Friday, March 22, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Winging It" Ep 311

Love Majewski's Veritas Cosmetics Logo
"Carla's the Target" is the title of this little clip that VH1 has provided as a sneak peek to episode 11, "Winging It." Drita spoke to Love and feels she has to warn Carla that Love is upset with her because people have been telling her that Carla is bad mouthing. Drita and Ang approach Carla at a party and break the news to her. Carla gets agitated because she says she doesn't even know Love, so why would she be talking about her? But Love says that Carla does know her. In fact, Carla took her logo, the "wings" from her Veritas Cosmetics company, and used it for her husband's business. Carla blows a gasket, saying who knew she has a logo, who knew she had a store?

The window of Dr. Ferragamo's skin center.
Well someone knows the details of the case of the "stolen logo." Did she or didn't she use Love's logo? And has she been running her mouth about Love all over Staten Island? It wouldn't be the first time one of the mob wives has accused her of talking behind their backs, i.e. Karen, Ramona and Renee. So Carla always has a reputation. Who are we to believe? I can't wait to see this whole scene and the possible sit down between Carla and Love. The season started with a bang and it's ending with a BANG!

Mob Mistress' Take:  "I don't even know where my damn glasses are & it's looks like the same damn angel wings to me.  Okay, so they're upside down & the dots are missing."

Video credit: VH1

If you would like to see Sneak Peek 2 check out VH1 for Lee Helps Drita @ Winging it, Ep 11


Chiara Soprano said...

They look identical to me too except for the dots and being upside down. Hmmmmmm. Lets see what everyone else thinks?

Janet said...

Perhaps since Carla is now dating Love's ex boyfriend, maybe she thought it would be OK to take her "Wings". She seems to desire whatever Love has or has had. Second Hand Sally if you ask me. As far as Carla saying she doesn't know what Love's problem is with her, that is BS. I personally remember early last year watching Carla tweeting as Handy Man partook in some very nasty tweets directed at Love.

IMO, the wings are the same, merely adjusted slightly. There are many graphic designer out there who could come up with a slew of logos so why not use them? Oh yeah... that wouldn't be free.

I also wouldn't be posting the phone # of the business as it is giving them more free advertising. I saw their website and it is pretty low end. Again just IMO

Anonymous said...

Love sure may be a "lunatic" as Big Ang would say but I doubt Love is the kind to just go nuts on some random Joe (or Jane). They had to REALLY do something to piss her off. Carla needs to take Karen's advice LOL!

Anonymous said...

i think this is just so ridiculus! carla has nothing to do with the spa other than spreading the word about it. also that spa has been open way before love joined the show. it just happens to be a coincidence. joe even said on twitter that he has a female partner who came up with the logo. she probably just googled wings!! lol

Chiara Soprano said...

Love's business was up and running alos way before she was on the show. Veritas is nothing new. It's ridiculous that I am being criticized for a blog that was simply commenting on the footage from the show. Joe, his business partner Danielle and certain viewers take issue with me, when it was Love who made the comment, Drita who repeated it, VH1 who filmed it and the producers and editors ok'ed it. I just blogged it. Don't kill the messenger. All the protesting makes me think there is some truth in what Love says and it hit a nerve. Now, Joe tweets he and his partner "conceived" the wings, while Danielle tweets she "chose" the wings (from where?), so right there it seems there is a difference in their origin.

Mob Mistress said...

If they get a client from this post great for their business.

They are the same wings just altered slightly. We noticed it last year. WingGate has now become part of the plot line of one of the shows we blog about regularly. We shared the pictures of the Veritas logo & the skin care center's window so our readers can see what part of the Love/Carla beef is about & form their own opinions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Janet said...

I would like to add to my previous comment. I saw Joe and Danielle ( I assume a partner in the Angel Skin business) have a very civilized and productive conversation with Chiara regarding the Wing Gate issue. I applaud Danielle and how she handled herself by offering a 20% discount to anyone who mentions "Wings"

Here is a perfect example as to how a mature business owner should react. Angel Skin got alot of publicity, whether positive or negative and they turned it into a Win Win situation. Looking forward to tonite's show and Chiara's recap

Anonymous said...

I have a question about tonights episode....can anyone tell me who love was yelling at in next weeks episode clip? I almost thought it was Karen???

Leah said...

The only story line interesting is karen right now with the dave and her fathers stuff!!
Drita doesnt have much going on and unless we see Lee doesnt look to change soon...
Carla just has the Love thing and vice versa....
Im sorry but Renee is really irratating at the moment i find her with not much going on and still over the top...i know she just got outta rehab but she needs a man or something.
The Love and carla thing needs to meet now its enough already with the he said she said, Lee needs to make an appearance and karen can just keep doing her thing

Tedesca said...

Just googled the wings (to google pics is pretty easy, just enter the url of a picture and klick on the camera-symbol, and then you get every webpage which uses it) - as far as I could see those wings are used worldwide by very different businesses and people. Seems legit someone who looked for a pair of wings on the internet could stumble over one of those pictures without knowing Love had them as a tatoo and later as a logo for her shop.

Mob Mistress said...


I don't disagree with you.

What I find funny is we've been given 3 different stories about the wings:

1. Joe & Danielle conceived the wings & idea.
2. Danielle choose the wings.
3. Dr. Ferragamo saw the wings online & drew them on the window.

Not a big issue for us, just funny hearing the variations.

Anonymous said...

Big Ang is the only grown up on the show, Drita is two faced because last season Carla took up for her when everybody was against her, Karen is a fatass mess, Renee and Ramona is ignorant, and Carla is more to herself and anybody with common sense know love is jealous of Carla, your all over 40 with kids grow up