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Mob Wives: FINALE Recap "Love Hurts," Ep 313

Instant Replay of Fight Scene

"I'm no Carla cheerleader but I don't wanna see anyone pulverized." Ramona

Ramona and Karen go shopping for some 80’s clothes for Drita’s birthday party. Karen takes this opportunity to tell Ramona how she feels about her reaction at the pre-nup party. Karen didn’t appreciate being treating like the “wedding basher.” She tells Ramona all she has been trying to do is to look out for her. Ramona says she gets it. They bring up how Love attacked Ramona’s friend at the pre-nup party. They are both concerned that Love will go after Carla at Drita’s upcoming party. Karen feels she is very good friends with Love and thinks that she will listen to her. Ramona feels that Carla is very sarcastic and will set Love off.

Carla meets Joe for coffee. She wants to tell him that she was served with the divorce papers and she didn’t like the guy who brought them. She says the divorce is the least of her problems. She tells Joe about Love and the issue with the “wings” at his business. Joe says that his father drew the wings himself. Carla says Love is telling everybody that Carla stole the wings. Then she tells him about Drita’s party and that Love will be there. He advises her that she is a mother with two kids and she should stay out of trouble, If trouble starts, she should just leave and say good-bye. Don’t get involved in the BS.

Drita gets a call from Lee while she is driving. Lee is still in the halfway house, but not for long. They talk about him coming back home to live. Drita has a big decision to make and while she is afraid, she has decided to let him come home and give their family another chance. It will be a major adjustment for all of them. Drita thinks they will either get along great or not at all. She tells him that she can’t go through another situation where he goes back to jail. She is worried about her daughters getting too attached and then something happens. Aleeya loves her father very much, but is a little reserved. Lee says that’s his girl. Lee reassures Drita that he is done with jail and just wants to spend time with his girls and be a father. Drita is willing to take the risk.

Ramona looks for bridal dresses, everything else concerning the wedding is all set. Her best man, Sammy, goes with her. She wants this wedding to be the one she always dreamed of, but never had. She wants a big, sparkling dress…the “bada bing dress.” Ramona wishes she had the support of her friends and family and that her groom was out of prison. Sammy will be walking her down the aisle. He suggests she invites her parents. Ramona laughs. She says Joe is her soul mate.

"I want to go to a party where I can have cake!" Ramona

Karen asks Ramona if she talked to Love. She tells Ramona she got a text from Love saying she broke her hand by punching a wall and is in the ER. Ramona says she would feel bad if Carla got hurt at Drita’s party because she is a mother. Karen decides to call Love. Love tells her she broke six bones in her hand. Love says she will go after Carla if she talks down to her, she will not be disrespected. Karen thinks Drita can stop Carla from being snippy while she handles Love’s anger and keeps it in check. Ramona just wants to go to one party where she gets to eat a piece of cake!

PARTY TIME! Big Ang and Carla walk into the party and no one is there yet. Carla immediately calls Love a “trash bag.” They are either early or everyone else is late. Karen and Ramona show up. Karen knows, from her conversation with Love on the phone, that she is very, very angry and extremely heated. Big Ang asks if Love is coming. No one knows, because she broke her hand. Carla doesn’t care. Drita arrives and says hello to everyone. Carla says she is not worried about seeing Renee, they have agreed to be cordial whenever they meet up. Renee arrives and has mixed feelings about seeing Carla. Renee is still hurt and knows she has to ignore Carla. Carla thinks it’s awkward because Renee can’t look at her. And Renee is twitching because she can’t stand the sound of Carla’s voice. Renee says she came for Drita, but doesn’t want to be in a room with someone she doesn’t like. Drita just wants a peaceful party. Everyone starts dancing and toasting to new beginnings.

