Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Desert Storm" Ep 310

VH1 just released a sneak peek of episode 310, "Desert Storm." Karen and Ramona are discussing Sammy Gravano's prison sentence. Karen is feeling guilty because her father got the majority of prison time for what she and her brother did. Karen had just had Karina and Sammy didn't want his granddaughter to grow up without a mother. Karen is afraid her father will die in prison and she feels responsible. Ramona tries to calm her down, but it's not working. Ramona wants her to move on. She tells Karen to forgive herself. Ramona is really worked up over it and says "you did your time, you paid, enough!"

Video Credit: VH1


Anonymous said...

You know, Karen mentions her father Sammy finally getting his life on track but I honestly don't think his life could ever be the same nor would people view him more than Sammy the Bull. Killer, gangster, career criminal, whatever you want to call him, I think it's safe to say he reacted any way any parent would. I'm glad we're taking more of a sneak peek into Karen's life and just into the Dave fiasco. He's being such a putz to her as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Meant he reacted as a parent taking the weight of Karen's crimes and serving time...not reacted like a parent and became a gangster :P