Friday, February 13, 2015

Mob Wives: Carla's Lukewarm Welcoming from Drita!

Welcome Back Carla!

In an almost totally unexpected turn of events, Carla Facciolo, one of the original mob wives, returns by Renee's invitation to her Mob Candy one year anniversary party.  Fans couldn't be happier to see her back on the show. Renee was thrilled to see her, Karen gave her a warm hug, Ang was totally shocked . . . and then there's Drita, her "best friend." Drita had little reaction to Carla's surprise return. In fact, as soon as she saw Carla, she couldn't get out of there fast enough. Within seconds of Carla's arrival, Drita had her coat on and bolted from the party. I think Karen said it best, "it was like someone lit a f*cking firecracker under her ass." What was behind that shocking lack of reaction?

Drita makes a mad dash for her coat!

As far as we always knew, Drita and Carla were best friends until the end of season three. Carla had Drita's back more times than I can count. But, after season three, when fans asked her about Drita and Ang, Carla answered that they never call her and basically just say hi if they run into her. Last night we got a lot more insight into Drita's state of mind when she said that she and Carla "aren't friends 'like that' any more." What the hell does "like that" mean? Drita added when she talks to Carla "it's like talking to a mothball in her closet."  Seriously? "A mothball?" With friends like Drita, who the hell needs enemies? Remember when Karen kept mentioning her friendship with Drita and Drita said they weren't friends because Karen moved? Karen said then that Drita's definition of friendship is different than hers. Drita's definition of friendship is different from everyone's. I'd love to hear what her loyal fans have to say about Drita's loyalty now. Here is what Carla had to say on Twitter the past couple of days:

Yikes, Drita even blocked her!

When I expressed shock and curiosity about what happened to change the friendship, Carla replied she had no clue.

So as far as Carla knows, nothing happened between them.

And what were some fans saying when they saw that priceless scene last night? They were confused and somewhat angry over Drita's total lack of loyalty to Carla.

Now to be fair to Drita, she made up two excuses on the spur of the moment as to why she had to "run.". She told Carla her kids have school the next day, so she had to leave. She told Karen that she was preparing for her vacation (like people leave a party and go home and pack for vacation?). Then Drita got on Twitter, where fans were confused by her behavior towards Carla, and she made up a third excuse for running out of the party. 

So which is it Drita?
school? vacation? a date with Lee?

Maybe Carla knows?
Come on Carla, please address it on Twitter or the Reunion

Now if Drita was worried about the girls going to school the next day or packing for vacation (again, who does that after a night out?), how could she go on a date with Lee and stay out with him?  And are there any fans among us who believe Lee would sit in a car for 30 minutes waiting? Does he sound like a patient guy to you? No one can predict when filming will end. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes they don't. There's a whole lot of lying going on! Anyway . . . 

I loved the scene with Carla so much I went looking for it so we could watch it a couple of more times! It's the best!


Leigh said...

Stepping forward as one of Drita fans for 5 seasons and must say I'm shocked......I really came to like her over the seasons and felt for her when she was always defending herself now I see Karen, ramona and Renee were super frustrated with this lying, disloyal flip flopper.
We saw in season one her lies to Karen she kept stepping in it then this season with the whole Natalie thing she talks behind her back the defends and contradicts all that she says.........Carla was the icing on the cake.....
Even if all her phony excuses were right she didn't have to sit and talk to Carla all she had to do was greet her and give her 1 min not an awkward hug saying bye and running out...

This is so extreme seeing Dritas true colours this season that to re watch the other seasons I would be watching them from a different perspective.

Amberly said...

How have I been fooled by this woman for 4 seasons?
I really felt the b**## now I see the disloyal, lying, phony no good person she is.
Karen gravano is always keeping it real and u could see back in season 1 and 2 Drita kept lying and and slipping up in her lies.
I'm loving Karen's story lines this season it's great to see her family more and see her happy she in an incredibly strong person.
Thanks for the blogs and updates on twitter

lilolme said...

Why do you even care Ciarra? You never liked Carla when she was on. Just using her to bash Drita, whom you like even less. smh.

Chiara Soprano said...

I care because I cover the show and what happens on and off the set. I bashed what Carla said and did if I thought it was wrong. Carla and I have buried the butterknife and we are starting over with her return. Drita is clearly in the wrong, I would love to know why she treated Carla so poorly. At the end of the day Drita has proven she is loyal to no one except maybe herself.

Unknown said...

I knew Drita was out for Drita since the beginning. She yearns for the mob life but wants to live it her way, not the way the mob is and was.
She's forever saying, "that's gangster" but complains when someone is, in her opinion, acting like Al Capone or some other known gangster.
She's always been the one to take conversations back and forth and then tries to sit back like an innocent. She's doing it this season with both Nat's.
Dump Drita, keep Ang and let's get on with seeing how these women really make a living without their mob hubbies... because that's what the show is supposed to be about... if you don't keep Ang, bring Ramona back.