Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mob Wives: Love Majewski Explains Being Fired

I watched & listened to this interview in disbelief.  Love Majewski is entitled to her feelings & opinions.  It was her experience as the newest mob wife on VH1's Mob Wives series.

Love Majewski's make up looked great.

*shakes my head*

20 minutes later, I am still just perplexed.  I don't know get... fuck it never mind.  I've never been more speechless than this moment.  We wish the fired mob wife the very best.  I'd watch a show featuring Ms. Majewski.  I hope it happens for her.

I appreciate Rock Metal Inc postings the interview.  I love the interviewer's bracelets.


I get editing. 

One should own their actions.

Her ego seemed quite large.

The person I've interviewed and spoken to is humble and owns her actions. I didn't get that from this interview.

Love Majewski's assessment: She doesn't have fans. She has friends she's never met is an invitation to crazies & needy folk.

The blogger that she claims upset her by contacting an ex is the same one she RTs & deals with until this very day. It makes no sense to me.

I wasn't a fan of the interview. Reality television is NOT some big mystery. Love Majewski is a smart woman & knew she could get a bad edit. She signed on the dotted line & got paid.

I loved her make up. It was flawless!

It's her life. It was her shot. She's grown. She can do & say what she pleases. She the one who lives with the consequences.  

I wish her health, happiness & success.

That's the cliff note version of my two cents.

Video Credit: Rock Metal Inc


Anonymous said...

It looks as if Love is trying to redeem herself after acting like a criminal this whole season. Sorry Love, you did this to yourself, bragging about shooting, stabbing & poisoning people, lying that the movie Gone in 60 seconds was about you, it wasn't that movie is a remake,look it up on google.I seen her lie about SO many things there is not enough room here. Wish her the best in the future,bye bye Love....

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Im so sick of hearing about Carla.

I wish she would've used this opportunity to NOT talk about Carla.

Modest is NOT hottest...It's dorky! said...

I want to hear your 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

What the f***? Does Love have a split personality?Talk about damage control.That all this is. For someone who doesn't care about Carla,she uses half the interview talking about her.If she gets her own show,anyone making a lot of threatening statements should get a tv show.She bragged all the time about shooting,stabbing and wanting to kill someone.She's a complete nut job.She's not a real type of gal, she's fricking psychotic.A month ago she loved the show.Now she's fired it sucked.Right.

Anonymous said...

Love stated right in the interview she could care less about Carla, but then spends the ENTIRE interview talking about her.She is absolutely obsessed with her. This was damage control her publicist told her to do.It's a joke.How anyone could swallow this garbage is beyond me.Plus to blame all her behavior on a head injury is bull. My child had a severe head injury nine months ago and I resent her using this as an excuse.Love ,crawl back under the rock you came from.

Anonymous said...

I love Love! She's made bad choices & has a temper. At least she owns her REALITY unlike some of the liars on that show.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... did Love watch the show? This interview is not the same Love, portrayed on the show, she doesn't care about Carla, really? It was all about Carla when she was on the show talking about how she would hit her so hard her teeth would fall out! It takes two to play tennis and she was a player on this show. As for the reunion can you really blame Carla for not wanting to sit next to Love,when she attacked her like a vicious animal? Love doesn't even own up to that, only what Carla said to her. I think the show did the right thing to fire Love, she was now a liabilty because you just can't conduct yourself in that manner and no matter what WORDS are said there is just no excuse. The bigger person always admits they are wrong even sometimes when they are not and I didn't see this in this interview only other ways to pick up another show; bring on the insurance the producers will need it.

Mob Mistress said...

"Plus to blame all her behavior on a head injury is bull. My child had a severe head injury nine months ago and I resent her using this as an excuse."

I do not understand how anyone can impose their child's injury and condition or another.

There is documented medical evidence that many neural/ head injuries can effect the injured individual's personality and impulse control.

Unless you're the medical team who saved her life how can write about her diagnosis.

Jane Springfield said...
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Lady Book Voodoo and Hoodoo said...

I dont give a Damn Love shouldn't leave the show!~

Modest is NOT hottest...It's dorky! said...

Thanks for your 2 cents. I watched the interview and something seemed different to me. And you pointed it out. It was the ego. When I first seen her on IMAM. SHe seemed to regret her past and really seemed like she wanted to get the point across to women that being with a man in this lifestyle is a very hard life. Not glamorous like it is on TV. She was totally different then she was on MW. Always talking about stabbing people and stuff. Well, I wish her well in whatever she does. P.S, I have to disagree on the head injury. My uncle almost died from a head injury he received in a car accident and it did effect him mentally. I've also read about quite a few serial killers/mass murderers and a lot of them had traumatic head injuries when they were young. But at the time they hadn't done a lot of research on how head injuries can effect your behavior.

Peter j said...

I never cared for her. Surely she knew what she was signing up for and no amount of money could get me to change who I was to reflect a completely different person. I think in the series they may have used the accident to twist why she was so bat shit crazy but its not, as we can see from here she seems fully in control. I cant wait for the reunion show... I will sit and watch a one sided tennis match all day about love majewski x

Mob Mistress said...

"****! and why are you telling me my opinion is wrong when you have in your disclaimer that different opinions are welcomed? stop contradicting yourself. I get that your a love fan but don't me i'm wrong when I'm expressing MY OPINION. Thanks."

Where did I type that your opinion is wrong? I simply pointed out medical fact. You're welcome by the way.

Reading comprehension is a wonderful ability when used.

Anonymous said...

She's just too damned obsessed with Carla. It's not even funny anymore

Katherine Baumann said...

For someone who didn't want to discuss Carla or give a hoot about her, she sure spend a lot of time talking about her? Did anyone add up how many minutes she dedicated to speaking about Carla? Truly, she is crazy. I like Carla. I do. Love is obsessed with her -- just add up the time she discussed her on this interview.

Anonymous said...

Is the host a tranny?

Anonymous said...

That doesn't excuse her psychotic behavior. I don't understand how she hasn't gone to prison if she really did all those crimes she admitted at the beginning of the show. For someone who brags about being tough, she pulls carla's hair. Wow you're gangster and tough *eyerolls*