Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap "Working Our Barrels Off" Ep 10

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married               
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                   
Jessica & John             Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel         Best Friends/Firefighters


This week Max and Katie were the first to arrive, so they will be the first to depart. The Battaglia brothers are the 4th to depart.

The airport seems to be closed until 5am, so the teams may all catch up at the airport. One flight will arrive at 1:00 and the other will arrive at 4:00.  The brothers and the country singers find an earlier flight than the other teams have booked.

Leg 10 (Berlin, Germany → Edinburgh, Scotland)

So far Team Battaglia and Team Country Singers are in the lead, with Max and Katie.

ROADBLOCK: Play the bagpipes for 2 minutes to get the next clue. The teams are coached by Scottish bagpipe players. Bates does this challenge.

Max and Katie are in the lead. Bates says he’s half Scottish – please … Grandpa Sam is turning over in his grave right now. First his oldest grandson is wearing a skirt and now he’s saying that he’s half Scottish!

Caroline is having a hard time with the bagpipes and the last two teams are catching up. Bates and Anthony are in the lead at this point.

Meghan and Joey are in last place, but Mona and Beth have to do a speed bump.

DETOUR A: Tasty Puddin -  Prepare a meal called haggis, the national dish in Scotland

Team Katie and Max
Team Jennifer and Caroline

DETOUR B: Whiskey Rollin -Transport 8 barrels of Scotch whiskey to the Whiskey Festival

Team Battaglia

SPEED BUMP: In the speed bump, soccer moms must get a strike in a 10 pin bowling alley (skittles)


Team Battaglia U-Turn Meghan and Joey
Max and Katie U-Turn Mona and Beth

Max and Katie are team number one.
Bates and Anthony are team number two.

Caroline and Jennifer are team number three.

The last two teams are now battling it out for 4th place. They both do Tasty Puddin.

Now they have to do Whiskey Rollin.

Mona and Beth are team number 4 and they are still in the race.

Joey and Meghan are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.

Next Week: Look for Caroline and Jennifer to be in trouble. Final four 2 hour episode.

 Written By: Cousin Vinny

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mob Wives: Karen Dishes Out Her Issues With Carla

Global Grind TV interviewed Karen Gravano and wanted to know what was the the real reason Karen has issues with Carla. This interview is short, but really gives some insight as to what goes on both on and off the set. Karen and Carla's family have some history, which Karen explains in more detail. Karen is very open about her life, unlike Carla who wants to keep anything regarding her family private. That is pretty hard to do when you agree to put your life on television, and even harder when you think nothing of dragging other people's families into the limelight. It seems like Karen has had enough of Carla's double standards and decided to put her reasons out there. I don't know about you, but I appreciate Karen's honesty.

Season four may not have been officially announced yet, but it sounds like the storylines and feuds are heating up.

Video Credit: GlobalGrindTV

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap The Ultimate Fun House, Ep 9

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married              
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors          
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts        
Pamela & Winnie           Best Friends                   
Jessica & John               Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel           Best Friends/Firefighters


This week Anthony and Bates were the first to arrive, so they will be the first to depart.

Teams must now make their way to Dresden, Germany.

All teams catch up at the train station that will take them to Germany.

Teams must answer 3 questions in an automated car to get their next clue.

Teams must now drive to Berlin to get their next clue – Max and Katie are in the lead. Bates and Anthony are in 4th place.

Bates lost his backpack and the country singers offer him their underwear. Fortunately, he did not lose his passport.

The country singers are supposed to follow the brothers, but they get lost.

Teams must now find the tallest building (Park Inn Hotel) and then jump down (37 Stories). Max and Katie are still in the lead.

Detour: Train Trials or Font Follies.  Build a train track or carry giant letters. Each detour terminates at a museum.

Caroline and Jennifer catch up with Bates and Anthony and the four are headed to Font Follies. Joey and Meghan are the only team to do Train Trials.  Anthony’s letter breaks and he has to get another one. Instead of getting another letter the brothers switch detours.

Mona and Beth are in 2nd place at this point. And Meghan and Joey have made 7 attempts to get their train running.

Roadblock: Identify a quote by JFK and go through a maze to find the next clue. Max and Katie are way ahead of the other teams.

Max and Katie are team number one.

Mona and Beth seem to be lost in traffic, while Joey and Meghan are on their way to the pitstop.  Bates and Anthony have made 9 attempts to construct their train tracks and are currently in last place.

Joey and Meghan are team number two.

Caroline and Jennifer are team number three.

Bates and Anthony and the Roller Derby moms are neck in neck.

Bates and Anthony are team number four.

Mona and Beth are team number five – but this is a non-elimination leg.
Mona and Beth will encounter a ‘speed bump’ next week.

Next week:  Look for Joey and Meghan to be eliminated.

The teams go to Scotland and there will be a double u-turn in “Working Our Barrels Off”.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap Season 3 Reunion! Ep 314

Dr. Drew keeps the peace!

Dr. Drew hosts/referees the season three Reunion Show of Mob Wives. He announces that Love Majewski will not be there. He says “old hatchets were buried” and new feuds were started. Then they begin the show with their first topic: Love Majewski and show some clips from various episodes.

Dr. Drew points out that Renee had some history with Love, Renee says she didn’t know her. Dr. Drew sneaks in a comment that Renee thought Love slept with Junior, Renee doesn’t take the bait. Karen says when she and Love were 17 they had an altercation and Karen bit her finger. Drita called Love "semi-mental" and Ramona called her a "psychopath" during season three. Drita doesn’t think that what Love did to Carla was okay. Then Ramona begins to air her feelings, maybe in Love’s defense, saying that Carla talks behind people’s backs, she is a “cop caller,” meanwhile her uncle [Bruno] was found dead [in the trunk of a car] with a canary in his mouth.

Love says, "I just want to ask you about..." just before edited fight.

Dr. Drew wants to move on and get to the next topic and he does it over the arguing still going on between Ramona and Carla. They replay the fight between Love and Carla that took place during the season finale. Dr. Drew wants to know what Love was trying to show Carla on the cell phone before the fight started. Carla says she wasn’t trying to show her anything. Ramona intercedes to clarify that it may have been an ethnic slur [tweet] about Love being Puerto Rican. 

There is an issue some of the ladies have with Carla using the expression “these girls” when referring to them. They find it offensive. The subject of the Botox Party comes up and there is a discussion over why Carla backed out. Carla says it’s because she wasn’t on friendly terms with any of the girls at the time. Some think it had to do with the fact that Love was invited. Ramona gets agitated by whatever Carla is saying and when Carla tell her to shut her mouth Ramona answers, “Why don’t you shut yours, you freaking Doberman pincher looking SOB!” 

When Dr. Drew asks Karen why does she dislike Carla so much, Karen says it’s because she is cold, rude and has a snippy attitude. Karen says that Carla just brought up Ramona’s father, she has called AJ’s father a “rat,” but she never wants her family brought up. Karen says Carla’s father is alive and breathing thanks to her father, Sammy Gravano. Karen strongly feels that Carla should respect Sammy enough not to disrespect his daughter and family. Carla is in denial over all this, frustrating Karen to the point she tells her, “Go on Google, Mother F*cker, go to Google!”

Drita says, "No set up, no surprises."

As for the fight, Carla feels she was set up by everyone, Love was there to attack her. Carla says she does feel Drita had her back, but she didn’t want to fight. Karen says she just wanted Carla and Love to talk it out. Love told Drita she just wanted to talk to Carla. Renee says she felt bad about the fight, but adds that Carla “leaned in” on Love and pointed her finger in her face and that was wrong. Big Ang says Love was wrong. Renee says Love wanted to address the situation, but it wasn’t the time or the place.

On to the “butter knife” incident and “Junkie-Gate.” First we go to the video tape and review what happened. Everyone seems to agree that Carla was not going to stab Renee with a butter knife, but Renee has a point to make. It wasn’t about the butter knife, it could have been anything. It was the way Carla was using the butter knife, like when she waves her finger in your face, it’s disrespectful. Drita and Big Ang say they were trying to play peacemaker. Carla tries to minimize the incident by saying she “talks with her hands.”

