Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio's Black Point Lead Role ….

…. seem to be no more.  Apparently Chloe Finch has decided to recast from the lead on down.  Her project will also be renamed.

A big thanks to our reader for coming across the following statement from the writer, producer & director of the formerly known as Black Point movie:

If you are on the Black Point film page it will no longer be active.  Due to involving someone on the film that caused several problems, the film will have to be renamed and I am starting all over again with casting from the lead to all other cast members needed and all social media is down involving this person.  Please keep in mind no casting will be done until it is announced and it will be dine (done) through actors access not contacting me via my personal Facebook.  Always protect yourself and your project.

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At least she was smart enough to remove the black mold negatively effecting the quality of her project.  The Black Point twitter account has been deactivated.  Twitter is a better place now.  Whoever was tweeting for the movie project had much to learn in regards to handling a PR related account.

The account was ridiculously professional.

Did the operator of the the Twitter account have spell check?

The professionalism continues.

Chiara and I aren’t sure you’ll be seeing Natalie Guercio in any upcoming movies.  But don’t get it twisted you can get a glimpse of the gnat of Mob Wives, Wednesday nights on VH1.  Wrapping it up we hope Ms. Finch gets her project off to a better start next time around.  Some talent is like a can of Raid, it can stop a project dead in it’s track.


ChrisGonzWA said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

WOO HOO, I can get back to watching Mob Wives and calling it like I see it This GIRL ain't blind or dumb!!!

I'm so happy!! I don't care.. FU that BITCH (not Chloe) and her PACK OF DIRTY LIES!!!

She LOST a TIT in that fight!! Not my fault, I saw it and know how to take a SCREEN SHOT!!

Oh, the world is GOOD again!!

AND DRITA did NOT get Renee and Karen back together!! Karen did that on HER OWN, like she walked in the club DAY ONE on her own and came BACK on the show AND walked in on her own AGAIN!!


ChrisGonzWA said...

You are the REALEST blogger on TWITTER!!


I was folding girl, I was like,

I was getting ready to call my attorney too.... but I would have been too embarrassed to explain how I, a fan, got too involved on a Reality show.


Keep up the GREAT blogging!!


Anonymous said...

Chris you are right, drita DID NOT get Karen and Renee back together. But you have to keep in mind, drita is a pathological LIAR.
Karen went to Renee's house when Junior was arrested, and NONE of the other girls did that. THIS is how Karen and Renee made-up.
Renee was touched that Karen was the only one to show up at her door when she needed friends the most. I remember Renee's being hurt that drita and Carla did not show up.
drita was probably the ring leader in keeping Carla away from Renee at that terrible time in her life. Just like now, drita influences big ang against Renee and Karen. big ang always says she has her own mind, that no one influences her. BUT that is a lie, I see drita influencing big ang all the time. big ang has already become a flip-flopper like drita.

Anonymous said...

Ok I wake up to my coffee and my favorite morning blog to get a good giggle in before I start my day. This is hilarious! Will the REAL CHLOE FINCH please stand up? From what I have seen already was there ever a "movie"? This chick is psycho! Now her (Chloe) fb page says nothing wth? Now to get serious. On my way to the blog. I seen some tweets about Nat G and/or her cronies running to the Gotti family talking shit about Karen. These are the same ppl that rallied around the family over the Nat D using the family name. Even tho this has been established to take the name down and they got what they wanted, they continue to harrass the stars. As I remember that was their goal only was to call out Nat D.I am not talking about the immediate family, I am talking about the ppl that rallied around them. Do they really think they are that good to hide behind their "protected account" to not know we can still see their tweets. To involve the Gotti family with lies sees how desparate and stupid they can be. They said they were calling out Nat D because the family felt victimized, wtf do they think the Gravanos and Gotti families feel to bring back what their fathers did. To try and stir shit up between the families is just plain low. Do these ppl have no lives besides sit on here till 3 in the morning to stir shit up because their girl is a punk that can't stand face to face 1 on1 with Karen? Ppl need to shut this group down. We are sick of their shit. Nat G is a psycho that will not stop at anything and sends her cronies to do her dirty work. Her parents or London need to get this girl in check soon. She wants Hollywood? Omg they will eat her alive. Now onto my day , Love your blogs! Have a great 1 everyone!

maharet1965 said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!! I love it !! I read it on twitter but was not sure till I saw it here. You go Chloe Finch !! I am glad she finally saw THE GNat for who she really is !! Sorry for all the exclamation points but that news made me SOOOO HAPPY !! LOL !! Can't wait for tonight. :)

Renee Ligambi DeMarco said...

