Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mob Wives: D'Alfonso Family Feud Put to Rest

Rest in Peace

Many fans who follow Mob Wives on Twitter have seen an ongoing battle of words between Frankie "Flowers" D'Alfonso's blood family and Natalie Didonato. Natalie has said she is related to Frankie "Flowers" by marriage, but his blood family insisted they didn't know her and she wasn't related. They have been very upset over the use of his name and wanted Mr. D'Alfonso's name removed from the show. This daily ongoing war of words has finally been resolved. Dave Schratwieser interviewed Mr. D'Alfonso's daughter on FOX 29 about the issue. At the same time, a resolution was worked out. Here are the tweets:

and Natalie's Response

Hopefully, this will put the whole issue to rest. Mob Mistress is working on an interview she had with Natalie D and it should be up around lunch time today.

Here is the link if you want to read more about the FOX 29 interview.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chiara I don't have twitter or any social media to tweet you or anything and I don't know if you already saw it but Nat D posted an audio of GNAT/RAT admitting to calling the PO for her ex.... just wondering if you saw it yet? She says it's real and some of it sounds like her (GNAT) but some of it doesn't..... IDK maybe you can give it a listen and share your thoughts?? It was on Nat Ds twitter and another blog site? The sit down? Mob Wives sit down??There was something off about her voice...

Chiara Soprano said...

Heard the tape. Mob Mistress is writing an interview blog with Natalie D and it may be included there

Anonymous said...

Even if she did call the PO, we don't know all the facts. If he was threatening violence, was violent, or she felt unsafe, then every woma, should call for help.
What I didn't like was how it even came out. This all stems from Natalie DiDando. Audio tapes, can be anyone. These are all small things that get twisted. Based on what we viewers have seen, Natalie doesn't seem like the Rat that she has been labeled. If she is a cop caller, then why not call them after fighting Renee, and Karen?

Anonymous said...

She is just disgusting pure and simple with a gutter where a brain should be. I think enough people have given credit to what this person says in the interview. Not only that, she HAPPILY posts nasty pictures of herself while calling other women negative names and bad mothers! Its obvious she is into illegal drugs and I believe Renee 100% that Gnat did some powder . Messy is just not enough to describe her. London has got to be the biggest male idiot walking around. Either that or he is just like her. Why in the world did Jenn have her back this season? She is a total waste of footage. Isn't it odd that she is on this show while having law enforcement family?