Friday, July 13, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Renee Fecarotta's Beef With Mob Mistress

Mob Drama seems to be spilling on to Twitter and into our blog. I can't even sleep for six hours without missing some drama on Twitter. I found this conversation between Renee Fecarotta and Mob Mistress first thing this morning. Now, if you have been reading my recaps on Mob Wives Chicago, you know I have been saying that Renee F. likes to fight with everyone. Even so, I was surprised to see this exchange between her and Mob Mistress, because Mob Mistress came to Renee's defense when Renee's cousin called her a "joke."  Mob Mistress has never been disrespectful towards any of the Chicago mob wives and has no time for drama. So why were Renee's underwear in a bunch yesterday?

Well, I was shocked to see that she apparently got offended by one of Underboss' humorous blogs that just went up called, Battle Of The Eyes. She took issue with something he said in that piece and then the conversation above took place. Poor Underboss rarely gets a blog up there, and our readers love his humor, but Renee did not. I think this is another case of Renee reading too much into something, like she did with Dave and Pia's knowing each other. Whatever the case, the following conversation ensued:

Renee seems to think someone is talking about her to Mob Mistress too. Just like she assumed Pia and Dave had a little past romance. Mob Mistress thinks Renee was already upset over some other issues and took it out on Underboss. Frankly, knowing Mob Mistress as well as I do, I am surprised she let Renee off so easy after that. I called Mob Mistress to see if she was okay about me doing a blog about this conversation and she said, "You know me, IDGAF." I can see Mob Mistress shaking her head, thinking who gets so defensive over a lousy humorous blog? 

Well readers, if you don't have a Twitter account and follow the cast of the shows and our bloggers, then you are missing out on half the drama. I try to bring it all here to you, but sometimes I just can't. Make sure to tune into VH1 Sunday night for more Mob Wives Chicago drama and then check out my recap and famous "two cents" the next morning! 

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Anonymous said... about paranoid! she must know alot about pills cause she told me to take one too! i thought i was the only one who was on renee's bad side..i guess her cousins were right about her..too bad though, i liked renee at first.

Deana3452 said...

LOL@ "my side of the monitor" !!! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Chiara you blogged it over and over again. Renee F. is ready to get froggy with people for no rhyme or reason. She made herself look dumb and stupid over a really funny blog. MM must've been in a good mood last night.

Kel said...

Hmmm... Good job making yourself look crazier Renee. I didn't think that was possible. Mob Mistress has a large group of readers here who are familiar with her sincerity and "drama" seeking ways... I think youll find that all her readers will agree that she's no drama queen and doesn't seem to start any either, but she seems quite capable of finishing whatever someone else starts. I guarantee you just lost yourself some fans because of your insane bickering, me being one of them. Funny thing is that MM was on this very blog defending you from people that were attacking you before your show even aired. Aside from looking crazy, now you also established that you're an ingrate.

Christine Maritino said...

I know Renee VERY WELL and she is not paranoid. She doesn't trust many people and has been hurt and betrayed by many!!!She has one of the biggest hearts and would do anything for almost anyone. She has the best sense of humor and I truly beleive you all will grow to love her!!!:)

Chiara Soprano said...

Christine I will say that I have often thought that Renee has deep seeded trust issues due to life experiences. Maybe she should see someone about that because it can cause problems for her in her relationships. I appreciate what she brings to the table in Mob Wives Chicago.

Mob Mistress said...

It's not about disliking or liking Renee F., her humor was missing yesterday. Most people understood it was a skit or parody with the women of Mob Wives Chicago being WWF wrestlers.

Renee F. went on a mini Twitter attack of sorts. Like I typed on Twitter, ANYONE could see her feathers were ruffled by some other drama. She then insinuated someone was in my ear. The truth is NO ONE has bad mouthed Renee F. to me beyond her cousins & those associated with them. Now if I didn't let her actual blood relatives stain my opinion of her why would I listen to others?

It's not logical and not my reality.

Anonymous said...

Anyone whose been following this site since episode one of MWNY knows that MM and Chiara just post what they find and then mention their own two cents; it's not just a gossip blog but there's always sources to the stories. It's a pretty neutral and laid-back blog with open thoughts and various opinions, which is why I love it so much.

I couldn't understand why Renee would go after guys are the ones helping out put MW on the map so Renee just needs to shut her hole and get some therapy.

Anonymous said...

I knew from the beginning this one was going to be coo coo!! I do not care much for her. She needs to focus on her private issues and get off tv.

Sandra Muratore said...

I also have known Renee for a very long time and I agree with what Chrissy Martino wrote. Also, don't judge her. You can't presume to know her just because you see her on TV or follow her on Twitter. Maybe she did take what the Underboss wrote the wrong way, maybe she didn't, but she addressed it with HIM and she wasn't being mean about it and if you read their exchange, it never got out of hand.

Mob Mistress said...

No one's judging her. No one is presuming to know her. We've addressed a specific incident. She did take it the wrong way. She attempted to correct him on a post that was a PARODY or SKIT.

How does one go about correcting a PARODY?

It's great you are standing up for someone you know. However, you're inserting a whole lot of stuff that just doesn't matter to many of us.

I for one #DGAF. I had conversation with Renee F. explaining to her months ago:


In simple English, you decided to take a shot in reality television. We wish you the best of luck. You decided to reveal aspects of yourself on national television. Put your big girl panties on, try not to be too sensitive, not everyone is going to like your every move, at the end of the day your loved ones matter. We do not. We are just the peanut gallery.

Funlady28 said...

Wow...Renee needs some therapy for those trust issues. All of her disagreements began and end in her head and she lashes out at the normal folks and gets mad because they don't have a clue as to what she's talking about. Note to Renee...People aren't walking away because they are guilty, they are walking away because you can't argue with razy.