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Mob Wives: Recap “Baptisms and Betrayals,” Ep 511

We are all sick of the battle of the two Natalies

Gnatalie meets Drita at The Stone House. Big Ang arrives to join them. Ang says Natalie D’s Christmas party was a horror and f*ckin' torture. They start talking about Natalie D’s party. Ang says that party was annoying and Carla was there too, kissing and hugging. Drita says for four years Renee tried to turn her against Carla and now they are kissing cousins. Ang says all she knows about Natalie D is that she hates Gnatalie.They never talk about anything else. Ang tells them Natalie D had a problem with Drita not coming to the party. Drita is glad she didn’t go and have listen to more of the same Gnat bashing. Drita says she wanted to kill Gnat at one point because of her. Ang says Natalie D wants to talk with Drita. Drita isn’t too happy to hear that. I have to agree with Drita and Ang here. At this point I think everyone is sick and tired of the storyline of the two Natalies. Did it really have to take so many episodes to get to the truth, whatever that may be? It's just exhausting.

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It may be the holidays, but it's spring in Philly.

At Natalie D’s house, Renee and Karen are visiting. They are sitting outside talking (even though this was supposed to be during the holidays). Natalie D says she is annoyed Drita didn’t show up at her party. Karen says Drita has a hard time believing what people say. Natalie D thinks Drita is na├»ve and a flip flopper. Natalie D says Gnat hurt people she cares about and she feels she will turn on Drita. Renee understands Nat D’s frustration, but she doesn’t want any drama in her life. Good for Renee! Stay out of it, that's smart. Natalie D says she broke up with her boyfriend, Ronnie. They have been working on the relationship for four years. He still chases other females. She feels if he doesn’t change she has to move on without him. I say cut your losses, what is it going to take? Speak of the devil, Ronnie shows up and Nat D starts fighting with him to get out of her house. He is not allowed anywhere near her family or her mother’s house. The fight is getting Renee upset. Renee thinks there night be a real problem between Natalie D and Drita. We'll see.

The God-Sister

Renee’s house, Karen arrives. Renee says she is a new person, has a new outlook, is moving in a forward direction, she feels calmer and more rational. She feels exhausted due to her relationships with the girls, her past relationships and her drug addiction. And she was upset by Natalie’s fight with her boyfriend. She feels it sent her backwards to a time when she was with Junior and that it could be a trigger. So she wants to be cleansed by a new baptism so she can start fresh. She wants her past washed away by the "Boss." Karen agrees with Renee that this is a good idea. Renee asks Karen to be her God-sister. Karen is thrilled and honored. The baptism will be at church. It will be a personal, quiet ceremony with 4 or 5 people coming. She will invite Big Ang and Drita. Renee wants to be closer to God than ever before.

He's no good!

Natalie D and her Mom go shopping and chat. Natalie D trusts her mom with her life. Natalie tells her she was fighting with Ronnie and they broke up. Her mom says he has a lot more bad than good in him. Natalie has broken up with Ronnie several times. She loves him, but her mom says he is not good for her. Her mom says she can’t give him any more chances. He has made Natalie cry on too many occasions. She says it would take a really long time for her mom to trust him. Her mom says you deserve to be happy and she doesn’t believe he can make her happy or that they are meant to be. I agree with Nat D's mom. Stop trying to make Ronnie into the man you want him to be, it ain't gonna happen.

Renee needs some peace in her life.

Big Ang pops in on Karen. Drita follows. Karen plans to tell them about Renee’s baptism and how she wants to wash away all the negativity from her past. She hopes they will support her. Ang and Drita are all for it. Natalie D will not be invited. Karen tells Drita that Natalie D is pissed that she didn’t go to her party. Now Drita is even more pissed that Natalie D is telling everyone except Drita that she is upset with her over the party. Drita wants to hash this out with Nat D. This has to be resolved so there is no negativity for Renee.

Back in Philly Gnatalie drops in on a friend, Amy. Gnat needs some advice from her best friend. She starts by saying Natalie D is a real trouble maker a pot stirrer, calling her a cop caller. Drita and Ang keep coming to her every five seconds to ask about something Natalie D said about her. They keep sticking up for her, but they shouldn’t be put in the middle of this. Gnat is pissed that Natalie D is trying to ruin her friendships with Drita and Ang. Gnat doesn’t want to fight, she is done.

