Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo's Boyfriend Nude?

Isn't the puppy precious?
Carla Facciolo's screen time season 3 of Mob Wives has been jarring.  At the top of the season, viewers learn Carla's hooves had been sharpened.  She was neighing away to expose Renee Graziano's drug addiction.

Some have been itching to equally expose her boyfriend who we affectionately call Handy Man around here.  A blogger recently has had a looooooooooong run in with some women claiming to be Boss Ladies and their minions fans or Twitter buddies.  The blogger known as Insanity Is Reality has chronicled her long standing dealings with various folks in her Blogger's Problems section.  My advice is to laugh it off and move forward.  It isn't that serious.  Make fun of them, make fun of yourself and know it's not personal because you don't know them nor them you.  We all have opinions, positive or negative.  They shouldn't give a care about mine.  I am a stranger with no impact in their lives.  I know their opinion doesn't have any relevance in mine.  I did notice the hypocrisy. They tell the IIR blogger if she doesn't remove her posts they post her full name, address and phone number.  They then post a name, address and phone number.  When the blogger asked a mob wife to call off her dogs or she'll post a nude of her boyfriend, the same individuals start claiming she is blackmailing the reality personality.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

People choose what they want to do.  Negative or positive I am going to type what I want to when I want to.  Last time I checked my husband brought my iMac and pays our internet bill.  He doesn't even attempt to tell me what to type.  If one simply doesn't like a blog, particular Twitter page, it's simple do not follow it.  Problem solved.  Everybody isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea.

Here's a snippet from Insanity Is Reality, hot pink really?
WARNING: If you are younger than 18 years old please do not click the link.  If you have not eaten please do not click the link.  If you want to get frisky in the near future do not click the link.  The IIR blogger had enough, once individuals started claiming she did not have nudes of Carla Facciolo's boyfriend.  They even claimed the blogger was lying and full of shit.  So IIR proved them wrong HERE.  As I've typed in the past, the man isn't a bad looking guy.  The fellow in the picture reminds me of a fat puppy.  I am sure if he saw me naked he'd gag and think Jabba the Hut meets Madea.  It is what it is.

Note:  The IIR blogger has updated her picture.  She blotted out his privates, eyes and played less around with the exposure.  She did not add breasts, belly or tattoos.  Also you can view our previous post with some body shots of Handy Man HERE.  I'm thinking the nude could be when Handy Man was enjoying some extra helpings of Lechón and/or Torta della Nonna, before we got a glimpse of him last summer leaner & in shape.  The tattoos look extremely familiar.  Maybe it's Handy Man & maybe it's a cousin or something?  I figure the folks who know for sure are the man in the picture, his girlfriend and an ex or two.

Do not miss Mob Wives tonight @10 PM on VH1.  I need my dose of Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Love Majewski, Ramona Rizzo and Big Ang.


T said...

Mob Mistress... once again, another great BLOG and your delivery of it all, was FABBBB as always!! Loved reading it

Chiara Soprano said...

Loved the puppy!

Anonymous said...

So maybe it should have stayed purple??? Lol, saw another blogger post so i brought me here NICE ADDITION! Love how u say stuff

Anonymous said...

Dose anyone know where I can see this picture ? The site you posted removed it

Mob Mistress said...

I am unaware of any other sites that might have it up.

mizzicrazi said...

Im in england so were not up to speed with wots bin shown Wot Were Whys Carla not in it