Here is my confusion. As a woman from South Philly. Who knows a bit of what this lifestyle is about. (And I'll be sure to add my name.) I have sat an watched mass chaos unfold on Twitter. My first time breaking my silence. As I am not team Anyone.
This show has a become a public laughing stock and a joke right? Or am I seeing all this stuff unfold regarding a different show.
I've watched innocent people harassed, one of which was my cousin. People who only watch the show for entertainment.
Why is everyone condoning these actions.
I'm sorry, but have people forgotten omertà?
You keep your mouths shut, if you have an issue with someone. You sit down and talk it out. Or. Worse. You handle it but you don't talk about it.
I've watched as all kinds of people have condoned this behavior toward innocent people. I've watched little minions of one "family" attack others, I've watched a man who has created over 100 accounts harass people. And we all know that's the person who released those audios. I've now watched someone drag family into things.

I'm sorry. But last I checked. This is not the how any alleged mafia would handle things. I will not state my opinion just yet on the audios etc I heard. To me. In my eyes. This is all for ratings. However. What's caught my attention the most is the blatant lack of respect for the people who simply watch the show. I'm not sure my comment falls under this scenario properly. I no longer could sit quietly and watch as this went on.
But innocent people are being berated.
Minions feel they're now what.. Important because they stood up for a family who wanted their name off the show. Ok. I get the immediate family feelings on that. But where do these minions have any right to harass people. Now, for the sake of family and simple respect. I will not speak my opinion at all regarding the 2 women from here that appear on the show.
I will speak my opinion on the fact of who is continuing to berate innocent people. I have 2 people in mind in particularly.
As for who's on the show. That's what they signed up for. But as for the people who've been attacked that are just regular people who watch the show. Where is the respect and apologies given to them. The families of alleged mafia Pride themselves on respect. I see none at all. Where is their voice?
I'm appalled at what I've seen and the bloggers seem to not care. So as long as they have their source and a story.

I have grown up in this lifestyle all my life. I've never seen such blatant disrespect or disregard for others as I have as of the last month or so.

I can also tell you this. Any upstanding woman who turned celebrity of South Philadelphia wouldn't even allow their "fans" to be tormented. Especially a woman who grew up in this lifestyle. There's a word that's been overlooked by those who swear to be "connected" and that word is respect.
This show has turned into Ringling Bros & Barnum Bailey Circus act.

How bout someone posts something on behalf of the respect, and class that the children of many alleged mobsters were raised with.
I don't see Victoria Gotti behaving this way or her fans.
Enough is enough with minions. And those who continue to condone it. It is wrong.

My apology for this post being in the wrong spot. But I'm not sure there was blog written about the disrespect that fans, and viewers alike have been subjected to. Maybe there should be.
All do respect. I'm Pretty sure the show has lost viewers. This is not what Mob Wives, or Mob Daughters is like. In any way, shape, or form.
Maybe so your readers and the shows viewers truly understand the truth about this lifestyle and omertà. (Because clearly. Nobody knows what that means)
The show has become to look pathetic due to the minions.
That's just my opinion. What do I know tho right. How bout a blog for the underdogs and show them the respect theyve been deprived of.
Thank you in advance. Respectfully.

Anonymous said...

@ReneeLiGambiniDemarco Your comment amuses me. You are trying to call out the guy that released the tapes, yet do you know Natalie G has done the same thing? She made plenty of fake accounts and let her little "minions" hack into others accounts, trying to get "dirt" on people, also having a supposed video of Natalie Didonato.

