Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mob Wives: Mob Reality Doesn't Stop

The reality is the wheels of justice keep moving

The reality of Mob Wives doesn't stop when the cameras stop rolling. I wonder how many of us expected that there would be real ongoing mob business, Federal busts, wire tapping and court cases aired on the show? We've seen, heard and read a lot and now there is more.

New York newspapers are reporting two stories concerning Hector "Junior" Pagan and Anthony "T.G." Graziano. The Daily News reported yesterday that Junior's cooperation lead to the arrest and prosecution of two accomplices in a robbery gone wrong. The fatal gunshot wound was allegedly delivered by Junior, but the other two men are facing life in prison for their participation in the crime.

This morning, The New York Post is reporting that a prosecutor in the case of Anthony Graziano, 71, feels he should be sent to jail regarding his charges of conspiracy and extortion in collecting an old loan. His lawyer feels, that based on his age and medical conditions, Mr. Graziano should not serve any time. Prosecutors disagree, saying based on his criminal history he should receive two to three years. The judge is scheduled to sentenced Mr. Graziano next week. Mr. Graziano returned to prison because of evidence provided to the Feds, by ex-son in law, Junior, who wore a wire and tapped their conversations several months ago.

Of course, the outcome of the sentencing will greatly affect the Graziano family. They were all devastated to learn of Junior's unthinkable betrayal which led to Mr. Graziano's imprisonment, right before Thanksgiving 2011, after just being released from serving 11 years. Sadly, they are paying the price for the mob lifestyle that has always been their reality.

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Hey you said...

Wow, with Mr.Graziano's age and medical condition 2 or 3 years could be critical. It is devastating for the Grazianos. I hope for the best outcome.