Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S5E8

Note: The episode was so boring I decided to spice up my blog with the brilliant artwork of David Gilmore. Please check out his website and facebook page (links below) for more of his amazing work!

This was another snooze fest episode. Not much happens. Even the “stupidity” is at an all time low. Maybe they are running out of things to say and do to each other? Weren’t the new housewives supposed to inject fresh life into the show? So far the newbies, Carole, Aviva and Heather, have been too civil and down right too nice for this type of show. They haven’t let their cat claws out yet and we are in episode 8 for pete’s sake! To be honest, I would have rather watched the one to two minute previews of coming episodes ten times, then sit through episode 8. It looks like there are some really good WTH moments coming up…but when???

Sonja needs a sex addict?

Why the hell would Aviva try to set Sonja up with her father, the sex addict? She invites Sonja to her Miami apartment, along with Ramona and Mario, so the two can meet. I am speechless for two reasons, one because she refers to her dad as a sex addict and how the hell would she know that? And two, who sets their fathers up with a friend of theirs? Is it me or is that a bit over the top or gross? Maybe it’s me, but someone comment below and tell me it’s not.

LuAnn and Jacques’ wine tasting party looked like fun. Of course Ramona, who always has to make a stink about something to get attention, refuses to wear the blindfold for the taste test. They manage to get her to take a sip and guess what? She doesn’t recognize her own wine, Ramona’s Pinot Grigio. Not only that, she says the wine doesn’t have much depth or flavor! How can that be, I asked myself?  She has been guzzling down bottle after bottle of her wine on every episode and she can’t recognize the taste. Anyway they set her up and got her good. This is an embarrassing moment for her and a what the hell moment for me. I also loved the fact that Heather tasted the wine first and really didn’t like it at all. Is BRAVO trying to sabotage Ramona’s wine? 

Her expressions are priceless!

Once again Ramona shows how ill mannered and rude she is when she arrives to Miami and sees Aviva’s beautiful, ocean front apartment. The place is to die for, but what bothers Ramona? The family pictures throughout the apartment are creeping her out. Maybe they should have replaced their pictures with pictures of Ramona and her Pinot? What the hell did she expect them to have hanging on their walls?

Money can't buy her class, she should buy, NOT borrow, her clothes!

LuAnn, the Countess, really outdid herself too this week. Talk about money not buying you class! LuAnn is the poster child for her own song! She meets with Carole’s long time friend, who is a designer, and asks to borrow one of her dresses sometime. Carole thinks that took a lot of nerve and total lack of etiquette to ask a favor of someone you don’t even know. Talk about a “faux pas!” If nothing else, maybe these women will give Carole enough material for a new book?

Finally, Aviva riles Ramona up, which doesn’t take much, by telling her she was mad that LuAnn set her up with her own wine. Of course, if I was a cynic I would say that BRAVO made Aviva say that so Ramona has a reason to go after LuAnn. After all, a housewives truce can only last so long and then it must be broken for the sake of drama!

What I did love about this episode was Mario’s great impersonation of Jacques, at dinner. Now that was well done and gave me a good laugh. He should definitely do that more often. And while I am thinking of it, maybe Amy Phillips can play LuAnn and get a man to play Jacques for a little parody? Her skit can be about the wine tasting and she can also play Ramona, which she does extremely well!

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