Friday, April 19, 2013

Mob Wives: Reunion Sneak Peek

The truth always comes out!

Here is the last sneak peek of season three! Karen puts it all out on the table when she explains one of the real reasons she dislikes Carla so much. Karen says her father, Sammy, did Carla's father the favor of keeping him alive, back in the day. She feels Carla should respect Sammy for what he did and, by extension, she should respect Karen. Karen also doesn't like the fact that Carla feels she can mention everyone else's family members, but when it comes to her family, she doesn't want anyone brought up. What do you think? I think we got a storyline for season four!


Video Credit: VH1


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Another site was blogging about this very topic a couple of hours ago! Yes, that is a great initial storyline for karen and Carla. We know ratmona will be caught up in her wedding storyline; common sense will be used in bringing aboard a new Wife or two; will the producers lay the foundation for karen to depart as well as conduct a new format for the show? I also understand Big Sister Lana will make an appearance or two, which will be the only reason I would tune in to season 4. Watching the show On Demand will come in handy next season..for the first time the fast forward button will used

Anonymous said...

I never really saw where Carla disrespected Karen directly. Imo what her dad did or didnt do has nothing to do with Carla and doesnt have to extend respect to Karen just because Karen thinks she should. Agree new storyline for next season, and it feels like Karens just grasping at finding a reason to bicker with Carla since she outright does not like her.

FeministFury said...

In this clip, Carla denies Karen's father, then says that she did not know her father's dealings. Huh? Karen then says to Carla, "Go on Google." Twice. Does anyone know who Carla's father is? I wonder what the situation was in which, according to Karen, Sammy saved Carla's father. I wonder what happened, and what Carla knew. If she knew anything, why lie about it? If she knew nothing, then how can she say Sammy had nothing to do with it? There are too many excuses here for my taste.

Anonymous said...

Carla owes Karen nothing, her father is a murderer. Period. He and Karen by extension, deserve nothing including respect. Get over yourself, Carla has more class in her little finger than you will have in your whole life!

Mob Mistress said...

I do not think any of the Mob Wives meet the definition of class.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Karen. Someone make her go away.