Rena the voice of reason

Karen is a the bar with her cousin, Rena. Karen wants to talk to her about the new law reduction in sentencing for nonviolent drug crime. Rena says she doesn’t think they are going to consider Sammy nonviolent because of his past crimes. Karen says that has nothing to do with his current incarceration. Karen feels bad because her father pleaded guilty to protect her and her brother. He got 20 years in prison for his kids. Karen says she will spend her last dollar to fight for her father. Rena says she has her mother and her daughter to consider before she fights too hard. Rena is trying to be realistic. I always enjoy scenes with Rena and think she would make a great permanent cast member. She is grounded and level headed and we could use more of that on the show.

Ang’s house. Drita is there and they are snacking by the fireplace. Drita says she called Natalie D because she can’t take it any more. She wants to see proof of what she is saying about Gnat or she should shut the f*ck up. Drita says she thinks Natalie D’s agenda is to bad mouth Gnatalie. Ang says Gnat doesn’t bother her. Ang says the only one causing trouble is Natalie D. Drita is going to meet with her one on one and worse case scenario Nat D is going to get beat up. Ang hopes that Nat D is the one who is weeded out of their little circle.

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Karen comes home and Storm tells her the mail is there. She hates mails because it's always bills. Karen says she and Storm are both in a good place and have each other’s back. She finds a letter from her father. She reads it out loud and gets emotional. He tells her how much he loves her and what a wonderful daughter she is. The letter gets her choked up. He told her how much he respects her and Karen is even more determined to get him home. She feels his love and loyalty is what made her who she is today. He signs it "Sammy The Bull."

Renee looking stunning at her baptism

Church time. Renee and Karen arrive. Karen is proud of Renee. Renee is letting everything go today, the things that have been holding her back. It’s about letting God handle everything. Ang says hopefully this baptism can help her move forward and bring her peace in her life. Renee says walking around with all this hurt is bringing her down. She needs to let that all go. They are waiting for Drita to show up, she was invited. She doesn’t show. The ceremony continues without her. Renee gets baptized.

Drita gets an earful

Apparently Drita skipped the baptism to cleanse herself of all the BS with Natalie D. They meet at a restaurant for a sitdown. Drita wants to talk about why she didn’t go to the party. Drita says it’s not that she is taking sides, but she is sick of hearing all this BS. Drita brings up the PO officer story and the toxic relationship Gnat told her about. Natalie D wants Drita to know the truth and takes out her phone to play a recording. Here goes. No tape is being played that we can hear, but Drita gets an earful. Drita is shocked and stunned. Here is the tape that was allegedly played for Drita. It was posted on facebook by Nat D several days ago. Natalie D says her friend's voice was disguised to protect his identity..

Back in November 2013 
Gnatalie confirms her ex cheated.

Apparently Drita believes what she hears in the tape. Drita says Gnat is a f*ckin’ liar and she is pissed. She wants to drive into her living room. She will kick her ass back home to Philadelphia. Maybe the old Drita needs to come back. Drita feels played the whole year and she has been sticking up for this douche bag. This time her words have sealed her fate. Natalie D says it has been eating her up inside, but she didn’t want to start out their friendship by playing tapes for Drita. Drita says that is why Gnat is afraid of Natalie D. Natalie D wants to sit Gnat down and have the truth come out. She wants her to eat every lie she ever told. Is this really going to happen?

Next week is the season finale! What did you think of the tape Natalie D played for Drita? How many times has Drita switched sides between the Natalies?

Picture Credit VH1

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio's Black Point Lead Role ….

…. seem to be no more.  Apparently Chloe Finch has decided to recast from the lead on down.  Her project will also be renamed.

A big thanks to our reader for coming across the following statement from the writer, producer & director of the formerly known as Black Point movie:

If you are on the Black Point film page it will no longer be active.  Due to involving someone on the film that caused several problems, the film will have to be renamed and I am starting all over again with casting from the lead to all other cast members needed and all social media is down involving this person.  Please keep in mind no casting will be done until it is announced and it will be dine (done) through actors access not contacting me via my personal Facebook.  Always protect yourself and your project.