Dr. Drew wants to address the accusation that Carla sleeps with married men. Carla says that when she was “20” she met this guy and didn’t know he was married 100%. When that 100% confuses everyone, she clarifies and says she thought he was separated because he had his own place. When no one is buying what she is selling, Carla turns the tables on Ramona and tell her that her husband was still married when she was seeing him. Ramona fires back that he was separated and she had an 8 carat ring! Then Ramona says, (and forgive me if this isn‘t exact) “I just want to jump on you…and eat your skin off…and toothpick my teeth with one of your ribs!” 

Ramona explains her issue with Carla is that she called Renee a “junkie.” She tells Carla, “You are almost 50 years old, so ignore Renee.” Renee says she accepts what Carla said, but her friends and family are not okay with it. (Renee starts crying) She says they shouldn’t be okay with it because they know it hurt her. 

Karen, Drita and Ramona have made peace with each other. They are in a better place now and if they have issues in the future they will be able to talk them out. 

Next subject, Renee’s Rehab. Renee gets emotional about her addiction, which was going on for many years, and doesn’t want to blame Junior for all of it. It’s been a struggle for her. She has had many setbacks because of the guilt she carries for things she has done. AJ is there to support his mother. Drita adds, Renee is a great mother, just look at AJ.  Carla chimes in saying that she and Renee have had their disagreements, but she hit her hard with using the word “junkie” and she apologizes for that. Carla also apologizes to AJ and says she would never do anything to hurt him. 

What about Drita and Lee? Drita says she feels a lot of guilt. Lee is back in the house now and he has a lot of guilt for missing so many years with the girls. But, Lee is denying he cheated on Drita. So, there are still some trust issues and Drita feels like she is his semi-parole officer. When asked about the divorce, Drita says she doesn’t even know where that stands, if the paperwork went through or not. But Drita makes it clear that Lee will not be on season four of Mob Wives. He doesn’t want to be famous, and she adds most criminals don’t want to be famous.

Joe’s girlfriend, Raquel, comes up in conversation. Carla says she was angry when Raquel referred to Joe and his kids as her family. Carla says she is their mother. Renee says she was pissed at Joe for getting a younger version of Carla.

Dave makes an appearance to clarify his role on the show. He wasn’t being honest with Karen, they had a confrontation over it. Then there was the meeting with Rebecca and the issue of her taking Karina to the doctor and leaving her thong at the house. Karen found Becky to be calm and cold. Dave says he felt that Karen should know he wouldn’t bring anyone around his daughter that could not be trusted. However, when Renee presses him about his keeping things from Karen, David says, with 20/20 hindsight, he admits he was wrong. Renee is very pleased. He says he is not in love with Karen, and even though they are not together, he trusts her. So, he says, you don’t see him asking her all kinds of questions about Storm, the man she is dating.

Next, Ramona’s secret engagement. Ramona says she s going through with the wedding plans. Karen still feels Ramona doesn’t want to hear the truth and the reality of the situation, but she will always support her 100%. Ramona says she is aware of the reality, but she just wanted one happy moment without negativity. Karen feels that Ramona should not be planning a wedding while Joe is working on his case. Big Ang agrees with Karen, the life of a prison wife is very hard. Drita feels bad for Ramona because she says Joe isn’t going to be there for her. Ramona announces that Carla is invited to the wedding! Everyone wants to have the cake early.

Sex. Dr. Drew plays a few clips about the sex lives of the mob wives. Drita admits to having phone sex. Big Ang has admitted to being a member of the mile high club. Karen calls Storm, “Big Daddy.” Drita says when a man gets out of prison it’s like a fresh vegetable you have kept in the freezer, nice and fresh. There are a few jokes bleeped out, but I think Karen was saying she keeps the vegetables in the freezer because she likes them nice and hard. And Ramona says she is f*cked because there are no conjugal visits in Federal prison. Dr. Drew says, so that would mean you aren’t f*cked.”


First of all this reunion show needed to be two hours long, not one. I heard they taped seven hours of video and I know some good stuff was laying on the cutting room floor! I, for one, want to see it. Maybe they could splice some clips together and make another hour of what we missed or at least use them for bonus clips! 

Second of all, for someone who was left out of the reunion show, they sure did a lot of talking about Love. I’m glad that at least they acknowledge her presence on the show and her absence on the reunion. However, maybe I missed the reason why? Did anyone bother to address why she wasn’t there? If they did, I didn’t hear it, so we are left with just speculation and rumor. As for the fight between Love and Carla, there definitely was more to it. We all saw Love holding the cell phone and trying to show Carla something. Dr. Drew saw it too. Maybe the answer is in the 6 hours and 20 minutes of leftover footage. Ramona referred to an ethnic slur which I didn’t see myself, but heard about. But, I have seen too many negative tweets from Carla regarding Love. Some things she tweeted were unforgivable. One example, is when Carla referred to Love’s miscarriage as an abortion, more than once. Who does that? A miscarriage is heart breaking enough. Is this another case of Carla “going hard” as she calls it? Considering Love’s history, that would have been enough to start a war, but there was more. So if Love was angry at Carla, it was more than about her gossiping behind her back, or taking her angel wings logo, or dating her ex, or name calling on and off Twitter. Carla makes things very, very personal and often crosses lines and boundaries. If Love had been at the Reunion, maybe she could have had her say and explain what happened in the moments before the fight. I don’t believe Love hit her just because Carla asked why is Karen still here. Bad Editing? You tell me. 

Third of all, Carla did know that Michael “Mickey Scars” DiLeonardo, also known as Karen’s uncle “in the lifestyle,” was married (just ask Toni Marie Ricci). Can we believe anything Carla says? I heard her give three different ages about how old she was when she met and started dating him. First, I believe it was on season two’s reunion, she blurted out she was 19 and then continued that conversation on Twitter, as if to say she was young and made mistakes or didn’t know better. When the subject came up a second time, she said she was 23 when she dated Mickey. Finally, last night she claimed she was 20 when she met him. Some sources have reported that she was allegedly 28 when they were seeing each other. That sounds more plausible to me, but I am just a blogger. We know Carla has a history of shaving 9 nine years off her age, so if you add 9 to any of her numbers you will probably get a more accurate age. In which case, she should have known better, but she probably didn’t care.

Carla has never been forthcoming about her family. When Joy Behar asked her twice about her connection to the mob, she just mentioned her uncle Bruno. She never mentioned her father, Louie, was an associate. but we Googled it. She never mentioned dating “Mickey Scars” an alleged capo of a crime family. Or anyone other connection she may have had.  Just her uncle, Bruno. Between her out right lies and her lies of omission, how can we believe anything Carla says? That includes last night’s apology to Renee and AJ. Not buying it.

Fourth, I want to give out credit where credit is due, to Renee. It takes tremendous courage to admit her addiction and seek help all while in the public eye. This is a very personal matter, an extremely difficult situation and Renee aired it for all the world to see. And I know part of it has to do with her commitment to her sister Jenn, to show the reality of her life. But the other part has to do with Renee’s compassion and willingness to help others. Renee has often said f her story helps even one person to get help, whether for addiction or domestic abuse, it will have been worth it. I’m very touched by Renee’ journey and how, through it all, she still managed to be a loving mother to AJ. He is a testament to that. Has Renee made mistakes? Sure. Who hasn’t made mistakes? But it is clear how much she loves her son, how she would do anything for him, even letting him go to Florida to work and live. Letting go is the hardest thing a mother has to do.

More credit to Drita, who kept her word and didn’t fight all season. The new and improved Drita stayed focus on the positive things in her life and change her mantra from “let’s go to war” to “make peace.” Kudos to Drita! But just a word of advice, keep an eye on Lee. The first step to changing is acknowledging and accepting responsibility for your mistakes and he still denies he cheated.

Karen deserves a lot of credit too. Karen is the kind of friend everyone should have. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear. I’m sure it was difficult of her to rain on Ramona’s parade, but she felt it was necessary. She knows Ramona, she loves her unconditionally, and doesn’t want her to make a huge mistake based solely on emotion. It caused a lot of friction and animosity between them, but Karen did not back down. Ramona has to know, deep down, that Karen is not trying to ruin her wedding. Karen is trying to protect her from a life she has had first hand experience living. 

