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Big Ang: Recap “Big Shots” Episode 101

Big Ang behind her bar!

Wow, wow and wow! I enjoyed this party oops, I mean first episode of the Big Ang show. We start off by listening to Big Ang telling us how she has lived her life, what she has been through and that she has had relationships with the wise-guys.  She loves everything big! Big boobs, big jewelry, a big house and has the best parties. She has been through it all - even house arrest. I can't help but wonder how many times that ankle bracelet went off. But now she states, "I'm gonna do whatever the f**k I want.” And for just that short time, I find myself agreeing with Big Ang and I think I’m gonna take on that F**K it all attitude. Big Ang spends all her time with her monkeys at the bar. She loves her crew and she loves her psychotic family. This is her life and it’s what she knows. 

Big Ang, Lil Jen and Linda

Big Ang meets up with Lil Jen and Linda. They have been friends forever. Never mind how many years because their history goes way back. Big Ang says Linda is a lunatic and Lil Jen is a maniac. And that's what Big Ang likes - wackos that are loyal. They reminisce about their past and Big Ang says back in the day they were known as the sixth family. Now I' m not sure if I missed a family member, but all the names I got that are part of this family was Big Ang, Lil Jen, Crazy Linda, Patty Slaps and Wild Thing. I must say the last 2 young ladies better make it on one of the episodes because you don't get handed a nickname with slaps or wild in it for nothing. Lil Jen says she was always knows as Lil Jen until she almost died. She was in a coma for 5 months and during that time she was known as Drop Dead Jen. I'm happy to see that the nickname has dissolved. Big Ang calls Lil Jen a big baby because she's afraid to be alone. She’s 53 years old and she's afraid of the dark. am I sometimes......

Crowd at Drunken Monkey!

Big Ang is at the Monkey and is so happy about the makeover. Dom, her brother in law, did the work and it looks great. Big Ang says the old bar was worn out. She's hoping the renovation will bring in people from out of the neighborhood. And I can personally vouch for that. When I visited the bar, there were locals, but there were a lot of people that came from afar, including myself. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of Big Ang. Big Ang talks about having a re-grand opening and wants to blow up the bar. She wants the monkey to be known all over the world, including Brooklyn. 

Janine talks sense to Big Ang

Big Ang stops by her sister Janine's house. Janine is questioning Big Ang about paying some bills and going to the doctor. Big Ang thinks Janine is strictly business. Janine complains to Big Ang about breaking her appointment with her accountant and she better not do it again to go out drinking with her friends. Big Ang completely changes the subject and asks Janine if she has seen the new monkey yet? Big Ang tells her how she wants to plan a BIG grand opening and how she wants to hire shot guys. I see an eyeroll from Janine, but she gives Big Ang advice on how to cast for the shot guys.  She tells her sister to limit her to only 4 guys so Big Ang doesn't hire everyone and go broke. So we see that Big Ang certainly has a big heart. She says she loves money, but I think she loves to spend it on everyone else. 

The interviewing!

Big Ang and Linda go to interview the shot guys. Big Ang seems to like and want to hire everyone! A very young good looking guy interviews, his name is Ricardo, and Big Ang's face lights up. I must confess I have about 15 photos of Ricardo myself. One is for the blog and the rest are for me! Big Ang says he has got swag. Her little latin lover. Linda gets a hug and confesses she's a cougar.  They finish interviewing and Big Ang decides that she can do this for a career. too if there's an actually job out there for interviewing hot shot bods! I mean boys! 

Meet Ricardo!

Big Ang and Neil on a date

Big Ang goes out on a date with Neil, her so-called husband. They have been living apart. Big Ang says he has been a cheater, stay out all night, drunk. Neil says he has been behaving and would like to come back home. He has a bank acct and a new truck. Big Ang looks very surprised. He says he has changed and thinks Big Ang may like the new Neil. She tells Neil it's a good thing he’s not drinking. She claims it was no joke putting up with him for 4 years! My favorite line during this little chat was when Big Ang tells the waiter, when he asks if she would like water for the "table," she says, "water is for fish"! I wonder if she was asked that question again that night. 

Big Ang goes over to visit her son AJ and his dogs.  She says she has to visit at least once a week because he’s always getting into some mess. AJ gives his mom a bag of laundry to do and Big Ang says she’s sick of laundry. Funny thing, AJ says he’s sick of it too! She tells AJ about meeting up with Neil and says she thinks Neil is rushing her. She wants AJ to come back home and live with her so he can work and buy himself designer clothes. AJ seemed to be content for now where he is.

Big Ang and Ricardo, nice!

Big Ang gets spray tanned for her big night. This woman has a body! Being tanned makes her feel young. Well the big night finally arrives. The bartenders Frank & Anthony are there, along with the  shot boys. Big Ang does shots, Linda does shots, Lil Jenn does shots, the crowd is doing shots, its just one big party. Out comes a "drunken monkey" dancing on the bar and the crowd goes crazy. 

Big Ang has on a dress that is right out of the old Laugh-In show, with glasses to match. The shot boys are selling shots left and right and cashing in. Last, but not least, how can you end a night out without male dancers on the bar? There's a contest of who can collect the most dollar bills. Not surprised at all when Ricardo wins! Big Ang seems to have a big crush on Ricardo and her sexy latin dancer is making the moves. Big Ang is dancing, the crowd is hollering, Neil comes walking in, he takes a few looks, walks out and the night seems like its just about to end. 

Neil trying to worm his way back into Big Ang's heart

In the last scene Big Ang, Janine, Lil Jenn and Linda are sitting outside the monkey on a bench. They are all claiming to have had a lot of fun and it was one of their best nights! At that moment, Big Ang realizes she has a husband. Big Ang says she needs to tell them all something. She says she's thinking about letting Neil move back in. Janine is delighted! Being the big/little sis she is, I'm not surprised she's happy. She only wants the best for her sister and likes Neil. Lil Jenn seems happy too, but Linda says Big Ang needs a man and Neil hasn't manned up. There's lots of shut-up Jennifers, as the girls are all voicing their opinions, and finally Big Ang decides she better sleep on it.  She says she’s always making decisions on Patrone. I think that was a good idea. So the show ends. I guess Big Ang gets some rest and well see what happens next week. Will there be another party just as big? I think so. Tune in to VH1 next Sunday for some more fun with Big Ang and her crew. 

Written By: Carmela Corleone     Follow on Twitter @carmelacorleone

Picture Credit: VH1 and Carmela's camera


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