"Oh, I'm not behaving,  I'm just waiting, there's a big difference." Love

Love arrives. Carla feels Love is psychotic. Love is clearly pissed because Carla has been talking about her. Love walks in and kisses Karen. Carla ignores Love. Drita is surprised that Love is in a good mood. Renee asks Love about her cast. Love tells her she hit a steel beam. Love’s eye is twitching and she is holding her head. She asks for a drink. Big Ang decides to go out for a smoke and Drita decides to leave for a minute, at the same time. Karen compliments Love on behaving. Love says she isn’t behaving, she is waiting. Ramona is like OMG!

"All of a sudden my party turned into a zoo!" Drita

Love says she demands and expects respect and she will get it one way or another. Karen tells Love if she needs to talk to Carla, then just talk, no violence. Karen then tells Carla that Love wants to talk to her. Love is trying to stay calm. Ramona says Karen needs to be alert if Love is near Carla. The three of them, Love, Karen and Carla, go off to a corner to talk. Carla and Love sit down. Karen is right there, beside them. Love has her cell phone out. Carla wants to know why Karen is there. Love says she is there “to keep me from knocking your teeth down your throat.” Love jumps up and lunges at Carla and grabs her hair. There is complete confusion and chaos. A mob gathers trying to break up the fight. Carla trusts no one. Drita is upset her party turned into a zoo. Karen is upset and wants to talk to Carla. She feels bad because it looks like she set her up. Carla feels set up. Carla’s hand is bleeding and Ramona tries to get close enough to help. Carla wants everyone to leave her alone. Karen is mad at Love for not even hearing Carla out. Karen tells Drita what happened and says she was standing right there to prevent any attack, but Love hit her. Carla is riled up and Renee feels bad for her. She says Carla is alone in a pack of wolves.

"I need to find Love, see what happened, what triggered her so quick." Karen

Karen needs to find Love to see if she is okay and what triggered her so quick. Karen goes out to the car and tells Love it looks like she set Carla up. Karen said she gave her word there would be no violence. Karen can’t calm Love down. Karen feels Love was wrong for hitting Carla so quickly. Drita is pissed with Love, she wanted them to just talk and air out their differences. Carla tells them what Love said about Karen being there to stop them from fighting. Karen is upset that she gave her word and Love went against it. Both Drita and Karen know it all looks like a set up. Love tells Karen all the reasons she is mad and Karen understands, but doesn’t like that it all happened so fast. Karen tells Carla that she didn’t set her up. Carla says she is done with Love. Drita says it doesn’t look good on Love’s part, she waited for Big Ang and Drita to leave to attack Carla.

"I never thought I would witness Renee's taking care of Carla right now." Big Ang

Renee goes over to Carla. She wants to help her take care of her hand and stop the bleeding. They pour vodka on her hand to sterilize it. Renee says she helps Carla because even though she is a drug addict, she is still a good person. Carla says they hurt each other Renee helps Carla even though they aren’t speaking. Drita apologizes to Carla that this all happened. Carla is glad everyone saw Love’s true colors. Renee feels good about herself for helping Carla and turning the other cheek. Drita is happy with her life right now.

Carmela's Best Quote of the Night: "It took a lot of rehab, a whole lot of prayers, patience and self respect but right now I feel so damn good bout myself." Renee


The whole big theme running through season three was the conflict between Love and Carla. It was supposed to culminate in a confrontation/fight. Everyone knew it was coming and you didn’t have to be a psychic to predict it. Many of us wanted a to see a fight. Why? Because Carla is cold. Carla runs her mouth. Carla is her own worst enemy. She is not a nice person. She is a narcissist…I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Now I consider myself a skeptic and a cynic. In the early blogging days, I kept saying the show was scripted and Mob Mistress would tell me it’s not. And she would explain the difference to me and about how they arranged for cast members to meet and suggest topics for conversation, that’s reality television. And so I began to change my view about Mob Wives. The show was much more real than other shows. The issues more intense and the basis for arguments and fights were far more legitimate. I was a happy little blogger, until last night. This finale definitely had a scripted feel to it and, if so, it was disappointing.