Karen is a great mother too. She raised her daughter alone for many years. When Dave got out of prison, she supported their bonding and forming a father/daughter relationship. She helped Dave get back on his feet. When Dave repaid her by keeping secrets and talking to her disrespectfully, Karen went out to Arizona to see for herself what he was hiding so her daughter wouldn’t have to be in the middle. She met with Becky and addressed her concerns. She worked out the communication issues with Dave. All in the best interest of Karina. It was great to hear Dave admit he was wrong in how he handled things with Karen. So I am going to give Dave some credit too!

Fifth, we have Ramona’s wedding. I love Ramona, and I don’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” or a “wedding dream crasher;” and I especially don’t want Ramona to make a cannibalistic snack out of me; but I am siding with Karen on this. At the very least it would be wise to wait to see how much time Joe actually gets before going through with a wedding. At the most, it sounds like Joe will be out for a week, just for the ceremony and a few extra days. He will have four security guards watching him…does that include the wedding night? I mean I haven’t heard anything to persuade me that there needs to be a rush to “tie a knot” on this relationship with so many things up in the air. There isn’t even the need to seal the deal in order to get conjugal visits. Ramona can still love Joe, and visit him without a marriage certificate. So, I’m sorry I don’t get it. But, if there is a wedding, I do look forward to seeing Carla there. However, I strongly suggest they hand out slices of cake as the guests come in the door and before they have had a chance to talk and mingle. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that party!

Kudos to Jennifer Graziano for producing another great season of Mob Wives. She tweeted there will be a season four! I already see the seeds of drama being planted in the Reunion and on Twitter. Stay Tuned!

To our readers, Thanks so much for sharing three seasons of Mob Wives with us!

Picture credit: VH1 and Drita's twitter

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mob Wives: M.M.'s Summation of Season 3 Reunion

The picture sums it up for me.  I am sure the audience saw an entirely different reunion than we did.  All the Mob Wives looked good.  Big Ang looked a little extra crispy golden brown.  I'm sure that's from filming season 2 of the Big Ang Show down in beautiful Florida.

Renee Graziano & Carla Facciolo were pushed.  I ain't mad at either lady.  Hair, make up and outfits were on point.  I wasn't even mad at Renee for the glitter blue eye shadow that matched her dress.  It could've went Mimi...

...but it didn't.  There is a God!  You all know by now I love me some Mob Wives.  However, season 3's Mob Wives Reunion fell flat for me.  It was like a Dr. Pepper without carbonation.  Dr. Pepper is my favorite soft drink by the way.  Dr. Drew's voice & demeanor puts me to sleep.  He's drier than stale toast.

It didn't help that Love Majewski wasn't in attendance.  Maybe I'm bitter.

*seconds later*

One has to care to be bitter, so that's not the right adjective.  I was underwhelmed for the 1st time regarding a Mob Wives Reunion.  Yes, that's it!  I was underwhelmed.  I liken it to a gorgeous guy I dated for a couple of months.  One night he kissed me for the first time and last time, there was no spark.

*cringing @ the memory of him sucking on my lips as if nursing*  Who kisses like that?!

Drita D'avanzo was calm & respectful.  The turning over of a new leaf may actually be real.

Big Ang remains Team Carla.

Carla Facciolo is still snapping away, still sensitive about her age and still pretty.  She owns up to sleeping with a married man.  Was she talking about Mickey Scars or Joe?
Tweets are from May 6, 2012, Joe has seemingly changed his tune a bit.  One has to love an amicable divorce!

Renee Graziano is still good old waterworks.  I love that woman!  She's been through a lot and I hope sobriety is the answer to her finding her happiness.  She gets the fierce award.  Baby girl was working the Hell out of the blue glitter.

Karen Gravano said what she had to say & a standup always.  She looks at Carla as if she's a walking STD.  I really don't think she likes that lady.

Ramona Rizzo remains feisty.  She looked good.  I'm just not feeling the ombre hair.  The doberman line had me shaking my head & chuckling.  She also called Carla out on being racist.  The body language during that exchange made more than one individual tense up.

 Anyhow it's a wrap for Mob Wives season 3!  I thank all the Mob Wives & JustJenn Productions for an hour of entertainment each Sunday.  But for those who don't know Daenerys Targaryen is the baddest bitch on television right now.  I love, love, love me some Game of Thrones!  I am sure Chiara will have her detailed Mob Wives season 3 Reunion recap & two cents up in the morning.  Her two cents has me laughing each & everytime.  And if not, the world will not end as we know it.  Toodles.

Mob Wives: Reunion Season 3 & Racism?

Carla Facciolo has used the slur white trash in regards to Love Majewski.  Let us all take a glimpse of the definition of white trash:

The term suggests outcasts from respectable society living on the fringes of the social order who are seen as dangerous because they may be criminal, unpredictable, and without respect for authority whether it be political, legal, or moral.  The term is usually a slur, but may also be used self-referentially by whites to jokingly describe their origins.  

Wow doesn't that read like the mob a little bit?  Not to offend anyone or anything but isn't the mob in essence a group of organized thieves & murderers?  Isn't her current boyfriend connected to a home invasion crime?  Don't home invasions typically involve terrorizing the victim(s) & property theft? Does Carla Facciolo not know the meaning of the the term?  I personally hate the term & do not use it.

For almost two years now Chiara and I have heard certain Mob Wives cast members are a tad racist or prejudice.  Chiara wasn't surprised.  I was the naive one.
Double click screen shot for larger view. Tweets are from April 19,  2013

"...When somebody robs MY $ I'll say what I want!!!"  ~ Carla Facciolo's tweet in response Karen Gravano's requesting Carla to tell her fans how she really feels about black people.

HELLO VH1!  I was wondering if your social media and/or PR team are reading what we're reading in Twitterverse?

One has to wonder how smart some folks may or may not be.  It appears Carla Facciolo thinks it justifiable to say what she wants because the individual stole $$$ from her.  Really?  Well can we at least give Carla one clown point for not denying it?

Time & time again we heard specific stories with details from two or more sources.  I even learned one of the spouses allegedly used the N-word.  I wrote about it and was asked to take it down for fear of his safety.  I think people should own their actions.  Yet, I had consideration for his kids & edited the Voila Davis post.

I do not believe source after source is lying to our site in regards to certain Mob Wives having a prejudice bone in their body.  We blogged about it HERE back in 2011.

VH1 really should step up their social media PR game.  Some of their reality personalities are slipping through the cracks.

Tonight is the night of the Mob Wives Reunion @ 9PM, can't wait to see all the ladies mobbed glam upped on VH1.  Well NOT all of the ladies,  the powers that be saw fit to exclude Love Majewski from the reunion.  All they had to do was....

I kid! I kid!  I really think it sucks major ass that Love Majewski was not part of Mob Wives Reunion season 3 when she was such a major cast member.  Viewers talked & typed about Love Majewski nonstop.

White Trash Can Photo Credit: Tuesdays With Dorie

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mob Wives: Reunion Sneak Peek

The truth always comes out!

Here is the last sneak peek of season three! Karen puts it all out on the table when she explains one of the real reasons she dislikes Carla so much. Karen says her father, Sammy, did Carla's father the favor of keeping him alive, back in the day. She feels Carla should respect Sammy for what he did and, by extension, she should respect Karen. Karen also doesn't like the fact that Carla feels she can mention everyone else's family members, but when it comes to her family, she doesn't want anyone brought up. What do you think? I think we got a storyline for season four!


Video Credit: VH1

Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap "My Cheese Is Out Of Control" Ep 8

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married               
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts        
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                   
Jessica & John              Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel          Best Friends/Firefighters


Note: Last week, The Amazing Race did not air due to 48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards.

This week Anthony and Bates were the first to arrive, so they will be the first to depart. The Hockey Players and grandsons of Chicago crime boss, Salvatore "Teets" Battaglia, have done well throughout the race! Let's see if they can keep it up!

Leg 8 (Maun, Botswana → Switzerland)

Zurich, Switzerland a conductor will hand them their next clue.
From Zurich they have to go to Grindelwald.

The hockey brothers are traveling with the country singers.

Teams must now travel with a rescue dog by train. In Aletschgletscher: TASK - Deliver a St. Bernard dog to a mountain rescue team. When they deliver the rescue dog toward the top of the mountain, they have to continue up the mountain by elevator to retrieve the next clue. Anthony helps the country singers with their dog.

