Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bloggers Wanted: Sane, Semi-respectful & Hopefully Interesting

Tonight, I had a Drita of Mob Wives' moment.  My nephew called on his cell phone from prison.  He calls me to vent.  His vents are 10 to 20 minutes monologues.  I listen to his foolishness.  So when it's time to tell him he's crazy; his feelings get hurt.  He starts yelling at me over the phone.  Then I have to go beast on his ass.  He then says, "Auntie you are the only one I can vent to, why you always get mad at me."  Well I am not mad.  He is a bully.  He is a bulldozer.  If I don't address his madness, no one else will.  You also can't talk to him without going the fuck off.  He doesn't comprehend normal conversations.  Lord help us when he gets out.  It's a weird mix of can't wait to see him excitement & I may need my bat to handle his ass anxiety.  How in the fuck does he get a cell phone in prison?

Moving along, as we've shared before we are adding new shows to our blogging mix.  Chiara has my ass hooked on Single Ladies.  Also, I can't help but watch the train wreck that is Basketball Wives.  We are looking for one or two more bloggers to join our team.  There is no pay.  There is no perks.  The only thing we can offer you if you are interested are posting privileges.  We are looking for someone who can post a review or recap once a week for Single Ladies or Basketball Wives.  However, if there is a show you'd like to write about, let us know.  Send an example of your blogging skills to and the show you'd like to tackle.  We will get back to you if we like your style.  We have Mob Wives covered, thanks for reading!


Gabrielle said...

*sigh* I sure wanna raise my hand, I'm just too lazy. lol

Ro said...

Mob Mistress - god bless! We all have "one" in the family that drives us pum mad, give no love, and takes takes takes. At least he has you to try to reason with him! I hope you had a xanax afterwards!

jnettemarie said...

Ro is right Mistress, we all have one or two that drive us nuts. Mistress does he call you from his cell phone? That's crazy, but hey your probably saving a lot on collect calls and money for thier phone cards.

I wouldn't mind writting a post once or twice a week. I just couldn't start til Mid July. I'll email you an example in the next week. Do you have a show or episode you'd like me to write on? Let me know or I'll just pick my own.

And hey, are not doing the chat thing anymore? Thanks, Jnette