Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mob Wives: Not a Season 3 Finale Recap

Individuals have asked why we don't like Drita.  First there is no we. There are five bloggers here and some of us do like Drita per television.  I've never taken a liking to Drita D'avanzo per television.  My not typing about the glory of bravado doesn't effect her life.  If she ever dropped a tear over what some blogger wrote I HIGHLY DOUBT it.  If she did, I suggest a good book or therapy.

Unlike some folks online, I do not inflate my value as it pertains to Mob Wives.  I'm just ONE VIEWER who runs a site with a dear friend, end of story.  I'm still not a Mrs. D'avanzo fan.  If she comes up with a cure for cancer I may change my mind.  I did find her much easier to tolerate season 3 of Mob Wives.  It was really nice to see her happy.  I do not know Drita D'avanzo.  I never will.  My opinion is based on an edited television show, interviews, my sources and my high eye roll count during scenes.  In spite of my not caring for Drita, I understand thousands of others adore her and think she's the next best thing since hot pink lip gloss.

Some seem to take issue with my liking Love Majewski.  Love and I go back to her I Married A Mobster episode.  We built a blogger/ reality personality rapport.  The woman makes me laugh.  Yes, I know she has a violent past, present and possibly future.  Yet, she reads authentic to me unlike Drita D'avanzo has as I watch season 1 & season 2 of Mob Wives.  I could be totally wrong about Drita.  I could be totally wrong about Love.  So fucking what?  It's my opinion and I'm good with it.

I watched tonight's episode of Mob Wives with a bit of blogger's sadness.  I miss Sundays without the supreme foolishness of Mob Wives' madness.  If anyone was shocked Love Majewski slapped and held on to Carla Facciolo's mane, you're not an avid Mob Wives' viewer.  Season 3 has been 60% percent about Carla done neighed her way into a potential Love beatdown.  *shrugs*  So tonight it happened.  Remember editing doesn't show us all.  I remember Carla tweeting Love didn't touch her & all she can do is pull hair.  Well Love clearly slapped her and then grabbed her hair.  Carla also tweeted it wasn't her blood.

Love Majewski was wrong.

Carla Facciolo lied.

What the fuck is new?  Do any of us really tune in Sunday after Sunday to watch each & every mob wife play nice?  Sure I like the light moments, when some of the ladies are simply having fun, spending time with their children & being funny.  I can own I don't tune in for Kumbaya.

Big Ang confirmed she's not neutral.

Ramona proved she can rock a beautiful wedding dress after 4 kids.

Renee is still Captain Forgive a Ho.

And Karen Gravano, my beloved mob wife who fed a fat bitch (me)..... how do I type this?  Karen knew damn well Love is uncontrollable.   I've spoken with Love and I know one second she is as rational as a Harvard Professor, a second later I think I'm talking to Hannibal Lecter's long lost lovechild.

The Mob Wives' finale phone call pretty much told anyone who heard it what Love's agenda was.... Folks if I knew, each and every mob wife knew and if they knew production knew.  Season 3 was not much more than a google map to the conclusion Love Is Going Beat Up Carla.  Wrong as many of us were, after she called Renee Graziano a junkie, some hoped for it.  I'm grateful it wasn't a severe case of horse abuse.  No one wants Peta throwing red paint on our Mob Wives T-shirts.

Love was fired.  I got wind of it when a certain member of Big Ang's camp started gloating about it.  Things travel microwave fast on Staten Island.  Some claim it's because Love slapped Carla.  Others claim it's because she punched a wall which Carla tweeted about.  I'll frankly never know the reason.  Fuck the reason, Love Majewski added a vibrant, crazy, charismatic, edge to the show.  I enjoyed watching her in action.  Let's be honest violence has always been part of Mob Wives.  I can't claim to be a fan.  At the end of the day, I don't give all that much of a fuck.  I type my opinion and/or information I've obtained when I feel like it.  And as always, it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Check back in the morning for Chiara's Finale Recap, I can't wait for her two cents.

Photo credit: VH1, Ramona Rizzo's Twitter, Love Majewski's Twitter and Carla Facciolo's Twitter


Modest is NOT hottest...It's dorky! said...

I totally agree with you. I had a feeling a few of the girls knew what was gonna happen. They ALL know Love's temper and so did the network. I know that she is responsible for her own actions and all. But I feel that the others are as much to blame for running back and forth telling Love and Carla what was said about them. I know It's wrong to hit people But Carla is not so innocent. She constantly runs her mouth and when she gets called out on shit she plays the victim. I wish Love all the best. And I hope Karma gives Carla a swift kick in the ass someday.

Anonymous said...

This is a great real and fresh observation and points about this show. I do not get this, like you said, everyone knew how things would end up, what would most likely happen. Just like Renee/Carla fighting first season, Karen/Drita first season, Karen/Drita second season.. Why is Love being punished? She may be crazy but she really keeps it real, no bullshit and that is what I expect from a show called Mobwives. Im disappointed in a lot with his show,and Im disappointed with the producer ( my opinion). Carla has been a lying, slanderous gossip for years. Why does she get away with it? She trashed Renee plenty of times, yet is still profiting from the show. Love was wrong in the episode last night to let Carla affect her that much, but then again, she has no tolerance for that and has been warning all season long. Everyone on that show has known her for years and knew she could only take so much before something happened. I think its bullshit that she could not go to reunion and bullshit that Carla gets to run her mouth still and has her twitter goons to run theirs also. Some people think they really know Carla and they need to check themselves ( Ang's friends and family)

Aarika said...

I 101% agree with u on that. There has been fights every season yet she get fired for a slap. (So I'm really hoping Love just quit in general) But I feel that Love was edited in the show to make her look as bully becuase in my opinion if she was really that bad she wouldn't have any friends at all. Im not saying she was right for hitting Carla cause as two adults they should've talked it out. I just wished this whole season would've went a little bit different. It was way too much he said she said going on.

Anonymous said...

Lol This post is amazing. The main reason Drita has any fans at all is because she's always bragging about being violent, so now watching many of her fans pearl clutching about Love's lack of ladylike charm school decorum is pretty funny. Bottom line, Love is funny and hasn't done anything Drita and Carla haven't tried to do on camera, don't blame her for having better aim.

Love was going for Carla no matter what, I can see how Karen might have thought Love would at least calm down at the table for a minute out of respect for Karen. I know nobody in their right mind would expect Carla to keep quiet and not provoke the situation with her mouth but maybe they figured no one sane would really do it with Love 2 feet away,

Renee constantly forgiving and trusting Carla and getting burned over and over was boring 3 seasons ago. If there's anything worth watching next season I'll be shocked.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple carla had it coming. .

Mob Mistress said...

Yes, I smirked & chuckled when Love slapped Carla.

Wrong is wrong even when it entertains me. Love was wrong for slapping Carla per what I saw during the scene.

Yet it felt right. Again I don't think Love Majewski is a victim. I do not think she was 'set up'. I believe production knew exactly who they were dealing with and knew a 'brawl' was brewing. Love kept on telling folks what she wanted to do to Carla the whole damn season. And all damn season Big Ang, Ramona, Karen, Drita, Renee and Carla said, "Love's crazy!"

No one was sending smoke signals that Love's wrath was coming.

Anonymous said...

These two women were PLAYED in season 3 just as Drita and Carla were played in season 2. I know I can speak for my friends as well as myself in explaining why we like Drita.. she was the underdog who overcame.