“Who Wants To Enjoy The Sights”.  In this Roadblock the teams to climb out of an observation window and travel across a mountain 6,000 feet up to get a gnome that has their next clue.

Bates is first person out the observatory and the drop is straight down.
Katie follows behind him. The gnomes are wedged in the mountain.

Bates and Anthony are done first, but must now go to a train station and wait for a train where other teams may catch up.

Now, in what may be called a switchback, teams have to use a snow sled, climb a mountain to pick up a 50 pound cheese. Bates & Anthony have been ahead since the beginning of this leg. Bates & Anthony get their cheese and go down the hill.

Caroline & Jennifer have difficulties transporting the cheese.

Joey & Meghan arrive, with Chuck & Wynona just behind them. These teams have been the last two teams and have struggled throughout this leg.

Bates & Anthony arrive at Bodmi Snowboard School, it is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. They are team number one! Once again the Battaglia brothers lead in the Amazing Race!

Mona & Beth are team number two.
Max & Katie are team number three.
Caroline & Jennifer are team number four.

Chuck & Wynona arrive in fifth place. They incur a 30 minute penalty because they did not carry the cheese down according to the clue. Joey and Meghan get to the Pit Stop, and are the last team to arrive.
Since Chuck & Wynona have incurred a penalty, Joey and Meghan are still in the race and are team number five.

Due to the penalty, Chuck & Wynona are officially the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mob Wives: Love Majewski Explains Being Fired

I watched & listened to this interview in disbelief.  Love Majewski is entitled to her feelings & opinions.  It was her experience as the newest mob wife on VH1's Mob Wives series.

Love Majewski's make up looked great.

*shakes my head*

20 minutes later, I am still just perplexed.  I don't know get... fuck it never mind.  I've never been more speechless than this moment.  We wish the fired mob wife the very best.  I'd watch a show featuring Ms. Majewski.  I hope it happens for her.

I appreciate Rock Metal Inc postings the interview.  I love the interviewer's bracelets.


I get editing. 

One should own their actions.

Her ego seemed quite large.

The person I've interviewed and spoken to is humble and owns her actions. I didn't get that from this interview.

Love Majewski's assessment: She doesn't have fans. She has friends she's never met is an invitation to crazies & needy folk.

The blogger that she claims upset her by contacting an ex is the same one she RTs & deals with until this very day. It makes no sense to me.

I wasn't a fan of the interview. Reality television is NOT some big mystery. Love Majewski is a smart woman & knew she could get a bad edit. She signed on the dotted line & got paid.

I loved her make up. It was flawless!

It's her life. It was her shot. She's grown. She can do & say what she pleases. She the one who lives with the consequences.  

I wish her health, happiness & success.

That's the cliff note version of my two cents.

Video Credit: Rock Metal Inc

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mob Wives: Dave Seabrook's HOT 97 NY Interview

A rare and real interview with David Seabrook, Karen's ex, was recently done by Hot 97. Dave speaks about how he and Karen met and their relationship over the years. Dave is the father of Karen's daughter, Karina, and since being released from prison, he has been building a relationship with her. Dave wants to get out his side of the story and clear up some misrepresentations that he feels were made on the show. He talks about Karen's family and her father, Sammy the Bull, who accepted him as part of the family and welcomed him with open arms. Dave goes into the details of how he, Gerard and Sammy ended up in a prison when they were all out in Arizona. Dave says he spent 18 years of his life in prison, but now he feels he is doing very well in business. Dave is also pursuing other opportunities and says he will be a recurring cast member in season four o Mob Wives if it is picked up.

Watch the complete and very interesting interview!

Video Credit: HOT 97 NY

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carmela's Food Blog: Chicken Marsala with Marcapone Cheese

My dad was the inventor of Marsala sauce. Well, not really, but I like to think so. He did many variations using Marsala wine, but when I saw it mixed with Marscapone cheese from Giada I thought well, let me give this a try. This dish is easy and only requires my cutting board of ingredients shown below. I like to measure everything out first because it makes the cooking process go smoothly.

You will need:
1 1/2 pounds of chicken breast cut into strips
Olive oil - enough to coat bottom of your saute pan nicely.
Butter - 3 tablespoons or so.
1 onion diced
1 package of sliced mushrooms
2 tablespoons chopped garlic
1 cup of Marsala wine
1 cup Marscapone cheese
8 ounces of cooked pasta, I used fettuccine noodles imported from Italy.

Salt & pepper your strips of chicken. Oil your frying pan and saute the strips of chicken on both sides- maybe 3 minutes each side. Take the chicken out and set in a plate.

Leave the oil in the pan and melt the butter. Add the onions, garlic and sliced mushrooms. Saute them for about 15 minutes. The water from the mushrooms will evaporate. Add the Marsala wine to de-glaze the pan and simmer for about 5 minutes. The wine will cook down to maybe half. Add in the Marscapone cheese and mix well by stirring it together so it's combined.  The Marscapone will fold in like silk. Add the chicken strips back in with whatever juices that  are on the plate. Simmer till chicken is cooked and sauce thickens. Maybe about 4 minutes. Serve over cooked fettuccine noodles.

I hope you enjoy this twist added to the traditional Chicken Marsala recipe.

Please follow me on twitter @carmelacorleone 

Amazing Race 22: Preview "My Cheese Is Out Of Control" Ep 8

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors              
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds        
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers        
Chuck & Wynona          Married            
David & Connor              Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer         Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan              Friends/YouTube Hosts        
Pamela & Winnie           Best Friends                   
Jessica & John               Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel           Best Friends/Firefighters


The Amazing Race did not air Sunday due to 48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards.

What we can expect to see next week?

Anthony and Bates were the first to arrive, so they will be the first to depart.

The race will take place in Switzerland, in the snow.  Bates and Anthony are trained to maneuver on ice, but how will they do in the snow?

This leg of the race will be reminiscent of Amazing Race 14, Leg 1: Don’t Let A Cheese Hit Me.
In that episode, 11 teams were in Switzerland, where they bungee jumped off the Verzasca Dam. Then, each team received a clue by to transport 200 pounds of cheese down a steep hill using wooden cheese racks.

This leg may be a switchback. Here s a preview of next week's show:


          “My Cheese is Out of Control” – Teams race through Switzerland where they grapple with giant wheels of cheese in a return to a classic Race challenge “Switchback,” and Racers are on the edge when they dangle thousands of feet in the air traversing the north face of Eiger mountain, on THE AMAZING RACE, Sunday, April 14 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Emmy Award nominee Phil Keoghan (@philkeoghan) is the host.

Air Date: Sunday, April 14, 2013
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#2208) "My Cheese is Out of Control"

[NOTE: The preceding article is a press release issued by the aforementioned network and/or company. Any errors, typos, etc. are attributed to the original author. The release is reproduced solely for the dissemination of the enclosed information.]

Spoiler Alert …. Stop reading here if you don’t want to know who may get eliminated next week …


The next team to get eliminated is rumored to be Joey and Meghan.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mob Wives: FINALE Recap "Love Hurts," Ep 313

Instant Replay of Fight Scene

"I'm no Carla cheerleader but I don't wanna see anyone pulverized." Ramona

Ramona and Karen go shopping for some 80’s clothes for Drita’s birthday party. Karen takes this opportunity to tell Ramona how she feels about her reaction at the pre-nup party. Karen didn’t appreciate being treating like the “wedding basher.” She tells Ramona all she has been trying to do is to look out for her. Ramona says she gets it. They bring up how Love attacked Ramona’s friend at the pre-nup party. They are both concerned that Love will go after Carla at Drita’s upcoming party. Karen feels she is very good friends with Love and thinks that she will listen to her. Ramona feels that Carla is very sarcastic and will set Love off.

Carla meets Joe for coffee. She wants to tell him that she was served with the divorce papers and she didn’t like the guy who brought them. She says the divorce is the least of her problems. She tells Joe about Love and the issue with the “wings” at his business. Joe says that his father drew the wings himself. Carla says Love is telling everybody that Carla stole the wings. Then she tells him about Drita’s party and that Love will be there. He advises her that she is a mother with two kids and she should stay out of trouble, If trouble starts, she should just leave and say good-bye. Don’t get involved in the BS.

