Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mob Wives: Reunion Season 3 & Racism?

Carla Facciolo has used the slur white trash in regards to Love Majewski.  Let us all take a glimpse of the definition of white trash:

The term suggests outcasts from respectable society living on the fringes of the social order who are seen as dangerous because they may be criminal, unpredictable, and without respect for authority whether it be political, legal, or moral.  The term is usually a slur, but may also be used self-referentially by whites to jokingly describe their origins.  

Wow doesn't that read like the mob a little bit?  Not to offend anyone or anything but isn't the mob in essence a group of organized thieves & murderers?  Isn't her current boyfriend connected to a home invasion crime?  Don't home invasions typically involve terrorizing the victim(s) & property theft? Does Carla Facciolo not know the meaning of the the term?  I personally hate the term & do not use it.

For almost two years now Chiara and I have heard certain Mob Wives cast members are a tad racist or prejudice.  Chiara wasn't surprised.  I was the naive one.
Double click screen shot for larger view. Tweets are from April 19,  2013

"...When somebody robs MY $ I'll say what I want!!!"  ~ Carla Facciolo's tweet in response Karen Gravano's requesting Carla to tell her fans how she really feels about black people.

HELLO VH1!  I was wondering if your social media and/or PR team are reading what we're reading in Twitterverse?

One has to wonder how smart some folks may or may not be.  It appears Carla Facciolo thinks it justifiable to say what she wants because the individual stole $$$ from her.  Really?  Well can we at least give Carla one clown point for not denying it?

Time & time again we heard specific stories with details from two or more sources.  I even learned one of the spouses allegedly used the N-word.  I wrote about it and was asked to take it down for fear of his safety.  I think people should own their actions.  Yet, I had consideration for his kids & edited the Voila Davis post.

I do not believe source after source is lying to our site in regards to certain Mob Wives having a prejudice bone in their body.  We blogged about it HERE back in 2011.

VH1 really should step up their social media PR game.  Some of their reality personalities are slipping through the cracks.

Tonight is the night of the Mob Wives Reunion @ 9PM, can't wait to see all the ladies mobbed glam upped on VH1.  Well NOT all of the ladies,  the powers that be saw fit to exclude Love Majewski from the reunion.  All they had to do was....

I kid! I kid!  I really think it sucks major ass that Love Majewski was not part of Mob Wives Reunion season 3 when she was such a major cast member.  Viewers talked & typed about Love Majewski nonstop.

White Trash Can Photo Credit: Tuesdays With Dorie


Anonymous said...

What a good laugh you gave me with the Lechter pic! The first time I saw a prejudiced tweet from Carla she was calling someone a *aggot.. my friends & I blew it off as "She must've been really pissed & it just slipped out"--the second biased tweet she was calling someone an ugly pig & we blew it off as "The girl started it"--we did this until I saw the tweets about Love's "abortion"-- we could not 4 the life of us blow that off. For 2 seasons we watched and trusted in the good girl, minding her own business IMAGE.. still all the while truly KNOWING BETTER lol We All Live to Learn

Anonymous said...

just really bummed about how everything has unfolded this year. I grew up in a family with connections... having family members in books, our spelling of our lastname changed for safety,etc......I found it theraputic and fun to watch Mobwives. Now....I find it fake, annoying, and sad that these women are animals and am appauled at how viscious twitter is. That too almost seems staged! Its ironic a twitter war happens day b4 reunion!really? And Drita, Renee, Ramona, and Carla have all hit someone......why did only Love loose her job??? weird!! And what is #boatscene

Anonymous said...

Loves is beautiful they are jealous of her beauty ALL the men are attracted to her woman curves !!! and she has a spirit of a warrior Men Love that,,, those mw are way way jealous and it shows by the way they talk. specially Carla she couldnt stand the competition