Friday, March 15, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek 2 "Desert Storm" Ep 310

Holy Cannoli! "Is Karen Being Replaced?" is the name of the clip. Karen meets with Dave's girlfriend, Rebecca (Putana) in this sneak peek and she gets right down to business. Karen's questions cut right to the core. One thing Karen tells her is that in her opinion, Rebecca taking Karina to the doctor was an oversteping of boundaries. Rebecca says she has an open schedule, because she is in real estate, and it just worked out for everybody. Oops! Then she adds it was "no big deal." Karen wants to put her foot through her forehead at the words "no big deal." Karen says to her it's a big deal because she doesn't know her from a hole in the wall (Go Karen!).

By the way, does Rebecca kind of resemble Raquel? She looks so familiar. Maybe if Dave had been a lot more open and upfront with Karen, she wouldn't be having such issues with his girlfriend. Dave kind of put this girl in a bad position in Karen's eyes, like she was something to hide. Meanwhile, Rebecca makes a decent impression. She works, she is articulate and is very pretty. As all girlfriends would probably do, she wants to get to know Karina and establish a friendly relationship, since Dave is a big part of her life right now. Noting wrong with that. What is wrong is how Dave set Rebecca up to leave a bad taste in Karen's mouth. I can't wait to see how the whole scene plays out!

Video Credit: VH1


leah said...

Your right Dave is the one who put Rebecca in a bad situation and made it seem all secret business.
Karen is dealing with it well and trying to get a grasp on it all, this rebecca seems ok its dave who has been disrespectful, lied and untrusting.
I hope these girls get along then she dumps Dave and he is left with no where to live!

Chiara Soprano said...

Carla waited almost a year to meet Raquel and meanwhile she bad mouthed her the whole time, on and off the show, for no reason. Karen insisted on meeting Rebecca as soon as she found out Dave was dating her. And between Karina telling her about the thong and Dave keeping the gf a secret and moving out to live with her w/o mentioning it, Karen has every right to feel angry and disrespected.

Bonniewill said...

I could be wrong, but I'm not a fan of David and his girlfriend ESPECIALLY after the thong nonsense. For Karina to find a thong in her BEDROOM speaks volumes. Dave's girlfriend is an idiot what kind of woman has sex in her bf's child's bedroom and on top of it LEAVES her underwear behind? I'm sorry but that reeks of trash.

Anonymous said...

This woman should of been nicer and more respectful. The way she is looking at Karen is F--- up! If I was Karen I would made sure to wipe that disrespectful look off her face. Karen needs to take her daughter back to New York with her point blank, she should of brought her back last season. The age she is so important for Karina to be with her mother. I don't like that chick, she needs to learn how to communicate.

PoisonGurl said...

Why was the thong thing never brought up by Karen you all should interview her and find out cause I would have brought that up to that girl's face .