Drita gets a call from Lee while she is driving. Lee is still in the halfway house, but not for long. They talk about him coming back home to live. Drita has a big decision to make and while she is afraid, she has decided to let him come home and give their family another chance. It will be a major adjustment for all of them. Drita thinks they will either get along great or not at all. She tells him that she can’t go through another situation where he goes back to jail. She is worried about her daughters getting too attached and then something happens. Aleeya loves her father very much, but is a little reserved. Lee says that’s his girl. Lee reassures Drita that he is done with jail and just wants to spend time with his girls and be a father. Drita is willing to take the risk.

Ramona looks for bridal dresses, everything else concerning the wedding is all set. Her best man, Sammy, goes with her. She wants this wedding to be the one she always dreamed of, but never had. She wants a big, sparkling dress…the “bada bing dress.” Ramona wishes she had the support of her friends and family and that her groom was out of prison. Sammy will be walking her down the aisle. He suggests she invites her parents. Ramona laughs. She says Joe is her soul mate.

"I want to go to a party where I can have cake!" Ramona

Karen asks Ramona if she talked to Love. She tells Ramona she got a text from Love saying she broke her hand by punching a wall and is in the ER. Ramona says she would feel bad if Carla got hurt at Drita’s party because she is a mother. Karen decides to call Love. Love tells her she broke six bones in her hand. Love says she will go after Carla if she talks down to her, she will not be disrespected. Karen thinks Drita can stop Carla from being snippy while she handles Love’s anger and keeps it in check. Ramona just wants to go to one party where she gets to eat a piece of cake!

PARTY TIME! Big Ang and Carla walk into the party and no one is there yet. Carla immediately calls Love a “trash bag.” They are either early or everyone else is late. Karen and Ramona show up. Karen knows, from her conversation with Love on the phone, that she is very, very angry and extremely heated. Big Ang asks if Love is coming. No one knows, because she broke her hand. Carla doesn’t care. Drita arrives and says hello to everyone. Carla says she is not worried about seeing Renee, they have agreed to be cordial whenever they meet up. Renee arrives and has mixed feelings about seeing Carla. Renee is still hurt and knows she has to ignore Carla. Carla thinks it’s awkward because Renee can’t look at her. And Renee is twitching because she can’t stand the sound of Carla’s voice. Renee says she came for Drita, but doesn’t want to be in a room with someone she doesn’t like. Drita just wants a peaceful party. Everyone starts dancing and toasting to new beginnings.

"Oh, I'm not behaving,  I'm just waiting, there's a big difference." Love

Love arrives. Carla feels Love is psychotic. Love is clearly pissed because Carla has been talking about her. Love walks in and kisses Karen. Carla ignores Love. Drita is surprised that Love is in a good mood. Renee asks Love about her cast. Love tells her she hit a steel beam. Love’s eye is twitching and she is holding her head. She asks for a drink. Big Ang decides to go out for a smoke and Drita decides to leave for a minute, at the same time. Karen compliments Love on behaving. Love says she isn’t behaving, she is waiting. Ramona is like OMG!

"All of a sudden my party turned into a zoo!" Drita

Love says she demands and expects respect and she will get it one way or another. Karen tells Love if she needs to talk to Carla, then just talk, no violence. Karen then tells Carla that Love wants to talk to her. Love is trying to stay calm. Ramona says Karen needs to be alert if Love is near Carla. The three of them, Love, Karen and Carla, go off to a corner to talk. Carla and Love sit down. Karen is right there, beside them. Love has her cell phone out. Carla wants to know why Karen is there. Love says she is there “to keep me from knocking your teeth down your throat.” Love jumps up and lunges at Carla and grabs her hair. There is complete confusion and chaos. A mob gathers trying to break up the fight. Carla trusts no one. Drita is upset her party turned into a zoo. Karen is upset and wants to talk to Carla. She feels bad because it looks like she set her up. Carla feels set up. Carla’s hand is bleeding and Ramona tries to get close enough to help. Carla wants everyone to leave her alone. Karen is mad at Love for not even hearing Carla out. Karen tells Drita what happened and says she was standing right there to prevent any attack, but Love hit her. Carla is riled up and Renee feels bad for her. She says Carla is alone in a pack of wolves.

"I need to find Love, see what happened, what triggered her so quick." Karen

Karen needs to find Love to see if she is okay and what triggered her so quick. Karen goes out to the car and tells Love it looks like she set Carla up. Karen said she gave her word there would be no violence. Karen can’t calm Love down. Karen feels Love was wrong for hitting Carla so quickly. Drita is pissed with Love, she wanted them to just talk and air out their differences. Carla tells them what Love said about Karen being there to stop them from fighting. Karen is upset that she gave her word and Love went against it. Both Drita and Karen know it all looks like a set up. Love tells Karen all the reasons she is mad and Karen understands, but doesn’t like that it all happened so fast. Karen tells Carla that she didn’t set her up. Carla says she is done with Love. Drita says it doesn’t look good on Love’s part, she waited for Big Ang and Drita to leave to attack Carla.

"I never thought I would witness Renee's taking care of Carla right now." Big Ang

Renee goes over to Carla. She wants to help her take care of her hand and stop the bleeding. They pour vodka on her hand to sterilize it. Renee says she helps Carla because even though she is a drug addict, she is still a good person. Carla says they hurt each other Renee helps Carla even though they aren’t speaking. Drita apologizes to Carla that this all happened. Carla is glad everyone saw Love’s true colors. Renee feels good about herself for helping Carla and turning the other cheek. Drita is happy with her life right now.

Carmela's Best Quote of the Night: "It took a lot of rehab, a whole lot of prayers, patience and self respect but right now I feel so damn good bout myself." Renee


The whole big theme running through season three was the conflict between Love and Carla. It was supposed to culminate in a confrontation/fight. Everyone knew it was coming and you didn’t have to be a psychic to predict it. Many of us wanted a to see a fight. Why? Because Carla is cold. Carla runs her mouth. Carla is her own worst enemy. She is not a nice person. She is a narcissist…I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Now I consider myself a skeptic and a cynic. In the early blogging days, I kept saying the show was scripted and Mob Mistress would tell me it’s not. And she would explain the difference to me and about how they arranged for cast members to meet and suggest topics for conversation, that’s reality television. And so I began to change my view about Mob Wives. The show was much more real than other shows. The issues more intense and the basis for arguments and fights were far more legitimate. I was a happy little blogger, until last night. This finale definitely had a scripted feel to it and, if so, it was disappointing.

What I saw in season three was the building of Love’s story arc, with a beginning, middle and end. Love hears Carla is talking about her. Carla says she doesn’t know Love, why would she talk about her. Add fuel to the fire and throw in an old issue over some logo wings being stolen. Get everyone really worked up and then throw a party and invite both Love and Carla and let’s see what happens.

First of all, everyone knew Love would go after Carla. Love said she was going after Carla. But, at the same time, everyone worried about Carla getting hurt. No one wanted that to happen. Right? The only party Carla would attend is one thrown by Drita, because she is her friend. Whose idea was it for Drta to have a party? Whose idea was it for her to invite Love too? Karen thinks the party will be fine because she can control Love’s anger in some way. I think if we know anything about Love it’s that no one can control her, especially when she is angry. Karen thinks Drita can stop Carla from being “snippy?” That’s like trying to stop Niagra Falls from running. But off they all go to Drita’s party dressed in their 80’s attire (except for Carla). What happens next? Big Ang AND Drita both leave the party at the same exact moment. Aren’t these the two people most concerned about Carla’s well being? Sounds like a great and SUBTLE plan hatched by the producers/writers to me. And, at just the moment that Ang and Drita step out the door, Karen negotiates a little sit down between Carla and Love. Karen, who just said a few minutes earlier that Love was very, very angry and extremely heated, thinks this sit down is a good idea? Carla and Love start talking and, within a millisecond, Love jumps up. Love is holding her cell phone and looked calm one second, then in the next, she goes ballistic. Why? Was Love already primed to react? Did Carla say something to provoke her? I don’t put it past her and I don’t trust editing. Editing manipulates events so we see what they want us to see and hear. Am I the only one who thinks Carla could have said something to trigger Love’s reaction? And don’t you love how everyone was surprised and upset that a fight even took place? Really? Where are the Academy Award people when you need them?  Oh, and VH1 just happened to have six, seven or eight big security officers right there on the spot, just when the fight occurs?

