Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “Forgive and Fuggedaboutit,” Ep 509

Mob Candy's First Anniversary
Congratulations Renee!

(Due to a death in the family I am not able to take as much time as needed on the recap, but I did not want to disappoint readers and have a long delay. Thanks for understanding.)

Renee is doing a photo shoot to show off her new clothing line. Her one year anniversary for Mob Candy is coming up. The business is doing great. Renee is excited. She is happy Junior is out of her life, at least for 11 years. She is going to through a party to celebrate Mob Candy’s success and she is inviting everyone who is important to her. Needless to say, Gnat is not invited.

Over at Lady Boss Drita gets a call. She is talking to Lee again. Don’t these people ever talk at home? Giselle loves soccer and Drita is excited for her. She wants to take a family vacation. Lee has never been on vacation with the girls. They are excited to plan one. Drita thinks this will be the best time of their lives. They decide on Disney World.

Gnat’s apartment. Ang drops in. Gnat is making chicken. Ang can't wait to tell her about what Natalie D had to say at the calendar party. Ang says she and Drita are always siding with her, but this Natalie D has a lot to say about Gnat. Natalie D tells them Gnat was calling them names like old hags and Ang tells them she is going to talk to Gnat. Gnat says she doesn’t know this Natalie D. Gnat is pissed that Natalie D always has her name in her mouth. Ang says she believes Gnat, she has always shown her loyalty and she doesn’t know Natalie D from a hole in the wall. I am still waiting to find out how Gnat has been showing loyalty? Gnat denies saying anything about Ang and Drita. Ang wants Gnat to talk to Drita. Gnat feels she is being attacked and then when she attacks she is the one who is wrong. Gnat is not going to let Natalie D get between her and her friendships with Ang and Drita. Natalie D is spreading lies about her and Gnat promises to put an end to it.

Over in Arizona Karen sees her lawyer about her medical marijuana business. She wants to make sure if she pursues this it isn’t going to put her at risk. She doesn’t want to go to jail because of her last name and her previous issues with selling ecstasy. Her father is in jail there. The lawyer tells her it will cost about $250,000. The names of people who want to start a business goes into a pool and names are drawn. Many criminals go into this business. Karen likes that.

Ang and her son are shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. Ang wants to have the girls over. Ang is thankful her son is out of prison. Ang wants the girls to straighten out their shit. Ang is afraid Karen and Gnat can’t be in the same room and she hopes Renee and Gnat can bury the hatchet, like the Indians and Pilgrims.

Drita is tired of all the back and forth

Gnatalie pops in on Drita. Drita wants to talk to Gnat about the sea hag comments. Drita says if Gnat made any negative comments Drita is going to freak out. Gnat says Drita shouldn’t be listening to a stranger over her. Drita wants to know why Natalie D would make up lies, what is in it for her? Drita says she trusts no one. Gnat says she has to constantly prove herself and it hurts bad sniff sniff. She tells Drita she has a lot to offer as a friend and she gets teary eyed, Boo Hoo.

"It hurts so bad" 

Drita says she is sincere and it hurts her. Gnat says Karen and Renee hate her, and it kills them that they can’t get rid of her. Drita’s advice is to agree to disagree. No one is going to admit they are wrong. She says be the bigger person and move on. Gnat says that is why she sent the text to Renee. Unfortunately for Gnat, she misunderstood Renee’s comments that the “ding dong,” ringing the bell time expired. Drita seems happy Gnat had good intentions. They agree they are going to Ang’s for Thanksgiving and Drita thinks Renee and Gnat will make amends.

Karen is upset with Dave and she tells her brother Gerard about how she feels. He was supposed to visit with Karina during their trip to Arizona. Karen feels he isn’t making time for her and he should be treasuring every moment he can with her. He missed so much of her life. Karina feels she doesn’t fit into his life with his new wife and baby. Karen is frustrated by Dave’s lack of interest in his child. She took her to prison for years so they could have a relationship and now that he is out he makes no effort to see her. Karen wants her to have a protective father like the one she had. Gerard says it’s sad, but it is what it is.

Giselle is packing for Florida. Drita talks to her girls about their vacation. Drita needs the vacation more than anyone, all she does is work.

