Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mob Wives: Time 2 Set A.J. Pagan's Age Right

We have different voices around here.  We have three bloggers/writers plus the voices in my head.  We also have our readers' voices.  All voices that are respectful for the most part are respected around here.  I don't tell the others what to write and they don't tell me.  We suggest around here.

Some of us think the show is scripted.  Some of us disagree.  I for one didn't ever think Carla Facciolo was 35 years old.  If I shared my profession with you all you'd understand my stance.  We did a little digging and my guesstimate of Carla being in her mid-forties was correct.  So we knew Carla was taking off the years for whatever her reasons.  Chiara noticed A.J.'s year of birth listed as 1987 on his Facebook account and his status of married.  Carla's substracting; A. J.'s adding.  As a Mob Wives' viewer she questioned what's up with the age math not balancing out? 

Well A.J. is a kid like any other kid who wanted a Facebook page.  Once upon a time, one could not have a Facebook page if they were under 18 years old.  So like any clever kid he upped his age to be part of the Facebook craze.  He also has a girlfriend.  So to show how much he is digging her, he set his status to married.  I am giggling.  Oh what it is to be young!  Why am I blogging about this now?  Well his mother reached out to the Mob Wives Blogspot to set the record straight.  We can't forget Auntie Jennifer (Creator & Executive Producer of Mob Wives) mentioning it on Twitter.  Now I don't know about your thoughts, but it's the quiet ones you got to worry about in my book.   Jennifer G. is the quiet one of the bunch.

So, A.J. Pagan is 17 years old and has a steady.  He's updated his year of birth to 1993 on his Facebook.  He wants everyone to know he appreciates all the love and support.  I am not a pedophile or anything; I have to admit the boy is hot.  I have a thing for smart guys.  Before you all call 'To Catch A Predator' on me, I really respect Renee Graziano reaching out to us.  She wasn't bullying about it at all.  She just wanted the Mob Wives' viewer to know there is no funny business going on about her son's age.  I have to share that Renee Graziano is funny as all hell over the phone.  She doesn't even try.  She tells it like it is and keeps it moving.  Renee ain't playing in regards to her baby.  Renee Graziano also wants you to know that Jail Mail Inc. will be up soon.  As any smart business woman, she's taking her time and getting the website just right.  All right, I need a manicure.  My OPI Big Apple Red nail polish is chipped.  That's a big no no if you didn't know.

A huge thanks to A.J. for reading the post & wanting to set the record straight.

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Chiara Soprano said...

Renee is a hell of a good mother. I would have done the same thing. She keeps a close eye on things and that's why AJ is such an impressive young man!

Mob Mistress said...

I couldn't agree more. She was on it like white on rice. I loved it. Renee is like chatting up your BFF. She doesn't put on airs & is open. I am gone for awhile.

Ro said...

All the kids I know have done that... so they could get on FB. I wonder what Renee will do when he is 18, and doesn't have to listen to her? Most of us parents go through it at one point or another. I feel for her, him being her only son!

jnettemarie said...

Yea that makes sense about the facebook age. And I know a lot of kids list thier married as a joke or add friends where you add your family members.

How nice to know that the ladies are aware and read this blog.

And Mistress just like you I'm off to treat my niece and myself to her very first pedi at the salon...I'm thinking OPI's Sparrow me the drama