Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio's Black Point

A 2002 movie of the same name
starring David Caruso and Susan Haskell

Gnatalie Guercio was chosen for the lead role in a new film, called "Black Point." The film's Writer, Director, and Executive Producer, Ms Chloe Finch, was thrilled to have Gnatalie on board. At the same time all this was going on, Mob Mistress was communicating with an Associate of Gnatalie's who had some very interesting and disturbing things to say. You can read that at Interview with an Associate of Natalie Guercio. After that blog went up, a couple of our readers, who had heard the associate's alleged recordings of his conversations with Gnatalie, took to the Black Point facebook page and contacted Ms. Chloe Finch on Twitter, to express their concerns.* She assured people that she was looking into it and the "right decision" would be made. In the meantime, Gnatalie's manager issued a statement, defending his client against the recordings, which has since been removed. Here it is:

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Her manager, Jason Swanston aka Jae NASDAQ, believes Gnatalie is innocent of any racism and states that she is even black herself, since she is Sicilian. I am Sicilian and just found out that makes me black too @@. This over-the-top statement has many ridiculous comments in what seems to me to be a desperate attempt to do some serious damage control. BUT, what has happened just two days after this statement was posted to the "Black Point" facebook page? Well, the statement was removed, the comments were removed, the page was basically stripped of everything except this new statement:

Ms Chloe Finch has advised that the "unforeseen circumstance" has nothing to do with any of the cast, including Gnatalie Gurercio, but some unknown "new" production team member, who could have easily been replaced without anyone knowing anything. I know you are wondering if Gnat is still in the production. As of this writing the word is Gnatalie still has the lead role.

All posted on Twitter

Guess what else we learned from Twitter? You know that Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Ms. Chloe Finch?  Well over this "new" production team member, she has disappeared or deactivated her Twitter account.

Mob Mistress’ black point:  People who are bigoted, bias or prejudice have often smiled, hugged, worked with those they secretly look down upon.  I find Mr. Jason Swanston’s reasoning for his client not being a racist faulty.  I would hope Miss Guercio would be smart enough to not call her talent manager the N-word.  Often those who use the N-word in a derogatory manner do so behind the safety of their homes, vehicles and in front of those like minded.  History shows us that many prejudice, racist & bias people have even procreated with those they disparaged.  Strom Thurmond is an excellent example.  The very vocal and anti-intergration Senator fathered a child with his teenage black maid.  Miss Guercio may have never called Mr. Swanston the N-word.  It does not mean she hasn’t used racial slurs against others.  But hey what do I know?  I’m just a burnt motherf@#$ing blogger.

Obviously Chloe Finch sees some sort of talent in Natalie Guercio.  Mel Gibson is very talented too.

UPDATE:  A Black Point twitter page has been tweeting including Chiara in some group tweets.  I want to make it clear.  Some individuals have been making claims in regards to the Chloe Finch.  We have no beef with the director.  From what I read she seemed standup and professional in the way she carried herself.  Let us all remember Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood are great directors.   We all started somewhere.

A twitter page appearing to be for the latest Black Point movie in (pre)production seems not so professional.  I’ve never seen a movie production account tweet in such a manner.  To each their own….(hoping it’s a fake page with no official affiliation)

Twitter account is now gone.  We think a serial killer maybe involved.

Natalie Guercio is not the only Mob Wives cast member who allegedly uses the N-word.  I will be addressing that situation in the near future.

*Correction: In the interest of accuracy and to the best of my recollection, one of my followers contacted Ms. Chloe Finch on her Twitter page to express her concerns over the interview of Gnatalie's Associate and the youtube audios posted on his account. She and another follower, both black, went to the Black Point Facebook page to express they were offended by  Mr. Swanston's statement. ~ Chiara


Anonymous said...

If it was a legit production (BLACK POINT), they should have run a spell check prior to posting it isn't professional and it reads like some people speak. I also find it very suspect that this is now defunct. I also find it interesting that it points out that it is NOT cast related. There is no space in SOME ONE, run a quick spell check before posting on social media. I will never give that girl time to shine. Since last season she was stirring everything up. The focus of the show was to tell lives of these strong women, who I have grown to care for. This HS garbage is nonsense for the show, it started last season. I have NEVER been attacked on Twitter up until recently and they are the same people affiliated with Natalie Guercio. I don't tag people who follow her. I have done nothing but block people because they have come looking for me (that I hopefully see the light and know the Gnat is telling the truth). Sad. People have a lot of time on their hands. It is a show, one of my favorites and this is turning it into something cheap and tacky. Expose the truth and they fall like dominoes. I am sure I will be attacked for this post as well, but bring it if you are relevant. -mark.girl Felisa

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good to know I'm not the only one they stalked. It's BS what Nat G and her clean up crew are doing.

I don't care if it's damage control to save HUGE on some movie Chloe plans to put that skank in!!

Black Point is an extension of Skeletons in the Closet that NEVER aired!!

These wanna be stars and producers.. taking credit for shit that they don't get credit for.

