Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mob Wives: A.J. Pagan "Limes It Up" Interview

A.J. Pagan doesn't know it but I am not feeling at all good.  On top of being sick, I am nervous interviewing him.  I've never interviewed a kid before.  It's somebody's child and more importantly Anthony Graziano's grandson.  So, I have to give myself a lecture on acting like I have some sense.  You all realize by now I have none.  Any commentary not in white are my thoughts & our laughing during the interview & were not voiced to the young Mr. Pagan.  I don't even like kiddie pools.  So you know I ain't trying to swim with the fish(es).

Hello A.J. how is your day going?

I am good.  How are you?

I am good.  I lie.  The kid doesn't want to hear my 'Cry Me A River' list of ailments.  Let’s get this interview rolling. You seem to be a hit with the young ladies and most of the Mob Wives’ viewers. Why do you think viewers adore you?

He laughs.  I think it's my personality & good looks.  Also, I'm laid back & not with the dramatics.

I laugh I think it’s because you show that you have a lot of common sense and carry yourself well. Which is a testament to your parents. What's your favorite color and why?

Lime green.


Lime green.


Lime green is my favorite color.

Are you serious?


Are you running one over on me?  Are you serious?

Yeah, I like lime green.  It's a cool color.

He laughs.  I laugh.  So do you like wear lime green clothes?

Not really, but I do have one lime green shirt.

I see.

Oh and I have some sneakers with some lime green detail.

I am raising my eyebrow.  So you wear the lime green shirt sometimes with the kicks?

Yeah.  He laughs.

I am hesitant to ask the next question for fear he is going to answer Rocky Mountain Oyster.  Alrighty, what’s your favorite ice cream?


Oh my God this kid is killing me with his short answers.  Coffee?

Yep, coffee.

Okay, okay any particular brand?

Haagen Daas.  He laughs.

I swear the joke is on me.  I laugh too.  So are you a regular coffee drinker?


You don't drink coffee.  But you eat coffee ice cream?

He laughs.  Yep.

Can you share with us what’s your fondest childhood memory?

 My fondest childhood memory?

Yep.  I decide to give him a taste of his own teenage medicine.

Oh that's hard.  There are so many.  Once we were on vacation with the whole family in the Bahamas.  That was a great time.  We were jet skiing.

I think jet skiing!  When the hell was this last year?  So I have to ask.  How old were you?


Seven!  You were seven years old and jet skiing?!  Do you realize I am an old woman who has never sat my ass on a jet ski?

What can I say I am a rebel.

We both laugh.  You're in high school.  What grade are you in?

I just finished 11th.  So, I'll be a senior in the fall.

Did you go to the junior prom?

No.  Our school doesn't have a junior prom, only senior.

That sucks!   Do you have any ideas about college?

Yes, I plan on majoring in business.

I am about to get all up in your business.  Do you have a girlfriend?


A.J. Pagan with Mob Mom Renee Graziana & girlfriend Sydney
 Come on A.J.  I need a first name and what you like about her.

Sydney.  I really like her personality. She's fun to hang out with.

How long have you two been a couple?

One month.

How does she cope with your celebrity?

Great, it doesn't phase her.  It doesn't matter to her.

Sounds like the right girlfriend.  Do people recognize & approach you a lot?

Actually people really don't approach me unless I am with my mom.

That's really respectful!  There is hope for our planet.  How do you feel when individuals refer to Mob Wives as a disgrace?

I really don't think some people understand.  They're women trying to make it.  They're not promoting the lifestyle.  They're women trying to raise their families and move forward.

What’s your take on those who are saying your mother is doing something wrong by sharing a piece of her life on national television?

It's her life.  My mother is an open book, always has been.  She might as well get paid for it.

Good answer!  I bust up laughing.  I was not expecting that response.  One more mother question what does a man have to do to date your mother? Would you believe I have the nerve to follow with another question about Renee Graziano?  And what type of man would you like to see your mother with?

He has to have a lot of patience.  He puts extra on the 'a lot' part.  I laugh.  I would like to see her with a respectful gentleman.  He needs to past my test.  I need to like him.

What's your test?

I can't tell you.  He may read this interview & cheat.

Can he bribe you into liking him?


What's your favorite Mob Wives' scene?

Renee Graziano lovingly hugs a young A.J. for a pose.
My mom beating up Carla (Facciolo).  She got loud.  My mom shut her down.

Wow! I swear I wish you all could hear this kid.  It's not what he says.  It's his delivery.  When he attends college he may want to minor in comedy.  Okay, I need to pull myself together.  You're killing me over here.  I told you I was old.  You are going to cause me to laugh myself right into a stroke.  What's your least favorite Mob Wives' scene?

My mom's face, it was mind boggling.  He is referring to Renee's skin rejuvenation, SEE MORE HERE.

I know. I agree that was like whoa.  We make some rude commentary around here.  But honestly A.J. I think your mom is an attractive woman.  Do you think she needs all that cosmetic surgery?

