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Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Sticks & Stones” Ep 107

Pia and her beautiful daughter, Bella, chat

Christina describes the party as the “sh-t hitting the fan.” Pia pops Nora in the head and Christina says, “What the f*ck? Is this a circus?” All hell breaks loose. Nora yells at Renee that she was raped by her father and says Pia got gonorrhea and is a whore. Nora yells out, “the truth hurts!” Pia calls her a disgusting, disgraceful human being. But, Christina feels bad for Nora. Meanwhile, Renee and Pia start bonding over Nora’s verbal attacks on them and Renee says, “I’m not f*ckin’ psycho stupid!” Christina believes it’s not fair for two people to go at Nora. Nora leaves the party, saying she is not fighting with two hookers. Pia says she feels for her daughter because the things Nora said could end up hurting her. Christina walks out too.

Pia and her daughter, Bella, have to have a talk about what happened at the party. Pia feels she needs to explain it to her before she hears things from other people. Pia tells her that her grandfather, Vince Rizza, sold drugs, resigned from the police force and then became a bookmaker. Bella knew some things, but was disappointed to hear the details. Pia says she wants a better life for Bella. She tells her daughter about the fight at Christina’s party and that Nora said disgusting things. Pia tells Bella she had to punch her in the face. Bella is shocked to hear that, but comforts her mother when she starts crying. Pia worked hard to raise her daughter and Nora is trying to hurt her with her words. Bella hugs her mom and tells her she is proud of her no matter what anyone says. She says what her mother does for a living doesn’t bother her, and she understands why she had to dance.

It's clear Nora doesn't like to fight, so STOP insulting people!

Christina meets Nora to see if she is okay after the party. Nora thanks her for saving her life the night before. Nora’s face is “scarred up” according to Christina. Nora tells Christina she believes she was ambushed and that she should have never come back to the party. Christina feels bad for inviting her. Nora really thinks that Pia and Renee got together and planned to ambush her. Nora warns Christina to be careful because it could happen to her. Christina vows to be there for Nora, she feels Nora is fragile and broken. They hug.

Renee fills brother, Frankie, in on what Nora said about dad

Renee meets with Frankie, her little brother, to tell her what Nora said at Christina’s party. He has always been her protector. She says she asked Nora what did she ever do to her. Renee is crying and her brother is wondering what more she has to say. Then Renee tells him, “Nora said that daddy molested me.” She tells him she said it in a disgusting and evil way. Renee cries. She is very upset that Nora would tell such a vile lie about her dead father. Her brother is stunned and doesn’t know what to say. He says Renee did so much for Nora, and helped her and then she turned on her. Frankie says this hurts him badly. He asks Renee if he should contact Nora about this.

Leah meets Christina at her home. Christina tells Leah she met with Nora, her face was badly bruised and she feels responsible. Christina starts crying over it. She asks Leah to support Nora. Leah answers, “you can’t talk sh*t to people.” Nora said things she shouldn’t have said. You can’t expect people not to hit you when you say unforgivable things about them and their family. Leah adds, Nora can’t fight so she should keep her mouth shut. Leah says she wants to be a peacemaker, but after what Nora said, can there ever be peace?

Pia meets Christina and they talk about what happened. Pia says Christina is the one who told her to confront Nora about what was bothering her, so she did. Christina says she didn’t have to hit her. Pia answers, “she said things that are going to affect my daughter, wouldn’t you have popped her too if she said it to you?” She tells Christina that Nora said that Pia does sexual favors for money. Christina says she has feelings for Nora and it was wrong the way she got beat down. Pia says she is going to suffer the backlash for her disgusting mouth. Christina thinks Pia crossed the line by hitting Nora.

Nora and Desiree talk about the party. Nora says Renee was screaming at the top of her lungs and Pia popped her for no reason. Nora describes them as fighting like dogs in heat. Nora says she felt ambushed. Nora is done with Renee and Pia, she is done with the drama and wants positive things in her life. The wine is ready to taste and they are both excited.

Leah says, "She got what she deserved!"

Christina, Leah and Renee meet to discuss the party. Christina confronts Renee and Renee apologizes for fighting at her party. Christina tells them that she met with Nora and that she said she felt ambushed. Renee tells her that Nora said horrible things. Leah agrees with Renee. Renee says she isn’t going to let Nora lie about her dead father and she curses up a storm. Christina says she is friends with both of them, she has compassion for Nora and isn’t going to take sides. Renee tells her there is no excuse for what Nora said. Leah adds that she got what she got because she crossed the line. Leah and Christina do not see eye to eye on this, and both of them get heated. Leah says, “she deserved what she got, she was looking or trouble!” Renee says that Nora called her the “C” word on Nora’s party bus and no one said anything to her about that either. Renee says she is glad she got to know Christina better now because she knows where she stands.