What I saw in season three was the building of Love’s story arc, with a beginning, middle and end. Love hears Carla is talking about her. Carla says she doesn’t know Love, why would she talk about her. Add fuel to the fire and throw in an old issue over some logo wings being stolen. Get everyone really worked up and then throw a party and invite both Love and Carla and let’s see what happens.

First of all, everyone knew Love would go after Carla. Love said she was going after Carla. But, at the same time, everyone worried about Carla getting hurt. No one wanted that to happen. Right? The only party Carla would attend is one thrown by Drita, because she is her friend. Whose idea was it for Drta to have a party? Whose idea was it for her to invite Love too? Karen thinks the party will be fine because she can control Love’s anger in some way. I think if we know anything about Love it’s that no one can control her, especially when she is angry. Karen thinks Drita can stop Carla from being “snippy?” That’s like trying to stop Niagra Falls from running. But off they all go to Drita’s party dressed in their 80’s attire (except for Carla). What happens next? Big Ang AND Drita both leave the party at the same exact moment. Aren’t these the two people most concerned about Carla’s well being? Sounds like a great and SUBTLE plan hatched by the producers/writers to me. And, at just the moment that Ang and Drita step out the door, Karen negotiates a little sit down between Carla and Love. Karen, who just said a few minutes earlier that Love was very, very angry and extremely heated, thinks this sit down is a good idea? Carla and Love start talking and, within a millisecond, Love jumps up. Love is holding her cell phone and looked calm one second, then in the next, she goes ballistic. Why? Was Love already primed to react? Did Carla say something to provoke her? I don’t put it past her and I don’t trust editing. Editing manipulates events so we see what they want us to see and hear. Am I the only one who thinks Carla could have said something to trigger Love’s reaction? And don’t you love how everyone was surprised and upset that a fight even took place? Really? Where are the Academy Award people when you need them?  Oh, and VH1 just happened to have six, seven or eight big security officers right there on the spot, just when the fight occurs?

Carla thinks she was set up. Maybe she was set up, but not by Karen. I think Karen’s intentions were good, but her judgment was off.  However, maybe the producers and writers and all the creative geniuses who arranged for things to go like scripted clockwork at the party, maybe they had a hand in setting Carla up? Maybe they told Ang and Drita when to leave? Maybe they told Karen when to arrange the sit down? Maybe they told Love to ask to talk to Carla? Maybe they told Drita to invite Love to the party? What do you think?

I’ll tell you what I think. If Carla was set up by production, then Love was equally set up. Everyone who works on Mob Wives or watches the show knows Love is quick to anger. Love doesn’t hold anything back. Did they fuel that anger? Was Love brought on the show to create this season’s major drama and finale fight? How many times did she say she was going beat up Carla for talking about her behind her back? And yet, production knew all this and still thought it was a great idea to get Love and Carla (and a bunch of big security guards) together. Yes, Love slapped Carla and grabbed fistfuls of her hair. But, there was a long history building up to this point, on and off the camera. If Carla didn’t know Love, she knew OF Love because she has been “dating” Love’s ex for at least two years. Don’t you think they had conversations about Love that could have led to Carla’s gossiping about her? That could be why Carla was talking about Love without having actually met her. And what did Love actually do that wasn’t done before on the show? Remember fights on the rooftop, the balcony and in Renee’s dining room? No one got fired over any of those fights. No one was banned from the reunion show. Was this really any different? You tell me. Carla’s hand was bleeding, other than that she looked fine to me. For all I know, someone in production gave her one of those Hollywood blood capsules to break open just to make it appear she was hurt. Not one hair on her head even looked out of place after the fight. (How much hair spray does she use?) And was Love encouraged to hit Carla at the party, or did production just know it would happen? Either way, does that make Love responsible? I am just skeptical about everything now.