Click to enlarge

At least she was smart enough to remove the black mold negatively effecting the quality of her project.  The Black Point twitter account has been deactivated.  Twitter is a better place now.  Whoever was tweeting for the movie project had much to learn in regards to handling a PR related account.

The account was ridiculously professional.

Did the operator of the the Twitter account have spell check?

The professionalism continues.

Chiara and I aren’t sure you’ll be seeing Natalie Guercio in any upcoming movies.  But don’t get it twisted you can get a glimpse of the gnat of Mob Wives, Wednesday nights on VH1.  Wrapping it up we hope Ms. Finch gets her project off to a better start next time around.  Some talent is like a can of Raid, it can stop a project dead in it’s track.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio's Black Point

A 2002 movie of the same name
starring David Caruso and Susan Haskell

Gnatalie Guercio was chosen for the lead role in a new film, called "Black Point." The film's Writer, Director, and Executive Producer, Ms Chloe Finch, was thrilled to have Gnatalie on board. At the same time all this was going on, Mob Mistress was communicating with an Associate of Gnatalie's who had some very interesting and disturbing things to say. You can read that at Interview with an Associate of Natalie Guercio. After that blog went up, a couple of our readers, who had heard the associate's alleged recordings of his conversations with Gnatalie, took to the Black Point facebook page and contacted Ms. Chloe Finch on Twitter, to express their concerns.* She assured people that she was looking into it and the "right decision" would be made. In the meantime, Gnatalie's manager issued a statement, defending his client against the recordings, which has since been removed. Here it is:

Click for larger view

Her manager, Jason Swanston aka Jae NASDAQ, believes Gnatalie is innocent of any racism and states that she is even black herself, since she is Sicilian. I am Sicilian and just found out that makes me black too @@. This over-the-top statement has many ridiculous comments in what seems to me to be a desperate attempt to do some serious damage control. BUT, what has happened just two days after this statement was posted to the "Black Point" facebook page? Well, the statement was removed, the comments were removed, the page was basically stripped of everything except this new statement:

Ms Chloe Finch has advised that the "unforeseen circumstance" has nothing to do with any of the cast, including Gnatalie Gurercio, but some unknown "new" production team member, who could have easily been replaced without anyone knowing anything. I know you are wondering if Gnat is still in the production. As of this writing the word is Gnatalie still has the lead role.

All posted on Twitter

Guess what else we learned from Twitter? You know that Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Ms. Chloe Finch?  Well over this "new" production team member, she has disappeared or deactivated her Twitter account.

Mob Mistress’ black point:  People who are bigoted, bias or prejudice have often smiled, hugged, worked with those they secretly look down upon.  I find Mr. Jason Swanston’s reasoning for his client not being a racist faulty.  I would hope Miss Guercio would be smart enough to not call her talent manager the N-word.  Often those who use the N-word in a derogatory manner do so behind the safety of their homes, vehicles and in front of those like minded.  History shows us that many prejudice, racist & bias people have even procreated with those they disparaged.  Strom Thurmond is an excellent example.  The very vocal and anti-intergration Senator fathered a child with his teenage black maid.  Miss Guercio may have never called Mr. Swanston the N-word.  It does not mean she hasn’t used racial slurs against others.  But hey what do I know?  I’m just a burnt motherf@#$ing blogger.

Obviously Chloe Finch sees some sort of talent in Natalie Guercio.  Mel Gibson is very talented too.

UPDATE:  A Black Point twitter page has been tweeting including Chiara in some group tweets.  I want to make it clear.  Some individuals have been making claims in regards to the Chloe Finch.  We have no beef with the director.  From what I read she seemed standup and professional in the way she carried herself.  Let us all remember Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood are great directors.   We all started somewhere.

A twitter page appearing to be for the latest Black Point movie in (pre)production seems not so professional.  I’ve never seen a movie production account tweet in such a manner.  To each their own….(hoping it’s a fake page with no official affiliation)

Twitter account is now gone.  We think a serial killer maybe involved.