Renee is planning a night of celebrating Mob Candy’s one year anniversary. Karen shows up and tells Renee about her trip to Arizona and how Dave didn’t spend time with Karina like they planned. Ang and Drita show up next. Ang says she is happy things are going well for Renee and hopes her good attitude lasts till her Thanksgiving dinner. Renee thanks all the ladies for coming, they have all loved and supported her. Renee wants to give the crown to the “biggest B*tch.” Drita says Renee is in such a good mood it’s the perfect time for her to make amends with Gnat. So Drita tells Renee she spoke to Gnatalie and she felt she was genuine. Renee says will not sit across a table from Gnat at Thanksgiving until she has a conversation with her. Renee says, “I want her to apologize. I am going to give her a chance, but only if it’s ok with Karen.” So Renee goes to talk to Karen and tells her about the text message she received from Gnat for dinner and drinks for old times sake. Renee says she and Gnat will never be friends again, but if she apologizes maybe they can be civil. Renee adds Ang invited her to Thanksgiving and Gnat will be there, but one sly remark, she will walk out. Karen says it’s up to Renee. Karen says she is not going as long as Gnat is there, but she trusts Renee and Gnat is not a threat to their friendship.

Renee couldn't be happier

Look who just walked in!

Had to add this picture of Carla!

All of a sudden we see some long sexy legs walking up to the restaurant where Renee’s party is being held. The door opens, and guess who shows up? If you don’t know the answer you are behind in your blog reading! It’s none other than Original Girl, Carla Facciolo, looking like a million dollars. Welcome Back Carla! Renee is thrilled to see Carla. She had recently seen her and invited her to her party never expecting her to show after all their ups and downs. Then there are a bunch of flashbacks to all previous wars Renee and Carla had. Karen says she and Carla have put all their differences aside as well. Carla is real and she doesn’t hold grudges. Renee hugs Carla. Drita is shocked. Carla says, “Drita is not welcoming me so much.” Hmmm what’s up with that Drita?  Karen says Carla walks in and Drita runs for her coat “like a fire cracker was lit under her f*ckin’ ass.” Drita says, “I’m leaving.” Drita claims she is leaving because her kids have school tomorrow. Karen says wait a minute, Drita hasn’t seen Carla in forever and now she is leaving. Drita says she honestly has to get ready for vacation. Carla says, “I came here to hang out with all the ladies I haven’t seen and I’m a little insulted. Am I wrong? I don’t know.” Drita says, “She and Carla aren’t friends like that any more and when she used to talk to her she felt like she was talking to a moth ball.” What? What the hell got into Drita? Drita walks out the door. Carla says, “That was f*ckin’ weird. Obviously there is a problem there and I’m going to tell you why. I saw her at a mall about two or three weeks ago and looked right in her face and she literally put her head down and walked away. She snubbed me. And you know what. she was never really my friend. Ang told me two years ago that Drita wasn’t really her friend and to watch her. I believe that now.” Carla went to bat for Drita so many times I lost count and now they aren't friends? Renee gets back in party mode and announces everyone will get a gift. Meanwhile, look what Carla tweeted tonight. . .

Wow! Drita really blocked Carla?

Ang is at home preparing an early Thanksgiving. Drita, Gnat and Renee are coming and Ang is hoping Gnat and Renee can work things out. Gnat wants the drama to end. Gnat and Drita love Ang’s house. Drita says she knows Gnat and Renee are going to be friends. She tells them last night Carla came to Renee’s party. She tells them Renee hated Carla about fives more than she hates Gnatalie. They were at war, but they ended up making up.

Ding Dong

Ang says Renee is coming and that’s a big step. Renee says she is going there looking for an apology and if she doesn’t get one Gnat might end up being the turkey with garnish. Ding Dong it’s Renee and she seems really happy. Ang thanks them for coming. Renee wants to speak to Gnat privately. She will not sit down at a table with Gnat until they hash out everything out first. Ang and Drita leave them alone. Drita really thinks they will make up. Renee wants her to understand that she doesn’t like what she did to her. She made fun of her addiction and called her a coke head where AJ could see it. Renee says she wants an apology. Gnat says an apology is bullsh*t. Renee says if she doesn’t own what she did she is going to leave.  Well I can see where this is going . . . No where.


That's BS!

“I want you to apologize for all the harsh things that were said.” Gnat says apologize is bull sh*t. But Gnat seems to have second thoughts. Gnat admits her mouth is very harsh. Gnat says she felt betrayed and hurt. Gnat says she felt close to her at one time and she still cares about Renee. Gnat says she crossed the line and apologizes for that. Renee is in complete shock and so am I. I never thought she would say those words. Renee says, “Karen is my family and if you disrespect her, you disrespect me.” Gnat is so willing to apologize to Karen and says “There is no way in hell I will ever apologize to Karen Gravano. And if Renee doesn’t want to be my friend because I won’t apologize to a woman who attacked me on more than one occasion, I don’t know what to tell ya.” I guess this ain't over yet, stay tuned.