Pia and Kamila go shopping for new bras for her new boobs. Pia announces that she isn’t going to dance anymore. She doesn’t want the stigma of her dancing to affect her daughter. She says she has to move on, she can’t dance forever. Pia says she is going to meet Renee because she feels she deserves an apology for all her insults and judgmental attitude.

Christina and Leah meet. Leah says Nora was out of line. Christina gets that Nora was wrong for saying what she did. And Leah insists she got what she deserved, period! She implied that Renee’s father molested her. Christina thinks that Nora fights with words, not fists. Christina wants Leah to give Nora a chance and get to know her. She asks Leah to join Nora and her for a meeting. Leah says she will hear Nora out as a courtesy to Christina, but she doesn’t care what she has to say.

Pia is not 100% happy with Renee, but will give her a chance.

Pia and Renee meet to talk one on one. Renee says she is glad they talked at the party and she tells Pia she feels she was influenced against her by Nora. She admits she never gave Pia a chance. Renee understands why Pia had to dance and admits she was wrong for judging her, but then adds 15 years of dancing? She thinks Pia could have stopped and done something else. Renee says she took care of her daughter without dancing. Pia says everyone does what they have to do. Then Pia tells her she stopped dancing. Renee is glad to hear it and says she wants to help her. Pia decides she is going to give Renee a chance and they toast to new beginnings. Pia still doesn’t trust Renee 100%.

Nora and Desiree go to the wine tasting of The German. Nora loves it. She says tasting it made her feel like her dad was inside her, tingling. She wants to sell if or $15.99 to $17.99 a bottle. It’s a Pinot Noir. Nora fills the first bottle.

Pia and Christina meet and Christina has an issue to discuss. Christina says Renee apologized for fighting at her party , but Pia never did. Pia says she is sorry she fought at the party, but not for hitting Nora for what she said. Pia said she met with Renee and they decided to put it all behind them. Christina wants to know how Pia can forgive Renee for everything she has said and not hit her, but she is so angry with Nora and hit her for what she said? Pia says it has to do with the fact she was good friends with Nora. The Pia tells Christina she is quitting the club. Christina says she thought “Pia would be stripping until the hospice came and got her.” Christina wants to make sure that Pia isn’t quitting because she is afraid of Renee or of being judged.

Leah hears Nora's side, but can't see past the bruises.

Leah, Christina and Nora meet. Leah wants to hear Nora’s side of the fight. First, Nora tells Leah she heard the news about Leah’s mother and she is sorry. Then they get into the issue of the fight and Leah tells Nora that she would have gone for the kill, if Nora had said to her what she said to Renee, about her father. Nora says she can’t hit people. Nora tells her Pia’s knuckles were in her face and she has scratches. Leah says she was angry with Nora, but after seeing her face, she just wants to give her a hug. Christina now feels angry about Pia, doesn’t trust her and feels she is the troublemaker.


“Sticks and stones will brake my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That is a line we were all fed as kids to help us get over teasing from other kids, but it’s not true. Words do have the power to hurt people, just ask anyone who has been verbally abused. The scars from physical abuse heal, but verbal abuse causes long term, emotional scars. Besides that, if you say something vulgar to someone, they just might use a few “stones” or fists and brake a few of your bones. Better to go by the expression, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” And that’s what Nora should do, say nothing! Because as far as I can see, she can’t fight or won’t fight, but she does a hell of a lot of provoking. Now for the show!

The show is topsy turvey. Everyone who was enemies when it started are now friends and those who were friends are now enemies. We need a play by play to follow along.