Natalie Guercio is not the only Mob Wives cast member who allegedly uses the N-word.  I will be addressing that situation in the near future.

*Correction: In the interest of accuracy and to the best of my recollection, one of my followers contacted Ms. Chloe Finch on her Twitter page to express her concerns over the interview of Gnatalie's Associate and the youtube audios posted on his account. She and another follower, both black, went to the Black Point Facebook page to express they were offended by  Mr. Swanston's statement. ~ Chiara

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Mob Wives: Ang & Drita's Take on Season 5

In this interview, Drita and Ang talk about Season 5 from their perspective. Their comments were so fascinating that instead of recapping I decide to create a little transcript of the relevant parts. Oy Vey.

It all starts with a question about Renee and bada bing, bada boom . . .

Big Ang: “We know each other’s family, but after Renee’s behavior this season we are definitely not family.”

Drita: “Someone saw Renee and confused her for Big Ang and said ‘Hi Ang’ and Renee answered “Don’t associate me with that clown.”

Drita: “In truth, Renee doesn’t get along with a lot of people. Renee had fights with Karen, she didn’t even like Karen, I’m the reason why they talk.”She ripped Karen, she called her father a rat, she did exactly what Gnatalie is doing. I make you guys friends cause I said like each other, like each other. And when I blinked my eye they turned on me. So let’s be real and let’s call a spade a spade. So what the f*ck is everyone talking about, this circle, this circle? This is the most banged up . . .”

Big Ang: “It’s more like a f*ckin’ Bermuda triangle.”

Drita: “Now Karen, all I did when I made her make up with Renee, was fight with her for three f*ckin’ years. So what friendship is everybody talking about? It’s beyond me, I have no idea what show I’m watching this season. And, Gnatalie comes along. They don’t like Gnatalie. The last three years they don’t like me. Now I had fights with Karen in the past and then Ang came on the show and hung out with her. Did I ever say to Ang why are you hanging out with them? I know Ang since I’m 16.  No. Let it be what it is. You have a fight with Gnatalie, settle it on your own time. Don’t fight with us because we’re talking to someone you don’t like."

Ang: “They wanted us to take sides.  I’m fine with Renee now. She apologized. That’s all she had to do. She probably didn’t mean it, but whatever. I’m fine with it, I’m over it." 

Drita: “You know how many times Rene said, you now Gnatalie how can you talk to her, she talks about my family. Renee talked about my family. Karen talked about my family." 

If you want to cut to the chase go to the 4:40 mark and sit back!

Picture and Video Credit: The Lowdown

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Mob Wives: Recap “Deck The Brawls,” Ep 510

"I need a lot of liquor."
(so do I after this week!)

The Mob Wives were busy filming the Reunion Show yesterday and I hear it was EPIC! But the drama must go on. Carla’s return ignited some Twitter drama this week which you can find in a few recent blogs that captured the Mob Wives’ little war of words, for those of you who may have missed it. Now on to the recap . . . This week’s episode fell a little flat for me, as my kids would say, “It was meh.” How about you? Did you enjoy it?

Drita and the girls get back from Disney World and reminisce. Another cute scene with Giselle and Aleeya. Drita has the girls making a scrapbook for their father for all the things he missed and to show they appreciate him. An early Christmas present. Yawn.

Gnatalie, Drita and Ang are hanging out together at a club to have fun. Drita feels guilty about questioning Gnat about her loyalty. Ang orders a lot of liquor. They decide not to talk about Renee and have fun. They go to the other room to dance. Ang declares she likes Gnatalie and if anyone doesn’t like it, too bad. Yawn.

So basically, Drita is the Mother F*ckin' puppet!
(basically, yes)

At Renee’s house, Renee says she is glad Gnat apologized, but she still has Karen and Natalie D to deal with. Natalie D. pops in, she loves to hang out with Renee. Natalie D invites her to her Christmas party for a charity event she is hosting to collect Toys for Tots. Natalie asks Renee about her Thanksgiving. Renee fills her in on her talk with Gnatalie. Basically, Gnat said she was sorry for some of the things she did. Renee says she will never be good with Gnat unless she apologizes to Karen. We all know that will never happen! Natalie D. asks if Drita broke Gnat's face? Renee says absolutely not. Last time Natalie D. saw Drita she was going to beat up Gnat. Natalie D. says, "Drita is the Mother f*ckin’ puppet." Natalie D. adds if she wants to hang with a f*ckin’ rat that’s on her.