Carla thinks she was set up. Maybe she was set up, but not by Karen. I think Karen’s intentions were good, but her judgment was off.  However, maybe the producers and writers and all the creative geniuses who arranged for things to go like scripted clockwork at the party, maybe they had a hand in setting Carla up? Maybe they told Ang and Drita when to leave? Maybe they told Karen when to arrange the sit down? Maybe they told Love to ask to talk to Carla? Maybe they told Drita to invite Love to the party? What do you think?

I’ll tell you what I think. If Carla was set up by production, then Love was equally set up. Everyone who works on Mob Wives or watches the show knows Love is quick to anger. Love doesn’t hold anything back. Did they fuel that anger? Was Love brought on the show to create this season’s major drama and finale fight? How many times did she say she was going beat up Carla for talking about her behind her back? And yet, production knew all this and still thought it was a great idea to get Love and Carla (and a bunch of big security guards) together. Yes, Love slapped Carla and grabbed fistfuls of her hair. But, there was a long history building up to this point, on and off the camera. If Carla didn’t know Love, she knew OF Love because she has been “dating” Love’s ex for at least two years. Don’t you think they had conversations about Love that could have led to Carla’s gossiping about her? That could be why Carla was talking about Love without having actually met her. And what did Love actually do that wasn’t done before on the show? Remember fights on the rooftop, the balcony and in Renee’s dining room? No one got fired over any of those fights. No one was banned from the reunion show. Was this really any different? You tell me. Carla’s hand was bleeding, other than that she looked fine to me. For all I know, someone in production gave her one of those Hollywood blood capsules to break open just to make it appear she was hurt. Not one hair on her head even looked out of place after the fight. (How much hair spray does she use?) And was Love encouraged to hit Carla at the party, or did production just know it would happen? Either way, does that make Love responsible? I am just skeptical about everything now.

I don’t know all the behind the scene issues, but I am not happy that Love was fired. Love brought a new dynamic to the show. She has history with Karen and Ramona. She has been engaged to or in relationships with mobsters. She has a big fan following. They are losing a great asset to the show by letting her go. I also think it’s unfair she will not be able to have her say at the reunion. It’s all very disappointing to say the least.

In my opinion. Love was brought on the show to do a job and she did it. They wanted a finale melee and she gave it to them. And, for going along with her story arc and delivering what everyone wanted, her thanks for it all was being fired and also banned from the reunion. All I can do is shake my head at the way this was all handled.

Good Luck to you Love in all your future endeavors. You will certainly be missed on Mob Wives.

Video Credit: VH1

Be sure to read Mob Mistress' take on the finale @ Mob Mistress Final Word

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mob Wives: Not a Season 3 Finale Recap

Individuals have asked why we don't like Drita.  First there is no we. There are five bloggers here and some of us do like Drita per television.  I've never taken a liking to Drita D'avanzo per television.  My not typing about the glory of bravado doesn't effect her life.  If she ever dropped a tear over what some blogger wrote I HIGHLY DOUBT it.  If she did, I suggest a good book or therapy.

Unlike some folks online, I do not inflate my value as it pertains to Mob Wives.  I'm just ONE VIEWER who runs a site with a dear friend, end of story.  I'm still not a Mrs. D'avanzo fan.  If she comes up with a cure for cancer I may change my mind.  I did find her much easier to tolerate season 3 of Mob Wives.  It was really nice to see her happy.  I do not know Drita D'avanzo.  I never will.  My opinion is based on an edited television show, interviews, my sources and my high eye roll count during scenes.  In spite of my not caring for Drita, I understand thousands of others adore her and think she's the next best thing since hot pink lip gloss.

Some seem to take issue with my liking Love Majewski.  Love and I go back to her I Married A Mobster episode.  We built a blogger/ reality personality rapport.  The woman makes me laugh.  Yes, I know she has a violent past, present and possibly future.  Yet, she reads authentic to me unlike Drita D'avanzo has as I watch season 1 & season 2 of Mob Wives.  I could be totally wrong about Drita.  I could be totally wrong about Love.  So fucking what?  It's my opinion and I'm good with it.

I watched tonight's episode of Mob Wives with a bit of blogger's sadness.  I miss Sundays without the supreme foolishness of Mob Wives' madness.  If anyone was shocked Love Majewski slapped and held on to Carla Facciolo's mane, you're not an avid Mob Wives' viewer.  Season 3 has been 60% percent about Carla done neighed her way into a potential Love beatdown.  *shrugs*  So tonight it happened.  Remember editing doesn't show us all.  I remember Carla tweeting Love didn't touch her & all she can do is pull hair.  Well Love clearly slapped her and then grabbed her hair.  Carla also tweeted it wasn't her blood.

Love Majewski was wrong.

Carla Facciolo lied.

What the fuck is new?  Do any of us really tune in Sunday after Sunday to watch each & every mob wife play nice?  Sure I like the light moments, when some of the ladies are simply having fun, spending time with their children & being funny.  I can own I don't tune in for Kumbaya.

Big Ang confirmed she's not neutral.

Ramona proved she can rock a beautiful wedding dress after 4 kids.

Renee is still Captain Forgive a Ho.

And Karen Gravano, my beloved mob wife who fed a fat bitch (me)..... how do I type this?  Karen knew damn well Love is uncontrollable.   I've spoken with Love and I know one second she is as rational as a Harvard Professor, a second later I think I'm talking to Hannibal Lecter's long lost lovechild.

The Mob Wives' finale phone call pretty much told anyone who heard it what Love's agenda was.... Folks if I knew, each and every mob wife knew and if they knew production knew.  Season 3 was not much more than a google map to the conclusion Love Is Going Beat Up Carla.  Wrong as many of us were, after she called Renee Graziano a junkie, some hoped for it.  I'm grateful it wasn't a severe case of horse abuse.  No one wants Peta throwing red paint on our Mob Wives T-shirts.

Love was fired.  I got wind of it when a certain member of Big Ang's camp started gloating about it.  Things travel microwave fast on Staten Island.  Some claim it's because Love slapped Carla.  Others claim it's because she punched a wall which Carla tweeted about.  I'll frankly never know the reason.  Fuck the reason, Love Majewski added a vibrant, crazy, charismatic, edge to the show.  I enjoyed watching her in action.  Let's be honest violence has always been part of Mob Wives.  I can't claim to be a fan.  At the end of the day, I don't give all that much of a fuck.  I type my opinion and/or information I've obtained when I feel like it.  And as always, it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Check back in the morning for Chiara's Finale Recap, I can't wait for her two cents.

Photo credit: VH1, Ramona Rizzo's Twitter, Love Majewski's Twitter and Carla Facciolo's Twitter

Mob Wives: Love Majewski Exits Show

Love's history is no surprise to anyone.

Love introduces herself by saying, "I've poisoned people, I've shot them, I stabbed my last boyfriend in front of his mother. It was horrible."

I haven’t spoken to anyone directly regarding the issue of why Love is leaving Mob Wives after one season. There is a lot of speculation, rumor and blame to go around. This story seems to have more than just two sides to it. All indications point to the supposition that Carla allegedly played a role in Love’s departure. Love’s actions may have played a role in her leaving. But, there are also production companies involved like, Just Jenn, Left/Right, Electus, The Weinstein Company and, of course the network itself, VH1. There may be legal issues, contractual issues, production issues all tied together, that I have no knowledge of, nor do I need to. What seems clear at the moment is that Love will not be on the reunion show or in season four, unless something changes.

Tonight we will see the fight between Love and Carla that has been building all season long. Everyone associated with the show, or who is a fan, saw this coming. I don’t know any of the details, but I would stick my neck out and bet that Love was encouraged to confront Carla by producers. Love’s reputation for fighting preceded her appearance on the show. She even talks about her past in the first episodes, so it’s clear to all involved that she has a propensity to act out when provoked. Fighting on the show generates ratings. Ratings generate income and profit. Everyone benefits financially if the show does well, and the show would be picked up for a fourth season. Well, everyone benefits except Love.