So now Christina, who really disliked Nora at first, because she called Pia a “whore” several times, is now her defender and protector. Christina thinks it was wrong for Pia and Renee to go after Nora. This is the same Christina who went after Pia in the first show, and pulled her hair out, over a lot less than Renee and Pia heard said about them. The same Christina who has said, when she is angry, she doesn’t know what she is doing. Well guess what? Pia and Renee were good and angry and they had every right to be. Nora hit below the belt and she doesn’t stop. She has called Pia a “whore” time and time again, and says that she really makes her money by doing sexual favors, not dancing. On top of that she implies that Pia has/will get gonorrhea? Where does that all come from? As for Renee, first she tells her she hopes she loses her daughter, and then yells out in a crowded restaurant that her dead father raped her every day of her life? Are you kidding me? I am not a person who gets physical and would never raise my hand to someone, but I never had a “friend” talk to me like that either. I don’t condone fighting, but it’s obvious to me that Nora was pushing both Pia and Renee over the edge, knowing full well what would happen to her if she did. When you decide to behave in a certain way and consequences follow, you can’t complain. Nora gets people too angry to use words and all they have left are their fists. And now, for Christina to side with Nora and call Pia a troublemaker??? That makes no sense to me whatsoever, unless editing took out something critical that we didn’t see. Christina was ready to go after Nora for Pia in the first episode and now Nora can do no wrong?

Pia and Renee, who were both good friends of Nora’s and couldn’t stand each other at first, are now bonding over their common enemy, Nora. They both know how it feels to suffer from the very personal and unforgivable insults hurled at them by Nora. I really think what drove them to get physical is that Nora didn’t just attack them, but their loved ones. Pia was worried her comments were going to affect her daughter and Renee’s daughter and father were both attacked. I know I say Renee likes to fight a lot, but I am going to say that in this case she had good reason to attack and so did Pia. Enough is enough! Besides that, they both feel betrayed by Nora. They have said many times how they have helped her in the past, so her words cut like a knife and Nora knows it.

Here I am going to interject something that needs to be made clear. We have heard twice on the show that Pia was pole dancing for 15 years. Last week, on Twitter, Pia tried to correct that, because she says she pole danced for 3 years, not 15. This week it came up again on the show. Whether this is due to editing, I don’t know, but the record should be set straight. We all want the truth and I think Pia knows how long she danced better than anyone. Three years.

Now, as for Leah, she is the voice of reason. I love Leah! She says what I think. Nora deserved what she got for saying what she said. It’s like yelling “fire” in a movie theater. When people hear certain things that are going to react instinctually. Nora likes to hurt people with words, so she shouldn’t complain if they use their fists to hurt her back. Her weapon of choice is her mouth, their weapon of choice is their fists. When Nora is confronted about the things she said, by Leah, she insists they are true. Will we ever get to the bottom of it this season? I don’t know. But true or not, if Renee was in fact molested by her father AND I AM NOT SAYING SHE WAS, that is not something to be yelled out in her face, in a crowded restaurant. Period. Whether Nora was told that in confidence or made it up, it was a very hurtful and unforgivable thing to say. I think what I respect most is that Leah did not agree with Christina and made no bones about telling her so. At the same time, even though they really disagreed about the fight, they were able to discuss it without causing a war between themselves. That is a real friendship. And as tough as Leah comes across, she really has a compassionate heart. After she sees Nora, she can’t help but feel bad for the beating she got at the party. But, I think Leah knows deep down, if Nora had said anything about her father like that, she would have made Nora look a lot worse than both Pia and Renee put together. There is no question in my mind about that.

P.S. About the wine, The German, I have to say that I was very surprised that the wine is a French "Pinot Noir" and not, for example, a real German Riesling wine. Just a small thing, but it bothered me. As for Nora saying how the wine made her feel when she tasted it...not touching that with a 10 foot pole.

Where do things stand now, in case you are confused? Christina befriends Nora and is good friends with Leah (always), but has lost Pia and Renee. Pia and Renee have a truce/new beginning, as they commiserate over Nora’s verbal attacks. Leah will never trust Nora, bruises or not, but is sympathetic to Pia and Renee’s issues with Nora. Got it? Well don’t memorize it, it may all change next week. Stay tuned!

What did you think of the show? It really held my interest and went very fast last night. Leave a comment if you have time, I’d like to hear your point o view. Thanks!


Kathy Cummings said...

Wow! Great job keeping up with all the madness Chiara!
I do not condone violence, but the things Mora said is enough to make anyone snap. Those words can never be taken back and if you're a tough enough person to scream them at a party fill of people be tough enough to stand your ground and defend yourself when shit hits the fan. I'm not sure if there is any truth to anything she said, but it makes me wonder if maybe some of these things are from Nora's life and she is projecting them on to others. The comment about Renee's dad really bothered me. One, if it is true, you NEVER use something like that against someone. That is like attacking a girl who was raped or molested and then blaming them for it. Despicable. Secondly, if makes me wonder about Nora's relationship with her own dad. It's obvious she was close to him
And loved him, but some comments she made about her dad in reference to the wine caused me to raise my eyebrows. I hope that none of these women ever suffered this kind of thing, but if do, it should be left in the dark unless they want to discuss it. Another thing that bothered me is how all the women talk about being tough, beating people up, using shovels, etc. But then when Christina and Leah see Nora's face they feel bad. What the hell do you think happens to someone's face when you hit or scratch them? Out of all of them I have the most respect for Leah. Yeah she feels bad for Nota's face, but I think like you said, she still knows it was all deserved. Thanks for a great recap!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Kathy I appreciate your comments. I really think Nora needs to choose her words more carefully all around. I hope she tries to talk to people with respect instead of blurting out the most offensive things she can think of, esp to supposed long time friends. Sheesh.