Gnatalie and her mother are meeting with London and his mother. Who the hell thought this was a good scene? Gnat’s mother asks why are they meeting. Gnat jokes and says she is pregnant (no comment). Norma, London’s Mom, looks very nice. Gnatalie feels since she and London are close and living together, their mothers should meet. Nancy, Gnat’s mom, asks about them having children, the clock is ticking. London and Gnat aren’t at that point yet. London says they have to work some things out, like Gnat’s big mouth. And, they discuss how they are both stubborn. Right about now I am done with filler scenes. Feeling a little sorry for London, if he hasn’t seen the light by now, he never will.

"Those weren't even my fights, they were her fights,
but because I was her friend, I stuck by her side"
(Carla deserves a ton of credit for her loyalty to a flip-flopper)

Renee is popping in on Carla and she brought her some little Mob Candy gifts. Renee was really touched that Carla came to her Mob Candy party. Renee invites her to Natalie D.’s Christmas party. Carla asks if Drita and Ang are going. Renee says yes. Carla tells her she was shocked by Drita’s lack of emotion over seeing her. She just ran for her coat. Carla says she stuck up for Drita in so many fights and now she doesn’t even talk to her? Then we see numerous scenes from past seasons where Carla had Drita's back every time. Not that we needed reminding about Carla's loyalty to Drita. Carla is confused and wants to know what is up with Drita. Don’t we all want an answer to that question? Carla says she didn’t even say two words to me before jetting out of there? Renee asks if she would sit down and talk to her. Carla says yes, she wants to know what Drita has against her. Maybe Carla should cut her losses now? You can’t be friends with a flip-floppin’ floozie. (Thanks Ramona for pegging her at the get go.)

Drita and the scrapbook again. Oy vey.  Drita hides the scrapbook in Lee’s store so he can find it. Then she calls him on the phone so he look for his early Christmas present. He seems to like it. He looks at it while he is on the phone instead of sitting down with the whole family so the girls can watch him go through it and see his reaction. Nice. Lee wants to go Christmas shopping. Filler, filler, filler. and I am not talking about Christmas stockings! God forbid these two ever talk in person.

Karen talks to Sammy about new law
for early release.

Karen tells Karina that Storm is cooking dinner. Apparently, Karen is not a cook. Her brother, Gerard got the cooking genes. Karen wants Karina and Storm to get to know each other. Karen says Karina will have the best of both worlds, west coast and east coast. Karen gets a call from Sammy in prison. Karen says she and Karina speak to her dad once a week. Karen is going to call their attorney over a reduction in sentencing. Sammy is incarcerated for a nonviolent drug conviction and a new law was passed that could shorten his sentence. Karen is going to do her best to get him out early. He has been in prison 15 years already.

Karen's daughter Karina has been doing some
modeling. Keep an eye on her.

Gnatalie and London go to couple’s therapy. Ugh! They have been together two years, but they have a couple of things to work out. Only a couple? Gnat’s temper is out of control. Ya think? He says a lot of their problems iare about her issues with the girls and he doesn’t know why she is letting the girl drama affect their relationship. The therapist notices that Gnat’s voice keeps going up as she explains her side of things and, when that happens, London starts to shut down. She points that out to them. He wants to know what to do when she screams at him in public? How about get the hell out of there and let her walk home? Gnat isn’t happy with the therapist. She could have solved the issue herself. Oh yeah, then why are they even there? The therapist gives them a little advice. Look into each other’s eyes with one hand one each other’s heart. Soon London leans in to kiss the Gnat. Gnat says this is a great first step to marriage. Uh oh . . . Run, London, run! I could have used the time wasted on this scene to take a nap.