Natalie Guercio is what,33? 35? And the way she handles things is out of control. She tried to call Renee out for doing drugs yet she participated. You got it wrong, this show was once about Mob Wives & Daughters. But now its a joke.

It was about how their husbands or family went away and how it affected the women in the aftermath.

The guy that released the tapes owned up to it, feeling bad about it. Of course thats not how the mob would handle it. Did you see what Sammy Gravano did to John Gotti? To me, he was giving Gotti a taste of his own medicine going against him. I feel thats what the man is doing to Natalie Guercio. Its got some relations there. Well thats my piece.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the show get back to its old glory. For me, it's about women starting off new lines to bring an honest cash flow into their homes.
If it's all real, I see where homes have been remodeled or purchased. Celebrations of success happening, vacations and (hopefully) nobody going to jail anymore.
I think too much emphasis was put on the older generation bc most aren't there to speak up for themselves.

Jenn seems to have a great insight on how to make real events unfold & people showing a side of themselves they may need to see & address for themselves. I think she's got this and Nat G will be fine and there won't be real blood shed for a show.

Yea, fans got involved (myself included) but nobody, hopefully, gets or got hurt. I'm sure Twitter will take care of the fake accounts and IP's can be changed on the fly.

I think Nat G messed up by trying to call everyone on their shit so it back fired on her. I think that was her part.
I don't know.. I'm thinking she'll stay on the show bc it's about growth and I'm sure she learned some real lessons losing the lead. Chloe Finch is a real person, those images are after she deactivated her acct. Maybe Nat's gonna be the Donny Brasco of the show, who knows?

lol.. anyway, I see things super mellowed out but if my network goes down.. I guess sh*t got realer than expected.
Plus, most fans prob have their own ties and have already told their family what happened.. lol, my son and I were cracking up.

Nat will be alright and I doubt the old mob families are going to start up another war, nobody wants that and that's where the lines of respect are drawn, IMO.

Like they say in Hollywood, "No publicity is bad publicity!" I still see Nat G headed to the big screen, good lawd, look at the attention she got for the show. And if the show isn't really real, the girl can act! She should never try to go incognito again though bc NOW, she's known. (lol)

The fans are eating this up and I know will tune in til the end!

I will.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Driter (lol @ Renee) lies. I always clown on her rapping but she did give it a go; got to give her that. She got a cool name for her line of make-up and people liked her.. so, GO DRITA!!

They're all trying to survive. All the girls would make good models for Mob Candy, if they're not doing it already.

I'm sure we've all had that one person that moved into the hood that thought they had to be the bomb to kick it, until they got put in check. If that person is really about it, they take the lesson learned with grace and start getting along.. or they move... or stay home until they can apologize without an ass whooping.

LOL.. living ain't easy!!

Renee Ligambi DeMarco said...

Excuse me. I actually happen to not be referring to the man who released the audios. I happen to have left names out of it. I will not state my opinion on that.

But I will say this. When I meant MINIONS. I was NOT referring to this man, I was not referring to him at all. In fact I would assume if he did that he must have had one hell of a reason to be pissed off and or upset.
Do I agree with it. It doesn't matter.

But. Because I didn't name drop. You assume I mean him. Because I said a man made 100 accounts. Well yes. He owned it, in fact I've seen him actually make apologies, and he didn't do what I've watched women do.

So the minions I was referring to. Were not connected to him. I was speaking of the women.

I am not here to bring up anything about anyone's parents. Or what they did. In fact. I think that is the least of my point I was making. I was speaking on behalf of the viewers who've been targeted and harassed.

I don't know where you come up with all of this. Bringing up Sammy Gravano & John Gotti, when I am speaking of a show pertaining to the women of lifestyle.

You said your piece. Good for you.
I have no issue with the young man whatsoever and it isn't something that I elaborated on.

In fact. I'm not sure I get your point. Unlike you. I don't need to leave my name anonymous. I also will not go back and forth with someone who thinks they know their mafia history with Google at their fingertips.

If this young man had a good reason to do what he did. Then that is HIS CHOICE.