I don’t know all the behind the scene issues, but I am not happy that Love was fired. Love brought a new dynamic to the show. She has history with Karen and Ramona. She has been engaged to or in relationships with mobsters. She has a big fan following. They are losing a great asset to the show by letting her go. I also think it’s unfair she will not be able to have her say at the reunion. It’s all very disappointing to say the least.

In my opinion. Love was brought on the show to do a job and she did it. They wanted a finale melee and she gave it to them. And, for going along with her story arc and delivering what everyone wanted, her thanks for it all was being fired and also banned from the reunion. All I can do is shake my head at the way this was all handled.

Good Luck to you Love in all your future endeavors. You will certainly be missed on Mob Wives.

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I will go into further comments later but for starters:
1. No big slap was heard.
2. There definitely was conversation between Love & Carla prior to the initial grabbing/hair pulling.
3. Love tried to choke hold Carla but her cast made it cumbersome to get at her.
4. Carla ( I believe) broke a glass, that's how her hand was bleeding and was seemingly a deep wound.
5. It was painfully obvious that timing was used when Ang and Drita went outside to smoke. Love said she was waiting for Ang to leave.
6. Editing Editing Editing
I'll add more observations later. GREAT recap as always Chiara

Anonymous said...

How can anyone in their right mind say or agree that Love's actions were justified? ALL she has done from the first episode to the last is brag on stabbings and her non stop violence!

She has serious problems (mental) and whatever future en devours she thinks she might have, have been solely seen by, well everyone. She needs meds ASAP!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree it felt scripted and predictable. I feel like Love was brought in because otherwise there wouldn't be "enough" drama, and really, I don't see how it's SUCH a big deal if Carla talked about Love behind her back. None of the drama seems as real as Karen and Drita, or Renee and Carla.

I agree with y'all that it's shady Love was fired considering the other fights that have gone down, but I won't miss Love. She's over the top with her anger and it seems far fetched to me that she could be SO livid over rumors. Also, she says some scary shit. I'm not one to really like violence and I will own that I really get into it in this show, but Love takes it to a place that screams therapy to me.

Finally, Carla is barely part of the show anymore so that makes the drama seem even LESS realistic to deserve all the heat coming from Love. I happen to like Carla and Drita so maybe that colors my view, but I also really like Karen, Ramona and Renee. I'm not really taking sides other than I miss the authenticity of the earlier seasons. Although Obviously Big Ang is a fabulous addition.

- Jess

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing that she was fired and banned from reunion. Heck, if this is how production feels all of the sudden, where was that line of thinking from beginning? Drita still on, Carla still on, Renee still on, Ramona and Karen still on! Although I do not like that violence ensued, Love got a very unfair shake and it almost seems as if she were used. Carla sucked in first season and still sucks today. Im beginning to think this whole show is fake and that someone was getting a little greedy.

Kevin said...

When Karen described the fight to Drita after it happened even she said that Carla didn't say anything to provoke Love before she grabbed her hair. Karen even went outside to find her and ask what could have possibly provoked her because it seemed to her that Love snapped for no reason. So either it was edited and Karen is a liar or it was not edited and Love really is a psychopath. I believe the latter. I think Love purposely took her phone out to get Carla to lean her head in so that she could then sucker punch her. Carla came to the party alone, in heels, and all dressed up. Love in sneakers, with her hair tried up, and in a t-shirt. I think its clear that she came specifically to fight and never had any intention of letting Carla speak. Personally, I'm glad Love will not be returning. Maybe it was a bad portrayal by the editors, but all I really saw in her was someone who played the tough guy card all season just to try and get the fan base that someone like Drita has. This is the only side viewers saw of Love and it backfired. I do wish she was on the reunion though. I would have liked to see Carla and Love actually speak about their issues so maybe the viewers could get some clarity about the truth. I don't mean any disrespect to your blog, I read it after every episode lol. We just have different opinions on the women I guess.

Anonymous said...