Drita meets up with Ang to do some shopping. The do a little reminiscing because the store is located in the same spot as Ang's old bar, "Nocturnal," which is where Drita and Ang first met. Of course the highlight of their memories is talking about how many people Drita laid out on the floor. I think those stories are all BS judging from the fact Drita was the only one to get a black eye in 5 seasons. Then Ang asks Drita if she was invited to Natalie D.'s party. Drita makes a face and says she feels sick to her stomach because Gnat has shown her nothing but respect and this Natalie D. got her all rev'ed up to where she wanted to bash Gnat's head in. Drita says she confronted Gnat and she was crying. Ang agrees. She can't say anything bad about Gnat either. Oh well, what can you do? I just hope the rest of the show delivers a "punch."

Natalie D and Ronnie enter the party

Finally, (the scene that saves the episode) we are at Natalie D.’s Toys for Tots charity event to give children who are less fortunate a good Christmas. Natalie D. is looking forward to the girls from New York coming. She wants to ask Drita about her flip-flopping too. Karen, Carla, Renee arrive. Ang comes in with Neil. Ang loves the glamour and decorations of the party. Renee wants to know why Drita took off when she saw Carla. Drita is missing and Ang says she isn’t coming. Natalie D. walks over and thanks them all for coming and then asks, where’s Drita. Ang says she didn’t come. Natalie D. is pissed that Drita didn’t call or email her she wasn’t coming. Natalie D. says she went to New York to support Drita’s Calendar party. Karen says maybe she didn’t come because out of the other Gnatalie. Renee excuses herself from a situation that she feels is going to turn ugly. Good move Renee!

Drita's MIA and Natalie D is offended
no call, no email, no text, no show

Renee, looking gorgeous, does not want
to get involved in another brawl
Renee get out and don't ruin that beautiful white suit!

Natalie D. starts talking about Gnat and Ang gets disgusted to the point she regrets coming. Natalie D. was filling in Carla about recent events, but Ang wants her to talk about something else besides Gnat. Natalie D. says Drita not being there is weird, last time she saw her she was going to rip Gnat’s face off. Ang claims she is not Drita’s keeper. Ang says it’s annoying that every time she sees Natalie D. she talks about Gnatalie, now it’s about Drita.

"You know what's really f*cking annoying Ang? That you
sit there with a f*ckin' b*tch that wants to disrespect my family."

"I'm sick of this conversation!"

Karen gets angry and says to Ang “You know what’s annoying? It’s annoying you sit with a f*ckin' b*tch who disrespects my family and calls my father a rat.” Natalie D. is yelling a few more choice words about Gnat, telling Ang about Gravano family history and that makes Ang blows her stack, saying,  “You’re from Philly take care of it! Go knock her out at the f*ckin' funeral parlor.”  Natalie D. asks Ang, "Drita didn’t come because she is friends with Gnatalie?" Ang says it was because she was uncomfortable with the Gnatalie situation. Ang wants to leave and tells Renee lets go. Natalie promises the next time she sees Drita she will expose the truth!

REUNION tidbit: Vivica A Fox hosts the Reunion Show, confirmed via Renee, the one thing that has been verified. We are delighted with Mob Wives choice as Vivica brings class to any show she participates in.

P.S. For the scoop on Gnatalie read Mob Mistress' interview with and Associate of hers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mob Wives: D'Alfonso Family Feud Put to Rest

Rest in Peace

Many fans who follow Mob Wives on Twitter have seen an ongoing battle of words between Frankie "Flowers" D'Alfonso's blood family and Natalie Didonato. Natalie has said she is related to Frankie "Flowers" by marriage, but his blood family insisted they didn't know her and she wasn't related. They have been very upset over the use of his name and wanted Mr. D'Alfonso's name removed from the show. This daily ongoing war of words has finally been resolved. Dave Schratwieser interviewed Mr. D'Alfonso's daughter on FOX 29 about the issue. At the same time, a resolution was worked out. Here are the tweets:

and Natalie's Response

Hopefully, this will put the whole issue to rest. Mob Mistress is working on an interview she had with Natalie D and it should be up around lunch time today.

