Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang Takes Official Stand!

Seems like Ang has picked her "Gnatalie"

Big Ang has a mind of her own. She doesn't care what anyone says. And when it comes to Natalie D and her stories about Gnat, Big Ang has had enough. Ang is choosing to side with Gnatalie even though her good friend Drita seems to be changing alliances. I guess Ang is not neutral and never really has been. Have a look at some very recent tweets that were made long after those scenes we saw were shot.

It's clear and it's Official!

It looks like Gnatalie still has one loyal friend in Ang, but does that mean Ang isn't being loyal to Renee, Karen and possibly Drita?  What do you think?

Picture Credit: VH1 & Big Ang's Twitter Account


Anonymous said...

Yay for Big Ang! Every season Renee has to fight with someone and always expects everyone else to fight with them too. Renee is too old for this bullshit and Ang is calling her on it. If Carla comes back shes an idiot, they pulled the same crap on her last season.

queensos said...

What's interesting is that Ang takes the stand that she's not going to listen to what NatD has to say about NatG and she doesn't believe her, but in the beginning of the season her reason for having beef with Renee is because of what someone told her. So I'm confused either Ang doesn't listen to/pay attention to he said/she said or she does, because she damn sure had a problem with Renee over rumors and they have known each other the longest. I think Ang is full of sh*t.

Chiara Soprano said...

Queensos, I agree and thanks for the laugh, I needed it!

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, Ang acts like Natalie has something on her. Either that or Natalie is a mind control genius.

Hey you said...

I guess its okay to call the Mobwives 'washed old sea hags'. Is her loyality a bit watered down?

Anonymous said...

Definite Fan
I'm somewhat confused, so hear me out.
1) why would Nat g call Nat d's boyfriend of all people to bash with the sea hag stuff? Weird, no?
2) I so love party Rene but man she is some high maintenance when things aren't going her way. This nonsense started over Delious ,c'mon now. Flash -if Rene thinks people didn't know she was wasted in Vegas that proves how wasted she actually was. Not saying Nat g need to jump on it, but cat was way out of the bag girl. Rene needs to chill out and understand not everything is all about her all the time.
3) karen, you don't have to be so hard all the time. We get it. Having said that ,Dave is a flaming asshat for doing such a Shiite job with that beautiful child he is so lucky to have. I'm guessing he may not have had a good role model/relationship so maybe he just don't know what he don't know. Can still learn though. Most inprtant is your daughter understand it's no reflection on her value, she' s an absolute jewel so it' his loss.
4)Drita will always be my girl.period. But wtf w/the Carla ditch? Must be more of those deleted scenes
5) ang, as always you're perfection! My bucket list def got a trip to the monkey to hang w/you!