I don't think JG had a choice because I bet Carla threatened to sue, but I agree it's BS. As much as I don't like her, Carla has a right to press charges on Love if she wants, but not to use lawsuits to try and get her fired or tell her bosses what to do. And if that's gonna be the policy it needs to be consistent whether they'd sue or not, Carla needs to be fired for physically going for Renee and so should Drita for swinging on multiple cast members.

Love explained on her twitter some of why she swung and I don't blame her. Let's just say Love's half Puerto Rican and from what we know about Carla' s attitudes on life it's not hard to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love your blog and usually agree with you for the most part, but we're pretty far apart on this one.

1) Love is a pig. She is a classless immature bully and I'm amazed that anyone would defend her.

2) Not a Carla fan, but she was so set up! Helen Keller could see that coming, so it was absolutely scripted

3) It probably is unfair that Love was fired since she probably was doing just what they wanted. A better question to me would be, Why was she hired in the first place? She is as unbalanced as Rene Russo in CMW. She really is out of her mind.

Personally I would love to see Love get her ass kicked!

Sade said...

I can't agree more with Kevin and Jess. Love was just...too much. Even for this show. I don't doubt that she's gotten in her fair share of scuffles, but she gloated about it so much that she began to come off as disingenuous. It was clear that she was looking to fight a main character on the show (in order to establish her role on the show, maybe?), and Carla became her target because Carla was the only main character that anyone else had an issue with.

If I remember correctly, Renee was the original person to bring up Carla's name with Love at the spa party. Love took the bait, and ran with it. Does that make her a pawn to Renee and the producers? I guess, but it's too bad for her that she wasn't smart enough or mentally stable enough to see her feud with Carla for what it was - a plot device.

And I can understand why she was fired. The producers probably saw in Love the same thing that viewers like me saw. Plus, all the other women have family-related stories, and Love didn't have anything like that at all. As for the reunion, they probably didn't want her to defend herself because if she did I'm sure we'd all hear that the "word on the street" she kept hearing about Carla was really just from the producers of the show.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but I completely disagree about Love. She's crazy and I can't believe she hasn't been to prison or the nuthouse. She has serious violent tendencies and is completely irrational. All she'd done all season is brag about how violent she is. She needed to go. I'm not even sure why she was hired.

Anonymous said...

The fight between Love and Carla did seem a little pre-planned to me. Everyone knew it was going to happen. I doubt Drita would have even invited Love to her own party in real life; they aren't even friends. Although I am glad Love won't be returning, as I was tired of hearing her constantly bragging about how she stabbed her boyfriend, I don't agree with banning her from the reunion show. Every other cast member (except Ang) has previously been involved in fights without being fired, and as annoying as she is, Love played a part in this season and had every right to speak at the reunion show.

Jen said...

If you look closely as Karen enters the bathroom after Drita and Carla, as the door is closing you can see Karen smiling. What the heck would she be smiling about at this moment? Was this whole thing a fake?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who noticed that the "cast" on Love's hand was suddenly gone after the fight when she was talking to Karen in the car?

Unknown said...

I just want to commend Ramona on her loyalty. At the beginning of the brawl she didn't care what was going on until she saw Karen in 'disarray' then she was on her way to help her cousin. That's loyalty and people could learn a lot about it from that girl!

Tedesca said...

I really don´t understand what slapping each other and beeing utterly aggressive to others has to do with "the lifestyle".

Then, I don´t understand at all why someone would be proud of "the lifestyle". And this is why:
Most of the mobwives grew up in wealthy families. But where did this wealth come from? It came from making other people suffer, by stealing from them, betraying them, beating or killing them (and of course avoid paying taxes, making society suffer this is in my opinion). So every jewelry, every expensive wardrobe, every vacation those women who grew up in mob-families had was so to speak bought with human pain. Of course they did not cause this pains or losses, but on the other hand they profited very much from it.
AND they (and their mothers) probably suffered due to this lifestyle, cause from all we know the mob is not the most progressive part of the society and likes their wives and daughters acting in a traditional way. Those men probably cheat on their wives, act irresponsible sometimes (doing crimes and getting caught so their wives are left alone with the kids, maybe having even financially difficult times). "The lifestyle" is defintely very comfortable for the men involved, for the women I don´t see that getting expensive cars and furs and jewelry is a adequate compensation for cheating, loneliness and fear.