Hey you said...

NORA! Quit making Pia and Renee cry with your crazy accusations!

Anonymous said...

Nora was wrong for what she has said, Renee is not an angel as she is trying to look like. She went off on Nora at her apartment and then Nora said that about her daughter. Not siding with Nora but Renee acted like poor her when she told everyone that but didn't mention everything she said/yelled at Nora first. Pia is questionable I think on how many years she's danced, it was said over and over 15 yrs and she never corrected anyone on the show but now she's saying 3? She said she did it when her daughter was younger an now she's older, 3 yrs just doesn't sit right with me. I don't know though.

Chiara Soprano said...

Right Anon! Renee is not the "angel" she represents herself to be and has provoked others herself on many occasions. As for Pia, I do believe her when she says she danced for three years. What would be the difference and why correct it? Three years, 15 years, she still did it because she felt she needed to and is being judged for it. I don't know if the show wanted to play that point up so it became an issue to spark controversy? I think she wants to correct the mistaken info that's all.

Anonymous said...

True and I'm not against Pia just found that odd. I hope everyone sees Renee for how she really is though just like they do with Nora. And I wonder what she told Frankie to do when he stated you want me to contact her?! Whats going in there? She's trying to get him to contact her and do/say what? I really am finding it hard to trust that woman and think she has issues herself. Even on twitter she continues to talk crap just as Norah does. None of the other women are doing that. But she goes on about Nora to people and needs to stop already and grow up. Ya beat her, MOVE ON already!

Mob Mistress said...

Great recap! Your two cents are pretty close to what mine are... you're a lot nicer.

angel from your nightmares said...

Awesome recap as always and I totally agree with your take on everything.

Ridikulous_Moi said...

I still stand by what I said last week about fighting; if you're ready to throw fists then you shouldn't worry about getting your feelings hurt in the process. Nora didn't just randomly start spewing verbal attacks at Pia and Renee. They both approached her and zoomed in like vultures. It was in the heat of the moment. If they can justify why they hit her and not be sorry for it, then the same applies to Nora.

I love Leah but she seems (in my opinion) to be takeing in a huge snow job from Renee. She already didn't really like Nora to begin with, and now it's like she just goes along with what ever Renee says. She's going to need a pretty big shovel to sift through all that b.s. Renee lets fall out of her mouth.

I'm not buying the crocodile tears from Renee and Pia. These women are close to middle age and they act like this is the first time they've heard anybody put them down. Pia for instance, has to have already known by now the stigma that comes from working in a strip club. Why is it now all of sudden that she is bothered by being called a whore? Regardless of if it was 3 or 15 years this is not a new song and dance. I'm sure plenty of folks have told her that she could do better working at the local burger joint. Renee's issue is a whole other animal. I don't care to speculate on what goes on in her family. I just feel that she is portrayed on the show as a cold-hearted, calculating, biotch. She doesn't care about Nora or anybody else for that matter, so I have trouble believing that she is truly torn up about anything that anyone has to say.

My patience is thin when it comes to Jr. highschool pranks. It just seems like all these alliances and feuds are unrealistic. If these ladies are suppose to be such great friends how did things deteriorate so quickly?

angel from your nightmares said...

Imho Renee is the last person that should be judging anyone with everything she has going on. She should maybe focus on her custody case instead of worrying about Pia and what she does or did for a living. I wonder has she ever felt judged because of her ex being in prison? Her daughters having two different dads..etc..? She and Nora are by far my least favorite, Christina is starting to slip to that level also, is she suffering from short term memory loss? Did she forget everything that has brought drama involved Nora not Pia. I wonder why Nora is so focused on what Pia does with her body? Is she jealous, in love with her??? I mean dang girl, worry about you and yours cause I don't think anyone else is. I like Pia and Leah and the most touching scene was Pia and her daughter in the park. I have yet to see that kind of scene with Renee and her daughter.