The fans/viewers, did not and do not need to be harassed & berated. Period.
They aren't collecting any checks.
And I don't know why anyone would bring up Sammy Gravano & John Gotti. In relation to my comment. About the fans.

I feel this young man expressed why he did what he did. When you're in the public eye. You're under a microscope. Therefore. Maybe Natalie G. Should have been more careful with what she said. OMERTÀ. Is that not penetrating in your head?? When you talk to much. these things happen.
When you keep quiet. You have nothing to worry about.

But. I was speaking in regards to the fans. And the countless accounts made by one of the cast mates minions. I just did not drop names. I didn't need to. Bc I knew what I was speaking about. Viewers.. And John Gotti and Sammy Gravano.. Have Nothing to do with that.

As for this young man and his audios. I have to say. If she was talking to much. Then well that's what happens when you put yourself on national TV.
You watch your every word. You never knew who's listening.
Also, you might want to make sure to not compare this. To an extremely sensitive matter. Such as Gravano & Gotti.
People too freely just toss these things around like they really know how family was affected. Unless you are one of them and you know the feeling.
So with that said. You honestly have no idea who I was referring to. Because you took one comment out of my entire statement. But really. To even compare this to that. It isn't possible. You can not even compare THIS. To Gravano & Gotti.

I will end it with this. This young man was anything but stupid... It's the ones to free running off out at the mouth. So you can take that as you will. But he was anything but stupid!!!


Renee L D said...

I wrote a nice comment back. To your amused one.
But I don't see it.
However. You must have taken one word. And ran with it.
First I'll say this. How the hell can you compare this. To Gotti an Gravano.
Second. I'll say this.
As for the man who got those audios. I would tell him this.. "Well played. Well played". Why.. Because when you talk to much. And talk about things you shouldn't be repeating. Believe that it'll come back to you.
You have no clue WHAT MINIONS I was referring to. But it is not against the man who got the audios.
He may have been almost genius. And Natalie G. Out right stupid to keep talking.

But. My point was regarding all the viewers I watched get harassed by a group of "one family's mininions"

I did NOT say this man. I said a man made a lot of Twitter accounts.
I'm also aware there is a man who wants to contact parents
My point is. This is not what the alleged mob is about. And the women. Be it daughters or wives. Are not like this. These aren't the real struggles of what some have gone through.

I assume you will say you know what it is like. You're related. Or were. Etc.

You missed my whole point. And then. You compared it to Gotti and Gravano.
I'm sorry but that is laughable.

So before jumping to your conclusions. Because I don't go back and forth on the internet with someone named anonymous.

You have no clue how I feel about that young man. Or anyone else. Beings I spoke on the viewers. And was speaking about ONE FAMILY pretty much. who I have watched bash people. And call people frauds.

But I can't talk to an anonymous name. And I don't do the Twitter BS I observe.

I see what everyone else sees and then some. You made an assumption. Because I wrote the word "man"

And please. Don't bring up a sensitive situation like Gotti snd Gravano and compare it to this.

Why didn't you address any inch of anything other then 3 words.
But again. I don't need to explain myself. I know who I meant. And I know that as for amusing. There's nothing amusing about anything I wrote.
And certainly nothing you wrote.

But until you know me. Or who I was fully referencing.. Maybe read more then one word.

Not A Don said...

I think the re-dedication Renee did today was so beautiful and while that was taking place, hell was being unleashed... LOL!!

I think visitors, fans might be hesitant to post but we can all use on freeing up some bandwidth!!

Just wrapping stuff up here, so haven't seen the show yet but the previews were great.

The baptismal and the "talk" with Drita was a cool scene!

Anonymous said...

Gnat G. is not going to make it in show business, she is TOO big mouth, a nasty RACIST, a compulsive LIAR and she has a STUMPY body. Her make-up looks like plaster, it is on so thick.

Anonymous said...

Nat G would top ratings on a Soap Opera!! Especially if she came in as the vixen. I'd tune into that one. Especially if she was breaking up a shot couple!!

She ain't mob material but she is def soap box material!!!