Here is the link if you want to read more about the FOX 29 interview.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mob Wives: Ramona Tweets & Drita Blocks

We miss Ramona!

Ramona Rizzo, one of our favorite Mob Wives, took to Twitter after Drita tweeted that Carla was a sellout. Ramona stepped in, with Karen Gravano, to vouch that it was not Carla who was a sellout, but Drita. These tweets are in a recent blog Everyone Weighs In on Drita Tweet. Well today Ramona tweeted a little more about how Drita has blocked her on Twitter (join the big club Ramona) for telling the truth. As you may recall, Ramona had some great one liners and one of them was to call Drita a "flip-flopper."  Here is what Ramona had to tweet:


Ramona has always been a straight shooter and she has no reason to say anything now except to step up on Carla's behalf because what Drita said wasn't true. Who are you going to believe? Carla, Karen and Ramona or Drita?  Enough said. By the way, Carla was also blocked by Drita.

Or maybe not. I have one more thing to say, Bring Back Ramona to Mob Wives!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mob Wives: Is Drita A Disloyal Friend?

In this just released sneak peek of episode 10, "Deck the Brawls,"  Drita meets up with Ang to do some shopping. The do a little reminiscing because the store is located in the same spot as Ang's old bar "Nocturnal" which is where Drita and Ang first met. Of course the highlight of their memories was talking about how many people Drita laid out on the floor. Then Ang asks Drita if she was invited to Natalie D's party. Drita makes a face and says she feels sick to her stomach because Gnat has shown her nothing but respect and this Nat D got her all rev'ed up to where she wanted to bash Gnat's head in. Drita says she confronts her and she is crying. Ang agrees. She can't say anything bad about Gnat either.

Drita says what kind a friendship is it if everything she sees her she asks are are you are rat? Ang laughs, and says even after all that she still likes them. So, Drita asks Ang how do you think Gnat would feel if they go to Natalie D's Christmas Party with presents? Drita feels Gnat has shown loyalty. Drita wants to discuss it. Renee made up with Gnat. And, "Carla called Renee a junkie for 3 years and Renee made up with Carla." So Drita does not understand how she is disloyal for not picking their side when their loyalties turn on a dime?" They agree they are both done listening to stories about Gnat! They have their minds made up and are sticking by Gnat. Drita isn't going to the party and feels she doesn't want to hear her friend Gnat bashed any more, especially by some new girl she don't even know.

Picture and Video Credit: VH1

Get More: Mob Wives 5

Mob Wives: Is Gnat Thinking of Leaving?

Gnat is considering leaving the show???

Now what? Gnatalie just did an interview with VLADTV and she claims she may no longer be on the show. Of course she leaves room for the possibility open if "the price is right." Gnat claims she is the one South Philly loves and Natalie D has a bad reputation! Check out this little video for yourself!

Picture and Video Credit: VLADTV

Mob Wives: Drita D'Avanzo Leaving Show?

reality tv animated GIF

Looks like Karen's little gif is coming in handy once again. I just went over Drita's Twitter timeline and found out she says she is leaving Mob Wives after this season. Yeah, can you believe that? No wonder she can tweet whatever she feels like about her boss, Jenn Graziano, who gave her an amazing opportunity. Now it makes sense why she doesn't care about her cast mates. She is blowing everyone off for what she says are "bigger and better things." Hmmmm. How ungrateful is that? Here see for yourself  . . . 


There you have it!

Rumors have been circulating for almost a year now that Drita is getting her own spin-off reality show. Drita implied that her husband, Lee, may be part of a "future" project. So we could be looking at a "family" show of some kind. That's all well and good, but maybe Drita shouldn't be burning her bridges too soon. Even if she has a new show and it hits the air waves there is no guaranteeing it will succeed. Here's a few titles I came up with in case they need one: "Hey Drita, Get Me A Beer," "Keeping Up With The Raccoons," "Sock Her, Mom!" "Who's The Lady Boss?" 

I guess Drita never heard the expression, "Never snub people on your way up, they're the same people you will meet on your way down?" I only hope she takes that Gnat with her. Now I am going to have to echo Karen's well known sentiments . . .

bye, b*tch, bye