Chiara Soprano said...

Great comments everyone. The show has really heated up the past couple of episodes! I wonder what will happen in the finale???

vai said...

Great recap Chiara. Have a lot to say but to keep it short--Dang these bitches are crazy. I can't wait for the season finale caused you never know who will turn on who.

Deana3452 said...

While I agree that violence is not the answer, "Nutty Nora" threw out some crazy, irrelevant things that were beyond hurtful. Now, Leah is at war with Nora on twitter. Apparently, Nora was running her mouth off AGAIN to Leah's sister. Something is seriously wrong with Nora and I am not being mean. I really think there is some mental illness going on here.

XoxO.C said...

Well damn I am glad I stuck it out with this show cause they have brought the drama for sure.
I am gona take it person by person.

Christina - I felt that she was the one who set Nora up. She knew perfectly well that Pia was not happy with her. She knew Renee was ready to burn it down. They both warned her. Things even started to get questionable for a second and Nora dipped out. Christina coaxed her into returning and things wen't exactly how she was warned by both of them they would go.

Rennee - She's a nut job just like Nora nothing to say about her really.

Pia- I like Pia I think sometimes she lacks the ability to articulate things and editing uses it to their advantage.

Leah - The only one from planet good sense.

Nora - Say what about the wine.... No you did not say that -_-;;
To me her ass whoopin was not just the stuff she said at the party. She has been taking jabs at Pia in particular since the start of the season as well as talking smack about Rennee. But honestly she is a nut job just like Rennee and there is no reasoning with crazy people. I mean that literally.

Great Recap I disagree with you on things about the N.Y mob wives sometimes. But for me you hit the nail on the head every time with these girls.

Chiara Soprano said...

Xox thanks for commenting, loved reading your point of view. We don't have to agree, but different perspectives are interesting to me. Deana I saw a few of those tweets but didn't manage to catch what the beef is now. Twitter is almost as good as the show sometimes LOL

Kel said...

Sorry to say, but Nora is an adult, she knows what her "friends" are capable of and she put herself in that position. The things she said were unforgivable. If you wanna run your mouth and say hurtful things, you can't cry when they hurt you back. Nora had this coming for a very long time. Renee is still crazy, and I don't like her and doubt I ever will after she beefed senselessly with MM, but the things Nora said to her about her losing her daughter and her dad molesting her were just very very low. As for Pia, it took her long enough. Nora was very hurtful to her every chance she got and well, this is what happens. Too bad for you Nora, but you got what you brought upon yourself. Christina is either stupid or suffering from some serious memory loss. The way she was sticking up for Nora during all this was just disgusting and confusing. That's all I'm going to say about her because after her whole Facebook thing I've just concluded that she must be pretty dumb. As for Leah, I have to say she's my favorite. She keeps it simple and real. What else could we ask for from her? As always, thank you for a great recap and 2 cents Chiara.

Anonymous said...

so these woman have to be acting . christins is the only girl with Bit of compassion. Renee is s trouble maker who went to the party looking for the fight. she hit Nora before Nora had a chance to say s word. so her defense over she attacked Nora in retaliation i a lie. and what is her brother going to do beat Nora up ? grow up Renee after all your a tough girl with that squeaky voice. and pia who I thought was decent and didn't carewhst the other girls think.aligns with trashy Renee? Eeweee. Lea is definitely an idiot who likes the drama.

Leah B said...

This show has so much happening every episode its crazy!!
As for my opinion on ep7....Nora deserved what she got 100%..and if you watch and recap the last few episodes nora has been the instigator in every instance!!
Nora starts with everyone talking shit then they go back then Nora comes back with really bad stuff and cries when she gets hit over it..
Christina i dont get why she is siding with Nora when we have seen her jump in a blue over less? Christine must feel responsible as she asked Nora to come back but then she is telling Pia to confront her...and did we all see Chrisitna trying to tell nora she has to hit Pia back...i dont know what Christinas deal is
I think Nora will end up insulting Christina and Leah thats just the way she seems to be.
I actually like Renee she does go over the top a bit but i think she has custody stress spilling over into other areas of her life.
Pia needs everyone to get off her pole and just move on...let her do whatever the hell she wants!
I cant wait to see how is ends up being we arew over halfway through season 1..
How many ppl bagged this show and now look at us all loving it!!

Funlady28 said...

