Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mob Wives: The Skin Rejuvenation of Renee Graziano

Renee Graziano is a soldier.  I am not referring to her mob associations through blood relation or marriage either.  I am blogging about her braving the skin rejuvenation procedure during episode 5 of Mob Wives.  As I watched the procedure, I cringed.  Watching the laser going across her skin as if an Etch 'a' Sketch pen was bananas.

Nope this is not a film clip from a remake of The Mummy.
At first I thought, 'Oh that ain't so bad.'  Then Renee shocks me by requesting more.  I think, 'She's crazy!'  So seconds later she's screaming her face is on fire.  I think, 'So you don't say!'  What is exactly Skin Rejuvenation?  It's a treatment to resurface the skin.  Smoother, clearer and younger looking is the goal.  Laser isn't the only method used for skin rejuvenation.  Yet, it's the route Dr. Klapper and Renee went.  Now one of my clients years ago did not listen to me.  I'd begged her not to go through with lasering her face.  The results were horrific after she healed.  I am happy that Renee healed properly.  She seems happy with the results.  Let me tell you, my former client's face looked like a spotted puppy's belly.  Need I write more? 

Renee Graziano during healing phase of the Skin Rejuvenation
I caught VH1's summary of episode 8 of Mob Wives.  It looks like the Mob Wives' viewer has not been waiting in vein.  It seems there may be more plastic surgery in Renee's future.  Okay, I stand by a little botox here and there.  I can understand a lift here or tuck there.  But looking at Joan Rivers, Liza Minelli,  Priscilla Presley,  and Melanie Griffith should slow Renee Graziano down.

If those names don't work this name & picture should end Renee Graziano's plastic surgery adventures.  I hate to do it.  But as I've written before Renee Graziano has been winning me over with each episode.  This is a plastic surgery blog intervention:

Elsa Patton
Elsa Patton of Bravo's Housewives of Miami mug shot

I need not blog another word.


Ro Apriele said...

UGH! I know! Renee is very pretty. I think she's already disturbing because her nose is TOO SMALL. Look at her profile! She needs to stop. A good trip to the gym, maybe, (don't we all) but stop the Plastic Stuff!!!
By the way, ladies, you have encouraged me to start a blog on another show I love, Sister Wives.
It won't be as well written as yours, but at least we can talk about it without Warnings!

Brand new - for anyone interested!

Mob Mistress said...

What warnings?! We didn't get any warnings.

Ro we look forward to your blog. We thought about adding Basketball Wives, and Single Ladies however we are are busy. We'll link it if you want. Goodnight!

Mister Sister Blogger said...

Would love a link!
On TWOP, every time we tlked something they didn't like on Mob wives or Sister Wives, they would "flag" us".
Since there was none on SW, and I love your guys so much, I thought I'd try it. We'll see if I can do it, or if there's interest.

Chiara Soprano said...

I've said it before, I am for aging gracefully. I think Renee is way too young to be having work done. There is nothing wrong with her face. I'm afraid all these surgeries and procedures will end up having a negative affect. Renee is perfect the way she is, that is what God intended, let no doctor mess with his work!

Chiara Soprano said...

Ro so happy to hear about your blog! I love writing and I can't wait to get started reading your blog!

jnettemarie said...

After I turned 41 I got a little freaked and spent a small forturne at Sephora and did some botox. But I wouldn’t do any more than maintance or very minor procedures. Women look so much better when they age gracefully (I didn’t say naturally, mama can always use a little help). I want to emulate Helen Mirren not Meg Ryan. I hope they have a real intervention for my girl Renee. Remember that Cat Lady? Renee’s bone structure would push her in that direction, right?

Ro, I can’t wait to see your site. GOOD FOR YOU WOMEN!

pj said...

You're right Chiara. the biggest mistake is that some celebrities start to early to have work done. But we should consider that they have to look maybe is not only their decision. I have a friend that did a skin rejuvenation Toronto treatment because she was working at a local television so she had to do it.