Maybe this is why our mobwives at times act aggressive or, in Renees case, are taking pills to calm down? Maybe its all to much for them?
I was very sad when I read Karens book. In it she describres her first business, a flowershop. It was a success, cause the mobsters felt obliged to buy there - would I be proud and conent with something i builded and which became a success because of my father and not because of me? No. And I don´t think Karen was

Anonymous said...

I thought love was smarter than that. She either had to play into this role or she really is an uncontrollable pycho. Its pretty f'ed up that this girl was brought in just to fight and be fired. But that's her own stupidity.
How old are these broads..its so lame to see grown ass woman like love., talking and acting like they do. And that goes for all of them. But hey its entertainment right?

Love should be on the reunion. I think she's making herself look totally unstable and unhirable to potenial job offers and other producers. But really she is just unstable so whatevs.
I like all the cast members even love. I think the shows so scripted and am very skeptical.

Xenia Suaiden said...

Will someone please confirm that Ramona finally got a piece of cake!

Anonymous said...

The truth is Love probably had a full EdTV experience in a bad way. A week before she was let go she complained on Twitter that she was being edited to look like a villian.

If she said that on the reunion show, the show likely will never see a season four. Studying the finale just made me lose any shred of respect I had for Carla. If she called a miscarraige an abortion in public before the Twitter war she probably got off easy to be honest.

--Fr Joseph

Anonymous said...

I am also glad Love is off the show, but she should have been able to make a guest appearance during the reunion. They could've made her sign papers that she would remain in her seat, no-violence, etc. Actually, im not sure that would have worked. lol

Karen said...

While I enjoyed Love's presence this season, I have to agree with those who say that her violence was out of line. I really enjoy her personality, but if you are reading this Love, go back to your neurologist for further testing, and follow his advice by keeping yourself out of potentially toxic or unhealthy environments and away from people who will cause you anxiety. I really wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

Morris Park said...

Fired? Did Love have a "for life of the show" contract? There will be a new "villain" next season.

These reality shows are built on DRAMA. The stars contracts must include no pressing charges, lawsuits, etc. and violence is always on the table. MOB WIVES must show some violence or its not living up to its reputation.

Renee's husband ratting out her father, the husbands getting out of prison were real events and that what made the show fascinating.

Next season, why not bring up Carla's love life. And what about Drita's sex life? Who is supporting these women? There are mob stories there waiting to be shown.

Why not bring that fizzy haired woman from Chicago Mob Wives to Staten Island? We loved her!

Anonymous said...

These words I never thought I'd say in 3 seasons but Mistress I agree with you 110% and loved this article. These two women were played.. it was Renee (apologies to any of her fans but this is my opinion) who had a problem with Love for believing she slept with jr. & went out of her way to kiss Love's azz at the start of the season.. deflected the problem onto Carla then screwed to Florida, all the while feeding into the bsht stewing. Carla, let's face it whether she's a favorite or not, has had a bullseye on her back all 3 seasons and wasn't getting along with Renee-what a BRILLIANT idea to kill two birds in one season, no? Then to act the innocent, extend the olive branch and become Carla's TATATADAAA.. heroine? Well played-for those who didn't see through it. For those that did? Lost Ratings 4Sure. Thank you for a good article

Mob Mistress said...

One does not need a lifetime contract to be fired.

Unknown said...

I think Love should stay. Carla did put her hands up or all four fingers. That in my book calls for a smack or a fresh one. hahaha
OMG.. I can't believe people are offended by Love, she is a little over the top, but maybe they can show her doing some anger management or something. I'd like to see her back. Carla needs to learn to quit talking so much shit bc she obviously can't back it up.. that's real!!