Ang and Drita come back in. Renee and Gnat tell them have established a line of respect between the two of them. Renee wants to take it further and include Karen. The line of respect has nothing to do with friendship. Renee is loyal to Karen. They sit down to eat and enjoy the food. No screaming, no fist fights. Renee is keeping her enemies closer.

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NikiFoxxx said...

I can't even watch anymore. I just catch up on your blog. I am so tired of every episode now about NatD or NatG and she said this and this one said that. UGH. And now Carla is back to stir up whatever is/has happened between her and Drita. I actually miss Carla and Ramona though. I actually liked watching when it seemed like everyone was making amends and at least being civil. I don't know. Is it just me??

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the loss of your family member. Prayers for your family.

This episode was a do I say it....suspect. First of all, I know you're a big fan of Renee's, and while I don't necessarily dislike her, she's just too "over the top" for me. Instead of being a "Mob Wife", she talks and acts like she's an actual mobster. Her big talk and threats are so funny, considering she's NEVER done anything to make me believe she's tough. Karen and Drita have. Even though, Drita's tough talk does get exhausting, we've at least seen this side of her.

WHY, WHY, WHY hasn't anyone asked Nat G. about why she's calling Nat D.'s boyfriend. Why didn't Drita, Ang or even Renee ask her about that claim? They tell her that Nat D. heard her, but they don't tell her how she heard her. This is part of the "suspect" claim I made.

And the whole "Carla" deal.....::SIGH::. I remember the BAD, BAD blood with Carla, Renee and Karen (and Love and Ramona for that matter.) NO ONE like Carla, NOBODY, not even this blog. All of a sudden it's exciting that she's back. GMAB!! Yes, she defended Drita and had her back, but so did Drita! Drita wouldn't turn her back on Carla back then. Now whether something actually happened off camera, we'll never know, unless they air it. I remember Carla, Karen and Ramona "bonding" over twitter when the three of them were fired. Karen had ALOT to do with Love's ambush on Carla at the end of the last season they were on the show. She can forgive all that, and the fact that Ramona and Karen were calling her a "husband stealer" or accusing her of sleeping with a married man, Karen's uncle or something, but now her and Drita have "minor" issues?? ...again, Suspect!

And last, this is just criticism, Renee's Mob Candy party, celebrating the sucess of her Make Up line was funny, because Renee's MAKE UP, specifically her EYE MAKE UP was hideous!!!! Not good advertising for her line.

Glad to see the original 4 back, along with Big Ang! Can still do without Nat G., her voice DRIVES ME NUTS! Just wish there was less fighting and more empowering each other on each other's success. Show how they live being "mob wives" and how they thrive and succeed, rather than petty bickering and threats!

However, I will still watch ALWAYS!! :)

Anonymous said...

.....Oh yeah, one more thing, Nat D. has GOTTA GO!!! Ridiculous looking character!!! Ok, thanks bye!

maharet1965 said...

Very sorry for your loss Chiara Soprano.

Anonymous said...

shit I also forgot to add that Karen opening up a MMJ Dispensary is gonna be WAAAAAY harder than even her lawyers are thinking. I live on the west coast and I'm not gonna lie I toke it up for sure and I have seen a shitload of dispensaries close because they are not all the way on the up and up. It really comes down to whether or not the city and/or county will really let you open and operate. How the lottery works also (not that you are interested haha) every party and/or person that would like to open a dispensary pays a lot of money to basically buy a 'ball' and everyone puts their balls in and 15 lucky winners get picked. I am not sure how the MMJ laws work in AZ because for a long time it was a felony. I have to assume it's a lot stricter in AZ than CA where I live. Legal MMJ could bring A LOT of revenue to the entire united states not to mention is CREATES JOBS!!!! Don't believe me? You need to hire everyone from Bud tenders to plumbers! Anyway sorry for the rant I am super passionate about legalizing marijuana and I wish more people were educated on the subject instead of looking at it like its heroin. People die every day from drug and alcohol abuse. Never once has their been a reported death EVER from marijuana!!! I am excited for Karens new venture and I hope she's able to make it happen. I love AZ and if it happens I will be there to donate to her club!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you all for the kind words and comments on the show. I hope Karen gets to read through the comments on the medical marijuana as some of that might be helpful. There are only three episodes left so let's hope they answer some of the questions you have all posed.