Nat G and her sick followers have ruined Mob Wives for me and if they don't get that loud mouthed whore in control, they are going to lose a HUGE fan base!!

Nat G a SICK and TWISTED excuse for entertainment!!

Not ever putting my name up again unless I have to!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you for commenting. I am sure that post on Black Point was put up in haste and I was busy worrying about the content and the damage control, I just skipped over the typos. I wonder if they are going to change the name and try to put it out later when this dies down. If they try using Black Point the internet will be full of information they do not want to be associated with.

Anonymous said...

I heard one of your writers said they were going to stop blogging about the show because of this situation with the movie and because the blogger is a black person themself? It would be interesting to hear their point of view on this movie about casting nat g before they stop blogging about the show. How does nat g think she can get away with denying to her manager who is black that she's not racist when the video is all over youtube? Nat g has some serious issues. I read somewhere online where nat g was telling people her son is biracial? Is this true?

Aarika said...

Wow!! I cant, I just can't with his statement. Her manager or whoever he is, had to write the most ignorant reply ever. To say she isn't racist because she has more black in her than most african Americans had to be the dumbest thing ever said. I know about the moors and whatever, but she definitely isnt "more black" Like you said most racist people are "undercover racists." To me it all just seems like damage control as said before it's like when people say, well my black friend says this or I can't be racist because my great great great great great great grandmother was black lmao.

Laura said...

I want to thank you for ALL your blogs. We see it also out here in twitterville too. I am new here on twitter and I have to say it's crazy with the Nat Gs crew. I have seen them attack anyone and everyone if you don't agree. (Including me) Looking at their TL's I have no clue when they sleep. They have put a bad taste in my mouth to even try and like Nat G. I did not watch season 4 because the New Blood just did not fit in. Now I come on twitter and see this bs. I have always loved Mob Wives but this chick is despicable along with their crew. When I go to a Mob Wives page to comment on something they are either bashing the stars or the stars followers. It's out of hand and they are screwing with one of my favorite shows and I'm already sick of twitterville. Geez! Send this bitch back to either Philly or California, I really don't care and she can take all her fake shit and trash with her. Do not quit. You are our voice and I look forward to a cup of coffee and a few giggles in the morning. You write with humor and I enjoy it.

ChrisGonz said...

The show is far too edited for me & seems to be scripted by some deranged person... I could be wrong but I see a lot of hostility that I've never seen from fan to fan, tweet to tweet, and then the sharing of partial conversations by someone launching a movie.. I've never seen such disrespect online from professionals.

Those tweets that the person behind that Black Point account tweeted, he/she should be respectful enough to remove the names they've BLOCKED yet continue to re-tweet to THEIR fans who seem to feel a need to defend Nat G. via social medias.

I think the whole stalking on fans might stem from there. I could be wrong but I had to lock up my tweets to avoid a headache earlier for the first since I've opened the account... 3-4 years ago, maybe longer.

Drama and anger are two different things. I was called something today on those tweets for the simple reason that the person re-tweeting is also re-tweeting it as though I'm still a part of the conversation, when I'm not!

I feel sorry for that whole crew. IMO, it's not a reality show anymore, it's a drama f*k fest.
I'll watch it on YouTube and avoid making any more comments.

You have been the only blogger throughout this season to be decent and post with respect. I don't remember how our tweets met up this morning but it was a pleasure tweeting with you for the VERY FIRST TIME today!!

Thank you and much peace to you and yours!


Anonymous said...

As someone who is from the Caribbean, if there is one thing I makes me sick to my stomach is an Uncle Ruckus like her manager. Natalie is more black that most AA?? Does he realize how ridiculous he sounds. And notice how most of the statement was about him, as if he are suppose to care. This is about Natalie and her racist behavior.

Anonymous said...

The Moors were the medieval Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being from Africa but I have always brought up the fact that Othello may have just had a Northern African look with educators and they are in agreement.

Many Northern Africans can pass for Caucasian and/or have a slight tan.

Anyway, I hate anything having to do with racism (we are seeing so much of its ugly head coming to life in America in the past couple of years) and I was upset when the accusations were going on with the blog a few years ago too.

I'm sure all the answers with any cast member will be revealed over the course of time but, by the way, it was rumored that Obama's maternal grandparents were not initially big fans of African-Americans but obviously changed their attitudes when he was born.

People are capable of changing their attitudes and ways and they are always capable of surprising you in sometimes wonderful ways.

Anonymous said...

This is why Gnat can claim she's got AA (black) in her:

Are we all descended from a common female ancestor?

We ALL have that same lineage, it's called the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

Anonymous said...

Natalie G. is Italian, not African American, she is just saying that because she has been called out as the racist she is. In my opinion she is a sociopath.

Sia said...

The director of this movie has recently came out with a full statement that natalie is not going to be the lead or In the movie at all. Along with saying that she had a lot of interesting things to say about it and whole situation with natalie and said she had to do a lot of damage control.

Sia said...

I agree the things that have been said on twitter by fans and the cast (especially natalie ) are pretty low. In the end it is just a show and I've never seen someone from a reality show take the issues outside of the show as much as she has.