No!  My mom is beautiful just the way she is.  She doesn't need to change a thing.  I love her the way she is.  She's beautiful.

Did that skin rejuvenation really make a difference?

Her skin is smoother.  But she didn't need it.

Any special plans for the summer?

The shore.

Here this kid goes again with the short answers.  All I can do is laugh.  A.J would that be the Jersey Shore?


Well A.J. it's been fun chatting with you.  Anything we haven't addressed that you want to share with The Mob Wives Blogspot?

I want to tell all the people who watch the show to definitely tune in for season 2 of Mob Wives.  It's going to be really good.  I think the audience is going to see a bit more of me.  Also I want to thank people for being really positive to me and supporting the show.  It means a lot to me and my mom.

Oh A.J. I need you to do me a favor.

What's up?

You know I am a little scared of your Auntie Jenn.

What?!  She's the sweetest lady!


Yeah, she so sweet.

I think of course she's sweet to you. You're her nephew for Christ's sake. You know A.J. life has taught me it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

He laughs.  Oh yeah, you are right about that one!

You think you could butter your Auntie up for me?  Put in a good word for me & help me get an interview.

He laughs.  Yeah, Mob Mistress I'll hook you up.

Thank you!  Well I am going to let you go.  It was really nice talking to you.  You had me laughing the whole time.  You are a funny young man.

You're welcome.  I hope to talk to you again.  Thanks bye.

Bye A.J.!

True to A.J.'s word he buttered up his Auntie Jenn.  I received a call from Jennifer Graziano's assistant Anthony.  He told me A.J. had mentioned my interest in interviewing Jennifer Graziano.  Did I tell you all how much I love A.J. Pagan?!  He's a stand out favorite among all the bickering, Leeing, hair pulling, sleeveless furs, prison phone calls & Hulking.  He's the eye of the storm when it comes to the Mob Wives series.  Imagine a teenager who shows the most maturity and common sense in a cast of grown folks.  If I didn't see it Sunday after Sunday, I'd swear someone was making it up.  I'm still blown away @ the fact lime green is his favorite color.

If you didn't know The Mob Wives Blogspot is chumping @ the bit to watch tonight's finale episode.  It's going to be hotter than a drumstick in a deep fryer.  Set your DVR or television reminders for VH1  @8pm/ 7pm central, it's going to be a crazy episode.  I wouldn't miss it for a date with Spartacus.  Trust, this old hag turning down a date with a fine young man in loin cloth, all hot & sweaty is a big deal.  Yeah, I know too much information.

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Isabella Incarceracianelli said...

Great interview! Wow! I love that kid. Well, he's not a kid, but a wonderful young man. Renee did the best job a mother could do. Also, his comment, "They're women trying to make it. They're not promoting the lifestyle. They're women trying to raise their families and move forward" echoes my sentiments about the show exactly. Renee is trying to move past this lifestyle roadblock and AJ knows that. He is going to be a great business man, husband and father one day. GREAT JOB, RENEE!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

I love this interview Mob Mistress! AJ is so down to earth. It is so rare these days to see such a grounded, level-headed, mature teenager with good and decent values. This interview only confirms how I have always felt about AJ. I am so glad I was able to tell Renee how impressed I was with him and what an outstanding job she did raising him under such difficult circumstances. Renee Graziano is my favorite Mob Wife and I nominate her for "mother of the year!"

Chiara Soprano said...

PS I love the pictures! AJ was an adorable little boy. And the picture on top is so cool. I am glad there will be more of AJ next season because it can only be good for the show...he has LOTS of fans!

Sherry said...

Great interview.. He seems like a funny young man. Just makes you love Renee more too.

TexMex said...

AJ won my heart in episode 2 when Renee was telling him about the fight she had with Karen and Drita at Carla's B-day party. As loud and animated as Renee can be, (BTW, I LOVE Renee!) AJ listened to her as she told him what had happened the night before. However, AJ wasn't shy about respectfully telling Renee to "stop yelling"... "in my face" "you just said the "F" word like ten times.."
Then after Renee finished telling AJ what had occurred the night before,AJ simply went on to give Renee his opinion... Which was totally on point.
AJ's is one hell of a young man! Renee did an awesome job... :)
Let's not forget the kid is totally handsome and sweet!!!

jessica said...

I know him since he was a lil boy taken him away w my family and I have to say he was always smart respectable polite and affectionate n just plain adorable!! I am proud of the man he has become!! ALL AROUND WELL ADJUSTED KID xoxo

Anonymous said...

Such a cool kid this, A.J. And that says a lot about Renee to me.
Love his one word answers..... Typical for a kid 17
Love that he does try to keep his mom in touch w reality when his dad was arrested - but did so with so much love for her.

T said...

Im here checking out Blogs and I see AJs Interview. Im mad I havent taken the time to really come by and check youz out sooner!!! THIS WAS AWESOME, it takes your humor and side remarks to keep my Interest and I felt like I finished reading actually knowing more of him! Great job, Great Site, Keep up the good work!!!