Anonymous said...

For the record...I'm not the same "Anon" as the last one posting about Marijuana laws. I'm the one who posted the 2nd and 3rd comments. I have NO CLUE on laws or regulations regarding that business.

I've left quite a few comments on this blog, will start using a unique user name I guess.

Brian L said...

Carla's return and "beef" with Drita seems suspect to me. Carla was literally on the show for like 20 seconds. I think the producers saw her tweeting after she left the show when she talked about how she felt like Drita (and Ang for that matter) did not ever speak to her anymore since she wasn't a part of the cast. From this, they saw an opportunity to start up a story line for a next season of mob wives by bringing Carla in to stir things up with Drita and then leave us all wondering what actually happened. Carla was so talkative on twitter after season 3 about Renee and Jennifer Graziano setting her up and how the producers influenced everything, yet now she's all buddy buddy with them? Someone wanted their 15 minutes of fame back in my opinion. Also, everyone's calling Drita a flip flopper yet failing to mention the fact that all the women have had their ups and downs and taken different sides in things, a prime example being Karen, Carla, and Renee now being friends again. Drita heard bullshit from Nat D, did not act on it at all (we just heard her respond when it was being discussed), and then talked to Natalie G about it and figured it out. That's not flip flopping to me.

Nick said...

I was shocked about Drita being soo weird with Carla.. I did hear when a fan asked Drita about a comment Carla said about them not being friends.. Drita said she doesnt believe it came outa Carla's mouth and answered the next question..
I have always wondered as a Season 1-3 Carla hater... I've always wondered how Drita could of been friends with Carla.. The way she came off would of drove me nuts.. But yeah it Dritas reaction shocked me.. Also funny how she said its a school night.. Was this ever on tape when Ang told Carla that she thinks her and Dritas friendship wont last..

I like Nat D but these Natalies I have no words.. Can someone either Expose Nat G and STFU about it.. Or get them both off the show.. Please I hope Love is at the Reunion.. Sorry Chiara for what your going through

leah said...

We need Natalie G Natalie D and Ronnie all in a room and let's find out who the liar is once and for all.....even though I think it's all of them...
It's not real tv anyway story lines some created, it doesn't feel as authentic and the drita Carla thing that's just boggled everything.
Drita just lost many fans she slipped again....showed us the real beast she is. She isn't Lady boss she is Shady boss

Anonymous said...

"Brian L.'s comment".....YES!!! On point!!!

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Brian as I thought the same thing with the Drita/Carla situation. They just opened the door for Carlas return for next season. Are they gonna get Ramona in the mix too??

Chiara Soprano said...

I think Brian made many good points. I also feel Carla will be back next season. They tested the water to see how fans would react. If they have enough positive feedback I'm sure it will happen. As for Ramona, the jury is out, but there have been so many surprises who the hell knows?

Chasey said...

Chiara do you mind me asking why this is the 2nd or third time my comment haven't been published? Just wondering, did I say something? I don't recall saying anything offensive :/

Chiara Soprano said...

Chasey, I don't mind you asking. I have been going through the comments haphazzardly because there was a death in the family this week. I will go through them soon and hopefully they will get published. Sorry.

Hey you said...

Chiara, I am sorry for your loss, my prayers and thoughts for your family.

Thank you for the blog, I have yet to watch the episode.

QueenSos said...

Sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family!

I always thought Drita was a phony from the very beginning. When your reason for not being someone's friend is because they moved (which is why she said her and Karen weren't friends anymore and how she justified sleeping w/Lee) you know that person is not real! She's a joke in my opinion and her true colors continue to come out. One minute she's talkin sh*t behind NG's back and then when she's around her she changes her tone. She's very quick to believe NG which I find very interesting. She's the one that brought ND to everyone's attention and told everyone what she said yet she continues to ride for NG. Just last week she stated on Twitter that she believed ND because of other things she heard but the very next week she believes NG. She is a flip flopper and she needs to make her damn mind up. She's actually very irking and that touch girl act is just that an act.

Chiara Soprano said...

QueenSOS I am so glad you commented because I almost forgot that Drita brought Natalie D in the group and yes she did tweet she heard other things that were cut out of the scene! I hope they deal with the issues between the Natalies and Karen gets some satisfaction from Gnat!