Great recap! I don't know what is wrong with Christina but she needs to get a grip. She is the one that wanted Pia to confront Nora and she knew Renee was frothing at the mouth about Nora and convinced her to come back. I don't blame Pia for popping her. Nora has been talking trash behind her back and had progressed to disrespecting her to her face. A person can only take so much. While I do not like Renee... I can't blame her for beating up Nora after that comment. If it is a lie, she is saying very hurtful things about a loved one who has passed on. If it is true, then Nora used information that was told in confidence and blabbed it on National TV. Nora had to know that Renee's reaction was going to be violent. Nora needs to listen to Leah...If you can't swing keep your mouth shut.

Chiara Soprano said...

Glad everyone seems to be seeing what I am seeing! Nora has a very good knack of pissing everyone off. I don't get Christina's position at all. I am the last person who will throw a punch at anyone, but I have never been provoked to the extent Pia and Renee have!

Funlady28 said...

Nora is full of it. She says that she's a lady and ladies don't fight but two weeks ago she smacked Renee in the face. She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut or take some boxing lessons. I have never seen anyone spout of vile insults like this. She feels that she can say whatever she wants and people just have to deal with it. She needs to understand the her words provoke violence and unless she grows a filter she will keep getting knuckles to her forehead.

Chiara Soprano said...

I agree with you Funlady and Christina should be the last one to tell them they were wrong for hitting her when she took out Pia's hair over a lot less! What's up with that?

Deana3452 said...

Chiara, I don't know what the whole thing was about either, but something to do with Nora mouthing off to Leah's sister. She posted the comments on facebook. I will see if I can find them again.'re right, Twitter can be just as good. And, another thing, I didn't understand Christina at the party saying that Pia should address the issue with Nora there. She was almost downright adamant that it should be done right then and there!

Chiara Soprano said...

Deana, Christina is being very confusing and it doesn't make any sense.

Deana3452 said...

She sure isn't making sense! lol Here is the exchange that Leah's sister (last name Childress) posted on Facebook...she posted the exchange between her and Nora:

Here is the conversation between me and Nora. I think it's pretty much over now. But it was pretty weird that out of all Nora's haters and all the comments being said about her she chose to contact me.....don't sink to her level the amazing beautiful girl you are ♥

14 hours ago
Nora Schweihs

Never assume what you hear.only comment when you know the facts


14 hours ago
Michele Terese Childress

I know what I say and heard Nora...that is what I'm going on. sorry.


14 hours ago
Nora Schweihs

You heard what I said but you make comments without facts. Just saying


14 hours ago
Michele Terese Childress

umm...which comment was that?


14 hours ago
Nora Schweihs

About Renee and about my dad. I only speak the truth. If you attack me first the code of silence breaks.


14 hours ago
Michele Terese Childress

oh boy nora...if you are saying that her Dad really did that to her then you should have never said that on the show. she has children nora....that is not something that should have been said. that is my opinion...

speaking of facts...and I'm not being mean but the facts about your dad and what he did for a living are off limits to you...and for the most part those girls seemed to respect that, so why that low of an attack on

Chiara Soprano said...

That was very interesting Deana. I agree with her last comments especially. Neither Pia nor Renee used information they know against Nora.

Anonymous said...

If Pia and Renee were so concerned about their children then they shouldn't have signed on for the show. It is a "reality" on VH1. What did they think it was gonna be balloons and cupcakes!

Deana3452 said...

Agreed! Glad you liked it!

Casey said...

The comment Nora made about the wine and her father made me do a triple take!! Iactually rewound 3 times vecause I knew I had to have heard it wrong................NO SUCH LUCK!! ewwwwww

Monique said...

Nora is so friggin crazy! I agree with the comments about Christina.. How could she just flip the script like that..

I could never EVER reconcile with someone that said those horrific things to me (whether true or false) about my dad on National TV, who does that?

It's about time the gloves came off with all the ladies that know dirt on Nora and blast it on TV.. Let's see how much she would like it!

Chiara Soprano said...

Monique I agree with you. Some things are just plain unforgivable, true or not, you don't hit that low and there is no excuse or defense good enough for it.

Monique said...

Very true, Chiara. I know the reunion will be explosive for sure.

Did you read the link that one of the commentators put the other day about Nora's arrest record in Florida. It seems to me she isn't fully recovered. I haven't put my finger on it yet. Don't think it's cocaine, but she might be a pill popper or alcoholic. I think she needs help. I am not being mean in any way, it's just her behavior is very erratic and she even has "crazy eyes". I find she has a very hard time making eye contact.