’t let people talk about you like that and let it roll off your shoulders. You have to demand respect. Now Pia and Christina are on the same page about that. But, with everyone at each other’s throats, will Christina’s party be doomed? I’m with Leah…make sure an ambulance or two is there!

P.S. I really think Giana should pursue acting and get an agent. She has natural beauty and talent. I think she will go far. Anyone else think so???


Deana3452 said...

So depressing that there aren't more comments! I am really starting to enjoy this show!!

Hey you said...

The news about Leah's mom is sad. Prayers for her. It was interesting, liked Nora's birthday party. Wonder whats gonna happen in the next episode at Chris's party. Will Nora and Renee go? All the other ladies are getting along just fine :)

Leah B said...

I am starting to really get into Mobwives Chicago...seriously i think staten island was starting to get stale with the renee drama and drita and ramona drama..
So its good and im really diggin renee i find her hilarious!
I feel bad for Pia i think she gets a bad rap for no good reason and Nora is just a nutter!!
However im gonna watch the season out its my new thing and not recordings of the original!

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