Chances are we will not be seeing the entire fight because it will be edited to some degree. The events leading up to the finale fight were about Love being angry that Carla continually talked behind her back. And we know Carla loves gossip about the “word on the street.” There is the issue of “Wing-Gate,” which, if true, has been going on a long time. There has also been a couple or more heated arguments on Twitter between Carla and Love, over the past few months. And finally, Carla’s dating Love’s short-term ex, Handy Man, which is probably a non issue for Love.

I can’t help but wonder if Love was brought on to the show, not only because she is long time friends of Karen and Ramona, but also because of her past history with violence? I have no personal knowledge of this, but I do wonder if production helped to set up this finale fight between Love and Carla? If that is the case, I don’t understand how Love is to blame and allegedly “got fired” for something that was orchestrated behind the scenes. I almost feel that Love’s anger issues were being somewhat encouraged and exploited for the sake of the show and ratings. And, it's my opinion that she may now be the scapegoat for whatever problems were brought on by her following through with the fight at Drita’s party by confronting Carla.

We may never know the whole story and have to draw our own conclusions about what did or didn‘t happen. I don’t know if it’s true, but some speculate that Carla may have threatened to press charges or got a restraining order against Love, in which case Love would not be able to work with Carla. Of all the theories out there, that makes the most sense to me. However, I am very sorry to see Love leave the show. I was looking forward to seeing her next season. I hope things can be resolved so that does happen, but if not, I do wish her the best in all her new projects. As for the reunion, I wish that she would have been given the opportunity to address what happened this season like all the other mob wives. I feel Love was a significant part of season three which is evidenced by their naming four episodes, out of thirteen, about Love: “No Love Lost, Winging It, Crazy Love, and Love Hurts (the title used for Love’s I Married A Mobster episode).

Good luck and best wishes to Love in all her future endeavors! We have not heard the last of her yet!

Picture Credit: VH1

Mob Wives: Finale Sneak Peek! Bloody Melee

The Finale is on FIRE!

Well here we have it, the fight of the season that we have all been waiting for. It's Drita's birthday party and everyone dresses in the 80's attire, except Carla...what else is new. Everyone seems to be getting along until Drita and Big Ang step outside for one minute, then a huge fight ensues between Love and Carla. Drita comes back trying to find her family in the crowd, security guards are trying to break things up, Big Ang says Carla is acting like a maniac, Karen is upset, Ramona needs to check on Karen, it's confusion and chaos. Another season ends with a BIG BIG BANG!

Make sure to tune in tonight at 10 PM ET for the big finale of Mob Wives, called "Love Hurts." (this also happens to be the title of Love's episode on I Married A Mobster!)

Video Credit: VH1

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap "Be Safe And Don't Hit A Cow" Ep 7

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                 Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married              
David & Connor              Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer         Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan              Friends/YouTube Hosts        
Pamela & Winnie           Best Friends                   
Jessica & John               Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel           Best Friends/Firefighters


Lets look for Joey/Meghan or Pam/Winnie to be eliminated.

LEG 7 (Maun, Botswana )

Starting with 7 teams:
Bates and Anthony depart first and must go to the Boro Village for the next clue. Winnie and Pam think that they are so smart that the show should be just about them. Caroline and Jennifer are the fourth to depart and they are allies of Bates and Anthony. Max and Katie are the last to depart and will have to do a speed bump for coming in last, last week.

Meghan and Joey apparently can’t drive anywhere without GPS.

Caroline and Jennifer get a speeding ticket.

FAST FORWARD: Water ski in crocodile-infested waters.
The grandsons of Sam Battaglia, decide to take the Fast Forward. Hockey brothers Bates and Anthony must water ski in crocodile infested waters. They compare themselves to Italian sausage for crocodiles. They do the task and get to go directly to the Pit Stop.

Caroline and Jennifer go to the police station to pay the speeding ticket.

Max and Katie get stopped for speeding and now they have to pay a ticket, which delays them even more.

ROADBLOCK: sail a Mokoro, a canoe that is particular to Botswana, down the Thamalakane River and trade two goats for the next clue.

Teams must make their way by water taxi to the next clue.

In the speed bump, Max and Katie have to wear grass skirts and do a seductive dance.

Thanks to the Fast Forward, Bates and Anthony are team number one.

Chuck & Wynona, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer and Pam & Winnie are at the next Detour. Max and Katie and Joey and Meghan are way behind.

DETOUR:  “Brains” or “Brawn”. In Brains they have to find animal cutouts that they have memorized and must place in the correct order in which they were seen and in Brawn they have stack wood in a wagon and use donkeys that are lead by a carrot to carry the wood.

Mona and Beth are team number two.

Caroline and Jennifer are team number 3.
Chuck and Wyonna are team number 4.
Joey and Meghan are team number 5.
Max and Katie are team number 6.

Pam and Winnie switch challenges and arrive last.  They are eliminated from the race.  Now if the show were all about them, as they said it should be at the beginning of the episode, the show would be over.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap "Crazy Love," Ep 312

The BEST scene from last night's episode!

Love meets Karen for lunch. Karen tells Love about a “pre-nup party” she is planning, to teach women “how not to get f*cked” and protect their assets. Love says she hates pre-nups. Karen tells Love that she thinks Ramona will think the party is about her, but Karen has been wanting to do this for a long time. Love is hurt because Ramona never bothered to tell her she was engaged or getting married, and is going to talk to her about that when she sees her. Karen thinks Ramona kept her engagement and wedding plans a secret because maybe, deep down, she isn’t too happy about it herself and doesn’t want to hear the truth.

Drita is thrilled with the way her store turned out. She says Lee is stunned by all the work she has done to it. Drita interviews several people for her business. She needs people who have experience doing make-up. A guy comes in who does hair. Drita says apparently he didn’t read the help wanted ad too closely. Drita wants people who are honest and who she can trust because she will be away a lot of the time. She feels picking the right people is key to her success.

Ramona and her daughters are talking about her wedding to Joe. Ramona says she is excited about it. Her daughter, Anissa, doesn’t understand the concept of her marrying someone who is going to prison. While they talk, a call from Joe comes in. Ramona wants to know how much longer it might be before he can get out. She tells him about the plans she made for the wedding and says the place can be ready at a moment’s notice. He tells her they are still waiting to hear about his bail situation. Joe says something to make Ramona smile. Ramona is determined to get married.

Big Ang visits Carla at her house. Carla has prepared a nice salad. Big Ang doesn’t like eating healthy “sh*t.” Ang tells Carla that Drita’s store looks nice and Drita is having a birthday party. Carla mentions Love. She tells Ang that Love made friends with Derek’s ex-wife and goes to her house. Love tells his ex that he is dating Carla and the ex-wife tells this all to Carla. Carla says Love forgot to mention that she was “bangin’” Derek for two months, herself. Big Ang can’t get over it. Carla calls Love a stalker. The doorbell rings. Carla thinks it may be somebody. (Ya think?) Someone hands her papers. They are the divorce papers from Joe. Carla has been served. She tells Ang that she is happy and Joe will always have her back. Big Ang is happy for Carla.

Renee and Ramona get together. Renee wants to check out the competition’s shoes, now that she is starting a shoe line for Mob Candy. Ramona mentions the pre-nup party. Ramona isn’t sure how to take Karen’s intentions for throwing that kind of party. Renee tells her she doesn’t think Karen is throwing “jabs” at her, she think it’s more about enlightening everyone. They both feel it does have something to do with Ramona, it’s only natural, because she is the only one getting married. Ramona says knowledge is power.

Drita’s store is open for business. It’s her time to shine. Karen drops by to wish her luck and they have a few laughs. Karen tells her she is proud of her. Karen says that everything they (the mob wives) are doing is for their children. Karen invites Drita to the pre-nup party. Drita is all about protecting her finances and is happy to go.

Renee walks in to Big Ang’s house and they discuss their recent facial work. Big Ang had a liquid facelift, while Renee had her lips done. Renee tells Ang that AJ is getting another tattoo and she doesn’t like it. She feels that, at 19, he is too young for more tattoos. Big Ang says her son AJ is doing good and will be out of rehab in a few months. Big Ang shows Renee her turtle.

