Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap "Working Our Barrels Off" Ep 10

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married               
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                   
Jessica & John             Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel         Best Friends/Firefighters


This week Max and Katie were the first to arrive, so they will be the first to depart. The Battaglia brothers are the 4th to depart.

The airport seems to be closed until 5am, so the teams may all catch up at the airport. One flight will arrive at 1:00 and the other will arrive at 4:00.  The brothers and the country singers find an earlier flight than the other teams have booked.

Leg 10 (Berlin, Germany → Edinburgh, Scotland)

So far Team Battaglia and Team Country Singers are in the lead, with Max and Katie.

ROADBLOCK: Play the bagpipes for 2 minutes to get the next clue. The teams are coached by Scottish bagpipe players. Bates does this challenge.

Max and Katie are in the lead. Bates says he’s half Scottish – please … Grandpa Sam is turning over in his grave right now. First his oldest grandson is wearing a skirt and now he’s saying that he’s half Scottish!

Caroline is having a hard time with the bagpipes and the last two teams are catching up. Bates and Anthony are in the lead at this point.

Meghan and Joey are in last place, but Mona and Beth have to do a speed bump.

DETOUR A: Tasty Puddin -  Prepare a meal called haggis, the national dish in Scotland

Team Katie and Max
Team Jennifer and Caroline

DETOUR B: Whiskey Rollin -Transport 8 barrels of Scotch whiskey to the Whiskey Festival

Team Battaglia

SPEED BUMP: In the speed bump, soccer moms must get a strike in a 10 pin bowling alley (skittles)


Team Battaglia U-Turn Meghan and Joey
Max and Katie U-Turn Mona and Beth

Max and Katie are team number one.
Bates and Anthony are team number two.

Caroline and Jennifer are team number three.

The last two teams are now battling it out for 4th place. They both do Tasty Puddin.

Now they have to do Whiskey Rollin.

Mona and Beth are team number 4 and they are still in the race.

Joey and Meghan are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.

Next Week: Look for Caroline and Jennifer to be in trouble. Final four 2 hour episode.

 Written By: Cousin Vinny

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