Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Drita Tweets About Carla

The good old days when friends were friends . . .
or were they?

What's up with Drita D'Avanzo? We all watched the first three season of Mob Wives when Drita and Carla were thick as thieves. They were "ride or die" friends. They confided in each other, advised and supported each other, their kids played together, they took vacations together and Carla even had her at her home for dinner. After season three ended, Carla tweeted to fans that Drita and Ang stopped calling her and only said "hi" if she happened to run into them. Yet, Carla doesn't know what happened to bring that about and neither do we. Fast forward to season 5 and we hear Drita say, "We aren't friends like that any more." And, "talking to Carla is like talking to a mothball in my closet." Hmmmmmm. I had to get over to Drita's Twitter timeline to see how she was explaining all this to her confused fans. It seems some of them didn't like this new turn of events which sends a clear message that Drita is NOT as loyal as she would have us all believe.

So there was no falling out,
Drita just stopped calling Carla after season 3

So Carla was not a "true" friend?
You could have fooled me.

Hmmm, is Drita trying to blame 
her boss, Jenn Graziano?

I guess so.

Make of all this what you will. We have not been a fan of Carla's in the past, but in this case Carla has every reason to be hurt, angry and offended. Maybe she can get some satisfaction in the fact that she is exposing Drita's true colors, her flip flopping ways, to all fans of the show. Drita has never known the meaning of friendship and I don't think she ever will.


Anonymous said...

How can ya just not laugh at her delusion? I wonder what Drita feels about Ang warning Carla about her?

Melissa said...

It is very true, peoples true colors eventually come to light. To basically tell the woman that gave her an opportunity of a life time to fuck off, that is what that tweet basically states, really!?? Wow, how much more disloyal can you get. This season is going to be very very interesting and I am interested to see how Drita is going to spin this, because she will have a spin, now who knows how many theories of that spin there is going to be, this is Drita we are talking about.