At Chelsea Manor the “Pre-Nup” Party takes place. Karen tells Big Ang that she will support Ramona 100% in anything she decides to do regarding her marriage to Joe. Ramona doesn’t really want to go to Karen’s party, so she invited some of her own friends to go with her to distract her. Karen tells Ramona that the party is not about her, and Ramona kind of takes her at her word. Because it’s a pre-nup party and not about Ramona, Ramona turns to Love and asks her if she is getting married. Love says, no, are you? Love tells Ramona she was hurt that she wasn’t old about the engagement or wedding and had to hear it from someone else. Ramona says she was too busy to make sure everyone knew and doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. So what if Love didn’t hear the news.  Karen just wants to have a party that will provide information that they may all one day need. The pre-nup instructor begins by talking about what happens if you don’t have a pre-nup. Renee almost thinks this is a joke because in their lifestyle, there is no divorce and no pre-nup. In fact there is nothing to do with courts. Karen tries to make a point that this is just about advice, but no one is even listening. The whole point of the party gets derailed.

In the meantime, Carla gets together with her friend Etty, and says she is happy to be out of the drama and doing her own thing. She is glad she isn’t at the pre-nup party because with those women it could easily turn into a brawl. Carla tells Etty she talks to just Drita and Big Ang. She calls Karen and Ramona, “Heckel and Jeckel.” And then she says that Love is a “story-telling, lying witch.” But, all the while Carla bad mouths Love, she is wearing a t-shirt with L-O-V-E printed right across her chest. You have to love the irony! Carla say Drita is having a birthday party and she feels Love will approach her at the party about the “logo wings” she is telling everyone that Carla stole. Carla says all Love does is lie. She is psychotic and crazy.

Drita shows up late for the party, but she is very interested in protecting her money. Love gets to finally tell Ramona she is hurt because she didn’t tell her about the wedding. It’s like a slap in the face because they know each other 20 years. But, Ramona feels that when Love heard the news from whoever it was, that was her cue to call and congratulate Ramona or send her a gift. Ramona explains to Love that this has been a very hard situation and not everyone was happy for her. She feels Karen is putting a damper on everything and she can’t call her to talk about the wedding. Ramona says Karen has “a stick up her ass.” She wants to duct tape her mouth shut. Karen overhears this and is hurt. She apologizes for caring so much and trying to protect her. Ramona says she just wants support. Karen feels Ramona blames her for all her problems. Karen also thinks Ramona should have been the one to tell Love her news. Then Love asks Ramona, what about her moving? She moved and never told her. Ramona’s friend starts getting upset at the way Love is talking to Ramona. She gets snippy with Love. Love goes ballistic and tells her “I’ll stab you to death! Walk the f*ck away B*tch!” Love is a loose canon and is flipping out. Karen steps in and tries to calm her down. She tells her this girl is a good friend of Ramona’s and a nice person. Love says she is not crazy and isn’t going to let some b*tch give her hard looks and talk to her that way, with her arms crossed.

After the party, Renee, Drita and Karen get together for a drink. Drita tells them about her birthday party and everyone has to dress like they did in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Karen and Drita used to wear the preppy look. Carla will be at the party. Renee says she is done arguing with Carla, it’s like beating a dead horse. Drita thinks that Love and Carla will fight if Carla’s boyfriend is brought up. They are all worried about Carla. Drita says she can’t let Love attack Carla.

At Renee’s house, AJ comes in the door. Renee says they have been spending a lot of time together bonding. He is her best friend. AJ starts talking and says he is very proud of his mother, she is doing great. He tells Renee he feels it’s time for him to go out on his own and he is moving out. Renee laughs and says he is 19 and not moving anywhere. He tells her about his friend in Florida who has work for him. Renee says no, especially not to Florida. He says he is old enough and he wants to be a man and will go in a month and a half. Renee gets emotional. She is not ready for him to leave. He says he is going, end of story. He wants her to be happy for him. He is a man and he is moving on.


This episode was well worth waiting for and Love has lived up to her reputation! Once again the previews, all three seconds of the finale, got my attention this week! Was Love grabbing Carla’s face, slapping it or about to rip her head off? I might just have to watch the previews again and again and again.

Let’s get started. Renee and AJ are both moving on with their lives, but not together. Renee is working on her new shoe line for Mob Candy and AJ wants to go out on his own and be a man. I can understand Renee’s feeling that at 19 he is too young to go out on his own. I would feel the same way. But maybe AJ feels he has nothing to lose to try it out. If he doesn’t like the job or location, he can always go back home. It may be a learning experience or opportunity for him. Still, if I was in Renee’s shoes, I wouldn’t like it. At the same time I wish AJ the best of luck going out on his own. And, speaking of shoes, I wish Renee great success with her spectacular new shoe line.

Drita has launched her new business, but no one is going to let her enjoy it. She keeps getting dragged into the middle of every issue. She finally got out of the one between Renee and Carla, but now she is in a worse mess between Carla and Love. Carla clearly wants her to take sides and Drita is walking a tightrope trying to stay neutral, but leaning towards Carla. I don’t know what is going to happen at that birthday party next week, but if Love grabs Carla, no one will be able to get her off her. Good luck to Drita on the business and staying out of the fighting arena. And I sincerely mean that.

What makes me saddest about this season is the trouble between Karen and Ramona. I understand where they are both coming from and that doesn’t make it easier. I relate more to Karen’s side, only because I know everything she is saying and doing comes from her love for Ramona and her own personal experience. Her intentions could not be purer in this situation. Karen is doing what she is supposed to do by opening Ramona’s eyes to all the heartache she will be facing. I know Ramona wants support, and Karen says she is willing to support her 100%, now that she has had her say and knows Ramona is aware of the pitfalls. What more can Karen do? It doesn’t help that Ramona is making all these decisions based on emotion and is rushing to get this wedding done. This is a major life event and should be well thought out and not rushed. I know Ramona is determined to marry Joe, but I am curious if it will actually happened in season four.

Love and Ramona. I really find it odd and hurtful that Ramona never bothered to tell Love about the engagement or the wedding plans. Why wasn’t Love invited to the get together where the announcement was made. I would have been hurt if I had to learn news like that from a third party. I think when Ramona neglected to tell Love she moved, that just added insult to injury, in her mind. A friendship of 20 years deserves better than that. On the other hand, I can’t imagine the stress Ramona has been under since Joe’s arrest. She was shaken up by that last season and things aren’t looking good. All her future plans were flushed down the toilet in an instant. I hope they can get past the hurt from this situation.

Meanwhile, Ramona’s friend obviously doesn’t watch the show or know Love’s bio because if she did, she should have stayed the hell away unless she was needed for backup. Ramona and Love were handling their business and it may not have escalated if they were left alone. Why she decided to walk over and interfere between two friends is beyond me. However, she unleashed the wrath of Love, who I’m sure felt disrespected  by her snippy remarks, her “hard” look and the crossed arms. We got a little taste of what Love is capable of and it’s not pretty. Everyone there seemed stunned and shaken when she let loose on that girl. I would have run for cover in the bathroom or out the front door or nearest exit.

I would be remiss if I didn’t have a little fun with Carla this week. I have to say it was hilarious to watch her bad mouth Love while wearing a “LOVE” T-shirt, as though she is Team Love. The irony of that moment was just too much! Carla called Love all kinds of names during her chat with Big Ang. How many times has Carla said she doesn’t talk behind Love’s back? Too many to count. Well, she wasted no time telling Big Ang a nice “story” about how Love made friends with Derek’s ex-wife just to tell her about Carla. I don’t believe anything Carla says…period. First of all, she says Derek and his wife are divorced, so what does she care who he dates. Second of all, I can’t see Love wasting her time to strike up a friendship just to drop that dud of a “bomb” in the ex-wife’s lap. Why the hell would she have to tell her at all that he is dating Carla? Don’t you think the ex-wife watches the show and knows about that? And if she doesn’t watch (highly unlikely) don’t you think her friends watch and report to her? Does she really need Love to tell her this news? I don’t think so. This sounds like another desperate attempt on Carla’s part to make Love look bad for something she never did. How many lies has Carla told already? I am not buying this one, it doesn’t even make sense, and if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.

Love is going to meet Carla next week in the big finale. It’s looks explosive! Carla doesn’t “give a f*ck” that Love can be aggressive. I agree with Drita, maybe Carla should.

What did you think of this episode? How does this season compare to the first two? I think Love is a great addition to the cast and season three was my favorite. Lots of different issues came to light.

Video Credit: VH1